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hey i've bought the game before, deleted it today by accident and now it's saying that i have to pay again?

I'm not sure of the format on mobile, but on PC there should be an arrow pointing down near your name in the upper banner. If you click that a drop down menu will appear. Select 'My Purchases' on the menu. That will open a new page with a list of all the games you've bought and have a button that says Download under each game. Clicking the download button will take you right back to the original download page where you can get it again :].

I bought the game and Bitdefender deleted it saying there was malware T_T

I'm sorry about that! The game certainly isn't malware, so I'd have no idea where to even start to fix something like that. If you have a Steam account and an email I can give you a Steam key for the game. Maybe that won't be effected by Bitdefender.

Thank you very much! Sorry if I implied that I think the game has malware, I'm certain it was a false positive. My email is  Again, thank you!

No worries. I just feel bad that it happened and there's probably not anything we can do to fix it. I sent you an email with the key :).

Lol, I know it's been 53 days but I wanted to say thanks! The game works perfectly on Steam and I absolutely love it, one of my favorites!

Haha, no problem. I'm so happy it worked out and you enjoyed it ;v;!

please tell me there is one kiss

I'm sorry, there isn't. With the circumstances the way they are there just wasn't a fitting place for that.

Hey, just commenting here to say that I got a pair of errors near the end of January's route. Full text of the error message: I was able to ignore the errors without consequence, but I figured you'd want to know about them anyway.

Other than that, I've really enjoyed the game! (I'll have to concur with the earlier commenter who said that Seer's sprite should be reversed after The Event. Maybe it's because I'm left-handed that the issue keeps distracting me, I dunno...)

Thanks for letting us know! When characters are especially shocked they aren't supposed to blink. The game is saying we forgot to tell him not to blink with that expression.

And noted about the hand. We're sorry that's been bothering you.

I'm glad you still enjoyed the game :).

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I bought the game but without / before you released DLC, can I buy it alone or do i have to pay for the whole game again too?

I'm not sure if there is a way to buy DLC on itch retroactively. I've checked around and haven't found a way so far. But the game will release on Steam shortly and those who bought the game here can claim a Steam key. On Steam you can buy DLC on it's own because the game and DLC are treated as separate purchases.

If you don't want to wait until around March 10th or you simply don't like Steam, let me know and I'll try to come up with another possibility :].

Patience is a virtue right?

Appreciate all your hard work! Thanks for replying! Can't wait for the steam release (^^)


I'm glad that sounds okay C:. Thank you for understadning. I'll let you know if I see a way to purchase just the DLC, though.


I've already commented about the demo before, and now what I've played the full version, I must say I loved it even more than expected!

This game is soooo unique in so many things - like the "faceless" MC, the optional subplot and so on. Not to mention... it's so pretty!

I really like the characters, though to me Piper isn't really a romance candidate, but a great support in romance and in life - I couldn't do her romantic route because of that, though I've tried it in the demo. January is a sweetheart, and I did his route first - and I loved it. But oh my god... "that awful moment" got me... it got me so much... I didn't expected something like that to happen... how COULD I expect that... My heart broke at that moment... Though well... I can't deny this is also a unique thing in a visual novel, that's for sure.

And then... I did Kea's route. And I'm so badly in love with them. I expected them to be my favorite character from the beginning, and I expected to like their route. But expecting it and actually playing it isn't the same thing!

I only see one minor downside - after "that awful moment", you should... flip around Seer's sprite I think - given the circumstances, left and right should be inverted.

But well, as I've said, this is the only negative thing I could say about it!

So... thank you for the wonderful game! I had a great time playing it!


Thank you so much all that praise. It really made my day ^^. It's great to hear that the story had an impact on someone. And it's also always fun finding out which characters people like, haha.

As for the hand thing, that was a tough choice. Technically Seer isn't actually facing the screen, it's just a trick of the game to let you see their perspective, And people tended to associated the left side of the screen with the left side of Seer, so we decided to leave it like that. If we were wrong and quite a lot of people notice that issue with the left hand, we'll consider switching it in an update :].

Uhh heyyy gais. C-Could we possibly get some sort of, extra chapter after the happy end or like...a holiday special with these wonderful characters? (Maybe when they all meet up again!) Because if not, then...I'm gonna miss Kea waaaay too much!! Dx TT ~ TT They were so awesome, admirable and adorable~<3 (Three A's.) And this story was so engaging, it really made me feel as though I was experiencing everything first hand....--wait, should I not say hand? D= Whooooops.


I'm really glad you enjoyed the game (and Kea, hah) so much! Unfortunately, the game is somewhat of a bittersweet experience. It's about being happy with where you are, even if things aren't perfect. That message would sort of be dampened if it then skipped ahead and showed that the future is actually the best thing ever, aha.

We will be adding quite a few fun bonus unlockable scenes in a future update, though. None of them will take place after the game's main story, but it'll add some extra good times for players wanting to see more happy/silly stuff :).

Ohhh~ Okai! I understand, sorry. x//D And that sounds fun, I'll be looking forward to that then! ='D


No need to apologize. It's totally understandable to want to see a really happy conclusion for characters you like C:.

this is amazing. I haven't gotten very far yet, but I'm finding it incredibly enjoyable. Is there a place to purchase the soundtrack? When I play, I've noticed that my birds (parrots) really seem to enjoy the music and just wondered if there was a place I could get it so I could play the music for them.


That's wonderful! We're really glad you're enjoying it so far. And that's really charming about your birds liking the music <3. Unfortunately, we haven't worked something out with the composer to sell the soundtrack directly. As of right now, the only way to have obtained it was to get it as a reward during the Kickstarter. We'll ask again to see if we can get the license to sell it or if he'll sell the music :].

I would really appreciate that. And so would my birds! Let me know if it happens! :D

Sure thing. We'll reply here again when we get word C:

Hello again. I'm still not sure if we'll be able to put the soundtrack up for sale. However, in the meantime I could send you a few songs free of charge through email. If you're interested, our contact email is!

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:( I really need help now keeps having an error that traceback log thing when u have the option to ignore or Trace it back ect. I was able to ignore it every time it popped up but now at the part after they get the horsie and settle down for the night it pops up and takes me back to the main menu help me T^T I really want to play more it's the full version I purchased last night

That's not good at all. Could you tell me what the traceback says? I'm afraid I have no clue what could be causing it as of right now.

there's lots D: shall i email you screen shots?

That would be very helpful :3

Will buyers here get a Steam key when it comes out?

Yes, they will~

so i'm confused is buffalo seer a guy or a girl? and how do i do the january route xD does it have to do with those 3 selections right in the beginning

Buffalo Seer's gender is determined by the player. They can be male, female, or agender. That way most people can feel included :].

And, yep, getting on a certain route does have to do with a selection at the beginning. While you're still in the dark room, Seer looks into their own future. You then get to decide what Seer saw in the future by clicking on one of the three different tables shown. The future where you end up with January is the fancy table on the very right.

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Ooooh ok :D and lol sorry i hadn't had a proper look through it before commenting xP oh and btw do you perhaps have a walkthrough/

Aha, no problem C:. There is a walkthough for the full version of the game (the 'choice guide' you get access to after purchasing it), but not one for the demo. In the demo the only choice with a serious impact on the script is the table one, so I didn't feel there was a need. If you do end up having more questions about the demo, though, feel free to ask about it here :).

When will steam version be released?

Late February or early March 2017, most likely~

looooved it, do you have an estimated eta for the release? :) <3


That's great. We're glad you enjoyed it ^^. We're aiming to release the game in January 2017!

I've played Piper's intro, and I'm in the process of playing January's, and I must say I already adore this game! I really love January, but Kea is lovely too. Piper isn't that much of my type, but she's still very cool! I really can't wait for the full release! Do you have a release date in mind?

I'm very curious about one thing, and I hope you don't mind me asking. If you don't want to, that's okay. While playing Piper's intro, January and Seer were spending most of their time together because of the circumstances, and even if the game tells you that visions are never wrong, I feel like it wouldn't be that challenging of a game if you meet your future spouse at the beginning and that's it. Could it be possible that you may actually end up with someone else than the person from Seer's vision. In Piper's intro it felt like both Piper and January were possible candidates!

Thanks very much :D! We hope to release it around January 2017.

As for your other question, A Foretold Affair is just about doing things for fun rather than having any kind of challenge. We wanted to make a game where people could still choose the romantic interest for the MC, but the choices didn't revolve around making sure you got the person you wanted/getting a good ending with the person. So, in AFA who you pick at the start is who you'll end up. The rest of the game is about freely choosing whatever feels right and seeing what comes of it.

We understands that style of VN isn't for everyone though.

Oh, it's more surprising than not to my tastes, I'd say. Sure, it'll be easier that way, but it's a very unique approach, and it's interesting! I've played lots of VN, but I think this is my first time with that kind of thing!

I'm very curious about how the story will evolve - I'll be waiting for the full release. Thank you for your answers!

I'm glad you feel that way! And thanks again :].

I loved the demo! January is my favorite so far, and I love the Seer's personality and design. The game is really beautifully drawn and I can't wait for the full game to come out! Definitely plan on supporting the game on kickstarter too. :)

Wow, thank you so much ^^. It's great to hear that you enjoyed the art and the characters!

The demo looked really good! Looking forward for the full game^^

Thank you very much :D.

You're using Ren'Py, right? Could you please upload a Linux build? Thanks! :)


Yep, we're using Ren'Py. For some reason though we can't make a Linux build, it always gives an error. I've never had this problem with Ren'Py before, but we're definitely still trying to get past it. We're really sorry for the inconvenience.

i am loving this!! piper and january are my favorites right now and i can't wait to play their full routes!! i love the art style and how funny seer is!!

Haha, thank you :3. We really wanted to make the MC entertaining, so we're glad you enjoyed Seer.


I just finished the demo and I have to say I really love the characters! Buffalo Seer especially is a great MC, lots of fun to play as. Can't wait for the main game, I'm super looking forward to romancing Piper and Kea! (Nothing against January he's just not my type, haha.)


Thank you very much :D. It's always so great to hear someone enjoyed it. We'll do our best to get the full game out relatively soon!

Very beautiful.Takes it time with the "what's your name?" question :)

Even trying to get married before that.

Thank you very much ^^!