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wrong place to say this but, WHERE IS MORE COVE DLC!?!??!






Are we gonna get a Baxter side story too?  Loved the this one!


There will be a Baxter one and it's coming along real nicely haha! (I'm on the GB Patch Patreon and they show small peaks on the progress)


omg for real? Exciting lol


Will it be possible for us to get a dlc where we marry Derek?


Hiya! I'm supporting GB Patch on Patreon and they've stated that, sadly, there are no further plans with the Derek DLC. (Possibly small updates but that's about it)

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Sooooo it is 8 AM my time, meaning that I have been awake for 24 hours to finish this DLC πŸ˜‚ (Started playing a few days ago but Step 4 alone took an all nighter to finish). I literally neglected my schedule and duties for this day onwards because I literally could not stop playing. I constantly read so many books, fanfictions, VNs, watch romance asian dramas lol, play through so many emotional games...For really good stories, I feel incredibly deep emotions and butterflies in my heart that leave me buzzing for days, weeks or even months after. This DLC really made my jaded, cold heart (lol) believe in a genuine love. It's been a really, really long time I got that from a story, probably at least over 2 or more years..  This DLC made me feel those butterflies and happiness once more. And this game is so pure and sweet. I'm a bit too jaded to believe that I would romantically come across someone as amazing and lovely as Derek πŸ˜«πŸ˜« He's really such a prince and everything you could ever want in a partner. This DLC also inspired me a lot. As a fellow artist who works in video and editing, the inspiration is quite a lovely surprise since I normally am only inspired when I am feeling negative emotions.

I really think I'm going to carry this story with me for a while <3 I did NOT expect this DLC to resonate with me but instead be a cute little add on that I play quickly. But this DLC was extremely fleshed out and an emotional ride. I really thank you guys for all the hard work you continue to put into your games and for giving us readers a peaceful place to escape. I could go on and on as I have wrote paragraphs for reviews before, but I'm literally falling asleep after every line I type at this point.  πŸ˜‚ Thank you guys again for this experience! And for giving me false hope and false expectations of getting someone like Derek IRL ;_;

(Edit: Okay soooo I'm waking up a few hours later and I feel like I'm going through a break up from having finished this DLC πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I feel so empty. I'd kill for some more Derek content ;_;)


i've been waiting for this dlc for YEARS. my love for derek has only grown stronger over that time. so excited to figure out everything he has to offer. 

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Let's talk Derek.

I loved this dlc for what it is. Something cute, funny, expanding, and unique! Having a chance to get to know Cove's (and now Our) second summertime friend on a deeper level was so worth the time and money spent to play through this. Honestly I'm gonna have to play it several more times to see everything.

To go deeper into it, let's start with Step 2. One of the first things I appreciated is the added moments this dlc brought in, they're not just moments that were for Derek; but for you and Cove as well. It added a special depth to all the characters: A moment for the trouble trio to hang out, moments for Liz to shine, moments to be a "big sibling" to others and a little sibling to one. I almost wish there was more time to hang out with the Suarez boys and take up the mantel in earnest.

Next like other people have said I adored Derek's perspective as the eldest sibling, as one myself there was just so much Real feelings that went into being in Derek's shoes. Including going above and beyond not just for the little one, but putting your parents before you too. This game from the beginning made the life you play feel Real, even if it is condensed and a bit dramatized. Almost every line feels like something someone would actually say or feel, and that writing extended into this DLC too.

I also have to admit, and sorry Cove, but I preferred Derek's Soiree to Cove's. I'm not gonna spoil anything for real, but it was personally just more my speed of things. Cove's Soiree is appropriate for his route and growth; but Derek's felt more like it was a shared experience of growing, and doing something new and maybe a little scary together.

Lastly, one last shout out to the younger Suarez bros. Jorge is the best kid in my opinion; sweet, smart, wise beyond his years, and yet still truly a kid. I vibe with him so hard, probably cause even as the eldest I was That kid. But even in the few scenes he is actually there for, love him! That Elizabeth moment? Priceless. Meanwhile Nicolas is the most adorable kid. Annoying? Yes, most younger siblings are and yet that's the charm to them. Again if I wanted anything from Step 2, it'd totally be to spend more time with those two actively. Along with Derek of course.

Now Step 4...which had what I think are some ups and downs. Overall it was good and it's awesome how much content there really is. I had to go and reload some saves to play out different scenarios right in the middle of playing through once. But there are still some routes and choices I want to go back and play through to see what happens. It felt welcoming and fluid to slip into the dynamics with both Derek and his family at an older age, but I do wish there was some build up or backstory to it beyond a mention of a time (off-screen). It didn't quite feel as good as slipping back into Sunset Bird as each Step passed. I think this is because of the way it contrasts with Cove's big send off in Step 3. Derek's big send off happened in Step 2 so coming into Derek's Step 4 referencing that finality from 2 chapters ago feels a little less impactful.

I still love the dynamic of the Suarez family though, maybe even more than in Step 2. Maybe because they're all grown enough to interact on a different level, maybe because we get to see them interact more, or maybe just because Jorge and Nico grew up to be Amazing, interesting people. I am only saddened by the fact I couldn't hang out with Jorge and Nico even more than what was there. Even some one-on-one time with each sibling would've been really special.

Side Note: I also think having more side characters that just Exist in different ways of identity and appearance was super touching. This game is very positive on a lot things so far and getting to see Nico and Xavier express themselves as they wanted was awesome (there was Nova too, but I'm mainly referring to visual characters). It makes me look even more forward to Baxter and Now and Forever.

Derek in Step 4 is charming and easily flustered, the best honestly. There are some notable scenes that touch on his independence and humanity that weighed heavy in my chest; even those were precious to me. However, it also felt a little...unresolved?

That's my main and only real gripe with this DLC. It is so special and impactful to Derek and the MC (you). It, like the rest of the game surrounds you with emotions and people you come to love and care about. And don't get me wrong, it feels really good and there is closure to Derek's Step 4. It's an open ended closure, which is Never a bad thing and leaves so many possibilities. Yet there is this sense of something left undone, of not quite being satisfied with waiting till tomorrow and the day after that.

There's some personal things Derek addresses and it does get brought up, but it also feels like the "solution" is glossed over for one that doesn't solve too much other than proximity. I also think I did things right (but I'm not 100% since I don't know all the outcomes yet), but pursuing Derek romantically also feels a little tiptoed around. Feelings were never actually discussed until the end, and even then it felt out of place and one-sided. I can only recall one person openly bringing it to attention, maybe two if you count some will-they/won't-they teasing. Maybe it is just meant to be more subdued, but it was kind of a let down and put me off of romantic pursuit in exchange for just a good friendship. I almost wish there was a second part that takes place around the time of your moms' anniversary, so a passage of time could give you a chance to decide how things are turning out after reconnecting with Derek before leaving you to fill in the blanks.

However! It was still a great play and I don't regret getting this DLC at all. I had fun with it. I honestly laughed and cried and wished for more. This IS a DLC and a side romance story at that, I can't at all bring myself to be mad or even disappointed at this just because of the stuff I mentioned above. It was an experience worth every dollar and I plan to come back to it again and again (Always) and [Forever]


aw man, i wish i wasn't broke now :(

You and me both 😭 

I'm so excited to play this! But I'm having a little trouble installing the DLC. When I download the file, I only get and rpa file instead of a ZIP file. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong :/


That just means one stepped was skipped for you and it was already unzipped, possibly by the browser/app or device you downloaded it through. All you need to do now is put the rpa in the "game" folder of Our Life!

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How do you get Derek DLC step4?? I thought I was pursing his romantic route ig i did something wrong?


To get Derek’s version of Step 4 you need to:

-Play all five of his Moments from his Moment selection screen. Pick his version of Soiree, not the one from Cove’s Moment screen. And to be safe attend with Derek rather than going alone or with Cove. That wasn't meant to be a requirement, but it seems there may be a bug where if you don't bring Derek, you might not unlock his Step 4 content.

-Choose to keep in touch with him long distance during the start of Step 3

And then in Step 4, you can choose to do his Step 4 story or the default Step 4 story. If one of those steps is missed, it’ll go automatically to the default version.

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WHi!, I got the DLC on Android and it keeps saying this, I'm not really sure what it means though:

Just download all the DLCs you own and at the end download the main game. Even if you already downloaded the main game in the past, you will just keep opening the DLC file until you download the real game again.

Okay! Thanks for the help

No problem!


My looong review from someone who wanted Derek before there was even a Step 3; 

I understand where some might be coming from, a bit disappointed it's not as fully fleshed out as Cove is but Derek's DLC hits HARD. Just because it's not Derek's game it doesn't mean that it isn't throughly enjoyable as it's own thing, whether you wanted to romance the spunky, sporty small gentleman, or just thought that he deserved more depth as a friend. 

I played Cove twice and I sort of felt in Dreamland, I loved the character to bits don't get me wrong, but it mostly left me wondering about what life is like for people lucky enough to be raised in close knit communities, in stable, healthy families, to have someone with you through thick and thin and never having to feel alone.

Derek hits closer to home, maybe it's the eldest sibling syndrome, but even with his story not being even a half of the length of Cove's, and his being away for the whole of Step 3 basically, I felt he had a much bigger impact on me as a character. I dont want to go into the specifics to avoid spoilers, but this digged deep into what I feel is common overachiever millennial kid trauma and I want to thank the devs for portraying it so openly, and in a way that shows that even when you feel like an absolute failure, that's definitely not how the people that love you see it, and you're still worthy of good things in life.

Heavy stuff aside, I really loved the Suarez brothers' character development and dynamics, as well as the addition of lovely nonbinary representation. Started annoyed with Nico and he ended up being my favorite character πŸ’– It also made me a little homesick for SoCal; Knotts Soak City, Santa Monica Pier and Chula Vista are so blatantly accurate it made me laugh. I think it's been discussed before, but I have this theory that Sunset Bird is Solana Beach.

Anyways, thank you guys for your wonderful job, these are stories that will stay with me for a very long time and that I enjoyed throughly, worth every cent! πŸ’–

Glad I'm reading this before playing, really put things into perspective and glad that I'll go in with this mindset. Thank you, super helpful review!

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Edit: OMG I completely agree with everything ;_: I just finished playing a few hours ago and I'm already missing Derek like he's a real person LMAO. He was way too relatable an his struggles hit very close to home. I agree in that while Cove's story was very sweet and I loved every thing about it, Derek's felt more grounded and real. Except literally Derek himself....he's is a total hunk with a heart of gold which is a rare combination. ;_; As with Cove's story, I really felt like I was a part of their family and the writer(s) did a good job of really fleshing out his character and his actions that reflected that.

And to your last bit, I always wondered the accuracy of that "small coastal community" vibe that often gets portrayed in games like this. Not sure if you will see this comment, but if you do, I was wondering if you feel that San Diego gives off this same energy this this game does? It's always interesting/amazing for me to see an artist capture the "vibe" of places, people or things they see in real life and be able to re-create that in their art.


I'm having a blast with this DLC! But for some reason, Derek's version of the "Soiree" is giving me an exception error. It says: "ScriptError: could not find label 'soiree_walk_meet_cove'."

So far, all of Derek's other DLC moments have played through fine & the rpa file is in my game folder, alongside all the other DLC files. Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone have a fix for it? 

Ahhh, solved my own issue. I updated the base game to 1.6.0, but forgot to upload the other DLC files to match :). It's fixed.


The dlc moments for him are locked, I've downloaded the latest version of the game (and instead the rpa file in its folder) as well but it still is. 

Can you show me what your folder looks like? It's pretty easy to have it be in the wrong spot.


this is so good! i absolutely loved this. derek is such a sweetheart. 

the amount of screen time the other family members of derek's have might be a turn-off to some, but in my opinion, it's needed to show you how the dynamics are and how derek's mind works.

anyways, bottom line is, i loved this and love derek. stayed up til 2 am because i was so enraptured with the story!


SUKDHSIAJ i finished the dlc a little bit ago and everything just set in, derek, even though i love cove, is adorable (and also dorky lol), and amazing and JUST SO CUTE LMAO.

also the part right before everybody comes over for the pizza party is 😏


What will it take to get more "pizza party pre-game scenes" ;_; πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” I'll pay whatever they want just take my whole wallet, ANYTHING to get more scenes. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm STARVING idcidc


late reply but: there's a patreon :)

Yeah but I think they said they aren't making any 18+ content for Derek πŸ˜”πŸ˜”


OMFG I LOVED THIS DLC. I just finished it and let me tell you it was so worth the money. not only the sincre tlks both dereks little brothers were adorble. Cove has some competiton for my favorite our life caracter.


i usually never write comments but i could not NOT send a message here to express my happiness about this DLC. i've been so excited over it since the release date was announced, and now that i just finished the game i can confidently say that i'm far from disappointed. this was such a great experience, it really did a great job at getting to know derek and made me love him so so much. his relationship with his whole family was so endearing to me and i just felt like i was getting a gigantic hug when i played this dlc. the whole team did such a great job on this, thank you for your hard work <3


Just finished the DLC, and oh my god I love Derek so much, I love how much you get to be involved with his family, they all really make you feel loved and accepted, and Derek is just such a sweetheart, I loved getting to know his character better, I cant wait for the Baxter DLC too I wanna know his story better too.


im shaking and crying over derek HE'S SO SWEET AND CUTE AND POLITE I WANT MORE OF HIM TT

Thank you so much for this!!! now im just gonna go and cry in the corner goodbye


is there a way to add this to steam? Instead of buying the copy from steam.


I played and dunno... it feels like part four was written by another author or maybe I just had a high expectation or whatever. it's still good but completely on the other side of what I thougt it was be, and even some moments gave me an uncomfortable vibe, like some mc feelings and actions was meaningless/pointless??
sorry, there will be one more chance but I have such mixed feelings for now.


i agree! Maybe a scene in step 3 of still hanging with Jorge and Nico while derek is busy so theres more than suddenly  its 10yrs later and you show up at their house when all youve spent is like 2 1/2 months of summer vacation knowing them in step 1...... or more phone calls/texting; but i guess some people might find that boring....

...... and the story is kinda open-ended so that feels weird 


I'd also love a little bit in step 3 to flesh it out, but there definitely are references to you still being in the Suarez's lives during that period, like spending Father's day with them every year.


It might be an issue on my end, but every time one of the suarez's (excluding Derek) come on screen the game opens this menu.

You could try removing and reinstalling everything and making sure your virus scanner isn't removing files when they're installing. Also, make sure all the DLC files are up-to-date, not just the main game. And you can also try updating your drivers. I hope you're able to work it out!

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I played the beta like 5 times... ive completed this dlc from start to finish twice( 2 different routes).. and i dunno what to think of it..... its a great addition dont get me wrong..... its just less... less story... less personalization/options.... i get its a dlc; but it lost what OL- Cove feels like... what made it different than other games... and I cant explain it without spoilers XD 


Just Take my money!



Hi, I'm on a mac, and instead of getting a zip folder when I download, it downloads as a .rpa file. How do I open that? Thanks in advance!

you just put it in the game just the same as the other files . im pretty sure

Thank you!

You don't need to open it. You only need to place the .rpa file into the "game" folder. 



my lemonade and board walk are not unlocking how do i fix this?

Hello! Someone else had that problem and they fixed it by updating the main game. You can delete the older build, down the new version of OL + all the most recent DLC, and then put the DLC into the new "game" folder.

It keeps opening as a word document, I have a mac. How do I fix that?

You need to use a program that can extract the zip file, like Winzip or any other zip opener.

Ohh ok thank you so much!

the lemonade and boardwalk are not unlocking how do i fix this??

Hello! Someone else had that problem and they fixed it by updating the main game. You can delete the older build, down the new version of OL + all the most recent DLC, and then put the DLC into the new "game" folder.

The dlc crashes the game for android

That's not a crash, you just can't play the DLC file. You have to download it to get the DLC but then download the actual Our Life game.

1. Download the apk file after purchase.

2. Locate the file in your file manager and install it. You may have to give your file manager additional permissions to install from external sources.

3. Open the app after installation. You should see a message confirming you've successfully installed the DLC.

4. If you have any more DLC to install, repeat steps 1-3 with any other DLC you're installing.

5. Download and install the base Our Life game (the voice or no voice version). When you open the app, any DLC you installed through steps 1-4 should be available.

Deleted 48 days ago

You have to reinstall the base game at the end. It goes: install DLCs to unlock them, install main game to actually play the game.

VOU CHORAR DE FELICIDADEπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

A lovely birthday present. I've been waiting for this!!!




IT’S HERE!!!!!!!!!


Let's GoooooooOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!








Shaking in my boots

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