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so I decided to pick this up again after a long while and I'm still getting the same bug of year two looping over and over

I'm sorry for that! I can't remember if you're on the Windows, Linux, or the Mac version. Can you let me know? And did you start a new file or did you load a save? Also, maybe trying the game through Steam would work out better than this download did.

I am using the steam version on windows :/ I always have to start a new game eventually because of the looping ToT

Unfortunately, the problem may have been tied to persistent data then. To get it start working you might have to use the "erase all data" option in the extra menu, uninstall, and then reinstall to fully refresh things. I'm sorry for the trouble.

but it's been this way ever since I first got it and this was a fresh install on a new device? 

Is the Steam you're using entirely new? Or is it the same Steam account as before? If not, that could keep you stuck with the problem. Unfortunately, there's not really enough info on how this could've happened for us to know what might have to be changed, mainly because there aren't more reports of it. This is a very persistent problem for you, but not a persistent problem for the game generally. That's why trying to reset the game's info on your end might have an impact. I'm really sorry you have to be struggling with it, there's just few options for us to help with it with the way things are.

either i wait 7 years for the free release of this game or i get a job and make that 20 dollars

do not test me

this is a great game not gonna lie, and i love xoxo blood droplets (especially jeremy, but we dont talk abou that) but DAMN do i want this extension

Thank you! It's great to hear you like both games. I'm sorry the extension isn't affordable for you . Hopefully you will be able to get it someday. We do have free key giveaways on our social media sometime, if you'd ever wanna try entering those.

kinda curious

by any chance are you guys going to make like an extension for blood droplets, bec not gonna lie, the avatars in this are great, but the more cartoonic approach has a charm to it

i might be more willing to spend that 20 dollars idk

We are going to release more stories for XOXO Blood Droplets! They're just not done yet. I'm happy you're interested in the game.

oh wow thats great to hear! ill be waiting for the updates then

Thank you :D!

so you can only play as a girl? i read the whole page, i think i already know the answer, but i also think i'm just wishing it was otherwise lol. straight dating sims just haven't appealed to me in forever, but i wish i could play this one -_-' after playing the Our Life demo, i desperately wanted to buy a full game by you guys

I'm sorry, XOXO Droplets is a series with one, very specific person as the lead. There's no way to change her at all. But you're welcome to look into A Foretold Affair. That has pronoun selection, same as Our Life, along with LIs of different genders :).

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i NEED to date bae and pran but i cant really afford to pay for dis hshshsbsushzhzhsahahabzhzhauzyzyzyzhzh :"(

I'm sorry it's out of your budget! If you follow us on social media, we sometimes do giveaways and contests to win keys for the game ^^.


ooh! thanks so much! i'll keep that in mind! 


I wanna date Jeremy but I have no moneyyy


I'm sorry :'D. We have giveaways on our social media sometimes, so you can keep an eye out for those if you like!



Okay, so after seeing baby Shiloh in Our Life and finding out he's a main character in this game, I had to give it a shot. I started out with the free version (and, obviously, did Shiloh's path - he's adorable, and really hot with some of his expressions), and then decided I had to buy the full version so I could try the second route I was interested in (Jeremy's, which I'm still playing, but I love his snide jabs). Yay for another awesome game! ^_^

Unfortunately, playing the free version downloaded from here seems to have locked me out of some of the Steam achievements. Pretty much any achievement I would have gotten before switching to Steam won't unlock (the one for starting a file, the one for talking to all the guys at the first meeting, the one for doing a side conversation, etc). I've tried resetting my data, and I've tried uninstalling the game completely and reinstalling it, but those achievements still won't unlock. It's probably more of a Steam issue, but any advice on how to fix that?


Thank you for getting the game! I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed grown up boy Shiloh and had a good time.

Sadly, that is an issue with Steam. I believe one option is to play the game on a totally different computer or laptop that never had the version played on it. If that doesn't work or isn't possible, I'm afraid there might not be anything else that'll work. I'm really sorry for that.

oh jeez im so sorry i guess i didnt read all the way through my mistake

No problem! I hope everything is working okay now. Feel free to let us know if you have any issues.

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so I bought the extended version of the game and it wont let me play using the extended properties i hope this is merely a mistake or a website error

I've been loving this game so far but I can't progress past June 1st, every time I get to that point the game stops responding and I can't click anything. Any way to fix this?

Thank you for the kind words! I'm really sorry you're having trouble. Does the game freeze with nothing happening, or does it have a 'this program is not responding' message, or does some other type of  information appear? For now I can recommend maybe starting a brand new file or redownloading the game or both. I can give a more custom suggestion with additional details. Feel free to email us at our support email, if that'd be easier.

You're welcome :)

It freezes and nothing happens, it says it's not responding at the top of the window and if I try and click anything the 'this program is not responding' message pops up. I made a new file yesterday and there are no problems in that one so it seems like its this specific save, I'll try re downloading and see if that fixes it. Thank you :)

Oh, okay, cool. Glad things seem to be working. If it turns out to be something other than a corrupted save, just let me know!

I new I was going to like this when I first saw it in my recommended section. The game turned out AMAZING! The extended version made it better! But when you buy the extended version on it doesn't come with a steam key so if you want to play the steam version for the achievements or anything else you should buy the DLC on steam!

Thank you so much ^^! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game.

Yeah, when XOD was released there wasn't an easy way to include a Steam key with the purchase. I'm sorry about that.

I was never rly interested in VN Games cause they look boring - only clicking text with some character pictures, ah well. But I am pretty addicted rn to this game. I bought the whole game now after playing the free version cause I wanted to get all the great content.
But I got a question about it though, will Lucas Route still be added to the game? I read it in the updates and here in the comment you said it will be early summer, which is over (i think?) so will he still be added later? I am sad if not :(

Thank you for giving the game a try! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's right in the middle of summer where our company is located and we have Voice Acting auditions open for Lucas right now. Once we've decided on a VA, his route will be added to the game :>. You can see the auditions here~

aww great, thanks x3

No problem!

I honestly consider this one of the best VNs I've ever played. The characters are amazing and absolutely hilarious. The replay value is great too. Seriously, great work, and I can't wait to play other games you make!

Aaw, thank you so much ;v;! It's so nice to hear you had just a good time with the game and its silly cast of characters. I hope our future projects will live up to this one.

I bought this on steam but I decided to come here to comment. I love this game so much because it so much different from most otomes. I did wish there was more date scenes after making some of them you're boyfriend, but it still really good for the price. Also, when do you plan on adding lucas into the game. I kinda wanna see where that goes!

Aaw, thank you so much! It's really nice to hear you enjoyed the game and appreciated that we went for something pretty unusual ^^.

Lucas' route is likely going to be added early summer of this year or possibly even sooner!

Good Work btw a like the game

Thank you!

Hello hello! I bought your game here (and I love it to pieces. The protag is just so refreshing compared to most VNs I was screaming) and I was wondering if this game allows activation on steam? Thank you for all your hard work!!! xoxo

Thank you! I'm so glad you like the game and the MC :D. The download doesn't automatically come with a Steam Key, but we can certainly try working something out if you need it. Our contact email:


welp. I played the demo, forgot about this game, saw it mentioned again somewhere, dl'd the free version. Finished Shiloh's route, and was like, "f' it, let's buy the whole thing." Did not disappoint. This is witty ass game with memorably crappy-in-a-good-way MC+ROs.
I've only done "Adrian," Jeremy, Pran, and Shiloh's routes, but I can say the writing and in-game art (mostly) is Seriously, the shady comments and comebacks left me shooook, like I wish I could spoil them, but unlike the characters im not a jerk. Everyone says things that left me like, "noooo they didn't go there. o.m.g these kids are MOUTHY ASF! NO F'S GIVEN!!" They read for filth, and left me wishing I was that snappy in school. The conversation writing is seriously what makes the game. Just know I DIED during a scene involving impressions, and the MC's b-day party, aka at her willingness to be thristy w/o shame. The MC is truly thotty and bold, and aint shame 'bout it! LOVE IT! We need more bossy and self-assured MCs like her! Best line in the game is from her..."What I want is what I deserve!" YUP! AMEN SISTER.
About the main RO (slighty spoilery?): all good mostly, and "get along" (I say that loosely) with each other. Relationships in all routes, and with one another are believable. Dont come here expecting a Disney love affair.; no love conquers all here! I love how everyone  stays so true to themselves. Jeremy = the best loser ever. Who doesn't like a defeatist with good ol' snark and emoji text game? MC+Jeremy banter shows they work well together; his "hidden layers" are also portrayed very well. funnily, you learn more about Jeremy AND another RO is this route. And his bf ending! Surprisingly sweet. Next, Pran is hot enough physically and such a Sum 41 Hot Topic middle school emo. His boho fashion is ON POINT. Love the sheer! MC+Pran I liked, but I felt I didn't learn enough abt him until the end of the route :T. He is very read between the lines... And tbh, his bf ending left me kinda sad lol. Pran has a line and I'm thinking " woow, awwwh, that's messed up  ;__;." and the MC, well, acts like herself and I just had to luagh and SMDH! She's a really sweet b*tch, and it works for her! Now Shiloh....This nuff said. Think Butters from South Park, minus authenticity. I can't say I enjoyed his romance w/ MC (rather flat to me), but I laughed the most in his route. God, he's just pathetic. Or, is he?!?!? HMMMM. This guy is a piece of work. He has one of the biggest "wtf you just say?!?" moments and even the MC was shook. And his endings! shoot, I felt bad for MEEE. Too many mixed emotions and questions. gosh darnnit. Shiloh is actually at his best/worst when he shows up in other routes and in-game scenes.
And Adrian. A lovable, adorable, fashionable, ditzy heartbreaker. Cute like a puppy,  petite, and obedient....yeeeep, a man like Adrian is husband material.  shame he's  a sidedude (/TnT)
Now, a few cons. Re-playing the game is a nightmare if you dont use the cheat for taffies and cliques+skip key. Use them to blast through fasters. It's a linear game w/ random scenes thrown in, so it means seeing/skipping a bulk of the non-route content. Also, the side characters Missy and Alicia, what happened to them in the 2nd and 3rd arcs? I felt they were introduced and disappeared. At least we got Lynn! The straight man to the insanity. You also dont need to play with the voices; they're there, but not "wow-ing."
Overall, very good game. refreshing (and btw, these kids get a lil' fresh, m'k?! As someone who went to a boarding school I know how frisky on-campus folks get xD), and great for laughs at others expsenses and roasting. Which I adore highly recommend. and hey, play the free version to try it out, then throw some coin at the creators. deuces, yall! thanks for the enjoyment! on to the others!

Oh, wow, thank you for leaving such a long write up of your thoughts! It was really fun to read, haha. I'm so glad you enjoyed the game overall and I hope you like the remaining routes ^v^!

Any chance that the 10 % percent off discount that is on the Steam version could also be applied to the  version?

Yeah! I wasn't sure I could give it a sale at first. But I was able to and it's up now~

Thanks for this!  It convinced me to purchase.  I prefer supporting indie developers on rather than steam when I get the chance.

It's out!
Insta-bought   ^___^

Thank you so much <3! I really hope you'll enjoy it ;v;