Demo Released!

We just released the very first demo for Floret Bond. Hooray! It's been a long time coming. This will be one of various version of the demo. We intend to keep updating it will more content for quite a while. Hopefully that'll make the wait for the full version a little easier. If you give it a try, please do let us know what you think! It'd be fantastic to get some feedback on this.

Thank you for everything!


Floret Bond Demo (PC Version) 262 MB
Nov 28, 2017
Floret Bond Demo (Mac Version) 247 MB
Nov 28, 2017

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Oh my! I was waiting for this for soooo long! I'm so happy right now! Gonna download first thing in the morning once I wake up!

I'll comment on the core game page once I'm done playing the demo! Thank you for this!

Aaw, thank you! Thank you for waiting. I'm sorry it took so long, aha. Hopefully it will be worth the wait :].