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Floret Bond is a free fantasy otome Visual Novel/Crafting Sim that’s super cute, lighthearted, and all about developing a polyamorous relationship between the female main character and the two male leads.

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Full Version Features:

  • 40,000 words (or so) of adorable events
  • Two male love interests and multiple varieties of poly romance to develop between them
  • Choices that help shape the personality of the MC
  • Simple and fun crafting gameplay elements
  • Partial voice acting

Right now only a demo is available. The demo is 8,000 words long and currently doesn't include the crafting gameplay elements or voice acting. Those will be added in a future update.


Peony lives a peaceful life dedicated to self-improvement in a small elven village. It is a simple town and there is little reason for an outsider to come by. If ever a stranger does come knocking there’s usually only one reason for it, they need Peony’s service. Within this world individuals with magical talent choose one area to specialize in. Peony has a rather unique expertise; she studies the art of neutralization. With the competition so limited and her prowess so well known, it has become normal for her to be approached by neighbors and outsiders alike stuck in shocking and absurd magical situations desperate for someone who can undo it all. No matter how many unusual jobs she’s hired for, Peony reminds herself that something stranger can always occur. And yet today she’ll be getting a commission that is truly worth remembering.

“Good evening, sir. Can I help you with something?”
“Of course! Look! Can’t you see?”
“Oh my, you’ve got a little bird on your back.”
“I know! Get this off! Please.”


Besides normal VN style choices, Floret Bond features a crafting system. You'll be able to manage your time, forage for items, create new things by combining ingredients together, trade for even more new items, and give gifts to the guys.

[Not yet added to the demo]

Thank you so much for checking this out! If you give it a go, we'd love to hear what your impressions are and which character(s) you like so far.


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Floret Bond Demo (PC) 277 MB
Floret Bond Demo (Mac) 260 MB

Development log


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hope this projetc won't die.... although from the coments below it seems the way it will be..
pity ...I really like this game as it's well though and comforting^^


I'm so glad you like it! Unfortunately, we're not able to finish it.

This game art style is so cute! I love it!

Hi, from what I read it seems to be a female MC/otome. If I'm correct is it possible in the future you can add a male option, or is this gonna be strictly otome?

I'm afraid this project will likely never be completed. We'd need to completely redo everything in order to finish it and there's not too high a chance of that happening.

Oh sorry to hear, it's fine I understand, I didn't know this was a unfinish project. So Sorry!

You don't need to apologize, I'm sorry we weren't able to make it a fully completed game!


3/5 not enough horse c

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Hi, will this be available for Android? I understand if it won't,  just figured it couldn't hurt to check 😅


Hopefully someday! But we're not able to work on this project right now, unfortunately. Thank you for checking it out.


ok,  thank you. Hopefully you do get a chance to work on it again,  but no rush. I'm just excited your games exist at all🤩 plus, I can only imagine how difficult and time consuming it is. Thank you for your awesome games 


Thank you for understanding and for the kind words ^^


Amazing game ! Can't wait for the finished product !

Thank you :D


hi, I just finished the demo and absolutely loved the art style and story! as a poly girl, it was so lovely to engage with - I really can't wait for the full game to be released! hoping you can finish it eventually, I know you have a lot of other projects. Floret Bond is really something special. thank you <3


it's really nice and interesting story;]]] I love the artwork^^

hope you will not leave this story and finish it - I really want to know how it will end:D

We do hope to finish it at some point! I'm glad you like it.


Love it! Such a cute game! Absolutely adore the art style 。◕‿◕。


Hey, as a poly person, this is officially the only game I've found that actually gives any representation, and to have it be such a beautiful game with such lovely characters makes me so happy to see, so, thank you. I've played through the demo more than once, which is saying something for someone who gets bored as easy as I do. This is an amazing game so far, and I'm very excited for its full release.


Thank you! That's really nice of you to say. I hope we'll be able to make more progress on this project next year ^^



Thank you :D


I swear you guys can't make a bad game. Can't wait for the full release!!

Thank you so much ^^!

I really love the watercolor feel of the artwork. It's gorgeous and the writing is also delightful! I'm looking forward to seeing more. 

Thank you so much <3!


I just played the demo and I liked it ! The art is so beautiful!  I really loved the aesthetic and the atmosphere, also the characters (Gata best boy <3), it looks promising :)

I was wondering there were going to have more updates in the future? 

Thank you for your work and I hope you'll continue to update it ! :D If not, thank you anyway for the experience !

Thank you for playing :D. I do hope to keep working on it when I get a chance. It can only really do it on the side so progress is slow, but I haven't forgotten it.


Hello, I found your studio through Our Life (best boy) and then discovered this. As a polyamorous person I just want to say I can't thank you enough for having a VN that features a relationship like this! All of your visual novels are so inclusive and seeing this representation means a lot to me. I usually had to settle for awkward harems, it never fit the kind of dynamic I was in (a triad dating separately, sometimes together) or even really properly explored and portrayed polyamorous relationships. There's such a stigma surrounding them, so many ways to practice polyamory, and a lot of people misunderstanding or misusing the relationship style so seeing positive representation means so much. 🥺 I really can't thank you enough.

Aw, thank you for playing our games! I wish I could spend more time working on this, but it is more of a personal hobby project than our bigger, commercial games, so it's kind of a thing I do on the side. It's really nice to hear there are people interested in what it's going for ^^

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gata is my new waifu and i dont regret playing this game. i know hes a boy tho lol


Haha, well I'm glad you liked him.


Is there a chance that you can just stay with one? not two?

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The two guys always fall in love with each other. The MC can be in a poly relationship with one dude (where he's romantically with two different people, but those two people are both only with him while being friends with each other) or a poly relationship where she's romantically involved with both, or she can just be very good friends with them. This story is about all three coming closer, rather than the other type of format where an MC is picking which of the LIs they want. I hope that makes sense!


I just played the full demo of this lovely visual novel about Peony, a magical neutralizer who rescued a centaur and a harpy from a binding spell... The game is still in development but I really liked it so far! Can't wait to play more of it!


Thank you for giving the demo a try! I'm really happy to hear you liked it.

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Just played the demo and it's amazing. Can't wait for more! I love the art style and all the soft colors used. A must play otome game if you like soft colors and a small bit of comedy!

Aw, thank you so much <3! I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed it so far.


Hey guys! Just played the demo and it was super cute! I was wondering if you're still going to work on this game now that Our Life has been funded (congrats btw!). Anyhow, thanks for making this adorable game! :D


Thank you for giving it a try ^^! We are still working on the project, though quite slowly, haha. Floret Bond is mostly a fun personal project. We work on it when we can, but our other projects take priority. Hopefully we can release it in the first half of 2020!


It's a really cute story so far! Also, to add on to the other user's comments, the artwork is gorgeous. If you all have anytime to put together an art book of some kind, I would love to check it out. But only if you have time, haha. Good job.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it. We don't have plans for an artbook right now, but we might change our minds once we're closer to the release :D

I am in love with the art works 

Thank you!


I love the look of the demo, however the text moving on the left with the animation moving on the right makes me motion sick. Maybe there is a way to avoid that, ex: by putting the text at the bottom of the screen? I would hate to have to play the full game while on the motion-sickness med Dramamine (read: falling asleep while on Dramamine)

I'm really sorry it's bothersome to that degree. The backgrounds we have aren't made to fit the entire length of the screen. It wouldn't be possible to remove the page on the right side and put all the text on the bottom. The VN's assets were designed for the picture book structure it has. Setting the text speed to full in options will skip most of the text and mouth animations. Maybe that would help ?

Thanks, will try the full speed option!

I hope that helps some!

I just finished the demo and it's so cute! How is the progress?

Thank you! I'm happy you liked it :>. We're working on replacing the sketch CGs with actual finished ones right now. The script is coming along though we had to replace one of the writers. We're still hoping to get the game out this year.

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The art is amazing and got me to check this visual novel out. I'm also highly interested in how their poly romance will play out, as VNs tend to branch into different routes that have mono romance (not really sure what to call it).  

I think I've played a VN that had a reverse harem ending and another with a trio ending but neither story didn't really reflect the relationship dynamics prior to the plot's resolution. Based on what's written here about Floret Bond having "multiple varieties of poly romance to develop between them" and the inevitable closeness that comes with Krishin and Gata's bond, I'm guessing two things... first being that Krishin and Gata's relationship with each other and not just with Peony will develop and second being that the development will be found in the story and not just at the very end.... I could be wrong, but either way, it would be nice to read a romance story with the current set-up, a bit of variety from romanceable characters hogging the MC away from the others after the common route.... I'm actually fond of their dynamics so far. Gata's motives pique my interest, while Krishin is that awkward yet adorable character.

The only thing I found jarring with the VN is the text box format. It's very much flushed left so it feels very far away from the graphics at the right (at least to me and lorulewaifu, another commenter here earlier). I'd have to tear my eyes away from reading to check for any changes in the character sprites or whatever's in the right panel.... Although it does give off a sort of storybook appeal, I'm thinking that Floret Bond would benefit from following the more common text-at-the-bottom format, since it will also allow the artists to boast of the fantasy world landscape in which the story is set. The squarish space allowed by the current format doesn't really show off as much. 

I guess you're working on other VNs now but hopefully the feedback helps for when you get back to FB. Good luck, by the way. I played XOXO Droplets too. Shiloh is adorable but I guess the MC is more on guard than I am haha. It was fun.

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Hi for some reason when I hit install the game wont install.  I am running windows64 bit. I really want to play this game as it seems very interesting and sad that it wont install. can you help please. thanks so much. Hi I had to edit this to say  I got it to work.  I downloaded the file using my internet browser from your website then opened the application in the zip file and it ran that way.  The story is so sweet I can't wait for the full game. Will it be finished soon?

I'm glad that worked out for you! Thanks for trying the demo. It's really nice to hear that you enjoyed it ^^. The full game likely won't be finished all that soon. Our company works on multiple projects at a time and right now Floret Bond is on the back burner while we focus on finishing Lake of Voices and an expansion to an already released game XOXO Droplets. We'll do our best to get back to FB when we have the chance!

I would love to play this, but it won't install at all. I'm not sure what is going wrong, but I click Install, and then a few seconds later, it stops downloading/installing and I can click Install again, only to repeat the process. Hopefully this can be fixed, because it seems like a lovely game.

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Thank you for wanting to give it a try! I'm not sure what part of the process you're referring to. If you have the file saved on your computer already and it's not properly unzipping or something we can look into what's going on if you give us more details on the type of computer you have. Though, we can't control whether download attempts from this site actually work or not. If the issue is that the file isn't being saved on your computer to begin with than the problem is with Itch.io or maybe the internet provider.  In that case, all I can suggest is trying again later and hopefully it'll have been resolved. I'm really sorry about this!

It is the same for me,  as i am refering to  at least its happening on itch.

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I don't think there's anything we can do, then. The demo download is a plain zip file, it doesn't have the ability to stop itself from being saved to a computer. That going through or not is up to the hosting site and, in some cases, how the downloader's internet access is. I'm really sorry. I hope whatever is wrong gets resolved soon!


I gave this demo a play a little bit ago.  I hope you don't mind if I give you my review on it.  I've been playing a lot of visual novel games lately too, so my comments and critiques come from that as well.

First of all, the art work is gorgeous.  It was what made me download it on a whim.  Not to mention I absolutely love mythical creatures.  I noticed this is to look like a book, with all the text on the top right.  This I found a bit--awkward.  I'm facing in that direction, while characters are moving on the opposite side of the screen.  I didn't realize there was animation to this game until I accidentally skipped dialogue and saw mouths move.   I believe the reason traditional VN games have text right below the main images is we view in an almost tunnel, and we lose details in our periphery.  So if the text is below the image (like in a picture book) we still see the images.  The way your game is set up, I'm so focused over in the opposite corner, I don't noticed changes going on.

Although I do love the menu, and the lovely flower borders.  The menu and background colors are great.  Very soft faux watercolor, and I love it!  The blue color of the elf girl was a little off putting.  It felt a bit out of place in regards to her eyes and hair color, although this is mostly a personal choice.  The biggest issue with color for me was the centaur man.  The yellow used was so blinding and distracting, I actually had to place a piece of paper up on my screen whenever he was there.  He was a very neon green/yellow, that just hurt to look at.  Which is too bad, as he's beautifully drawn and an attractive character.  

I do appreciate all the beautiful artwork in this game.  I did find the change in style jarring, when it would switch to the doodle art.  I'm not sure if it's placeholder art, or if it's just the style choice for those scenes.  The art still isn't bad, just not as clean and polished as the rest.  Call me a sucker for consistency, or maybe a tad OCD. 

I found the story interesting, and well written--when it didn't feel like it was dragging.  Some VN's often have sections that drag, so this isn't that uncommon.  I just wish it didn't always feel that way.  For example, when the main girl is trying to coax out of the centaur man how much he wants to pay for her services, I found myself yelling at the screen, 'Just tell him how much so we can move on!'  It really dragged parts out, and overall unneeded.  I kept losing interest in the story--mind you I'd always be brought back later because the story under it all seemed interesting.  I am curious about the rings, about her job, and so on.  I'd actually love a game where you just play here deconstructing magic around town.  But instead, it's blocks of text that go on and on, until the next substance shows up.  That substance is very good; very interesting, and that is what had me read it for as long as I did.  Ultimately, it couldn't hold my attention.  It was in the dream where I couldn't stop from yawning (at about 1pm), over and over and finally conceded.  I was actually very angry at myself for not finishing it, because I felt/feel there was a payoff, some more intrigue.  

I by no means want you to feel discouraged or disheartened by my review.  I truly wanted to love this.    It checked off nearly all my loves, but just felt short, and maybe that is why I felt the need to give a review.  I wish you good luck in releasing your final game.  

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I appreciate you giving the demo a try! I'm afraid there's a bit of a disconnect here. Floret Bond is purely a relationship based slice-of-life experience. The setting may be fantastical and the situation is curious, but that is only to add to the development of the character's connections. We tried to be pretty straight forward about that at the top of the page. Socially awkward folks bumbling through conversations while growing a deeper bond with each other is specifically what the game is meant to be played for. If that's too simple for your personal tastes that's perfectly understandable. But the amount of story substance isn't a mistake and FB's intentions will always remain the same. Even if you kept playing you wouldn't have been giving what you were looking for. "Intrigue" was never meant to be a word people used to describe our plot-light, relaxed paced, fluff fest of a game, haha. Still, I'm sorry Floret Bond isn't what you wanted even though you had really hoped it would be something you enjoyed.

Perhaps you might want to try "My Magical Divorce Bureau!" . That is also a game full of fantasy creature couples in odd, unexplained situations, but there's much more focus on getting to the bottom of what really happened rather than just the characters' budding relationships. Though, that VN is still more comedy-based than mystery based.


Love the demo and can't wait until it comes out. Is there a projected release date yet? 


Thank you! I'm really happy you enjoyed it :D. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to decide on a specific release time frame yet. We're aiming to have it out this year, though. And we also intend to keep updating the demo with more content every now and then!

Thanks for replying so quickly. I look forward to the updates and release. Great work! 

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I'm afraid I am having trouble with launching it, when I click the button to launch it says that an error occured while launching and that no executables were found. Do you have any suggestions to get it to launch properly?


Ah, I'm sorry about that! That sounds like something is missing, so I'd suggesting deleting  the full game file off your computer and downloading it again. Also, are you on Windows, Mac, or Linux? It might have to do with which operating system you're using.

I hope it starts working for you soon!

Seems super interesting! Gonna check out the demo~ <3

Thank you! I hope you have some fun with it c:

I can't open the mac version T_T help anyone?

I'm sorry it's not working. How are you trying to open it? And what specifically happens when you try (is there nothing, a blank screen etc)? One option is to try downloading it again 'cause maybe something went wrong the first time.

Mac games are always weird. When I open the game it doesn't open, the logo will pop up on the bottom with nothing else.

This can happen to most mac games so usually I open the file content and click the mac folder that opens the terminal. Just entering the terminal and clicking enter or space usually does the trick, but sadly this time nothing worked.

Ah, that's not good. I haven't heard of that before happening. I don't have a Mac myself so I'll have to see if I can find someone else to help test for a solution to that kind of problem. We'll also, hopefully, be updating the demo pretty soon and maybe build will end up working for you. I'm sorry about this!

Super cute! The aesthetics were so visually appealing, except for Krishin ;o his body looks a bit too veiny. The story is intruiging! I look forward to playing this when it comes out

Thank you! I'm sorry you don't like Krishin. I'm not sure which part of his body you mean, though. His upper body only has shadow lines and his horsey lower half just has an abstract pattern in the fur.


This game is absolutely adorable! The colours compliment eachother well and so far, I'm loving the plot line!

Thank you so much :D. I'm really glad you're liking it.

By The Way I Loved the Game

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#cute love it


i like this and i what to see more;)

Thank you! We'll be updating the demo as soon as we can C:


I love it! The aesthetic is so cute and pretty. I love Gata, and I want to know more about him! I look forward to future updates! :)

Aaw, thank you! I'm really glad you like it :D. It shouldn't take too long to have some updates.


Soo, I've played the demo! And it was so sweet and intriguing at the same time. And also, it is incredibly pretty, and I love the game interface and the overall aesthetics and all - I don't think I've ever seen something that would look like that!

The demo was pretty short, so it's a bit hard for me to do a proper review, but so far I like the story and the characters!

Also, I didn't know you were the ones who did A Foretold Affair - it's a game I love immensely, so of course, now I have even higher expectations from Floret Bond haha. But considering it looks to be even more my kind of stories, I'm confident about it.

Thank you for uploading the demo, I'm happy I was able to play at least a little bit! I wish you a smooth continuation of your work on the project!

Haha, thank you for giving it a go and sharing your thoughts! Yep, AFA was our first real release. It's really nice to hear that you like it so much ^v^.

We'll do our best to have FB live up to expectations and we're already working on the first update to the demo.