A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

XOXO Droplets is a free-to-play otome dating sim. There's an optional paid version that increases the amount of dateable guys and adds a some neat extra features.

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The story begins when our nameable protagonist finally transfers into the boarding school of her dreams at the start of her junior year in high school. It would be perfect if it wasn't for that little catch attached to her enrollment: her parents will only let her keep attending the school for her remaining two years if she doesn't make everyone  there hate her by shunning them, like she always does.

Do your best to show just enough interest in the other losers around to appease the folks while still having time to chase after all the attractive guys in the MC's afterschool group, which just so happens to be a group for chronically unfriendable people.

No, seriously folks. When we say the protagonist and main love interests are a big ol' jerk squad it's not a mistake and it's not an understatement.

Default Game

  • 3 distinct jerky main boyfriend options: Everett Gray, Nate Lawson, and Shiloh Fields
  • 6 side characters who'll be your buddies and 6 minor clique boyfriend options, each with a bonus effect that makes the game easier
  • Partial Voice acting for every significant character by a talented cast
  • The option to break up with your bf and start dating someone else, if you feel like it
  • A variety of methods to manage your Reputation with the unimportant students
  • Part-time jobs, stores to visit, useful items, optional mini-games, an in-game phone to call a guy up and arrange a date at one of several different locations
  • Over 130,000 words. Hundreds of different events, including a collage-style ending system where you get events for every goal you achieved during the game
  • Cheat codes for those who don't give a f*ck about gameplay and just wanna see the events

Gameplay Tutorial - Event Guide - Cheat Codes

Paid Extended Addition

  • 3 more main jerk boyfriend options: Bae Pyoun, Jeremy King, and Pran Taylor
  • 2 sweet but not-terribly-bright side boyfriend options: Kam Sung and Adrian Wulu
  • Yet 1 more boyfriend option in the flirtations party boy Lucas Kaiser (New Addition!)
  • 4 Extra Date Events for Everett, Nate, and Shiloh
  • The ability to unlock all 4 CGs and 12 outfits for Everett, Nate, and Shiloh, rather than just 3 and 10
  • The ability to unlock all 4 CGs and 12 outfits for Everett, Nate, and Shiloh, rather than just 3 and 10
  • 50 more Random Events, 45 more Text Chats, 24 more Part-Time Work Events
  • 320,000 words in total
  • An accessory system that lets you decorate the main character with a variety of pieces, plus small events where characters comment on the accessories you wear
  • The option to change the background of your cellphone to one of 12 different options
  • Even better cheat codes

The game won't know you have the extension until you start a new file. After briefly starting the game you can then return to the main menu to change your phone background or what have you. If you have files from the free version of XOXO Droplets, those will work without issue. Again, you'll need to start a new file real quick, but then you can open up the load screen and pick up where you left off in the free version with all the extras now available.

Cast List

Everett Gray: DJ Horn

Nate Lawson: Belsheber Rusape

Shiloh Fields: Brendan Blaber

Bae Pyoun: Griffin Puatu

Jeremy King: Calvin Joyal

Pran Taylor: P.M. Seymour

JB (Nameable Protagonist): Dee Margret Turner

Alicia Rosales: Anairis Quinones

Missy Smith: Elsie Lovelock

Kam Sung: TonyOnorific

Adrian Wulu: Kyotosomo

Lucas Kaiser: Tom Aglio

Cala Gerges: Dani Chambers

Nurse Lynn: Michael Kovach

Romeo Franco: Rowan Cross

Trent Duncan: Joseph Ryan

Thank you so much for giving our a game a look! We hope you've enjoyed it~


And, if you like, feel free to check out the other games we've released!

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XOXO Droplets (PC) 279 MB
XOXO Droplets (Mac) 261 MB

Development log


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heyo js wanted to ask which six guys can u date from the cliques? or if theres a place either here or in the game where u can see that pls let me know where it is :)


Jason, Ralph, Davis, Mateo, Rex, and Waldo! There's a tutorial in the game with more explanations on how it works.

ohhh okay ty!

Hello! I don't know why but, the minute after I got Everett as my bf, the game started crashing...and it kept doing that everytime i start it again! Like, I would want to load my most recent file, but then whenever I try to use my phone or skip to the next day it crashes and I have to shut the game down :(
I reaaally don't know what's going lol buuut,, I really enjoyed playing this at least! Very interesting characters, and addicting gameplay!

I'm sorry that's happening! Is there any error report or does the game freeze or does it simply close? It could be a bug or the game could be struggling to run. It's quite old and not optimized for modern devices.

Hey! Problem solved! Turns out I couldn't ask Everett to be my guy the saturday right after the trip event, I had to wait another week for some reason. So glad I figured this out!!

But anyways, thank you for responding to this comment! Keep up the great work!

I'm glad it worked out in the end!

IT TOOK ME A SECOND before I realized this is like a spin-off of Our Life with Jeremy, Shiloh, & the boys and I stg I started crying omg

Is there any way to change MC's pronouns though?? Or is this just a F/M game


Shiloh and Jeremy are originally from this game, they are cameo characters in our life:) As far as I can tell XOD came out in 2017. Shiloh and Jeremy just happen to appear in Our Life, not the other way around:)


ohhh my bad gotchu. either way sick lol


I'm afraid this lead has no customization, besides the little accessories you can wear. It's a much older game from 2017. As the other commenter said, Jeremy and Shiloh are from here and were cameos in Our Life later.

aw too bad abt the customization :( 

oh lol either way cool that they're in both games. i actually just played the demo for OL:NF and LITTLE BAXTER omg after playing the DLC seeing him as a kid is so cute and amazing bro I love him :,)


Yeah, we couldn't do projects as complex and large as OL when we were first starting. But I'm glad you're enjoying those games!


I really like Everette completely unironically. He's totally awful, it's great, and I am choosing not to read in to what that says about my taste in men. 

Otherwise, I just got to the scene where everyone is pretending to be each other and it was pure gold. It's cool to see the small details that show how the relationships have progressed between all the group members. If MC had tried to get everyone to do something like that during year one most of them would have flat out refused to participate.


I downloaded the paid version but when i start it, i just can't access to the paid caracters like in the original version. Even the inside of the files seems indentical... Can you tell me what's the problem ? Or maybe explain how to download it and place it correctly in case it's the problem please ?

To unlock the DLC you need to begin a new game. This is a very old project and requires the game to "start" for it to check that the DLC is installed. Once you've unlocked the DLC, you can load your existing saves and play them with the DLC content unlocked. There's no need to keep playing from the beginning if you don't want to.

I'll do that, thank you for your answer !

So I've been playing for a few days know and have run into a few problems during my play. One is that whenever I click off of the game it black screens the game and it'll have to be forced closed. Two at random times throughout the game I'm met with an error occurred screen, I'm able to just ignore it add go on with the play but while trying to make Shiloh my boyfriend it pops up, this makes it so that even if I press ignore it's like I never pressed the button to have him as my boyfriend to begin with. I've tried shutting off the game, rebooting my computer and undownloading but nothing happens it's still the same result. Other than those two problems nothing seems to be wrong with it I was wondering if maybe it's a bug in the code since the error screen has happened to other people as well. 

Thanks for the report! We'll try to see what the problem is.

Thank you, I hope you'll be able to find the problem and have it resolved. Have a nice day.

Hello, it's been about six days since my original comment. I was wondering if you where able to find the source of the problem and if so how to move forward from there?

No, I'm sorry. For the black screen it might simply be because the game is struggling to run. If you shut off the blinking animations and don't run other things in the background it may work better. But the pop up error isn't something that can be fixed quickly because it will require remaking/uploading the entire build.

Gotcha, I tried it but it doesn't work maybe my computer just is too little in specs or something to run smoother. I take it that since the game is done and you're working on another game I'll just have to work around the pop up error?

Yeah. We can't do bug fixes frequently because our development work is on other projects, but ideally at some point it could be updated to have improvements! For now, it is something that'll have to be avoided.

Haven't played this yet, but just reading the description got me excited because I recognized the name Shiloh Fields from Our Life Beginnings and Always, I wondered what had happened to him!


jeremy my love

one day i'll have money to buy your route i promise 😭😭💖💖💖

Is Alicia addressing you as JB intended?


Yeah, it's a nickname from childhood. It means "jellybean". It's not your chosen name for the MC!

pran ruined my life i love him so much


I like prans and jeremy's designs! sucks there isn't a non women mc but I'm sure it's a cool game anyways! ^⁠_⁠^


It feels very awkward to be considering trying to go for Shiloh route after playing OLBA but it also let me actually understand what they meant about the amusement park....decisions are hard but I love the games from GB Patch ♡

Deleted 1 year ago

The prom happens near the end of year 2 and the year changes from year 1 to year 2 during September. So you've played through a year and gotten to September for a second time, that's a normal switch and if you keep playing the prom will happen later. If you just started the game and haven't played through any months but it still went right to year 2, that would be strange.


i cant believe i never realize Siloh and Jeremy were in that one lmao


A dating sim where everyone is unbearable. Well, that's certainly quite the twist! Keeping things fresh.

I tried getting game over on purpose but I can't. All cliques at -30 and nothing happens?


😔 I am sad that there is no android version, it means I can't play it 😢


there is an app called joiplay on android, and it can execute .exe and other files that most dating sims have, so you are able to play it with a few errors.


its fun and all. its a good play but the characters feel so unlikeable to the point where theres only like 1 or 2 characters I'd like to date. and 1 of the 2 you have to pay to date. IDK, it's still better then most dating sims i've played. and the characters ARE realistic. (not good for if you use games to get away from reality like me)


omg ive only got the wedding dlc before almost finished our life and i dont want it to end, but now i have something new to look forward to playing once ive finished :') i already know its gonna be bloody good


I just realized that Shiloh and Jeremy are from our life. I barely recognized Jeremy XD 

I knew Shiloh looked familiar!



im sorry if this is stupid but how exactly do you start a new file for the dlc to work?

You just start a new game instead of loading a file!

Hi y'all,

I'm really confused on how to use the cheat codes. Where do I input them? If I just type it in game it just starts screenshotting. 

You have to go out into town on the weekend and visit the four-leaf clover shop! One of the options in that store is to enter cheat codes.

Ah okay, thank you so much! :)


I really like this game this game so far especially the art style!

But I would really like if we had the option to be able to pick are pronouns instead having to be called a she/her all the time!

Deleted 2 years ago
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bro the paid version is literally 253 TURKISH LIRA R U SERIOUS PLS make a normal turkish lira version of it I REALLY WANNA PLAY THİS GAME WAİTİNG FOR LİTERALLY 2 YEARS QnQ (P.S ı love this game so much Im obsessed)


Just started playing and I was like "omg he looks like Shiloh from Our Life...Oh wait...OH, yup that's Shiloh" lol Great game so far though


spoil  kinda

im now realizing this is where jeremy and shiloh went after leaving in our life--
so who was the friend shiloh was with?


I'm fairly sure it was Nate. I'm not going to double check but when I played that scene I immediately thought it was Nate.

The only thing I have to say is that I love this game and I think Jeremy is hot and adorable at the same time :)


hi is there a way to delete saves? i dont like having loads of saves and i dont need some anymore so can i delete them?:)

I have blood droplets on steam, i didn't know there was another one!

How the hell do we get our MC to date a minor clique bf?? And can we date both a main bf AND a minor clique bf?

Also, fantastic game. Have fallen in love with all the jerks and MC is that bit of spice I've been missing in this genre XD


You can only have one BF at a time and here's how you get a minor BF:

To get a Clique Boyfriend you’ll need to get his Affection to max and meet a specific requirement. The requirement for each guy is-

Jason; Get the other nine members of his Clique to 100 Affection at least

Ralph; Unlock 5 date locations in one playthrough

Rex; Get all 7 Side Conversations with someone other than Adrian and Kam

Mateo; Have him at Max Affection, get to Level 3 in any part-time job

Davis; Have Nerds at 1,000 Reputation at least

Waldo; Have at least 200 Reputation Points with all six Cliques

If you’ve met both of those steps a pop up window will appear asking if you want to make the guy your boyfriend.

Glad you're enjoying it!

Thank you so much for the explanation!! And haha, looks like MC has enough standards to not sink that low, huh XD Hope you have a good week!!

No problem, haha!


Hi hi! I am a trans guy and am very dysphoric about female pronouns, so is there any way to change the pronouns of the MC? Thanks!


I'm really sorry, this game doesn't have a customizable MC. It was made to be the story of a set character rather than a roleplaying experience where you feel like you are the main character. She has goals/priorities/an identity of her own and your part in the game is just trying to do well in the gameplay so that you can see all the scenes and don't lose.


Ah, alright! Thanks for the reply! 

No problem ^^


Screw the person who down-voted your comment. Good question and good luck being you.

Hi! I recently downloaded your game and as I was playing to get Nate some error page kept popping up. I kept hitting ignore and the game would end the day and just continue but now the error page pops up each time I try to make Nate my boyfriend. Is there anyway to fix this? I even uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. It’s a great game and I would like to continue playing it but if it’s kinda hard if I can’t even get the guy’s to be my boyfriend. 

I'm sorry you're having trouble! Can you let me know what the errors says? I'm not sure what it could be right now. Usually, players just get him as their boyfriend and nothing happens.

of course! This is what I get every time I try to make me and Nate official. 

Thank you! We'll look into it.

Thank You! Pls do let me know when it’s fixed so I can continue playing! 


It's been some time I'm just wondering if that error was ever fixed so I can continue playing this game

I haven't start playing the game I'm just waiting for it to finish downloading it I'm just scrolling through the comments and it's kinda funny seeing your name in the game which my name happens to be Shiloh ^^

is it possible to play this on Android with an emulator like joiplay or netboom?

I'm afraid not, at least as far as I know. I'm sorry!


I am a massive fan of your game, Our Life, so i thought id check out your other games and i love this one as well! Your games are amazing and really cool!!


the games boyfriend feature does not work. everytime i check to see what kind of boy i can date, a full-screen pp up comes up and when i click 'ignore' it skips over the feature and goes to the next day! i would like to play, but id rather pay a game with most features in it, sorry.

(1 edit)

The game won't let me close it ;-; i tried launching it but it didn't open so i decided to close it but when i tried to force close it and quit it it didn't let me

EDIT: I even uninstalled it and installed it again and it still doesn't work

After a while of messing around with things i found out how to open and close it when i open another window

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