​Confession Scenes & Giveaway!


We've officially updated XOXO Droplets to include a new way to get the boyfriend endings; confessions~

Now if you out-stubborn your jerk he’ll ask you to be his girlfriend at the end of the game. Confessions are available in the free and paid versions. Exact steps to get them are explained in the Event Guide.

If you'd like to see these you'll need to redownload the game on Itch.io (or let Steam update XOXO Droplets for you, if you've also used the game there).

In other news, if you reblog the announcement post on Tumblr you'll be entered into a giveaway to get a key for the complete version of XOXO Droplets!

Thanks for everything. I hope you enjoy these extra-adorable (at least for these guys, haha) events~


XOXO Droplets (PC) 270 MB
Oct 11, 2017
XOXO Droplets (Mac) 255 MB
Oct 11, 2017

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ooooo seems interesting. I like the main character's personality and her methods of getting guys to date her, so this seems fun to out-stubborn a guy lool

Haha, out-stubborning the guy isn't as fun as the normal method, but the event you get as a result is quite special. Here's the method we recommend for seeing the confessions~

• Turn all events off using the events setting page
• Use cheats to get Reputation, Affection, and Swift Taffy
• Set the taffy to Weekly Equip
• Sleep away the months
• Once you hit July 18th, Year 2 make a save file
• Choose a guy and move forward to see his events
• Reload the file and choose a different guy
• Repeat until you’ve gotten all the confessions you’re interested in seeing