XOXO Droplets Demo Fix & Kickstarter

Hey, they've got a new devlog feature here on Itch.io and we figured we'd try to make some use of it. The XOXO Droplets demo got a real major update on the 5th, but just today it was updated again. There has been an issue with the game freezing, this update made an attempt to fix it. Unfortunately, the freezing only happens for some people and we weren't able to replicate it. Because of that we can't say for sure if this change will stomp it out entirely. Please do let us know if the game freezes while playing the most recent version.

Saves from the previous version most likely won't function properly. You can delete saves by hovering over them with the cursor and hitting the 'delete' key.

While we're here we may as well mention the Kickstarter going on for XOXO Droplets! It's been funded more than 30% in only 12 hours. We'd appreciate it so much if you gave it a look.


See you next time and have a good day!

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