XOXO Droplets Version 1.1 Released!

Hey everyone!

We've updated the download builds for both the free and paid versions of XOXO Droplets. The changes are:

-Grammar/Spelling fixes

-Changed a few sentences to make things clearer

-Got rid of a couple formatting issues that caused an error report to appear

-Fixed an issue that stopped some people from being able to get Davis as their boyfriend

-Made it so you'll get a tiny scene if you have a Clique at Max Reputation at the end of the game

-Fixed an issue with how Kam's boyfriend info was displayed on the Relationship Info screen

-Added a few more details to the Tip Screens

-Made it so you can get up to 5 Tickets through the Tic-Tak-SMACK mini-game. It was accidentally set to give 4 at the max

-Fixed an error that labeled Kam as someone you didn't know during the Silver/Gold Necklace accessory scene

-Removed the option to get a main guy as your boyfriend right before the field trip. That was done because the relationship announcement event and field trip events aren't compatible. It'll cause problems with your file if they happen at the same time.

-Fixed an issue that made it so not everyone could get the bonus group event at the end of the game

Thank you for the reports on all those little snags! We'll update the game again if more error reports come in.


XOXO Droplets (PC) 270 MB
Sep 13, 2017
XOXO Droplets (Mac) 255 MB
Sep 13, 2017

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