It's Out! +Giveaway​-Contest-Thing

XOXO Droplets has been released! You can finally pursue the terrible guy of your dreams. Thank goodness. 

Free Version's Page ---- Paid Version's Page

And in celebration we’re having a contest-kinda-thing! Woo~  

Here are the rules:

  • Take a screenshot of XOD and post it online. It can be the free version or the paid ‘complete’ version
  • Include an @ to us and a description of why you wanted to share that scene in the post
  • Screenshots can be posted on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or Instagram
  • A group of screenshots included in one post is fine, it doesn’t have to be just one
  • It’s your social media so you can spam as many XOD screenshots as you want, but we do have a limit of 10 entries to this contest per account

You can take a screenshot by pressing the S key on your keyboard.  

Twitter: @Patch_Games

Tumblr: @gb-patch  

Facebook: @GBPatchGames  

Instagram: @gbpatchgames

The contest will run from now until September 6th, 12:00pm US Mountain Time. The winners will be announced later that day.  

Winners will be decided based on why they chose the screenshot they did. Descriptions that are funny, or sweet, or otherwise memorable are what we’re looking for. There will be 5 winners. Those who’ve won will be announced publicly and they’ll have one week to get in touch about claiming their prize.  

All winners can choose between a key for the complete version of XOXO Droplets OR a download of the XOXO Droplets Soundtrack and the XOXO Droplets Artbook.  

Contact Email:


Thank you for everything! Good luck and we hope you’ll have fun!  


XOXO Droplets (PC) 269 MB
Aug 31, 2017
XOXO Droplets (Mac) 255 MB
Aug 31, 2017

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