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I first picked up this game because I read the first line of the description and immediately thought, "this sounds like some of my favorite pairings from RPGs, ooops!" Miscommunication and the possibility to solve it is most of the appeal to me, so a game that focuses on that deliberately? Sign me up!

And I was not disappointed in the slightest. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by a game I was already expecting to love! I've played through most of the relationships, though I've only succeeded in mending about half, and it's been a delightful time. This took such a unique, clever spin on a fairly common trope, and visited it in such creative and unexpected ways. 

I was expecting the answers to be really obvious, but they're not; you do really have to think and puzzle your way through what works best for each couple! It makes it a fun challenge, perfect for replay-ability, which the randomized feature already does a great job at. For a fairly short game, you pack a lot of development into it. These characters all felt well developed, which works well for a game about messy relationships, and I found myself adoring all of them. (Jeska, I think, is my favorite, though.)

Thank you for such a charming, fun game!

Aaw, I'm really happy to hear that the game didn't disappoint. We were hoping the choices would require some thought, but it's hard to know for sure how tricky/obvious something is when you already have the answer, haha. Good to know that worked out with you. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful comment!

For a trouble-maker-not-a-problem-solver like myself, this sure brings a lot of thought to consider the best approach to each pairings : identify their basic misunderstanding, the motive of one-sided love from the villains (in my opinion, especially Nerium is always the first one to fall in love at first sight to his custody xD ), and introduce even open up the hopeless romantic of each clients. The interaction between the characters is fluent and the scene is drawn sweetly to captures the reactions ^^

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the process of figuring out what was going on with each of the pairs C:.

And, yeah, Nerium definitely tends to become smitten in a matter of moments, haha.

Very cute and fun!

Thanks for giving it a try!

I hope you add more like more victims and villans or a good storyline but very cool.

Glad you liked it :). I'm afraid there aren't any major updates coming, though. This was a small game jam project and everybody is pretty busy with their main work now that the jam is over.

Well that was a lot of fun. My first playthough I got the best ending for all 3 couples, but my subsequent ones took more work. Still, I just felt like I had to keep at it to see the best ending for each pair. Thanks for such an enjoyable little game :D

Thank you ^^! Congrats on getting so many good endings. And we're glad you had fun with :)

So quirky and fun to play! Each character has a different personality. I like the fact that couples are randomly chosen, but at the same time each story makes sense in a way. Such a cute art style. It's such an odd game that's refreshing to play.

Thank you! We're always happy to see that someone enjoyed our little project :>

This was super cute and super enjoyable! I really like how strongly everyone was characterized and how those traits carried over and were reemphasized in every new situation! (Any pairing with Nerium in was bound to be full of laughs lol) Each scenario was short, but each carved out very comical and fun dynamics between the different characters, well done! :) I hope to see more from you guys, including a production of Karma's Spoon-Based Musicals.

Thank you so much C:! I'm not sure if we'll expand upon MMDB or not, but that could definitely be neat. We've each got other projects separate from the group, I believe. So we'll still be around either way.

nerium is a mcfreakin furry

On a more serious note, though, I was looking forward to this game during NaNo and it didn't disappoint! It was refreshing, fun, and every couple had a unique-but-interesting dynamic. The art was attractive and fit the cartooniness of the story, and I ended up liking every single character, even the ones I thought would be just "okay" from their discriptions. Jeska's loneliness, Nerium's desire for love, and Lexis' propensity for misunderstanding convey a surprising amount of depth in such a short amount of time, and Lilium's self-depreciating view of herself (thinking that no one will like her because "she's a bitch), Po's grief over its feelings being disregarded, and Baird's relationship with his wolf self all make them compelling victims. I find it hard to pick favorites between the couples!

Good job. I had a lot of fun.

Haha, it's true.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I'm really glad the characters came out alright. I've never been great at short stories so I was a bit worried they'd come across as too simple.

This was a surprisingly cute, refined and entertaining game. Nice work! :3

Oh wow, thank you :D!