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Is there a way to delate a game file?


i cant wait 4 it to come ouuuuut!!!! you guys r doing a rll rll good job


I just got done playing the whole demo--it was AMAZING!!! Everything about it was absolutely perfect and I enjoyed playing it so much! Actually now I think I'm going to check out the first game as well!! This is an amazing game, five stars!!! (Do you have any idea when the full game comes out??) Anyway--yeah. BEST. GAME. EVER!!!


I downloaded this game earlier this week, and only recently made an itchio account to basically document my experience.

The game is wonderful and I've been playing it every day since I've downloaded it. I love the pacing, the characters, the writing as well as the customization choices.

I've made 4 saves in the game so far, each with their own characters that I play based of their personalities. Iirc, I believe the tutorial said you can choose a choose personalities for your characters. That's a nice perk as it'll be easier to make choices based of personalities.

I also want to know if there will be something akind to personality disorders, disabilities or whatever; with two of the characters I made having NPD and OCD. It'll be fun to play with the choices that may be there, as well as seeing how characters react. However, this is unlikely due to the how much progress the game has made in development, as well as the complexity of the disorders.

Anyways, great work on the game, it's been a blast to play and the characters have been living in my head rent free, and I genuinely can't wait until the completed game comes out :))


I've been wondering, when it comes to Qiu identity will the MC be able to have reactions to it?, Like maybe the MC doesn't know what Qiu is doing or maybe the MC is very supportive or maybe doesn't feel comfortable with that kind of stuff, i honestly can't wait to see it in game but it would be nice to know how the MC takes all of that 


I love how body positivity only applies to female ROs while the male ones always look like supermodels. I've yet to see an overweight male RO lol

There's no male love interests in this game though


Does Brian from Dream Daddy count?


I have to say that although the previous one was not bad, I see this game as better than the other since it allows you to make more decisions, and it has more customization options... the characters in this one are better, they are adorable and fun. I look forward to it coming out complete so I can enjoy it 100% ~

how can I delete the saved spaces? :/

press the delete button, while hovering your mouse in the save you want to delete.


I love this game so much!!! I can't wait to see the rest!🤩❤


Hello. I saw this visual novel and found it very interesting. I wanted to know if I can do Spanish translation. I will give the respective credits to their creators.

they dont do translations


I just played the new demo expansion. I'm happy to report that Qiu/Autumn still has my whole entire heart. This kid is insane and I would lay down my life for them. 


I just realized that the Baxter in this game is the Baxter from Beginning & Always and I'm so excited to get to see more of his character as the story line continues on.



hellooo. didn't know where to talk about this, but on Steam, the sprites are a bit funny, lol. both scenes where qiu and tamarack appear, it looks like this. Also only the sprites of qiu tamarack and i think some of baxters' do the same thing. maybe its my laptop, but if it is a bug I just wanted you to know :D

I have this bug too

That can happen when there's a driver or graphics card that needs updating, for some reason the engine we use is super sensitive to anything being amiss with that. And sometimes it just goes away after a while even if nothing was changed. Turning off the animations on the settings screen can help things display more easily, though. I'm sorry this is happening!

ohh okay!!! thanks so much :D! your game is so good btw, can't wait to see more

Aw, thanks!


when i saw that they added to the demo i was so happy! the game is really amazing so far! i cant wait to play the full version keep up the good work!


I am absolutely in love with with this game, its like this big warm hug but i expected no less from the developers of Our Life Beginning and Always. I cant wait to get to know  Qiu and Tamarack<33

I do have one question regarding the mc. Can the mc also come out as genderfluid? 


The Demo didnt change for me, huh, weird


Probably a error i had the same issue so i just got the game through the website


I honestly love this better already then the previous game, the choice options are so good and there's basically impossible possibilities to shape the story as you want, this game once it's out will be the best Visual Novel ever created, I am going to support this project with all my might <3 The demo just showed me why indie games are more superiour this couldn't be made by any big studio. I wish you the best success with it and day by day going to check in to see a release date. ^^


This game is literally so good?? I can't explain it but it genuinely made me cry 😭 The colors, the art style, and the UI are all so soft.. The character customization is so good too. It's SOOO CUTEEEE!!! I genuinely will play this so much I cannot wait for the full release 😭😭 I'll make sure to play every demo expansion <33

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As someone who did indulge in the last game Our Life: Beginnings & Always

I have to say, looking into this one as a author myself, I do think this one has the same potential if not more potential, Let me explain why

1. Unlike Our Life: Beginnings & Always this game starts out with two potential romances, which makes the game, from full release, longer.

2.  having a They/He Character and a She/her, makes for more diversity, which is a good thing for marketing and for drawing in players

3. Though this was seen in Our Life: Beginnings & Always , This games also has a fully customizable character creation system, which is mostly overlooked in many games, Having a main character that the player can shape as they will, is great for diversity 

4.Something I see overlooked is the calming nature of the game, the soft color used for art and UI is easy on the eyes and makes this in a way, Comforting.

5. This game has self voicing which is great, customizable text is always a plus.

6. And something I see which again was the same thing they did in Our Life: Beginnings & Always , Is the concept of growing up with the characters, this builds a sort of connection through the screen with the characters, like your along with the ride of life

7. The last thing I like to add is the concept of the seasons, which is what I see a lot of players commenting on, Personally this idea is a double ended sword, because the seasons add a uniqueness to each game and a sense of familiarity and nostalgia, But if GBPatch is gonna keep on with the Our Life Series, There's only two more seasons left which would mean its likely there wouldn't be to much left to do after those two seasons, again double ended sword


That's all I have to say,  Great Game so far

- E.J.M

Im just wondering with the seasons, in winter is there gonna be christmas and other holidays?


i cant wait for the full game!! i made sure to get all dlcs from the previous our life series (well, except for derek's) so I'm pretty sure this time wont be different. looking forward to it!! <3


Why didn't you get Derek's? :(


maybe they didn't have money or just simply didn't want to get it..? it's their money, they get to spend it however they want 😭


i know its probably gonna be an amazing dlc with a great chance to deep dive into his character, i simply wasnt that interested in derek. 

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I have the Derek DLC, can confirm: It's very fun! Though I do still really like to go through the  different events with Cove a lot haha!


i love how its the same baxter from the other our life game ^^


this question has been bugging me so I need answers!

Is Baxter in this game the same in the other  our life game????  Help


Yep, it's the same guy in both games!

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I am happy to say that i have now played this short demo around 100 times. Still some more combinations to go, I wanna see all dialogue!

I think i can replay enough till September when it hopefully gets extended more :DDD


Why the demo is so short TwT


Omgg I just realized that the first Our Life game was all about the summer season, and this one is all about autumn! What if there are future games about winter and spring? oohh :))


how dare you give me an existential crisis and make me question life as i know it ? I AM ENLIGHTENED 


Omg wait.. i think your on to something.. NOW I NEED THIS.


I  can just imagine it taking place in the mountains, and the MC's family always has an annual trip during christmas break staying at this festive inn, mc ventures out & meets a young boy who lives in a cabin nearby. 


Gb Patch: taking notes rn


I was just thinking about this lol

I'm so exited for this possibility ahhhhh

Imagine how pretty the color schemes would be if they ever decide to do thattt :0


i cant wait from full game!

i also love the part where baxter compliments your birthmarks if u have them


baxter looks like quackity💀💀💀






nice pfp

Ayo thanks


This was amazingly great ! I'm getting excited for there full release, they all seem like very interesting characters. I really want to know more about Darren, he seems like such a cute character (platonically or more).

My my is the Baxter in this the same as in beginning and always ? *interested eyes*

I am already in love with Qiu, and Tamarack seems like such a sweetie !

As always I'm so pleased with the fact that we can choose the pronouns, that makes me, someone who uses They/them, much more comfortable with the overall game.

Also : the musics are really pleasing to hear :DD

Keep going ! (It must be a really tedious work...)


I enjoyed every moment!! I'm so excited for the release, thank you for the demo and making these cute games <3


In the beginning of the demo, in the dialogue introducing our mother there's a bit of a grammar mistake. "She also told you a long time ago that her name was not Ma, was Opal." I don't know whether it was intentional or not, but I'll let you know, just in case.


(Sorry if this comes off as offending it's not supposed to be aaaa)


No problem. Thanks for letting us know!

When I tried to play the game it hadn't updated yet, but when I checked it said there weren't any updates. So I tried to reinstall, that didn't change anything. Then I tried to uninstall and reinstall and now I can't reinstall. What do I do? 😭 I really want to see the new update.


If you're downloading through the app, sometimes errors happen. Usually downloading directly from the webpage can have the file go through.

ah I finally figured it out. Thank you so much.


I'm glad it worked out!

The character sprites keeps bugging whenever I try to play the game. Both Tamaracks and Qius sprites move around and glitch. I have reinstalled the game on steam several times and tried the itch version but it still doesn´t work. I dont know if I´m doing something wrong or if its the game, help, I can´t wait to play it properly. 

if you were using the itch app usually the website is the best way to download the game, hope this helps :]

That means the device is having trouble loading the images. You may have drivers/graphics cards that need updating on your machine. Turning the animations off on the settings screen might make it easier to run to display things.


I accidentally uninstalled and for some reason it won't let me reinstall. It keeps giving me a message that says "cannot read property of 'build' undefined". Am I doing something wrong?


i've also got this bug, unfortunetly its something to do with itch itself but your still able to instal and play the game if you get it through the website. hope this helps :)

If you're downloading through the app, sometimes that happens. Usually downloading directly from the webpage can have the file go through.



I can't stop replaying the demo, it’s so good! There’s so many different choices to make and I never get bored of it. I am eagerly awaiting the full game and will keep checking in everyday for updates 😊.


just got done playing the demo and I giggle every time I think abt it. It's suuuper cute <33 I can't wait for the full game to come out!! <3

Hello! I'm sorry to bother but I've been trying to download the android version for 2 hours now and everytime, it just tells me 'App not installed'. I've even restarted my phone and cleared my storage but it still doesn't work.

Your settings might not allow you to download apps not from the Google Playstore, or your virus scanner might be blocking it because it seems unusual. Checking your permissions could potentially resolve the issue.

Or if you're downloading through the Itch app, you can try installing from the direct webpage. And if you're using the webpage, you can try using the app. I hope you're able to get it to install!

I've allowed permission to download outside apks and that solved it. Thank you! 

I'm really glad that worked!


Thank you Team! What a surprise in Christmas!!! 

But hey, I just wonder...can we romance Baxter/Darren???

i think you can, they have they're own dlc if I'm not wrong

I'm afraid not! Qiu and Tamarack are the only romance options in the game.

owhh- I'm so sorry, I thought it was the other...our life- idk whyy 


No worries. It's true that you will be able to date Baxter in the first Our Life when his DLC launches next year!

I think you can only romance people your own age in this game, and quite frankly only Qiu and Tamerack are your own age... TwT

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I played through the game and based of what the dev log says about the update i think it hasn't actualy updated. I'm like 75% sure that there might have been a error because i was using the itch app. I'm not sure what to do, has anyone else had this isue?

Edit: I just tried to download the game of the website and it didn't work, i also found the error, i really don't know what to do. 

I'm also getting errors, can't download the demo at all as i click install and nothing happens. Think it needs to be updated to fix the bugs

I'm afraid that error is likely related to Itch itself or the apps your device will let you download. Sometimes there's compatibility problems with the app, however the game is only a zip file and can't stop itself from being downloaded straight from the browser no matter how many errors it potentially had in the game.

You can try using a different browser to download it or check your settings to see if certain apps are no long downloadable for your device. It seems there has been some kind of device-specific update that limits that for certain people. I'm sorry if it happened to you.

i finally managed to install the game through the website thanks for the help :)

Glad it worked out!

OMG i love Qiu sooooo much!! I saw a Twitter when Qiu compliment MC eyes, how do i get that??? Helppp >.<

I think your character needs to have golden eyes

I know this isn't what you asked but there is also a cute moment where Tamarack compliments your eyes if you have Heterochromia (two different eye colors)

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