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I've literally never checked the page of a game so many times. When this comes out I'll be so hype. I already know this is gonna be a comfort gane


I think I've never been looking forward to a game as much as I have with this one  Devs, please take your time to make the story you feel happy with, and I know it'll turn out perfect

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM! i can't wait, this game is going to be so good. and i am especially excited about the new mc features and A GENDERFLUID LOVE INTEREST! keep making awesome games because i will 100% keep supporting them <3

omg!!! I suddenly speculated that our life will have 2 more versions because Our Life: Beginnings & Always is about summer with cove and in current version is about fall maybe the later version just now it would be winter and summer just speculation, but it intrigued me a lot; sorry if my grammar sounds stupid, i'm sorry i'm not very good at english

I was thinking of that too!!! Such a lovely concept if we're right on the money with that. Also, your English is great!

Aw thank you ,i really hope it turns out as i expected ,if it does i think i have to buy all the dlcs<3


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“Our Life: Beginnings & Always,, Is one of my most played games on Steam and I played step 4 when it came out. I can’t wait for this game and the features. Also in the screenshot it appears you can see your little character when you’re talking if I’m not mistaken 🤔 Good luck y’all on the game!


hopefully in this one we will get to see the Main character in XOXO Droplet as a child


Question will this also be available on phones Lol my laptop broke last week


beautiful artwork!!!

i'm currently playing our life: beginnings & always and i'm enjoying it a lot! i decided to check out the itch page and it made me really happy to see another game release soon :D really excited for this! <3


Can't wait for this!

Was so sad when our life ended, glad there's more content coming from you all :)

when it will be out


Im already giving it 5 stars cause I know this game is gonna be my sh!t when its released! Cant wait!! :)  


beautiful artwork!!! What system software did you use to create this?? <3


i can't wait for this to be released!! <3


here we go again I'm gonna be obsessed


I cant wait for this gameeeee <3 I love all your works

So, I loved the first OL game and was wondering if this one would be getting a voiced name version too? Idk how it worked with the first game, besides that it was patreon members names, so i was wondering, if there's going to be a voiced name version, when would the names be taken? I can't back the patreon rn but i'll be able to soon, rip.



There will be voiced names and it'll be a special reward you can get through the eventual Kickstarter for the game!

Oh, can't wait!!


I cant wait for this game, and this Ourlife have 2 optional dateable character, i cant buy dlc cause i don't have money, poor me

omg i waited for this

I just finished the first Our Life game and I'm so excited for this one, especially the autumnal mountain town atmosphere! You guys are seriously setting a new bar for visual novel games.

I agree! after finishing the first OL game it felt like my expectations for visual novels went up by four stages! 


I'm so excited for a female love interest!


AAAAAAAAAA I can't wait for the demo!!  I'm so excited!!!!! AAAAAAJSJS


Will these characters go to Sunset Bird?




omg omg omg 


Sadly, no. These are brand new characters, and this game takes place in a different location. Besides the title and general concept it doesn't really have a lot of ties to the first game. 


I know, But it's nice to think so.


omg another one, i’m so excited <333


I'm so very excited, I have to replay OL1 but it's worth it. The storyline and artwork is amazing!

Good lord, did I love OL1. I cannot w a i t for OL2 <3


As a long time otome fan, I am genuinely so excited for this. Our Life: Beginnings & Always was an extremely homely and cozy experience that gave me good memories and brought comfort when I was having bad days.
I'm really grateful my friend introduced me to it! 

Looking forward to more happy memories <3 (and for me to cry multiple times)

Yes. That is all.

Can't wait!


So So So!!! Dunking Happy!!! By The Way When The Game Come out?

I'm so excited for this! I loved you other game!


As a bisexy person, I am glad I am finally getting the girl and enby content I THRIVE for! I love Cove so so so much but I can't wait to romance these beauties!!


Aaaaaaa   can't wait!!!! 😍😍😍


aaa i cant wait for this!! genuinely so hyped omfg


Im so excited!!



Another new game to add to my collection made by one of my favorite developers on this site! I can't wait to see what this new story has in store and seeing it pop up definitely brought a smile to my face. I'm looking forward to it!

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