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You guys are absolutely crazy good in the field of visual novels, the early steps are aways the ones that get to me and aways my favorites since they remind me of my own childhood (Which was extremely fun), and it gives me so much nostalgia i can barely hold on, and this nostalgic feeling will probably go on most of the game right? (at least i hope), specially with the whole coldish-cozysh-autumn feeling, i truly love it dearly... Hope everything goes alright with u guys, wish i could help but just can't, however when the full version comes out on steam i will def help with what i can lol 

I'm waiting more for this than Gta VI, cheers people

i love the demo btw when will you be done with it?


Prob 2025/2026... I wonder how long the full version will be... don't die until then lol

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*100% not dying slowly👽👽👽👽*

Yup.... I died too when i came to know... But i came to life again because, well at least it's another reason to keep on living, i've gotta play this, they're prob gonna release more content for the demo tho i hope



Hello! I just wanted to ask, has only one moment been added to the selection screen? Cause I only have one moment to select (which is the walks moment) 

(Ps. I'm not sure if you already addressed this in the tutorials that you gave, and I just missed it so sorry if that's the case😔)


there's only one moment in the demo for now

ah, thanks for telling me! Have they said anything about adding anything new to the demo or will we have to wait for the full game? cuz I am VERY desperate for some new content smh 😭😭

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I think they'll be adding more to the demo. You can read the 2024 intentions for more info.


amazing game

Hello! I wanted to ask a question while playing step 2 of the game, can you be oblivious to your crush for Tamarack/Qiu?


Not exactly. You can be in denial or try to insist you don't like them or avoid thinking about it, but you can't behave as if you have no special feelings for them because you haven't realized it.

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I am in love with this game 


I love, love, love, looooove Qiu and Tamarack so much :((((

Qiu's so pretty, they make my heart hurt a little ughhhhh

Not sure why but this game keeps crashing on my desktop, works fine on my phone and laptop so it might be a issue with on my end but my pc can run quite heavily modded bethesda games fine. Other than that amazing game!

It's possible a virus scanner has falsely decided it's dangerous and decides to close the demo. That can happen randomly and could explain why it works on one device and not another.


I love the demo of this game so much!the personalization of the MC is so good,especially the hair's that have,I'm really gonna play when the full version of the game release

Hello! Good morning, afternoon or night! I wanted to ask a question that came to me while playing the game. So, If I'm not mistaken, in OL2 we are going to have hobbies, right? And I wanted to know if they would be the same hobbies as in OL1. Or is there going to be more variety? Like gardening, cooking, graffiti, meditation, etc. And that's all I wanted to ask for now! :D


There will be other hobby options in this game!

Ooh, cool! Thanks for replying! ^^


Hello!I'm coming to ask if I can translate your game into Chinese.

It will not be used for commercial purposes.

Just to share your fantastic work with more Chinese people.

I'm looking forward to getting a reply from you whether you permit it or not.PLEASE!

૮(˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶)ა


Hi! You're welcome to make a fantranslation if you'd like to. We wouldn't be able to use it in the actual game because we can't have fans work on our commercial project for free. But people doing their own translations as a hobby isn't something we'd force them to stop.

Uhh...after thinking about it for a while,I still want to translate your work.I really like your work very much.And you don't have to worry about it,because I'm a member of a translation group.Translating your such an excellent work will not only increase your popularity,it will also increase the popularity of our translation group.I'm sure it's going to be a great opportunity. And most importantly, I really like your work!


That's cool. I hope you have a good time working on it!

Thank you soooooo much!I'm really happy to have your permission. 

I really love the Our Life series so far I replayed beginning and always multiple times and am thinking about playing it again from scratch since I just got the Baxter DLC. I loved the demo of this version so far, one thing I did like in the first one was you could describe how your player looked through the storyline such as being too short or tall and hating it or your weight. I also liked how it has some sensory issues such as the loud sound of fireworks and hope some of that will be put into this one. I would think it would be cool story-wise if you could have besides both having the crush dynamic you could have a one-sided crush and try to get Qiu or Tamarak to like you back or vice versa, such as you think of them as a friend and they have a crush on you, it would be a cool dynamic and add a bit more story. Also with your character having trouble with your own identity a bit more or maybe sexual orientation and coming to terms with it, it doesn't have to be heavy, and of course no bullying. I hope even if it is much later that a DLC for Baxter or other characters comes out like in the first game. Anyway enough with my rambling, I really love the series and am excited to play this when it is finished i was addicted to the first one when it came out and tried different things, I hope this one has a lot of different things too or even more!


ahhh i love it so much in step 3 itd be super cool to see qiu with similar hair to in step 1 or like a ponytail


CRYING I love this game so much!!!!! I'm honestly a bit glad it comes out in NOVEMBER 2025 since I'd probably forget the entire plot before then. I have to ask, though. Is the full game going to be free..? Understandable if it isn't. Although, how pricey is it, exactly..? I'd try saving up but if it's like 30 WHOLE DOLLARS (that's a lot in my country's currency), I don't think I'd be able to afford it ☠️


the game itself will be free but few of the moments in all steps will only be available when you buy expansion packs! i'm not sure if you're familiar with another game from GB Patch called Our Life: Beginnings & Always, but it will basically look similar in terms of that :] so overall you'll be able to finish the game without spending money, expansion packs just offer some additional content 

Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear that it'll be free. I'll think about spending money for the expansion packs. I actually just downloaded OLBA and will play it later.

does anyone know when its gonna be finished???

if anyone does please tell me! =))


I hear it comes out on November 2025

ohhhh ok ty!


So would we have moments in step 4 or would there be none like OL1? (Excluding the wedding DLC)


It'll be like OL1 where Step 4 is just an epilogue without different Moments!

You probably already have this part of the game done. But it would be fun if we could have a club or band or smt.


one of the best games I've ever played!! ⁠(⁠>⁠ ⁠ਊ⁠ ⁠<⁠)⁠♡ despite not being totally complete, I can tell it's gonna be amazing.

when playing, you're able to see the love that the team has for this game. I've felt the same thing about OL1, which is why I just knew  OL2 was going to be just as amazing as the first one! ♡

I'm a big fan of GB patch's games since 2022, and so far, I've never been disappointed.

thank you so much for your hard work!!! (づ˶•༝•˶)づ♡ hope we're able to play the full game soon!~


omg this was so good 🥹🥹 the final game is going to be my fav game ever istg,,

1GB :o u.u it looks so good


I cant figure out how to run the game T-

Maybe its zipped? in that case you have to extract the files

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i had the same problem if u have like a virus protection thing like mcafee ur gonna have to turn it off, the files will appear empty if u don’t, after that u just proceed as normal i’m srry if this is like a not good explanation i hope this helps!!




this is the coolest game i've seen in a while, super excited for the full game


AAAA!! I loved it! Can't wait for full!
I love the fact that they dont react negatively (mostly) if you prefer not to shake hands or talk for example. It makes me feel accepted

And I have a feeling that Baxter from here is the same Baxter that in  Our Life: Beginning & Always... I mean, the personality, hair colour, eye colour, even mole on neck. If it's so, I created timeline error (used the same oc for both games lmao)


They are the same Baxter


I absolutely adore the beta version. Really excited for the full game!


I love this game to bits but I have a question (or rather a request). Do you think you could make mute/deaf choice options? I'm not personally either, but I love playing around with different types of characters and was sad to find that it wasn't an option!


Do you suggest any games that do feature that? because that sounds totally cool and I'm obsessed with the idea !


If I'm correct, the developer said that you can't be blind or specifically called mute even if you have chosen the non-verbal options. But It would be kinda cool to be mute or deaf.

Can I download the mini demo somehow? For some reason I can't seem to download the new updated demo


qiu and tamarack are precious i will defend them with my life


First of all I wanna say that you make awesome games! I already read Our Life: Beginning & Always multiple times and bought every additional DC, they're great! I also fell in love with Our Life: Now & Forever as soon as i read the demo for the fist time. I am really excited for the updates! Do you know if there'll be additional DC's we can buy which give us the opportunity to date other characters, i.e. Darren? I really liked this concept in your ealier work and was wondering if there are any plans to add this option in this game too. 

Thank you so much for your hard work!


I'm afraid there won't be DLCs for other character routes this time. It's just about Tamarack and Qiu. I'm glad you like the games!

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Came across an odd visual glitch where the artwork gets chopped up. Not sure if it's a problem on my end (maybe I didn't extract the files properly?) or something you guys would need to patch. At first it only happened with the introductory images for Qiu and Tamarack and the artwork of Tamarack's house (outside, front door), so I kind of just ignored it. But now it's happening to Tamarack's Step 2 model as a whole. Not game breaking (at least not from what I've seen), but figured you'd want to know.

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Also Qiu's Step 2 model


You should be able to fix that by pressing Shift + G and changing the renderer. Change it to ANGLE renderer.

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Hi! Hello! It is I once again! I commented around 5 or so months ago but i cannot for the life of me find weather or not I asked or got a response as to if there were going to more Non-Verbal interactions us as the MC could do? i remember there not being too many in "OL: B&A" BUT! Weather or not there are or aren't, I do want to say Your games are awesome and i cannot wait for your release of the game and to see the love you all poured into it!


This game does have more non-verbal options than the first Our Life did and more options have been added since the first version of the demo!

Alright thank you!


it'd be nice if there were more customizations for the mom

but other than that the game is goo

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Sou do Brasil quando eu conheci esse jogo logo já virei fã consegui jogar ele traduzido e posso falar que esse jogo é incrível o melhor  que eu já joguei de romance mesmo na beta não vejo a hora dele ficar completo 💥💥


Hi!I have some question want to know^^

I wonder Baxter which in step4 (if he will be appear)does he has establish a relationship with OL1’s MC or not?

Because I think if Baxter in a relationship with MC, that will be change some his personality.

(I apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes. English it's not my native language^ ^)

What will it be like to use alternative hair from Qiu and Tamarak? Can you do this in the step 2 demo?


Right now the hairstyles in Step 2 are set at random! But that's just because it's a brief preview and the entire game isn't done.


This game is amazing!! I love the narrative and everything else, I'll be waiting impatiently for the full game, but I have a question... Will the game also come out for other languages like Spanish or will it only be in English?


Thank you! I'm afraid the script is too large for us to get it translated to another language. I'm sorry.


The truth is that I already imagined it, I understand it, so I will continue with my vague English and with a little help from Google Translate, thanks for clarifying it!

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The only thing I dislike about this demo is that it has raised my expectations in visual novels 💀 

Deleted 21 days ago



They gave us Peak and we will all never recover 


Omg, that's bloody true 😂 😭

It's so hard to find another game where I can be myself choosing the options where the mc doesn't talk but does a gesture 😭


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So when you release the DLCs, do you think of putting em on sale after a while?


Yeah, there will be a launch week sale and sales in the future.


hihi ! question: when the game is (eventually) released, will the DLC(s) be released at the same time, or some time afterwards ?


Some DLCs will be available on launch! Others will come out later on.

i see ! thank u so much (:

out of curiosity, which DLCs would hypothetically come first ? (as in, moments DLCs or wedding, etc etc ?)

P.s. sry for all the questions </3 suuuper duper excited for your INCREDIBLE (!!!) game and very much eager to know how much money im gonna be spending once its released hehehe

The Step DLCs will come first, then the Step 4 epilogue, and finally the wedding DLC.

cool cool cool ! thank you <3 (:

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