One Week Left! Paypal Donations, Cove B-Day, Bonus Reward

Hello everybody!

We reached the wedding DLC stretch goal so every tiered supporter of the Kickstarter will be getting it for free ❤

We’re into the final week of the Kickstarter campaign now. We've gotten well over 600 backers and are only about $200 away from hitting the Ending Song stretch goal, when including the Paypal donations. Speaking of, we're now accepting donations through Paypal! If Kickstarter is less convenient or unusable for you or someone you know, you can support us that way and get all the same rewards


▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴

And today happens to be a pretty special time - it’s Cove’s birthday! He may be a summer child at heart, but he was born November 2nd. Happy birthday to our precious sea foam baby. Please be kind to him. Though maybe not too sweet. He's very bashful, haha.

That is a pretty accurate representation of how Cove will respond if the MC flirts with him in-game. At least with some of his personality possibilities.

▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴ ▾ ▴

Overall, things are going really well with the project and its crowdfunding campaign. 

Thank you for checking out our update!

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Finally I can donate through PayPal! Though, that's a dumb question probably, but where would I have to send the money to? ;; 

Edit: Nvm, found it.

Oh, cool! I'm glad you got it. Thank you for wanting to support the project <3


Omg so happy to hear! I hope I'm able to get enough money by the end of this week to support you on kickstarter!

Thank you very much <3! And we appreciate the encouragement either way.


Just donated $10 on Paypal! I missed the kickstarter deadline so I just decided to go with Paypal

Thank you very much for the support <3! We'll be emailing Paypal backers soon.


It sucks that you need a creditcard to donate through Kickstarter, so I'm glad you have a Paypal.  Only $200 left, you can do it!

You can still use your debit/credit card for payment on PayPal in case anybody is wondering. I use either my bank account info or debit card personally for PayPal.

Thanks so much :D! I'm glad that ended up being helpful for people.


Looking good! I decided to back on Kickstarter.


Thank you so much for the support <3!


a wedding?! :O :O :O


Yeah, we're adding a special DLC that's all about planning/having the wedding of the MC and Cove! It's optional, though.


that's so CUUUTE!! I cry ToT


Haha, I'm glad you like the sound of it. We'll be making it quite sweet~