A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Our Life is a nostalgic Visual Novel where you create your own character and grow from childhood to adulthood with the lonely boy next door. It's currently in development by GB Patch Games. A 31,000 word demo is available for anyone who's interested. It includes scenes from childhood and adolescence.

The main character naming feature may not work currently for some Android devices.

Saves from older versions of the demo won't work with the current version. 

A slice-of-life story with comedy, romance, drama, and many wonderful memories to make.

Price: Free-to-Play, with optional paid DLCs that add events and Love Interests

Rating: 16+, for swearing, crude humor, and suggestive content during adult-aged portions of the game

Release Date: Summer 2020

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Steam

  • 4 different periods of life to experience; childhood, adolescence, teenaged, and adulthood
  • Name, appearance, personality, and pronoun (he, she, or they) customization for your character
  • The option to change your character's details however you like as you grow, including transitioning to new pronouns
  • A choice-heavy Visual Novel with frequent opportunities to shape your personality, feelings, and preferences
  • 1 main love interest, Cove Holden, whose personality, interests, and appearance will develop in a custom way over the years based on his experiences with you
  • Decide for yourself how quickly or slowly the relationship develops between you and Cove by setting a unique dynamic that can change over time
  • 6-8 hours of content that's free for everyone, plus optional paid DLCs that increase playtime
  • Light animation effects. The sun shines, characters blink, and more (animations can also be turned off)
  • Partial voice acting 
  • A voiced name feature. Choose one of the options on a 400-name-long list and hear that name said aloud by Cove throughout the story ❤

The beta version of Our Life is available for our patrons on Patreon! It includes much more content and receives monthly updates. Please consider supporting us, if you can. Sharing the game and telling us your thoughts is also very helpful.

Thank you for looking! If you give the game a try, we hope you'll enjoy.


Our Life is built around creating a life that's all your own and developing a unique connection with one specific character, Cove Holden. It begins as a summer vacation of childhood. Once that ends time moves on to another summer but during young adolescence, then it continues to when everyone is teenaged, and finally adulthood. The protagonist is highly customizable. You’ll decide their name, appearance, gender, personality, interests, relationships, and what becomes of them in the future. The physical look you've set for the main character is referenced through text during game events. The game's perspective is first person, so the MC's design is only directly shown on screen as a simple approximation during decision making processes.

Each time the character grows into a new stage of life you'll have the option to change their details, including the pronouns they use and first name they go by.

Our Life is choice-heavy with near constant opportunities to determine what what character thinks/feels. The choices you make in one period of life will have an impact on what happens in the next stage. The regular event choices are centered on developing your protagonist and Cove as people, rather than what they think of each other.

For example, if an in-game choice appears with the options of teasing Cove or comforting him, teasing won't lower your closeness and comforting won't increase your closeness. Instead what you pick will have a hand in influencing your personality and the kind of man he grows up to be. There are no bad endings in Our Life and Cove will only refuse to take an interest in you if you choose that specifically. So pick anything that feels right.

Cove Holden is the main love interest of Our Life and he is also changeable. As a child his features are consistent, but as he begins to grow there are multiple directions his looks, interests, and personality can take. Your actions will have an impact on him, but you won't know in what way. While making choices that determine the course of events there’s little way to tell how the experiences will shape him in the long run. You'll just have to see what he becomes once time moves forward.

You will get to decide directly how Cove and you feel about each other. Using a combination of Comfort and Interest Levels you'll design a custom relationship.

At the start of each new stage of life you'll have the option to change your feelings on Cove. He'll respond in kind to however much interest you show towards him.

Through Interest Levels you can make a slow burn romance, starting at "Disinterest" and having the feelings grow over time steadily until Love is reached only at the very end. Or you can be totally into each other from the beginning. Or you can always stay just good friends. Or something else. The experience can be further customized by trying out different Comfort Levels and experimenting with the various ways Cove can develop.

There are also two extra love interest options who will be available through paid DLC. Those guys have personalities/futures/appearances that remain consistent. They aren't changeable in the way Cove is.

Jamie Last (name can be changed) has spent the last couple weeks on a summertime high. At eight-years-old nothing is better than what feels like endless days of school-less adventures, especially when you live walking distance from the beach. While coming home under a scorching sunset one fine evening, Jamie is approached by a stranger. The man is looking for a kid who can do him a favor, and he’s even offering to pay for it. He wants Jamie to please be friends with his only child. The person is Mr. Holden, Jamie’s new neighbor as well as the father of the odd, and oddly named, boy Cove. Whether Jamie wants to play along or not, Cove isn’t going anywhere. He's present in Jamie's life for far longer than they ever would've guessed.

And somehow the long days of vacation finally come to an end. Summer may not be able to last forever, but Jamie can take comfort in knowing it will come back again someday…


Our Life Demo (PC) 226 MB
Our Life Demo (Mac) 209 MB
Our Life Demo (Android) 234 MB

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the art style was cute too


 AHHH i loved it it was adorable i dont usually like games like this but this was amazing

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm really happy you enjoyed it <3.


I absolutely love this so far. Its very sweet. I will be keeping my eye out for the completed game. I will definitely buy it when its released 

Thank you so much ^^! We'll do our best to get it done.


The demo was a lot of fun, the art and the characters were great! Really looking forward to the finished game.

Thank you very much :D! We'll do our best with it.


This is so beautiful, I can't wait for the finished product... seriously, good job guys.

Thank you so much <3!


There is an SDL error for the android version on my Andriod 4.4.4 phon

I'm sorry for that! We'll see if we can get that fixed. If there's more info you could give on what the error said/when it happened that'd be very appreciated.


I'm legit gonna cry when its completed. When i get a bank account totally gonna support you!!!!!! ^-^

Aw, we really appreciate that! We'll do what we can to make it live up to expectations ^^


I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Can't wait till it is completed!!!!

Thank you <3!

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I'm i in love with this game thank you so much for this game and the opportunities that you gave us I wish there were more games like this love it✧*。(◍^ᴗ^◍)✧*。✨💕

But i have a question~

 about cove i play twice and when i was Going to read the summer ending second time cove looked different then the first time that i played and i know he was supposed to look different, but is it depends on something? And how can i change it if i want cove to look like he was in my first summer ending  and i saw in the trailer that he can look different in other versions on Step2/summer ending. And thank you so much (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ 

I'm really looking forward to your game and updates and I'll buy the game(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)I'll need to make a visa and sorry for my English it's not the best i know(╥﹏╥)⁩ (and i played on Android)

Thank you! I'm really glad you like the game so much <3.

Cove changes based on the choices you make (and the choices you don't make, if events are skipped). If you want Cove to be exactly the same as he was in a previous playthrough, you'll have to make the same choices as before. Though, in the full game there will be an option to design your Cove directly. So you can also wait for that feature to be added.

And we're now accepting Paypal as a way to support the project, if getting a Visa would be troublesome.

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Thank you so much for replying 💕 wish you good luck in featuring the game it's really amazing game and so many choices i love it ( ꈍᴗꈍ) and i would love to support you soon I'll get a visa, and i would like to know if you have a Instagram or Facebook that i can see what's new in the game and updates thanks (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)💖

Thank you again <3. We do have a Facebook page!


Wow.... Just wow.... This is absolutely gorgeous and fun to play ^^Ik that this is just a demo but damn I already fell in love to this game 

Cheers to you guys who made this game <3

Thank you :D! I'm so glad you enjoyed it that much.


For my humble opinion, the concept of the game  is unique and intriguing. The demo is enough for me to get addicted to the game and it's visuals.  I really love how the choices effect the outcome of the situation and how it effects cove. It feels nice to play this kd of game and it releases me from stress. Overall, the game is amazing and looking forward for the full game!!!

Lastly, how much does the DLCs cost? because i want to prepare some cash to buy it :<


Aw, thank you so much. It's wonderful to hear the game is relaxing to play.

There are different types of DLC and they generally cost 3-4 USD each. To get all six DLC the game will have, it'll be around $20 USD in total. But the DLCs won't come out at the same time. So you don't have to spend that much all at once.

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To be honest, I had already backed the kickstarter when it first opened and only played the demo yesterday. It was so good and I am really looking forward to the game. So many choices already that have different impacts and the selections you're able to make to influence how the MC interacts with the world and what they feel for Cove is impressive. I especially like the partial VA with having a selection of pre determined names, a really nice touch! 

Thank you so much for the support <3! I'm happy you enjoyed the demo. We'll be adding even more alterations and choices in the future. I hope you'll enjoy them.


Thanks for reporting! When did you download the demo? Or how old is that save file? That's an error that's fixed in the most up-to-date version c:. If you delete what you currently have, download it again, and start a fresh file it'll be fine.


This game made me cry, to be honest. Cove is so sweet, and every character feels immersive. When I finished playing the first time through I immediately restarted to try and do a different route. Sadly if this game ends up being pay to play I probably won't be able to purchase it, but I hope it gets the attention and support it deserves!!
The way you change your environment is great, and the art is really pretty. I have so much more to say but tldr; This was fantastic. I can't wait for the full game :)


Aw, thank you very much <3! It's wonderful to hear the game was so enjoyable for you.

There will be a free version of the game that's available for everyone, so you won't be left with just a demo. Though to get all the content there is players will have to purchase optional DLCs.


This is the type of immersion I wish I could find in more visual novels. I love the way there are so many choices and I can't wait for more

Thank you! There will be plenty more choices to come :D


My my... i usually don't see visual novels who let you have this much branch of choices on how the story unfold itself.

Also, the music and graphic design is very beautiful too

Like, holy shit... the game isn't even finished and it makes me smile so hard cuz i know that is going to be wonderful indeed when it's finished.

Your work is really unique in its features and if it not obvious by now, I REALLY, REALLY LIKED IT <3

Pd: Sorry for any atrocious grammatical error

Gotta keep learning this language xD!

Thank you so much! We'll try our best to have the full version live up to expectations <3.

And no need to apologize. It was a good comment!


First of all, THANK YOU!  

This is so nostalgic! Like, suddenly childhood summer memories came to my mind. I felt like my child version like awakened inside my heart. 

I played it how my old self would act, and it was so  much fun. This game is my dream game! No.Joke. And I know what is a joke is. Thank you again for these new old memories! I can't wait until I can play the full game! 

Aw, that's really wonderful to hear. I'm so glad it ended up feeling nostalgic for you. We'll do our best with the full game too ^^.


It will awesome , I know it!  For now sadly all I can do  is just cheer for you guys. Thank you for giving me these feelings !

We really appreciate the support and ecouragement <3


I loved playing the demo so much! To be honest, this is basically my dream game (not an exaggeration). I want to back it so badly, but I'm currently an unemployed part-time student with no money (I had some cash saved up, but it was stolen). If I manage to get a job while this is still in development, I'll definitely give what I can; however, for now, all I can give is this comment. Sorry! Hopefully things work out and I can give this game much more in the future!

Thanks very much! It's so nice to hear the idea resonates with you ^^. And that's okay. We wouldn't want to take funding from people who can't afford to give. We're just glad you took the time to give it a try.

Hello, I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but whenever I try to play the Android demo I can't get through the character creation because the keyboard keeps popping up and won't let me scroll up to finish any customization. I'm not sure if this is because of my phone or it's the app but any help is appreciated.

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I'm sorry for that! That's not a problem we've heard anywhere else about the build, so unfortunately it's could be something going on with the type of phone you have. We'll find a way to fix that issue at some point before the full release. But don't have an easy solution today. If you can, it might be best to just try getting off the page and playing the demo without customizing the character. 


Mine did that! The way around it is to back space a little and type in a name. What it is is the game wanting you to put your cheracter name in. Once you press the check mark on the far bottom right where the submit button usuallyis on the phone it will take the board off so you can mess with the creator. You can go back and edit the names by taping on the name space again. 

Thank you for sharing your advice! I hope it helps the OP.

It wont let me open the game

I'm sorry about the trouble. What system do you have/what version of the demo are you using? Have you tried downloading it again at a different time? Occasionally there's some issue that happens when downloading from Itch making the file not work, then when it's downloaded later it ends up being fine.

I have windows and yes i already tried that

Do you have an antivirus software? Sometimes that automatically prevents a new file from opening because it mistakenly thinks they're suspicious. Turning that off for just a couple minutes to launch the game might work out. And perhaps it didn't unzip properly. Maybe using a different unzipper than you did originally could help. I'd also recommend deleting everything, giving Itch even more time, and then trying to redownload again. Sometimes it takes a while to get past that.

Unfortunately, there aren't many other possibilities we might be able to help with. The demo has been openable for the general public when the download goes correctly. Sometimes there are other errors, but it should at least open. So if there are no issues downloading it from Itch, it was extracted from the zip without issues happening there, and it's the PC version of the demo for your Windows system, that'd mean the only part left to consider is the computer it's on. If the problem isn't the antivirus it's could be else, but we can only guess at what might be going on with the PC for it not start the file. At this point, asking in a Windows forum about what might prevent files from opening could be more helpful than we are. I'm sorry.


I really love the game, and I'd like to pledge on Kickstarter! But I don't have a credit card yet, and getting one will take too long for me to be in time before the campaign ends. Is there any other way I'd be able to make a pledge?

I'm so glad you love it! Unfortunately, Kickstarter has payment options and there isn't really another method. We can try to open Paypal donations at a later time, if you can support the project that.


Shiloh from this game has lots of freckles and is always seen with a hat. Shiloh from XOXO droplets looks a lot like the Shiloh from this game and also likes hats a lot. Is Shiloh from this game basically younger Shiloh from XOXO droplets?


Yes. In fact, there's a conversation in XOXO Droplets where he mentions Lizzie, so it's a neat little cameo.

Thanks for answering them ^^!

You and IS04 are right, that is a younger version of the Shiloh from XOXO Droplets! We like to have references/cameos in our projects, haha.


This is already my favorite game, the execution of everything and the art is amazingg. I freaked out when I saw Shiloh and Jeremy as children!! I'm mostly broke so I don't usually spend money on games, but for this i'm definitely getting the dlc when it comes out. Playing the demo made my day, thank you for all the work you guys are putting into it \(^0^)/

Thanks very much :D! I'm happy you enjoyed the cameos, haha. We'll try our best to make the DLCs worth the money ^^.


...I can't believe I didn't realize that Jeremy = Jer-bear! He's just so different! I mean, I wanted to punch him in this game, but I absolutely adore him in Droplets...

Haha, yeah. XOXO Droplets Jeremy has come a long way since his roots as an insufferable brat.


Hello! I just finished playing the demo multiple times over the last two hours and I must say, I really love the game so far and cannot wait to snap up the full thing and the dlc when released. Thanks for your hard work!

Thank you so much! I'm really happy you liked playing and replaying it :D. We'll do our best to have the full version be even better.


when the full version this game release?

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Summer 2020 is when the game is coming out! Though, that won't be everything for Our Life.

We're also going to release DLCs in Fall/Winter 2020 to add even more content :)

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i love this game so much <3 this game makes me uwu /////

Aw, thank you. I'm really glad c:.


I have a little problem while playing it (after updating it) and got to the part where Derek, the little boy, came along and there was a little error on the screen after the characters were talking.

I'm sorry for the trouble! I need more details before, if you can. What does the error say? What system are you using? Did you reload an old save from before you updated it?

So this was the error, sorry for the late reply, but I update the game before then reloaded from a saved data. I am using a Windows.

Saves from the previous build won't work with the update. Too much has changed. It'll all work great if you start a new file :).


Okay, thank you for telling me. :)

No problem!


Hi! Love your game, i fell in love so fast <3!!!! There is a slight typo on Section 2! I selected Very Tall, and let Ma pat my head happily, and when Ma says thanks for coming down, Ma is in lowercase. Hope I could help!

Thank you for the report! And I'm so glad you love the game :D


Ma'am/Sir I'm having problems in installing the game to my phone, I've tried everything like turning off the play protect, turning on the installing unkown apps on my settings and so on.. Still no luck.. It always says "App not installed".. What should I do? I really wanted to try this game so badly.. By the way my phone is vivo y91i incase the problem is with my phones you know.. Please Help! Thank you! 😊

I'm sorry for the trouble! I'm afraid I don't know much about that type of phone. All I can suggest is that maybe downloading the file from Itch isn't going right and that trying again later could fix things. And it might be helpful to look up if there  are certain types of apks your phone won't work with. I hope it gets resolved!


I've tried reinstalling it this morning and its working fine now! 😊 I'm currently playing it and am so Loving your game! Thank you! More power admin!

That's so great! I'm glad it was just Itch being weird and not an incompatibly thing. And I'm really happy you like it :D.


Oh my God. I absolutely adore this game. I can't express how giddy I got at some scenes, and I can't help but want to play it again and again just to experience it all another time. 

While I understand the full game won't be out for some time, I'd really like to get my "Our Life" fix for the time being, are you alright with fans writing fanfiction for your work or is that better left private?


Aw, thank you so much <3. That's really nice to hear. We'd love have fanfiction done of the game! If you do write some, I'd be happy if you shared it with us :D.


Thanks for the quick reply! I don't often share my writing but I'll see in time whether I feel like making this exception.

Please keep up the amazing work. I simply can't wait to see the game develop (but be sure to get plenty of rest, too!) 

Cool! Thank you. No matter what, we're glad you enjoyed the game enough to want to write about it ^^. And want to keep making progress but we'll try to take it easy sometimes too, haha.


i dont think ive ever seen something so precious in my whole life. i love it! so cuteeeeee!

Thank you very much <3! I'm so happy you think so.


omg the new demo is so cute, I die

Haha, I'm glad you like it!


Hey, I just read some of the comments here and I want to know that if I become a Patreon what the beta builds entail? Like, is it full-on added gameplay per month or just things like added voices and such?

Also I am absolutely in love with this game! My boyfriends sorta hates that I am lol in my opinion it's even more investing when you use an oc of some kind instead of yourself. I've created an innocent, cheerful, outgoing character to interact with Cove (I used one of the voiced names, Bonnie. Which actually gave me the idea to make her that way since I feel like Bonnie is a sweet-sounding name) and I feel like that dynamic interacting with Cove was so cute in comparison to when I tried other things! (Just my personal opinion, ofc!) I hope I can continue making her innocent and even a bit naive during her teen/adult years, but I understand if not, obviously because it makes sense for the MC to mature over the course of the story, too. 


So far we've added one new Moment per month, along with things like older events being expanded/improved. If you joined in October you'd have access to all the stuff in the demo plus these additional Moments: Library, Long Day, and Sleepover. And by next year, once we've had time to really make some progress with the funding from Kickstarter, two or more new Moments will be added per month :).

Haha, well I'm glad you like it despite that. And it's great you're having fun coming up with a character for the game. We hadn't assumed people would want to go to the effort of creating a whole characters to play the game, which is why we sort of assumed people would play with their own preferences in mind. That's neat that you came up with an OC for Our Life! We'll do what we can do include those kinds of choices.


Yay, I'm a backer now! ^_^

Also, I just played the demo for the first time since the initial release, and I would just like to say...I'd VERY much like an option to punch that Jeremy kid for insulting my Cove. Even if Cove and Derek stop me from actually doing it, I'm super-protective of my 'baby boyfriend', so having an angry option beyond demanding an apology would be cool.

Also, I seem to have found a bug, which may have already been reported, but when choosing my appearance, I can't go back to 'None' for the back hairstyle after looking at other options. If I even look at something else, 'None' seems to vanish from the list of options.

Thank you for the support <3! Haha, yeah, he's a pretty awful brat. And we'll work on adding more strong/harsh options throughout the game.

Thanks for pointing that out. Are you on the PC, Mac, or Android build, if you don't mind saying?


Yeah, I have a feeling he's going to continue annoying my poor little circle of friends. My characters are already hoping they never have to see him again, but odds are, they won't be that lucky! xD

I'm playing on Windows, though I just tested it again, and now it seems to be working. Weird. When I was playing earlier, once I started looking through the options, it stopped giving me None as a choice, but now it's showing up just fine. So, never mind! If I have it happen again, I'll try to narrow down what I did differently and let you know!

Haha, yeah, life is never so easy.

Okay, cool. I'm glad it's not causing you problems anymore. We'll look into it still so hopefully it doesn't happen again.


Hello! I'm having an error in the part where Cove, Shiloh and the MC are on the way to the park. I'm playing the Android version and if you could direct me to the proper channel to send the error report. That would be helpful!


Thank you for the report! Sharing that here is just fine. We uploaded a new file just now that should fix the problem. You may have to start a new save if the error is persisting when you reload the file. I hope that helps!


Thank you. The new upload was fixed the issued with the Android version and I was able to finished the demo. Looking forward to the full release! 

I'm so glad! Thanks for letting us now :D


how do i buy the dlc

Right now the game is only a demo. We're still working on the DLC, so it's not available on Itch yet. But you can preorder them on Kickstarter, if you're interested!


This game is amzing! I've never seen anything like it and it's so refeshing, exciting and heartwarming!! I have  a question, though. Does the demo receive monthly updates? I've heard from various sources that it does and doesn't and this is my first time playing this demo so I'm not sure and I would love to be on the lookout for any updates!!


Thank you very much :D! We will keep updating the demo to improve it and add more content here and there, but it won't be on a monthly schedule. I'd say an estimate would be every two months. Though possibly longer, depending on how busy we are with getting the game done. Making demo builds requires changing quite a few things so we can't do it all the time, sadly.

Our Patreon beta gets monthly updates, so that may be where some of the confusion comes from. Those builds are easier to do, since they don't need any special changes to make them right. It's just a beta version of whatever is done at the time, haha.

I hope that makes sense!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks so much for responding! And yeah, that makes sense! I want to become a Patron but I'd probably only be able to maintain it for that one month. I'm probably still going to, though, hahahahaha.


Oh! Also do you think it would be better to become a supporter on KickStarter or Patron. Of course, I probably won't be able to be a consistent on but I still want to be able to pitch in anywhere I can!!


Thank you for wanting to support us <3! Kickstarter is a one-time donation and Patreon is subscription that repeats every month until cancelled. Kickstarter backers will get KS-exclusive updates with their one donation for the whole development period. Patreon-backers have to renew each month to keep getting the Patreon-only updates. But Patreon has updates for more than Our Life and has a big backlog of private posts already available to go through. Beta-Testing is more expensive on Kickstarter since you're paying for multiple builds at once, you can pay a smaller price to beta-test just one build in one month through Patreon. Both have good qualities and both help us out a lot, so it's really up on what sounds most interesting!


Thank you for informing me!! Right now I have a bit of money, I just need to put it on a card. I think I might be leaning toward KS though, since it's only a one-time payment and I probably won't be able to do monthly payment on a consistent basis. Either way, I really want to help and see how the game progresses!!


No problem! I really appreciate that you want to back ^^


Would be nice to be able to preorder the game here with Paypal.

And a deluxe version with Game + Artbook would be awesome ^^

We'll see about setting up Paypal as an option to preoder the game :). I'm not sure we can add more tier, though. There are quite a few already, aha. But we will try to sell the artbook separately when the game comes out, for those who don't want to get those other rewards!



Thank you :)

You're welcome <3

(1 edit) (+2)

 I'm absolutely obsessed with Our Life and after playing the extended demo I'm even more in love. Still, I have some concerns. It's obvious that romance is an important part of this game. And I think that there's not enough descriptions of how Cove makes the main character feel.

 For example, at the end of the demo we have a choice to hug Cove. However, we don't really know how the MC feels about hugging him. It almost seems like this hug doesn't make them feel anything special. It bothers me a little. If the MC has a crush on Cove then it should be shown that they feel nervous/shy/their heart starts beating faster, and so on. Also, it’s a little strange that description of the hug is the same when the MC and Cove have a crush on each other and when they’re only friends. The blush on Cove’s face is the only difference. To give another example, when people tease Cove about liking MC we can see that he’s obviously embarrassed. But the MC doesn’t seem to have any reaction and I think that it would be more realistic if they were blushing too.

I remember that at the beginning of Step 2 the text says that the MC’s heart starts beating faster at the sight of Cove. I like it! This is exactly what I’m talking about! We need more descriptions like that. We need to know that Cove makes the MC’s heart go crazy. It makes the romance feel more real and natural. But I’m aware that it’s only a demo and that a lot of things will be added later. I just wanted to share my suggestions with you ^^


I disagree about the hugging part. At this point in time MC and Cove have known each other for five years.  I hate when is stories like these when the MC's always feel nervous even though they have known said Love Interest for so long.  Even though the MC usually relives from their nervousness it still makes the atmosphere of the scene feel awkward. 
I was almost dreading picking the "hug" option because I thought that like most other games the MC would become extremely flustered. I would get her becoming shy if it was the other way around and Cove hugged her instead and then sheh started blushing or her heart quickened. 

But I agree on the other things! And I like how Cove's emotions are written. The scenes never feel awkward.


Ah, yes, I agree with you. I wasn't trying to say that the MC should be uncomfortable or stressed in Cove's company. I also like how comfortable they are with each other. I just think that it would be nice if the description of the hug was different depending on relationship between Cove and MC. It would feel like choosing the type of relationship with Cove really makes a difference in gameplay. Also, I think that hugging your friend and your crush feels very different, even if you know your crush for a long time. The heart starts beating faster and there's this funny feeling in your belly. At least in my experience, haha :) Sorry if what I've written before is confusing. English is not my first language. 


You're English is great!

And I agree there. Maybe MC's reaction (at least in that scene) should depend on the choices you make with her, like if you make her shy then she would be shier when having interactions with Cove, or if you make her more outgoing she would feel more accustomed to interactions like that.

But as someone who has coded choice-heavy stories/novels I'm not even completely sure if that's possible, haha. Since the game is having its full release in the Summer of 2020 I imagine that it'll be enough time for them to improve stuff like that, though!


Thank you for the suggestions and I'm glad you liked the demo! Our Life will have more variations and alterations as we continue developing it :]. But for that hug situation specifically, the MC is comforting someone who's panicking about their family. It'd be a bit out of place for the MC to take that moment to think about how they're attracted to Cove and that touching him makes their heart race, aha. There are other times where it comes up and there will be more in the future.


Thanks for replying! Now I know that I didn't really take the full context into consideration . Thank you for explaining that for me ^^ Good luck with the further development, you're doing really great! 


Thank you for understanding and for the kind words :D! We'll do our best with the coming content.


This game already looks so good!! I'm really excited for the full game to come! Cheering for you, creatiors! ❤️

Thanks so much for the encouragement <3

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