A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

A nostalgic visual novel where you design your own character and grow from childhood to adulthood with the lonely boy next door. Create an experience that’s all your own in this near-fully customizable, choice-heavy story.


Our Life: Beginnings & Always is a feel-good simulation, as well as a “feel-better” one, where painful emotions such as sadness, anger, stress, and worry can all be expressed, then met with reassurance, understanding, and support.

It’s a wholesome experience that faces large steppingstones of life, while having a focus on familiar everyday moments. With notable amounts of customization for even tiny details, you can enjoy pleasures as simple as having a preferred type of drink and a neighbor who cares enough to remember what it is.

Price:Free-to-Play, with optional paid DLCs
DLCs:The first batch of DLCs are $3.99USD each with two available
16+, for swearing, crude humor, and suggestive content during adult-aged portions of the game
  • 3 different periods of life to experience: childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood
  • Name, appearance, personality, and pronoun (he, she, or they) customization for your character
  • Change your character's details however you like as you grow, including transitioning to new pronouns
  • Shape your personality, feelings, and preferences, then see them reflected in the story as characters remember who you are
  • 1 love interest, Cove Holden, whose personality, interests, and appearance will develop in a custom way over the years based on his experiences with you
  • Decide for yourself how quickly or slowly the relationship with Cove develops by setting a unique dynamic; from love at first sight to last minute confessions to always being friends and more
  • A welcoming, sentimental story that can easily be enjoyed over and over using new main character qualities or different connection types with Cove
  • 320,000 words, 15-20 hours of content in total

Plus, an optional feature of having a preset name for the main character that the love interest says out loud through voice lines. Download the free DLC to add that to your game build!

The main story of Our Life from beginning to end will always be free, but if you'd like to support our group and get new scenes you can purchase DLCs! Currently there are two available: the Step 1 DLC and the Step 2 DLC. Both of the DLCs unlock five new Moments, meaning you can get as many as ten completely new Moments to experience.

If you would like to add DLCs to the game, please download Our Life directly from the webpage rather than through the Itch.io App. Using the App reformats the game file folder in a way that can prevent the DLCs from working.

And if you want even more Our Life content, you can consider joining our Patreon! There's sneak peeks for future game expansions, extra update posts, bonus art, a private backer-only Discord, and so on.


Jamie Last (changeable name) has spent the last couple weeks on a summertime high. At eight-years-old, nothing is better than what feels like endless days of school-less adventures, especially when you live walking distance from the beach. While coming home under a scorching sunset one fine evening, Jamie is approached by a stranger. The man is looking for a kid who can do him a favor, and he’s even offering to pay for it. He wants Jamie to please be friends with his only child. The person is Mr. Holden, Jamie’s new neighbor, as well as the father of the odd, and oddly named boy, Cove. Whether Jamie wants to play along or not, Cove isn’t going anywhere. He's present in Jamie's life for far longer than they ever would've guessed.

And then the long days of vacation finally come to an end. Summer may not be able to last forever, but Jamie can take comfort in knowing it will come back again someday…

Our Life: Beginnings & Always released on November 16th, 2020. Two optional DLCs also came out on that day: the Step 1 DLC and the Step 2 DLC.

Our Life will continue to have content releases. First up is a Step 3 DLC that will add five new Moments to the game. The estimate time frame for that is late 2020 or early 2021. Afterwards, Step 4, a brand new time period, will be going into production. From there, we'll be adding DLCs for Derek and Baxter romances.

Thank you so much for giving Our Life a look! We hope you'll enjoy ☀


Our Life (PC) 581 MB
Our Life (Mac) 564 MB
Our Life (Android) 578 MB

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This game is so good holy moly. I've played it 5 times now bruh. I can't wait for step 4 ;w; 

Oh gosh... I remember when I played the demo! It has been a long time since then. Just gonna download this real quick :)

Eek! I have a little bit of bad news :( I tried to re-download OL (on a macOS) and it said that I couldn't open it bc it wasn't able to scan it for malware(???) I've never had this problem before with this game before and I'm worried I'll never be able to play it again😭 I realllyyy don't want that to happen, so I need help! also with the voice DLC... does anyone have any tips on how to install it? I'm having a very hard time 🥺

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Ahh! I purchased the dlc for step 2 for android but when I try to download it it gets to 400mbs and then fails and says 'Forbidden' and that I don't have permission from the server to download/access the files or that the server isn't responding. 🥺 I've tried several times and it always happens. I don't have any kind of anti-virus or anything on my phone and it downloaded the regular game just fine a few days ago.

Edit: I cleared the cache of the already installed app and deleted the previous apk file for the game and it suddenly worked! 

bruh i remember commenting on this a long time ago and ive been meaning to come back and say that BASICALLY ive replayed this about,,,, 8 times oops its just too good!! it feels like i actually know these characters and like ive lived this life???? hella nostalgic of course,,, but yeah this game is a TOTAL GEM instant classic 10/10 Would Hug Cove Again 


I'm in love with this game

this game is so wonderful that i want to translate it into my language and make more people play it. Anyway, I'm loving the game. I've been playing things like Collar x Malice and Café Enchanté, but none of these two involved me and made me as happy as that game. He resembles Princess Maker but without the complicated part of having to upgrade status. And more cool.
I am delighted with the art, and with the child Shiloh, I think it was one of the things I liked the most. And I identified a lot with Cole, I was just like it was as a child, always in my corner. Oh and he and the characters are so cute, and the mothers are amazing. I loved this game and congratulations for the incredible work. 

It seems that there are quite a few people having trouble getting the DLC work with the OL Build 1.1. Do you guys have any idea when this would be repaired?

You guys have done such an amazing job creating this game, and I look forward to seeing what you do next!

I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. Which DLCs and what build for the DLC? There are a few rare cases of the DLCs getting confused on Android, if that's what you mean. But it isn't for most people and the Windows/Mac/Linux DLCs don't seem to have any problems, as long as they're properly installed.


Looks like I just forgot to extract the DLC files into the file for the new build, lol. It seems to be working fine now!

Glad it worked out and sorry it's a little confusing to adding the DLC.

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This is a wonderful game ! So heartwarming... Thanks you !

Edit : I can't seem to pass on the adolescent phase somehow ? Everytime I click on "End of the summer", the script begins, and at the time Lizzie is going back to the house, the game abruptly comes back to the menu... Would there be any way to solve this problem ?

That's very strange. I'm not sure what's happening. Maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the game to see if something was missing from the build you have. And is this your first file or have you played an older version of the game? Maybe there's a problem with older data impacting things. Hopefully we can figure out what's going on.

Soooo, I'm having a bit of a problem trying to download the game here. Are you guys going to upload it somewhere else?

Beforehand, thank you!

(1 edit) (+1)

It's on Steam if that is any help  (free).  Wonderful game by the way.

Oh yes, thank you! Haha. But the game for android is only available here 😥

oh sorry  :(


I'm afraid there's not really anywhere else we can easily upload Android game files. Can you tell us what the problem you're having is? Maybe we can fix it here.

Each time I try to download the game it keeps giving me an error. It could be something wrong with my connection, but I'm only having that problem here on itchio 😅😅.

Thank you for your concern! ^^

I'm also having problems with the game crashing when selecting DLC Moments, on Windows. I updated to 1.1, 1.0 is still working. :(

Same issue here :(

You'll need to re-download and add the DLC rpys files to your new 1.1 folder. Or take the files you already have from the 1.0 folder and move them over to 1.1. Just 1.1 won't the DLC events if you don't put them in there like you did for 1.0. I'm sorry for the confusion on that.

Thank you!!

Hi, just wanna ask if you have plans to release this game on switch? Thanks!

This game is sooo good but I have to ask because I'm a little confused! Does the comfort/interest levels change by themselves through the choices you've made or do you have to manually change them yourself? Because I'm afraid I accidentally put myself in the friendzone at the start and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get out of "Nervous Indifference." 😖 I need to know if I'm playing this wrong and if I need to try out different methods, or if I'm simply missing something!


oh lol, you manually change them yourself. during the choice screen you should be able to drag the sliders up and then that dynamic stays for the entire step, regardless of your choices. (the choices instead work on developing cove/your mc as characters)


OMG THANK YOU!! I thought moving the sliders would've been like cheating or something.. Welp, time to go play through this amazing game again ^^ thank you for responding!


I just wanna say, I played this game while it was still in the demo stage and I've never been so incredibly pumped for an indie game to be released! Imagine my joy when I realized the game had come out :) I bought all the DLCs off the bat, and I do not regret it. In a way, this game made me feel like I had reclaimed my childhood, with a supportive and close family, a bunch of great friends and even a healthy first relationship! I don't know how you guys did it, but this game is all but perfect when it comes to simulating that growing-up experience. I actually wanted to act realistically angsty and grumpy as I was when I was a kid, but I just couldn't with how endearing all the characters and my family were. 

Thank you so much for this experience, GB Patch. I'll definitely be signing on as a patron once I finish my first playthrough!

Yeh, impossible not to want to do the best you possibly can to make Cove happy isn't it?  You would have to have a heart of stone not to :D  It is pretty amazing how they make a 2D cartoon drawing and a few lignes of dialog so real and so endearing.  It is creative genius.  :)

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm a little sad. In the demo they had the name 'Alex' there and I was super excited to hear it in the finished game but it's gone now. Is there a reason or...?

Still absolutely love the game, this doesn't take away my immersion or anything. This game is literally crack to me. I love Cove SO much and I can't wait to marry him!

Also as someone who is confused and still figuring out their gender identity can I just say that Cove's eagerness to help out and the fact that he just accepts whatever the MC needs to do to feel good about themselves is just so...freaking...amazing. Still cry every time I decide to make my character non-binary or trans. Love this game so much! No other game can even attempt to be as amazing as this imo.


According to GB Patch's tumblr there's 60ish names coming still and Alex is one of them!


Did i just fall in love? Yes, yes i did~

Seriously though.


I had to. I love this scene so much I had to replace my last background.


The dlcs won't work anymore after the first walkrhrough, is there a way to fix this?


I had been waiting for over a year for this game to be released and the wait was really worth it. 

This game really has a special place in my heart, the characters are all terribly endearing, the setting is soothing and there was a real work on the choice options so that you could shape up the MC and your relationship with Cove however you wanted. I really had the feeling that I was the author of my own story. I was completely emotionally involved with the characters and events going on and I even laughed out loud and teared up a few times. Anyways, this game feels so realistic yet so idealistic, it was a real breath of fresh air and I'd recommand it to anyone. 

Thank you for working so hard on this :) 

Its a great game and I absolutely love Cove. However, the step 1 dlcs stopped working after the first playthrough. Not sure how to fix. The first time I played through step 1 i didnt have step 2 installed yet so maybe something to do with that?

Are you on Android? Sometimes the Step 2 DLC will replace the Step 1 DLC when you install it rather than combining. Reinstalling the Step 1 DLC can help, but we're looking into why it's happening. I'm sorry for the trouble.


Dejo mi comentario en español, para que sepan que el Latinoamérica también apoya este juego.

El juego es SIMPLEMENTE HERMOSO, lo ame demasiado, compré ambos DLCS y simplemente estoy enamorada de lo hermoso que es.

Como persona no binaria fui tan feliz de que todo sea tan personalizable, sin duda se quedo como uno de mis juegos favoritos!

Estoy esperando muy ansiosa por las actualizaciones!! 

How to get this image?


tell cove about the $20 in step 2!

Thank you very much

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I genuinely loved this story however it was a definite mistake for me to read it because of my own social and personal situation. This was reading a dream come true and it may have even helped me begin to try and fix my own life up.


This game already holds a very special place in my heart. I mostly played it on my phone to wind down before bed, and it gave me a bunch of feel-good moments from start to finish. It had such a big emotional impact I actually genuinely teared up and laughed out loud at a few points. It's comforting to know this world will always be there to come back to, a place with countless opportunities to make good memories, where problems are met with reassurance and a chance to grow.  I'd recommend it to anyone, especially if you're going through any sort of rough time. It's a carefully curated but organic-feeling simulation and I love it very much.

My friend has an iPhone, so would she use the android version or the macOS version?

Deleted 1 day ago

in case you haven't already seen it, the dlc is out now!


Literally the BEST visual novel I'VE EVER PLAYED, YET. I CAN'T GET TIRED FROM PLAYING THIS! This has everything a visual novelist would crave about. Like I'm sooo impressed from this game, let me cry- xdd. fr this game is the best. Our life? Nah. This game is changing MY life. ILY GB PATCH GAMESSS.


AHHHH this game, truly, has given me serious nostalgia!! Just... the vivid feelings of childhood and then adolescence and then the feeling of leaving it all behind when you finally graduate high school. It has given me feelings... warm, summer-y, bittersweet feelings that no other games have ever given. And for that, I am so thankful. I do look forward to the part 4 epilogue + the new DLCs in the future!! This game was so unique and wholesome, thank you so much for this <33 (btw I CHERISH Cove) 

(5 edits) (+4)

You better extend the story and add more dlcs xD like; work life, school life, part time school-work time, pre marriage, and then wedding, and even after the wedding!!

I like the cove's mom. I want to spend more time with them [cove's mom and dad] as a family. I would want a portion of the main story to continue where the whole family and then each family go on vacation or spend more time together . Maybe go to a vacation trip out of the US too!! XD I want to interact more with all the romantic interests and their family as well

A DLC to add more options to the trip. Like give us the option to "buy" within the game different type of trip packages. If we bought the DLC allow us to "buy in game/the DLC of course" the most expensive trip to (Europe, Asian, South America,  Africa,  etc. ). It would be a good idea to have different destination according to the romance interest's preference. Like Cove and family would like to go to one place, Dexter and his family would like to travel to another location, etc. Let us buy those DLCs. If you would want to just see Cove's family and his route then just get that one DLC and the other options can stay gray [locked]. I really enjoy the game so much xD. I want to travel with all of the romance interests since cove is always tagging alone since he is our friend.  It would be nice to see how they bond with Cove as a close friend since Cove is a family friend, too. We won't get rid of him.

Another option for people who decided to be single for a bit longer or just want to be single. A good idea would be to have the sister, the cousin, Miranda, her gf [I forgot her name @_@], Cove, and another friend [the romance interest we decided not to romance but want to be friends with them]

I want to see the wedding and a after wedding and a possible a few years after having kids with whoever u romance. if you decided to be single you get the option to adopt just like your mothers! It would be a good idea to meet the other guys friends, too. I would like to maybe make friends in one of the DLCs. If we become friends with someone, they can keep in contact and get some sort of communication until they visit us? [only for people who bought the DLC]. Of course, having another male friend who is not interested at you in a romantic way would be nice. 

I dunno, but I want to see more about the MC life [the character we made] how we interact with new faces and maybe that is a good option to make more friends [and the male friends cuz I don't want to have just female friends LOL]. I want to see how I could life as a full time student, full time worker, or a half time student/work in game.

Have u considered  to add a +18 dlc content for example to ur patreon members, of course paying for the DLCs in game. ×). I know this is a style some other groups do.. just saying.  Sorry for the long comment xD

(4 edits) (+4)

when is the birthday of the Cove, Derek, and Baxter respectively? 



cove's birthday is november 2nd! not sure about derek or baxter though


agh! I can't believe I already finished the game! I hope there will be step 4 soon and maybe Cove and MC might get married soon in the future ^-^?! anyways I love this game thank you for making it, it has been a pleasure!

(1 edit) (+6)

I've now finished the game and all of the DLC that has been released so far and I feel like I am far from done with this amazing cast of characters... I cannot wait for everything else you have in store and will get it all as soon as it comes out. Congratulations on the team for giving me some serious feels and moving me to happy tears (and thank you for the demisexual representation)! It's an amazing adventure.

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I really can't get enough with this game, a friend recommended me this And I've been glued to my phone since. I've replayed this so many times and it doesn't get boring at all! I'd recommended playing this game! 10/10!! Patiently waiting for step 4 ❤️


This is the most beautiful game I've ever played.  The only negative thing I have to say is that the story does not continue for ever.  Play it, you will never want to leave Cove behind.

i know that we are only getting step 4 2021 but i'm wondering if it'll come with the step 3 at the same time


The Step 3 DLC will be coming out first and then Step 4 will be released later on ^^


ILOVEit!! I can't wait for the third DLC. This game is AWESOME! i want their wedding xD


I have no words. It was just beautiful and I almost cried so many times because of how emtional it was. Can´t even imagine how hard and how long it took to make this. I reeally enjoyed it and I can´t wayt for the step 4.


how does one get the derek and baxter gallery? i bought the dlc on steam


You have to get the Derek and Baxter DLCs, which aren't available right now. The Step 1 DLC only unlocks a CG in the Step 1 section and the Step 2 DLC only unlocks one CG in the Step 2 section. Those DLCs don't impact the Step 3 part of the gallery or the Derek/Baxter part of the gallery. I'm sorry for the confusion.

thank you for clearing that 


This is probably my favorite game i've found on here so far. I love how wholesome it is.


Omg loved it so much, Usually, my types of games have more heated romance but honestly this beats all by FAR. I really love the meaningful romance and how intricate the decisions and choices are. I loved it as soon as I got in and was like OMG I HAVE TWO MOMS. YASSSS. I loved how your gender could differ from your birth gender, you could design your room, the love interest's level of interest as well as yours, who you are romantically and physically attracted to ect. It was super fun to play and I am looking forward to future developments and projects. TYSM for taking the time to make it.

Did you have any problem with yours? I seem to have a problem opening mine oops, you're so luckyyy!

No I didnt? What platform are you downloading it on

i'm on PC, it seemed like there were 3 of us having a problem

Mac or Windows?

using windows

i reaaally wanna play this game so i installed it on my laptop but for some reason i cant open the game

(1 edit)

We have the same issue, but I'm REALLY sure it's the game's files that has a problem. It's in the folder for ren'py in 'lib' there's nothing there! I wanna play it too! :(( Have you tried disabling your anti-virus?

not yet

You should try, It doesn't work on mine though. Maybe it works for you!


Are you still having problems? It's possible your computer's virus scanner isn't allowing the game to work right. If you have a firewall/virus scanner can you try turning that off while downloading/installing/launching or try to tell the program the file is safe?

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