A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

A nostalgic visual novel where you design your own character and grow from childhood to adulthood with the lonely boy next door. Create an experience that’s all your own in this near-fully customizable, choice-heavy story.


Our Life: Beginnings & Always is a feel-good simulation, as well as a “feel-better” one, where painful emotions such as sadness, anger, stress, and worry can all be expressed, then met with reassurance, understanding, and support.

It’s a wholesome experience that faces large steppingstones of life, while having a focus on familiar everyday moments. With notable amounts of customization for even tiny details, you can enjoy pleasures as simple as having a preferred type of drink and a neighbor who cares enough to remember what it is.

Price:Free-to-Play, with optional paid DLCs
DLCs:The first batch of DLCs are $3.99USD each with three available, a fourth DLC that is $2.99USD released in 2022
16+, for swearing, crude humor, and suggestive content during adult-aged portions of the game
  • 4 different periods of life to experience: childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, and fully grown
  • Name, appearance, personality, and pronoun (he, she, or they) customization for your character
  • Change your character's details however you like as you grow, including transitioning to new pronouns
  • Shape your personality, feelings, and preferences, then see them reflected in the story as characters remember who you are
  • 1 love interest, Cove Holden, whose personality, interests, and appearance will develop in a custom way over the years based on his experiences with you
  • Decide for yourself how quickly or slowly the relationship with Cove develops by setting a unique dynamic; from love at first sight to last minute confessions to always being friends and more
  • A welcoming, sentimental story that can easily be enjoyed over and over using new main character qualities or different connection types with Cove
  • Font style and size customization. Hit the "A" key to open a screen that has text appearance options
  • 397,000 words, 16-24 hours of content in total 

Plus, an optional feature of having a preset name for the main character that the love interest says out loud through voice lines. Download the free DLC to add that to your game build!

The main story of Our Life from beginning to end will always be free, but if you'd like to support our group and get new scenes you can purchase optional DLCs!

And if you want even more Our Life content, you can consider joining our Patreon! There's sneak peeks for future game expansions, extra update posts, bonus art, a private backer-only Discord, and so on.


Jamie Last (changeable name) has spent the last couple weeks on a summertime high. At eight-years-old, nothing is better than what feels like endless days of school-less adventures, especially when you live walking distance from the beach. While coming home under a scorching sunset one fine evening, Jamie is approached by a stranger. The man is looking for a kid who can do him a favor, and he’s even offering to pay for it. He wants Jamie to please be friends with his only child. The person is Mr. Holden, Jamie’s new neighbor, as well as the father of the odd, and oddly named boy, Cove. Whether Jamie wants to play along or not, Cove isn’t going anywhere. He's present in Jamie's life for far longer than they ever would've guessed.

And then the long days of vacation finally come to an end. Summer may not be able to last forever, but Jamie can take comfort in knowing it will come back again someday…

Our Life: Beginnings & Always released on November 16th, 2020. Two optional DLCs also came out on that day: the Step 1 DLC and the Step 2 DLC. The Step 3 DLC launched on April 16, 2021. Step 4 became available on September 18th, 2021. The Cove Wedding DLC released on February 7th, 2022.

Our Life will continue to have content releases. Next on the list is the Derek Story DLC. Baxter will also eventually get a DLC story.

Thank you so much for giving Our Life a look! We hope you'll enjoy ☀

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Tagsamare, Comedy, Dating Sim, Gay, LGBT, Meaningful Choices, Multiple Endings, Otome, Romance


Our Life (PC) 748 MB
Version 1.6.0 6 days ago
Our Life (Mac) 712 MB
Version 1.6.0 6 days ago
Our Life (Android) 879 MB
Version 1.6.0 1 day ago

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Hello, got to download the game into my phone but I seem to run into the problem of it not running and crashing when interacting with anything in the main menu. It might be my phone but if this is something that happens , can some tell how to fix this? It'd be greatly appreciated 👍🏼

I'm sorry it's not working on your phone, though I sadly can't give any for sure ways to make it run on the device. It's possible the game needs more room to run properly or that your virus scanner thinks the game downloaded from a website rather than the googleplay store is dangerous and won't let it run properly. 

Ah, ok that does make sense that it would probably think of it as something dangerous. But then again it's also probably my storage. But I thankfully got to finish the play through on my computer so I still got it play nontheless so it's not all bad ☺️ but thank you for the help either way

I'm glad you had a way to play it after all!

I was thinking "Why is this in my feed (the DLC)? Why do I know the name?? I need to check something" and found out why. This is one of the few (I think only) dating sim games I have that you don't make love (sex scene/nude MC and/or NPCs). 

Turns out I have it in steam and after seeing how hot Derek looks and his rocking body at the beach (VERY nice btw 😁) I got all the DLC (on steam). Look forward to getting back into the game and playing more then a few minutes

Does anyone know if the DLC's are also for mac? or just Window/PC and Andriod?

The DLCs can be downloaded for Mac, but they're third party apps and some mac devices will only run officially approved apps. So, they may or may not be easier to run, depending on which mac you have.


Is there a female RO? Or only male.. I would like to know if its possible to play as female and romance a female character, that would make the game interesting


There isn't buuuutt! Our Life; Now & Forever does, it's still in early development but it has a beta out!!!

Heya! I've been loving the game since first meeting Cove! And now I'm so glad the Derek DLC has finally come out. Have been playing its Step 2 stuff and LOVING it so far - Super great stories. It's weird how much I relate to Derek a lot, going through the story... So I felt even more connected to him than I've known him outside the DLC (fret not, Cove is still a good boy for me).

Though unfortunate that there seemed to be some problems with some stuff in it; still loving it though, and can't wait to go through Step 4 stuff soon.(Am hopeful that there will be some patch fixes for the problems encountered, since this is still early after full release!)

Last words, I wish you luck on the next DLC development and other games in the future! (Rest assured I shall get it the moment it comes out too, hah!)

Is there a way to reset your progress (meaning everything being "unread") on Android version?


Downloaded version 1.6.0 of the game. Paid for and downloaded the Derek.rpa file. Stuck the rpa into the game file and can't access the Derek dlc pages. What am l doing  wrong? Love this game and eagerly anticipated the Derek additions but now l feel like a noob. Please help.

Are they locked or do you not see them at all? Did you click the yellow button on the Step 2 Moment selection screen to swap from Cove's moments to Derek's?

They are locked. I have gotten all of the Cove docs and the wedding dlc and they all worked great. But the Derek is blank when l get to that page. Thank you.

Do l also have to have the Cove rpas in the game file to make the Derek rpa work?

(1 edit)

Oh, I reread your first post and saw. You don't need Cove's DLC. Can you send me a picture of your folder?

Found it!!! Yeah, l am a noob, found the arrow on the right side of Moments 2 and found Derek's moments. Thanks so much for your time and effort.  Love this game so much.

I reinstalled the game and all the DLCs after getting the Derek DLC. It all works fine (and I'm excited to play the new DLC), except for the sound. I had sound in the beginning, but it just all stopped (music and everything) somewhere during the first Step 1 Moment I played. Is it something I did? Is there anything I can do to bring it back?

(1 edit)

I tried restarting, and now it doesn't start anymore :s

Edit: it was the itch.io launcher somehow. I started it from the folder and it both runs and the sound is back.

Wow can you believe it this game is already 3 years old


"where painful emotions such as sadness, anger, stress, and worry can all be expressed, then met with reassurance, understanding, and support."

I really like this, how you can be silent or miserable or cry about everything, it's a really sweet and emotional game


i just played this again to get ready for the derek dlc and i am once again reminded how much i love cove holden 


My Life is divided into before and after playing Our Life.

Love Cove Holden : Beginnings & Always

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

I’ve loved this game for an INCREDIBLY long time, and I’ve just bought all 4 current (Paid/Not counting the voiced names, having already had that one!) DLCs back to back to enjoy from now on! (And I WILL be ensuring my hands are laid upon Derek’s DLC when it releases on the 29th, AND Baxter’s when the time comes! ;w; ♥♥)

(1 edit) (+3)(-1)

This game became my emotional support. I am thankful for having the chance to play, after so LONG of not playing any video games, this beautiful game. This is a good start hehe. The game is entertaining, the art style is attractive, the soundtracks are so nice and it's lively when you interact with the characters. They ALL have personalities and they show it!!!  I really love the characters in this game, and I'm excited to play the different route DLC's (Derek & Baxter) once they're out someday. Truthfully, good job and keep it up hehe

(1 edit) (+5)(-1)

I will never emotionally recover from this. Cove Is the perfect human and I will no longer be accepting anything less than this amount of effort in relationships. 



(2 edits) (+3)

I only recently found this site and I honestly wasn't expecting much from free games, but this one has really surprised me in the best of ways. I've played plenty of dating sims/visual novels/otome games and this is the first and only one that felt this rewarding. Most of the time you have the childhood friend trope and are expected to suspend your disbelief and just accept that you have some shared history that you really have no knowledge of but with this one you make those memories first and so the experience is more immersive and feels more natural and real and the relationships feel truly earned. I really appreciate that. Also that it's inclusive and includes more than the typical boy/girl dynamic. On a more personal note, having grown up partially in a small beach town myself I really related to some things that happened like collecting things you find on the beach, making sand castles, just enjoying the day, even a cute one where you're trying to find loose change to get ice cream is something I experienced with friends and my sister as a kid. But anyway this game feels under appreciated over all. It's a really beautiful game and deserves all the credit it can get. 

hiii I bought the game but I can't play it just stays on the home screen

(2 edits) (+10)(-1)

Rather than just being a "dating-sim", this game made me feel loved as I am. It was interesting how the choices available allowed much freedom and tried to make me comfortable, which allowed me to become absorbed into the game. Family and friends in this game were so loveable and supportive, and the narrator constantly spoke of my feelings. 

And Cove, the main character of the story was so CUTE. I loved the moment when we went to sleep on poppy hill, and waking up to see him saying something along the lines of "See, I told you I'll be here in the morning" which struck my heart. And the time when he waited outside the car... 

It actually felt like I had a life at Sunset Bird, with my moms, Elizabeth, the Holdens as my neighbors, listening to the ocean waves, taking a walk to the shopping district, and going to the (oh so memorable) poppy hill. The characters remembered the choices I took and reacted accordingly. Totally stunned when I was left back at the title screen. 

Dear GBPatch, thank you for this amazing game. It made me feel so loved and let me wonder what kind of a life I want in the future. I was actually feeling quite dead for a few years, having lost light and energy to do anything. 

Really sad that it ended, but I loved "Our Life" with Cove at Sunset Bird -. Thank you so much. It must have taken so much effort to create and finish this, and all the while leave it to be free. 

(1 edit) (+5)(-1)

You couldn't have worded it any better. I completely agree! I genuinely feel like a lot of visual novels in the romance genre are nowadays too focused on making their individual plots unique and interactive, which ends up lacking the actual relationship/build up between the routes. This leads to it mostly feeling shallow and not giving me enough time to care about the characters.

When I first played I was bawling just because it gave validation that not a lot of people gave to me at my many dark points in life. Everyone supported me no matter what decision I wanted to make. Both friends and family both constantly communicated their own feelings and thoughts to avoid misunderstandings. There were a lot of times where they made a lot of effort to stay in touch like our favorite (and only I think) cousin!

I'm sad that it ended too, but I always end up playing again just because of how much I enjoy myself. I swear the first time I played Our Life it felt like I had so much content to explore, now on my many attempts later I feel like I go through it so fast! I'm always happy to "come back" and start a new life :)

To stop myself from continuing to ramble I'm happy you were able to experience it the same way I did.

Thank you GBPatch!!!


If there was a like button I'd use it fit your post. Very much this.



I finally found a way to play with all the DLC, i had to go on steam and buy it all again but now it works on my computer


Very cute, but I can only like this so much since I'm not female or gay. I totally tried to flirt with Cove's mom though.

Hetero men need romance games too.  :'(

(1 edit) (+18)

I don't want to be rude because I do agree with you to a degree, however there are plenty of VN that cater to heterosexual men or simply anyone attracted to women. This game and creator very explicitly inform you that the love interest is a man.   

(4 edits) (-27)

Yes, I know, I was fine with just being Cove's buddy, that appeared to be an option too, as well as being a straight female, so why is this page home to an army of psychopathically militant homofascist male pedophiles who hate me for wanting to flirt with Cove's mom instead of a little fucking boy?!

(6 edits) (+26)

There's a difference between constructive criticism and expecting the world to revolve around you. Each game makes it clear from the start what romantic options you have. What does going to each game saying "I wish this had options that suit my tastes " accomplish?? I also wish I had a pair of wings to fly and infinite money, but I don't and never will, so what's the point of bringing it up? People in Hell want ice water. Would you go up to your loved one's IRL and tell them you wished they had different traits about them? Would you tell a friend "I wish your hair was curly, curly hair suits my tastes more than this straight hair you have :( " ??? No you wouldn't, because it's rude and pointless. So why is that any different here? This was the vision for their art for this game, so why would they have to change it to suit your tastes?  Reprogram everything, change the whole story because one entitled guy whined and wanted his way? You're incredibly selfish and incapable of self-reflection. Instead of throwing a pity party and crying that everyone is "so mean to me uwu", maybe reflect on why you're getting downvoted and criticized. If literally everywhere you go people complain, it's because YOU'RE the problem. You're the common denominator. You expect the world to cater to you.

 If you don't think there are enough options for hetero men (even though visual novels are mostly catered to hetero men and originated from Japan with a start of catering to men. Literally most things in the world still cater to hetero men, albeit cis hetero men...but try being someone oppressed and/or non-normative wanting representation) then be the change you want to see. Create your own game in the style you so desperately desire. Alternatively, if you dislike the community so much, don't let the door hit you on the way out. This ain't the airport, no need to announce your departure. Hasta la vista, Bon Voyage, Sayounara, or whatever saying you'd like to hear as you exit. No one will be missing the whining, entitlement, gaslighting, and victim complex / overdramatic pity parties you're throwing over video games. (like seriously, "Kim, there's people that are dying.")

You don't get to come here and tell people to change or cater their art to you. So if you can only complain, bye. Don't pass Go, don't collect $200, just exit out stage left.




Hetro men Have way more games then people in the lgbtqia community have the game states the love interest is a male , don't play the game if you already know the love interest is a male , don't complain


Right? It's entitled thinking that causes some people to play a game or do a thing they know is catered to others and yet still complain about it. I don't go playing games that cater specifically to guys because I'm not interested in them but I don't go over there and complain that there aren't any guys I can hit on in the games, because I know they are not made for me specifically and that plenty of people like them and that's good. Just like I loved this game. 

(1 edit) (+21)

I deleted your last comment and banned you from posting in the future. That was a ridiculous reaction and insults like that aren't welcome here. I don't think you were being treated as badly as you seem to think so. You got very mild push at the start with people pointing out pretty obvious things and then it dissolved.

At the end of the day, this will never be a game for hetero sexual males to romance women. Now, I don't care if people say they wish there were games just like this made for them. It's too bad when a cool premise can't be enjoyed because it's not suited to your preferences. But  it is simply the truth that this game wasn't made for you. Wanting it to change genres isn't a reasonable request.


Exactly this. As a female attracted to males in this world, there are plenty of things out there for het men and things I like and wish were more geared towards me or had versions for people like me(like the Zelda franchise which I adore anyway) but I don't expect it to cater to me and ignore all else. I enjoy it for what it is and if I don't enjoy it I don't engage in it, I don't go over to it and complain about it not being catered to me. - (Apart from one small thing of taking away Link being left handed in newer games they just make him right handed and ignore he was originally a lefty, as a lefty myself this rubbed me wrong but it's a minor thing and was a change they made, not me going over and whining that they didn't ever make him left handed). 


Romance games were made for men first way back in the 90s and maybe even the 80s, trust me there's something for you, go find it.


oh my god, this is THE BEST VN I have ever played, truly this was an amazing experience, Im so emotional that I have finished it. I never wanted it to end! Nearly every character in this game is a comfort character and brings me joy. Now I await for a Cove to enter my own life.


Hello! I have most of the DLCs purchased on Steam, but I want to be able to play it on mobile. Is there a way to do that without re-purchasing all of the DLCs on Itch?

same I brought all the DLCs on steam but im using a Mac so I can't play them on it





The game can be played regardless of buying the DLCs, cause it is packed with content that will make any free-to-play player happy. I spent hours on it during my free time and took me about 3-4 days to complete. (Unless you have the luxury to attend to this game alone, it'll take a day at most. I just wanted to take my sweet time, hehehe.)

I like the inclusive elements and choices, though (may be a dealbreaker for some) There isn't a single CG that depict our MC in the free version. (Don't come at me, I know it's a first person POV VN and it's difficult to code or design the CG,  it's just sad that we don't get one, even at the end of the story.) It's a good thing that Cove makes up for all of that! HE'S THE MOST PRECIOUS CHARACTER YOU'LL MEET ISTG. I had to hold and massage my cheeks between breaks because the interactions were just so adorable and wholesome!

Once you finished the game after a blind playthrough, you'll soon realize that a ton of content is skippable and at times unnecessary, but in my views, it was a nice thing and might appeal to a younger audience like someone in their early teens. You get to build your character's appearances as well as preference-- though it doesn't entirely impact the story too much, but it's a nice touch and honestly unique than most VNs right now, whether Free or Paid.

I'm also excited to romance Derek, and it looks like I'll love him as well!

I'm looking forward to your future projects, like the next VN (Our Life: Now & Forever) you guys are working on! until I can purchase the DLCs, I will have to hold any additional comments!

definitely a 8.5/10 in my book.


Listen I'm not One To comment on a game unless  it deserves the praise, but coming from a man like me, This Was A Game I Wont Forget, I Cant Wait To Play More Of Your Games.


i cried over the end man help im

Oh dear- im scared- is it sad or is it just that good?

its not sad!! its just really good im very emotional :')


This is such a good and wholesome game! I love how customizable and interactive this game is, not to mention  it's actually kind of realistic when it comes to interactions. 10/10 recommend ^^

The game keep kicking me out before I even able to do anything after the loading screen- do you have solution to this? If it's the problem with storage, how much does it needed for to play? Please help🥲

I just got it and already I love it. I'm probably going to play the whole thing in one day, night if needed, and I'm tempted to buy the DLC's even though I'm supposed to be saving money. (Also, the bed when they are kids is the exact bed I have, and I thought that was funny)

It's the first time I like a game so much, now I want to buy the dlc...

The problem is that I live in Latin America so... I DON'T KNOW IF I WILL BE ABLE TO PAY WITH MY CURRENCY, IT IS LITERALLY THE FIRST TIME THAT THIS HAPPENS TO ME. I'm so sorry if I sound so silly. TT

You can try to purchase the game on Steam, it offers the game in other currencies!


its taking so long to download its already been an hour and it still isnt even half way through


LMAO I was like ... wow this Shiloh kid is kind of a people pleaser ... and has lots of freckles ... and this art seems kind of familiar ... then and only then did I realise you also made XOXO droplets

I wanna play this game so bad, it looks absolutely amazing, but I have a problem. I can't get passed the loading screen? when ever i click new file or anything else it'll process for a few seconds before a black screen appears and it closes the app. I'm currently on an android phone is there any possibly way i can fix this??

It's possible a virus scanner or app checker on your phone is blocking the game because it decided this file downloaded off some random site doesn't seem safe. Or sometimes it needs more space to properly play than it takes to just download it and having more memory available helps. I hope you're able to get it to work!


Played the game and loved it so much especially how great the game made me reflect on real life. I  finished the game and cried and bit cause of how sweet it was, then realized I was never gonna have this ever, I grew up in a homophobic area and had relationship trauma when I was 11. I was bitter and sad that I was robbed of this for my entire life even now being 19, and I cried for 30 minutes and had a horrible breakdown over it

Overall great game 10/10

lol I thought the game ended when we're 8 hehehe


Been supporting this game before it came out and I literally get stupidly emotional whenever i play it over and over again.. The wedding dlc  made me incredibly happy and I literally can't wait for Derek and Baxter dlc to come out!! (THE DEREK DLC IS SO CUTE I LOVE IT SO MUCH 😭😭) but Cove will always be my number one ;[ I love this man so so so so much and I think I fall in love even more each time I play it!!!! there are times where I have to stop because the way he loves mc makes stupidly emotional and I just wish younger me had someone who she could've loved and had along her side to go through everything she went through but with someone who could cheer her on and someone she could cheer on :(( Also thank you for helping me realize that i am capable of falling in love!! (even if hes fictional LOL) It has literally give me hope that one day i can actually fall in love with someone the way I had fallen for cove!!! But enough about me getting emotional 😭💔 Cove will forever be my biggest comfort character and there will never be a day where I see something sea themed and be like "Cove would def like that!!" thank you so much gb for creating this incredible game that has brought great comfort to me and others!!!!! I will be cheering you on and supporting you on patreon until we're old and wrinkly 😮‍💨 AND TO THOSE WHO ARE SAD LIKE ME ABOUT LOVE AND WANTING COVE TO BE REAL, WE WILL FIND OUR COVE ONE DAY!!! HAVE HOPE MY SWEETHEARTS WE GOT THIS!! STAY STRONG!! :DD 🎉🎉 <33333


This is my ultimate comfort game... when im sad i just spend all day playing this and live a different life for a little while




I just loved this game, but there few options for clothes and accessories for cis and trans boys. I hope that the DLCs bring with time options for girls, trans and non binnery as well although first we need derek and baxter DLCs.

(2 edits) (+1)

In their second game, Our Life : N&F, one of the LI's is a woman and the other is non-binary (genderfluid)  ^^

is it already available?

There is a demo available ^^

where? I cannot find


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