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Plan and experience your ideal wedding with Cove James Holden in this romantic side story set during the “Step 4” adulthood time-period!

This DLC will only work with Our Life 1.5 (or any build released after that in the future)! If you have an older version please update the main game file.

This is an optional DLC for the free game Our Life: Beginnings & Always.

  • Unlocks the Cove Wedding Story
  • Begin the experience by planning each element of your wedding: selecting the venues, deciding on traditions to include or exclude, picking out your clothes, and so on
  • End the novel by playing through your crafted wedding day
  • Includes new character sprite art, background locations, and more
  • Increases the overall playtime by multiple hours

To use these files you'll need to have the free base version of Our Life. It can be download HERE.


1. Download the zip file after purchase and extract the zip to get a folder

2. Open the folder of your current Our Life Build and find the "game" folder inside. To view folders on Mac you might have to right click the application launcher and select "view package contents" and you may have to open a couple different folders before you find the "game" folder tucked away inside

3. Move or copy/paste the rpa file into the Our Life "game" folder

After that, the build you already had will now include all the extra content this DLC gives.


1. Download the apk file after purchase.

2. Locate the file in your file manager and install it. You may have to give your file manager additional permissions to install from external sources.

3. Open the app after installation. You should see a message confirming you've successfully installed the DLC.

4. If you have any more DLC to install, repeat steps 1-3 with any other DLC you're installing.

5. Download and install the base Our Life game (the voice or no voice version). When you open the app, any DLC you installed through steps 1-4 should be available.

You can click the "DLC Info" button on the main menu to check if your content has been successfully installed, or for troubleshooting advice.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(323 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
TagsComedy, Dating Sim, Gay, LGBTQIA, Meaningful Choices, Multiple Endings, Otome, Romance


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

In order to download this project you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Our Life - Wedding DLC 55 MB
Version 1.7.1
Our Life - Wedding DLC (Android) 40 MB

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it doesn't let me download i tried everything  

Do you have a virus scanner? That could be stopping the install. If you're on PC or Mac you could try downloading it through the Itch app instead of the webpage.

ohh okay ill try that 

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i tried and it still doesnt work i did check for virus and i dont have any 

I accidentally purchased this without knowing I couldn't play on Mac... oh well :3

Nevermind.. I should probably read next time. I found out how it works on Mac hehe, my bad.

I'm genuinely stupid idk how to do this


some1 please help a poor girl out ( I use Mac )

You add the DLC to this folder, though now it is just one rpa file that goes in the game folder instead of a DLC folder with individual rpys for the different Moments.

It took me one hour to just figure that out, even with the tutorial. I'm just that brainless, but I finally got it. Thank youuuu!

Is there a way to somehow transfer a save from the game (without dlcs) back after deleting and uploading the game again (with dlcs) on android? Or maybe separate apk like nsfw moments from patreon? I'd love to play dlcs but don't really want to replay the whole game :(

Hii! I absolutely love the game, and was wondering if there would ever be an after-marriage game? Like, to have a family with him?

I'm glad you like it! Though I'm afraid not. It'd require an amount of alterations so high we cannot create it, aha.

Oh ok! I understand! :D

I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH (I don't think i can get the DLC bc im British so I have pounds)

wow me too i love this game


need an after marriage life with cove pleaseeee

there's one in the gb patch patreon! (but it costs money)

really?? do you get to see what is your life like after marriage?

it's an nsfw dlc, it has a sfw route and a nsfw one 0_o

Tysm!! ^^

whats a gb patch patreon and where can i find it?

It's a subscription site. You can find it here-

Deleted 23 days ago

why would u charge vat for location like ur finna mail the game to me

It's for tax purposes because of how the law in certain counties work.


Is bad that I want a wedding with baxter and derek too? or maybe an after marriage moment with kids with cove?


Just beat the entire game in one setting and the Wedding dlc. 

Best itch.io game i've ever played.

left me crying and now i'm hopelessly in love with an imaginary man.



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Haha, I had to play this game quite a few times before I could acquire any kind of tolerance for Baxter (he really does make the first impression of the classic antagonist in stories like this)... but I'm glad to see overall this installment is still just more drama-free, heart-warming slice of life gameplay. Keep up the great work!

For some reason i have the file but it wont work. The only working ones are just the step 1-3 dlcs

Heyyy, tried installing the cove wedding dlc on android, but it gets stuck on the part saying "thank you so much for purchasing the dlc..." and doesn't move from there even if I close the app and reopen it. Any tips?


The DLC file just unlocks the DLC. It isn't the entire game. You've gotta download the free game itself from the main page now in order to play it. Even if you've downloaded it in the past, you have to make sure you download it fresh after installing DLCs!

ok, so install the dlc first, then the game? I'll try that then, thank u!

This is probably the first time I have ever spent real money on a game and I do not regret it. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH

I played through the DLC and I absolutely loved every bit of it! I just wanted to ask though, I saw on the wiki that Shiloh is supposed to appear I but didn't see him. Can someone tell me what options to click on to get him to show up?


Yeah, Shiloh can show up in the wedding! Here's a guide on how that happens-

You’ll need to play the DLC Moment “Serendipity” in Step 3 and get their phone numbers. When having a phone call with Jeremy, ask Shiloh for Jeremy’s number. Jeremy won’t give it himself. During the resolution of the conflict with Shiloh, choose to be on positive or neutral terms with him. Shiloh will give the MC his own number.

During the “And then summer ended…” portion of Step 3, decide to keep in contact with Jeremy/Shiloh by using their numbers to call them.

In Step 4, you’ll still be keeping in touch with them automatically and that will be referenced during the epilogue. Finally, during the Wedding DLC itself, mention how you want Jeremy and/or Shiloh to be invited when discussing the guest list with Cove and Baxter.

Ohh I see! Thank you so much for the help :

Ok so, I've had the dlc for a while now. But recently My laptop seems to just be eating the file. No matter how many times i download it it just disappears. Now im not sure if its my laptops fault or not. Is there any way to fix this issue.

Are you downloading through the Itch.io app or directly from the webpage? Doing the opposite might help. And checking to make sure your virus scanner and/or firewall isn't blocking the file/deleting it for being a strange file they don't recognize might help. Either by temporarily turning them off when downloading or seeing if their settings can be made less strict or made to trust the site/file.


Really good! However Derek doesn't follow the colour code. Not sure if that's just in my game though.


ohmygosh can we get a DLC with Cove and mc have kids and are parents?! thatd be soooo cute


thats what im saying!!!!


I'd pay for it if that's any incentive to some developers reading this ; \



Deleted post

I'm really sorry, we can't participate in key trading. Purchasing from one storefront will only get you the DLC at that storefront.

Deleted post

I'm afraid not, though I appreciate the offer. Steam doesn't want their keys being given away for a purchase on another site where they see no profit. There can be issues with your relationship with Steam if you do it too much. So, we can't make it a policy to give out keys in return for Itch purchases.

Maybe if you have a friend with a Steam account they could gift the DLC to you and in return you could get them something on Itch? I'm sorry we're not to make Steam easier to use or get around things like that.
Deleted post

It's no problem.


I keep trying to just download (without dlc) but nothing is happening did I do something wrong


This is the first thing I am buying when I get money I SWEAR it 

(5 edits) (+3)

Bought it despite the exchange rate because Our Life is a necessity. Held out playing the wedding pack until a week after my initial playthrough so I could prolong the end. When the white little clouds tumbled by I was hoping for another cutscene but here I am at the menu screen. 🥲 I thought we'd end at the hotel room. aAHHHHH

Wasn't he going to be here tomorrow? Why isn't he here next to me when I wake up? What am I supposed to do with my life now that Our Life has ended...? 🥺

I can't live anymore without Cove. Somebody please knock me out and cause memory loss so I can play this again with a fresh mind. 

(1 edit) (+4)

OKAY I might be getting a job in the coming week so I'm saving to get this. If I land the position I plan on buying the Wedding DLC first followed by the rest in the coming months (something something exchange rate)



its not  freeee😭😭😭😭




I love Jeremy soooooooo much <3

UGH, I miss Cove so much. I havent bought this yet and I really want to. Waaaaaaa! I love you cove!!!!


Im on MAC and have the Itch.io app downloaded onto my Mac, I downloaded the DLC from the webpage but I have no way of adding the dlc to my itch file? how am I supposed to open this so I can get the wedding ending?

i have the same issue!


So I figured it out! you have to download the game so its in your finder  and download the DLC then go to your finder, copy the DLC download by  using two fingers to clip on your mouse pad, then open the Our life application find where it says game, click to open the drop down and paste the DLC you copied to it and it should work the next time you open the game! - sorry if this is confusing. 

Hello! ^^

I've just purchased the wedding dlc, but an error pops up while I'm playing . It gives the option to ignore it and keep going with the game, but I don't really know if its a major issue or not. (I'll attach an image, so you can see what I'm talking about)

Can you please help me to solve it? I've discovered this game recently and fell in love. You did a wonderful work and I'd like to thank you for making the game available for everyone for free. As it's a very long and complete game, it's really surprising. I also love how it considers every little detail, being also very inclusive.

Once again, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and wholesome masterpiece with the world.


The build you're using for the main game is out of date. If you download the latest version of OL and add the DLCs to that, the error should go away! I'm glad you enjoyed it so far ^^

I didn't expect to get a reply so soon, tsym! <3

I've tried downloading the new version but the same error pops up. What should I do?


The save you loaded might be too connected to the error to work even with the new version. If you have a save that's further back in the story you could try that. Or you might unfortunately have to start a new file because the save was broken. You can also try updating the Wedding DLC file itself, if you don't have the most recent version of that. Though, I'm not sure that'd be it. It's likely the save file.

Luckily I had another save where I've just finished step 4, just before starting the dlc. And it seems it's running without any problems.

Thank you so much for your help! ^^


I'm really glad you had another save to use! That's great. And no problem.

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i can't seem to get my dlc to work for my mac 

(1 edit)

umm is there a way to get the android dlcs if I bought them through steam? 

I'm sorry, Steam doesn't support Android and it doesn't work with Itch to give keys in return for a Steam purchase. You have to buy the game here to get the Android files.

Hello, I bought the DLC on android and I've been trying to download it into the game but without success. I've made sure to follow the instructions and moved the rpa file to the game folder, I also downloaded the lattest version of the game, but the DLC still won't install. What should I do?

I can't say for sure what might be wrong unless you can give a screenshot of your folder, but in the meantime you can try to follow the guide omniastarr wrote:

These steps worked for me and at least one other user on here (I have a samsung s10. Also, I know there are a lot of steps, but it took me less than 5 minutes):

1. Download the base game from itch.io (this is an .apk file) 

2. Download the DLC(s) you purchased (these are .rpa files) 

3. Download and install Amaze File Manager from the Play Store 

4. Install the base game by clicking on the .apk file and following the prompts to install 

5. Open the Amaze app and follow the prompts to allow access to your files, as well as grant "All files access" (clicking Grant will take you to the Settings location, but you'll have to find Amaze in the list, click on its name, and toggle "Allow access to all files" on) 

6. Once that setting is toggled on, go back to Amaze and find your Downloads folder there. Inside should be all your .rpa files. 

7. Long press on the first .rpa file you want to install and then click on the rest. All of them should be highlighted before the next step. 

8. Once highlighted, click on the copy button (an icon of two rectangles in front of each other) at the top of the app 

9. Navigate to your Android folder within the Amaze app, then the data folder inside of it. You might have to allow another access prompt here. 

10. Scroll down to the "ourlife.demo.apk" file and click on it, then the "files" file inside. 

11. At the top of the app, there should be a new folder button (picture of a folder with a +). Click that and make a new folder called "game". 

12. Click on the "game" folder, and then click the "Use This Folder" button at the bottom of the app. You will again need to grant access through a prompt. 

13. Finally, click the "Paste" button at the bottom of the app, and you should be all set! Open the Our Life app, and enjoy getting married to the best crybaby!!!


I LOVE this but i honestly dont think a wedding path should be blocked behind a paywall, you build up to it originally, its like you get all the way to the end with these emptions in you, only to realize you can’t afford to pay to get married. Otherwise, I love your work, developer. ❤


The main game is already free and offers hours of entertainment, which people have worked hard for. This wouldn’t be possible if they didn’t get any income or pay, which is why it’s only fair and very deserving that the extra content is behind a paywall.

Maybe you meant well, but expecting everything to be free is disrespectful for all the work they put into this game. We were able to get all this extra content exactly because the game was successfully funded and profitable. It’s understandable that not everyone has money to spend on games, but it’s also important to remember that behind this game there’s real people. People who do this as a living and have to get payed, so they can continue working and creating content like this.

I'm really excited to play this dlc! But I'm running into some trouble. I'm on Mac and I have the most recent update of the game, I put the dlc file into the game section and completely replayed through instead of using a saved file, and when I got to the end that was it. How do I get into the dlc? Is there a certain ending you unlock or? Also! Love this game so much, I love going back through and seeing how every choice can impact what I can say in the future, super cool!

Thank you for playing! Do you have the button on the main menu that says "DLC"? You can click that see if the DLC is noted as unlocked by the game. If it says it's not unlocked maybe there's something wrong with where it is. Or if it is unlocked, maybe you didn't meet the requirements. The Wedding DLC doesn't happen if you or Cove never proposed. It can be in Step 3, in between Step 3 and 4, or during Step 4 but the two had to officially get engaged somehow at some point before the Wedding DLC. 

Thank you for pointing that out! I realized I actually didn't have the latest update, now I can see and do everything! Thank ya'll so much! 

Glad it worked out!


when you got just enough money for all the dlcs except the wedding dlc- *sobs* ah well maybe next paycheck? i just want to marry my boy

super cute <3 I'm literally sobbing /pos .



Probably a stupid question but where do we look if we want to see what's in the new update? As in to see exactly what was changed/added/omitted from each dlc/the base game this time around?

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