The Cove Wedding DLC is Out!

Congratulations on your wedding, everyone 🥰️! This DLC is in the running for the longest expansion word-count-wise, added way more new art assets than prior DLCs, and is very alteration heavy with tons of ways to impact the script. We went pretty all out, haha. I hope you have a nice time during this special moment in your Our Life story.

This DLC will only work with Our Life 1.5 (or any build released after that in the future)! If you have an older version please update the main game!


  • Begin the experience by planning each element of your wedding: selecting the venues, deciding on traditions to include or exclude, picking out your clothes, and so on
  • End the novel by playing through your crafted wedding day
  • Includes new character sprite art, background locations, and more
  • Increases the overall playtime by multiple hours

You can purchase it on Itch and there's a little discount during launch week (the other DLCs are also on sale). Sale ends on February 14th!

Plus, if you download the Voice Name DLC, you'll finally be able to hear Step 4 Cove say your name chosen off the voiced name screen! It's really sweet.

We've also released an update to all the prior DLCs and the base game to fix/improve the builds. You can re-download those files to get the updates.

A lot has come together for this release, it's been great to really make it happen. And this is the final major DLC we had in the original plans for our beloved Cove Holden. I can't believe it. Maybe somehow, someday he'll be back, but no matter what you'll be able to relive the lovely moments we have with him now. As always, thank you for playing 💕

Guest art done by MELLodrawmatic on Twitter. And fun fact, that's the same artist who made the very original Cove design sheets way back in the summer of 2017. Time flies.


Our Life - Wedding DLC (All Versions) 57 MB
Feb 06, 2022

Get Our Life: Beginnings & Always - Cove Wedding Story

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Omg!! I’m crying,, it’s finally here <3


I can't believe it was almost two years ago that we grew up with Cove and now is marrying him. Cove's vows were so beautiful and hearing all the speeches brought so many memories from the previous steps.

Deleted 1 year ago

Do you have version 1.5? The DLC requires downloading the newly updated base game. The line to go to the Wedding DLC isn't in older versions of the game.

ya I eventually got that figured out, and oh doggy talk about an emotional rollercoaster 

I bought the dlc but i think the app is having problems with updating the game files so sadly I can't play it for now at least 

Here's what the Android programmer says about that: to help add the DLC you can download an external file management app like Amaze File Manager ( or to connect your phone to a computer to move/update the files.

I'm sorry for the trouble!

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Currently playing the DLC and i couldn't love it more.

The only thing that surprised me was that Cove was half naked at our wedding instead of his suit. Could this be a bug?


+1 this. I even went back and selected for him to wear a suit and he was still topless.


Heya! So excited! I bought the DLC but it won't let me download it :c send help!

Deleted 130 days ago

i ended up having to completely redownloading it off the website instead! I think the app is having problems, so maybe try that!

So do you put this dlc just like we did the rest of them 

Yes! But you also have to download the new version of the base game, version 1.5.

Im so excited im in class freaking out

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So excited to play this, thank you for all your hard work!

So, in my excitement I bought the DLC here but totally forgot that all of my other DLCs are through Steam. When I realized my mistake, I switched over to Steam and bought it there, too. Is it possible to get a refund for the itch one? If not, I understand, it's only $2.69. But honestly, I don't really have an extra $2.69 to give right now haha. 

You can contact Itch support for a refund if you need it!

Already bought it! Is it supposed to look like a piece of sheet of paper?


The file icon? Yeah, it's just one file now that you add to the Our Life game folder. But make sure you download the updated base game so you have version 1.5!

ahhh so thats why it wasnt working for mee

i will try that too