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Really enjoyed the short demo. Love the concept of indirectly influencing what kind of person Cove grows up to be, and what our feelings for each other are. I do wish I had the option to go from fleeting adolescent crush, to comfortable wholesome friendship? But I loved all the summer vacation scenes playing together, and I really like big sis Lizzy.


Thank you so much!

We would like to use this kind of controlled relationship element again someday. Hopefully if things work out we'll not only be able to do that but also allow for even more possibilities next time. The feature had to be limited in some ways to make it doable for the size of team we have.


I saw Shiloh and I cried, I knew what was happening.


Haha, yeah. It's a true tragedy.


this is so sweet and cozy so far, i really did not want to stop playing it at the end of the demo............ its a game i would play when im sad or lonely that would definitely cheer me up!

Thank you, I'm so glad! Those are the kind of feelings we were hoping to achieve :D.


I never comment on games but..THIS IS A MASTERPIECE THAT SHOULD BE PUT IN A MUSEUM! I just... I have played hundreds of visual novel,fantastic and beautiful novels, by long time developers don't match this beauty!!! I'm depressed the demo is over, and can't wait for the expansion!!!

Aw, wow, thank you very much for such kind words ;v;. It's great to hear you enjoyed it so much! We'll work hard to make the finished version live up to expectations.

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I'm sure it'll be great!! (Thanks for taking the time to respond)


No problem :D. And thank you again!


Just finished the demo, and I have to say that I'm absolutely in loooooove with this game. The art, the writing, the characters, AAAAGH!~It's absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait to play the rest!! <3

Thank you so much ^^! I'm so glad you enjoyed it that much. We'll do our best with the rest of the game.


I loved the demo! It's really refreshing to see a game that can double as an otome or BL game and I love that all the choices seem to have meaning! Cove is already my favorite character and I look forward to game's release!

I was curious since you can choose your pronouns will there be any slight difference between the male and female one when interacting with characters like an example being a guy who is a real ladies man will try to flirt with you when you have female pronouns but not when you have male?

This won't change if I'm going to support you on your patreon or buy the game either way (I'm doing both for sure once the 3rd comes for patreon) as I know that would be quite a bit of extra writing! I was just curious if that was something your team was thinking of!

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It's great to hear you like Cove already! The pronouns you choose don't change anything in Step 1, since they're so young none of them really think much about it. But in later Steps there are acknowledgements and differences based on whether you're a guy, gal, or non-binary. The changes don't have a huge impact on the story or relationship, but they do exist and alter how some situations go.

Thank you very much for the kind words and support <3!

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I just finished playing the demo and I had so much fun !! (even tho it's just the beginning). I can't wait to play this game once it's complete ! I'll look forward to upcomming updates ;) oh and by the way the art is absolutely amazing <3 <3


Thank you so much for all that ^^! I'm so happy you like the start of the story and the art. We'll try keep everybody up to date with posts about the game's status.


Omg i just found this out, and i'm totally diggin' it! This looks soo good, haven't played the demo yet but i'm going to!! <3 can't wait till this game is finisheed aaaargh!

I have so many things to look foward rip.

im kinda happy, but also sad because this is a new project so im guessing is going to be done sometime next year ;v; still i will wait!

This looks amazing!

Ty devs for making this game <3 

it's not even done yet but games like this bring joy to my life!

Thank you! That's really nice of you to say <3. I hope you'll enjoy the demo when you get a chance to try it out!

And, yeah, I'm afraid the game will be in about a year from now, Summer 2020. I'm sorry for such a long wait :'D.


I am so excited to see where this is gonna go. I think I just might play thru the demo a few more times I'm so sad I already finished it! I love how immersive the customization makes the story feel and I can't wait to see the finished product. It will surely be amazing and expect me to be keeping tabs on this 100%!

Thank you very much for the kind words :D! I hope the demo will still be fun on your other playthroughs.


Heyoo I'm commenting again saying that after searching for like 12 hours I haven't found a game like this one (which is sad cause now the void is still not filled) this vn game thingy is so unique all the other ones if seen are usually gxg and I'm not a girl so it puts me off or they are sexual just for the need to be sexual :/ or they have poor writing and characters. This game really stands out and I can't wait for it to come out and then get sad when I finish it :D.

Aw, well I'm pleased this game really stands out to you, but I'm sorry it's left a void. I hope we'll make the finished game live up to expectations and that you'll be able to find something else that's fun to play in the meantime c:.


Wow this is actually really cute!! I can't wait to see the expanded demo and eventually the full thing! I'll definitely be following it to see any future updates!

Thank you so much <3!


Looking forward to seeing what happens if I make the player character lose interest over time.

I'm sorry for the confusion. We tried to get it across on the page/in the demo, but it might not have been understandable enough. It's not possible to lower your affection. You can keep it the same or go higher, but you can't go down. The reason why is that letting people go up as well as down freely would've required an amount of alterations that's too large for our team to manage. Some parts unfortunately had to be restricted.


Oh, ok! That does seem like you'd be at least tripling your workload. Can I at least change the comfort so that stronger feelings are more uncomfortable?

Yes you can! Comfort is something that's able to be changed freely, up or down, since that doesn't need many full rewrites.


Do the colors of the choices hint at something or is it just based on whether they're the first, second, or third choice given?

They have a loose meaning, in that those of the same color often have a similar “tone”. But it’s not a super direct thing where yellow means you’re always friendly, blue means you’re entirely reserved, etc. You can certainly ignore it entirely and not be any worse for wear, haha.


oh oh so excited! cove is so cute, I love best friend romances


Thank you <3. And I love them too! We're determined to make the ultimate childhood friend route, haha.


I made an account just for this game as a bisexual boyo I must say not many Male humans play boys love games BUT that's where I come in :3 I made a mistake of playing the demo because now I have to wait sooo long. This game is absolutely amazing as many others have said cove is fucking adorable and I'm childish so being able to make choices that are similar to how I am in real life made me happy. I love the art style and the story so far I've seen I think two typos (I'm on android 8.0 btw) but they weren't major and now I have nothing to fill the void in my soul while I wait for this game :( 10/10 will totally wait for the full thing 

Well thank you so much! That's all really nice of you. It's great to hear the game had choices that you could relate to. I'm sorry we have to keep you waiting, though. We'll try to get it done as soon as we can!


thank you so much for replying just don't rush yourselves. Take your time to make this gem.

Okay! Thank you for understanding ^^


im in love with this game!! i shouldn't have played the demo because now im going to be suffering until the full game comes out ╥﹏╥

im so excited for the full game and i want to thank you guys for your hard work because ive had a wonderful time playing the demo! i've never been so immersed in a visual novel game in a while haha. i enjoy the decision making and the relationship mechanics, it's such a cool feature! i look forward to whatever you guys do with this game!

(i absolutely love cove sm oh my god,,, you guys did your job well, i've fallen hard. maybe im just a softie for the childhood friends thing but my small heart can't handle this. what a cutie)

good luck and i wish you guys the best!!

I'm sorry for the suffering ;v;. But I'm really happy you like the game so much and that you care for the precious babe. Thank you for the kind message!


I remember when this was briefly announced so long ago, the concept and art instantly pulled me in, like a childhood tamagotchi friend? lol.

I'm so glad the demo is out, it lived up to expectations and I'm in awe at how expansive this has the potential to be. A very cute game with a lot of changeable factors.

Looking back on the first post about it on Tumblr, I noticed the art looks slightly different. Is it the same artist or just an evolved art style?

Excited for the full game next year, here's to smooth progress~

Haha, yeah, it's been quite a while since we originally came up with the concept. I'm really happy it lived up to expectations in the end!

The art did change and the artists are different people. The original style was very good for making character design concepts, but the current art style is definitely the finalized version.

Thank you very much for the well-wishes ^^!


Omg I played the demo and I am hooked! Hes such a precious cinnamon roll! When the demo ended I almost cry cause i didnt de him again! Thanks and I'm anxiously waiting for the full release!!!!

Aw, thank you <3! It's great you were able to grow attached to Cove. We'll work hard on getting the game finished!


Yes! I really like the game mechanics and how your answers and behaviors have an impact on him! Its pretty impressive!!

Thank you very much for the kind words :D!


okay so I'm not a good writer but THIS GAME.


that is all. 

(also can't wait for the full release!! :)

*it's second only to maybe butterfly soup but nothing can top that tbh


Thank you very much, haha! We're flattered you rank it so highly ^^



love how you can shape MC's personality over time, as well as shape both Cove's personality and appearance (art is GORGEOUS btw). i replayed the demo multiple times and had Cove's appearance change 4 times! 

i love the slice of life tone and feel. felt fluttery warm feelings and doses of nostalgia when playing :)

aARggh the wait is gonna destroy me!! i eagerly await the kickstarter so i can back this ASAP


Thank you <3! That's so nice of you to say. I'm really glad you've been enjoying the demo and that you're interested in supporting our Kickstarter! We'll do our best to make the wait as short as possible.


How did you get four appearances for Cove?? I played through the demo five times, and I only ever got two outfits for him: a blue t-shirt and a red sleeveless shirt, if I remember correctly (he also had glasses in some of them, but not in others, I can't recall which).

I want to know! xD

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In Step 2 Cove has two hairstyles, two shirts, two glasses + no glasses option, one necklace + no necklace option. Those are all possible in the demo. Having various combinations of the different hairs, shirts, and accessories are probably what's being counted as four different looks. But it is right that there are only two shirts (the blue one and red one). He also has two pants, two left bracelets + no left bracelet option, and 1 right bracelet + no right bracelet option. Those can't be seen in the current demo, though. 

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Well, drat! Curse my fashion blindness! I probably didn't even notice necklace or hairstyle options. I didn't even notice the glasses change until my third game!

Now I have to play through the demo all over again, and find out what causes his design to be different...

Oh no, that's rough. But good luck with your new playthrough! If you need it, I'm happy to give a little hint c:

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yup, what GBPatch said is correct! i'm just counting the accessories as additional appearance changes (for example having glasses with the red shirt, no glasses for the red shirt, having no glasses a different hairstyle and a necklace with the red shirt, messy hair and blue shirt, etc.) AND (cuz i keep replaying the demo lmao... i'm obsessed) i realized he replies differently in step 2 based on whether u went from friends -> crush or if you went from crush -> crush etc. (tbh idk what causes him to say stuff differently, since both times it said he developed to be quieter but he seemed nervous in one and casual in the other)

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Haha, I'm glad it's worth replaying! Cove as a person consists of multiple different parts that are determined separately and all combine together to create who he is overall. Cove's current relationship with the MC and his past relationship with the MC get put together to form a dynamic. If they've been crushing on each other for years he's comfortable with those feelings, if this is a newer development he's much less sure of himself. The quiet part of his personality that you got doesn't come up in the demo, since he has so few lines. But you will start to see it once we expand the demo on the launch of the Kickstarter :D

[This somehow got posted twice, so I deleted the other comment, aha]

Hi! I got intrested in otome games. But its my first time playing video-games. Do you know which software I should download to play this game?

To play this game you'll need to download one of the files on the page that matches your computer and then have an unzipping program to open the file. Something like WinRAR. If you need more detailed steps try looking up "How to unzip a file" and there will be video and text tutorials you can check out.

If you're using a phone you don't need an extra program. Just download and install the file.

Good luck C:


Thank you very much!!! Especially for the fast reply! I will try it!


I've put together two 20 minute let's play video's for this demo and put them in a playlist. Feel free to check them out! I could probably make 3 more episodes for this series, one for each of the moments. If I do, then they will be added to this playlist.

Still loving the game btw!

Thank you for making another a video! I'm happy you've had a good time :)


Hey, I really enjoyed the demo! The concept is so unique and there's clearly a lot of love put into it.

Just wanted to say that I got an error on Windows while trying to edit the MC's hair in step 2. This was in the build before the new hair colors were introduced, so maybe you've already fixed it, but I thought I'd make you aware just in case.

Thank you so much! Glad you had a nice time.

And yep, that error is all patched up now. Thanks for letting us know though. It's helpful to have people report issues in the game.


I've played the demo, and I have to admit, Cove has made me fall in love.

I really want the game to come out complete, and watch the other dlcs.


That's great! Cove is a precious baby and I'm happy you care for him. We'll do our best to get things done :D

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you <3! That's super nice to hear.


Its so cool, The game has got so much personality and its so unique.  Really looking forward to the full game. 

Thank you so much ^^! We'll do our best to make the full version worth the wait.


That was super fun. The atmosphere was so chill and adorable. Can't wait for the full release <3

Thank you :D! I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

Deleted 1 year ago

The game doesn't go that far, aha. It only spans fifteen years. From eight to twenty-three.

Deleted 1 year ago

I don't think that's very fitting on a game that is supposed to sweet and adorable... 

Maybe you'd like Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life or Kynseed. Those have what you're looking for. I'm afraid we're too small of a company to make a game that spans an entire lifetime, and death wouldn't really fit with the themes of this story.


I'm so hyped for this game! I love the idea and the mechanics of changing the relationship is really interesting! I want to protect Cove and watch him grow and be happy <3

Just wondering about the DLC, you said below that there's going to he different types, do you have an idea how many there will be? Mostly because I want to buy them all after all looking at the locked moments :D


Thank you very much ^^! He'll certainly appreciate all that care and nurturing~

Right now we have five pieces of DLC planned; 3 Cove Expansion DLCs and 2 Love Interest DLCs. Cove DLCs unlock Moments on the main Moment Screen and Love Interest DLCs allow you to pursue someone other than Cove and unlock Moments on secondary screens that aren't in the demo. Cove DLCs will cost $3 USD, LI DLCs will cost $4 USD. So all together it'll be $17 USD + Tax (in most cases)!

Though, they won't come out all at once. On release day only some of the DLCs will be available and the rest will release over time. I hope that helps c:


Oh wow, now I'm even more excited! I'm definitely going to pick them all up! Thank you for replying :D

Thank you! I'm glad they sound good c:

Deleted post

Thank you so much! Haha, I can relate, it's certainly hard to wait. 

The free base game is planned to have 6-8 hours of content (how much of that is seen will depend on choices made). The DLCs will add 2-5 hours of content each, depending on which type of DLC you get.


This game was amazing. I've seen very few visual novels where your choices really matter, and the fact that it matters in this one was amazing enough. The fact that it's so beautiful only makes the game more delightful. 

You've truly outdone yourself. :)

Thank you very much for the kind words and for doing a Let's Play! That's really cool of you :D. I'll be sure to watch that today.

:) I also have a second episode done that will be released tomorrow at 3:45 pm, if you want to check it out.

Awesome! I definitely will ^^

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Bug: I chose the crab keychain during the shopping event but when they went to eat some pretzels the choices were all about naming a dolphin.
EDIT: Nevermind!


You're naming the balloons in that scene, not the keychain.


Ah, my bad! ^.^;

Thank you for the help with that!

No worries ^^. Thanks for reaching out about a potential problem!


This is a-ma-zing! 

I don't know what I expected when I started playing the demo even though it was pretty much lined out, I still for some reason had doubts and thought it was just hype. It is not hype, this game is so cute. MC's parents are wonderful. Elizabeth is an atypical bossy kid then later teenage girl and I adore her.

Shiloh's cameo appearance is also wonderful.

Cove, Cove, Cove.

This boy is so precious and I'll protecc him!

I think this is one game where I'll actually fund the kickstarter when it's set up.

Thank you so much <3! I'm really happy you enjoyed the cameo and care for our new baby boy Cove.


I'm so hyped! This looks so so lovely and so cool, definitely going to follow this. :D Options for PC getting braces/having a gap tooth/ freckles + glasses?


Thank you ^^! The demo options are more limited than we'd like. We're going to have a crowdfunding campaign in October and if that reaches its goal we'll be able to separate accessories (like glasses) and physical features (such as freckles) into separate categories and add more options to each of the new categories. 

Can you add eye colors? Specifically blue or red? 

We may be able to do that, depending on how the Kickstarter goes! Right now it isn't possible, since the system would have to be changed to make eye colors work and we aren't able to make any major alterations or additions to that right now.


Alright, so let me tell you how much i absolutely adored this demo--spoiler alert, words can't even begin to describe it!

The fact the player has control over things like the appearance and even the personality of the player character is already pretty damn innovative; but the ability for the player to even mirror their own journey with their insights into their gender identity is just--wow. While I'm cis-female, I have friends who love otomes and dating sims just as much as me who would go absolutely nuts over a game that gives them a chance for representation. (And don't worry--I definitely plan to send them this way!) Plus, building upon that, can I talk about how iconic the PC's parents were? They were both so lovely that my heart absolute melted.

The ability to influence the PC's personality was so incredibly refreshing as well. How do I explain how much fun I had with this? How many games give you the chance to be a confident, if a little pushy character with a softer side? Though, that's just how I played my character, the fact that there was so much variation in the choices that I could make a character that fits that description to a T speaks for itself.

I also love the fact that there's essentially no right or wrong choices. You don't ever have to feel punished for choosing one choice over the other; you can choose to maintain your friendship or crush with Cove just the same no matter what personality you give your character. Which only raises the level of this game even further when I take into account the fact that the hope is to essentially be able to craft both your character and Cove (or even avoid doing the latter, if you wish!) over the course of their live and watch how their relationship as develops (or stays the same!) according to your desires. It's just stellar.

Let's not even talk about how much I adore the cast of characters we've been introduced to so far, how absolutely precious Cove is, how smooth and eyecatching the art and character design are, or how much I already stan this game despite only playing around with the demo a couple times. Suffice it to say, that I'm looking forward to supporting this game come the kickstarter! And that's a lot coming from this broke undergrad student. I wish you guys lots of luck on this endeavor and just want to say that I think you got off to a phenomonal start--which led to me gushing over the demo a lot more than I expected to, lol. Just goes to show how good it really was!

Aw, wow, thank you so much for such a sweet comment and for all the support! It’s great to hear our attempt to have things be immersive worked out. We’ll do our best to make the rest of the story just as good. Thank you again <3


seeing tiny Shiloh in this game made me wanna cry in joy LOOK AT THAT LIL BOY

i'm so hyped for the full release!!!

Thank you! Haha, he's a cute little hatchling. We'll do our best to make the full game live up to expectations ^^


TAKE MY MONEY ( /o - o )/$$$

Haha, thank you for the offer! We'll be having a Kickstarter in October, and we'd love it if you donated to that.


Nice! Best of luck to your development! :D

Thank you again :>


I. Love. This demo. With more polish, I definitely see an amazing game in the works!

The amount of player interactivity draws me right into the game- character customization, choices that actually define your personality, and meaningful interactions are all very much present. Stages of life and an adjustable meter for interest levels is very innovative as well- and I'm excited to see them come to fruition!

It makes me feel that much more immersed with the world. Having this much grasp over choice made conversations with Cove feel genuine, and for a slice-of-life VN, this kind of investment is perfect. As a feel-good, relationship-driven narrative, this demo succeeded at making me care about day-to-day life and the meaningful conflicts in between. Playing and watching these characters grow up together will be a whole new VN experience for me.

The art is fantastic: the colorful character designs, crisp CG, and detailed backgrounds all add to the vibrant seaside setting. Keep up the great work, I'll be sure to look out for future updates!! :D


Aw, wow, thank you so much for the kind words! That sort of feeling is exactly what we were going for, so it's great to hear it worked out.

Hopefully we'll be able to get the game funded on Kickstarter so we can add all the extra polish possible and make it really special. But we'll do our best with the project either way.


Yeah, this looks really awesome! I look forward to seeing more of it!

Couple questions, though - will there be more hair colors in the future? Cove has green hair, after all, so it's clearly not impossible. I just think it'd be cool to have, like, purple hair, so we can be weird-hair buddies! ^_^

Also, will we be able to change the last name in the full version? I know we can't yet, but having the last name of 'Last' seems really weird... xD

Thank you very much! To answer your questions-

We are going to try to keep adding more color options are time goes on, there are just a lot of layers to alter since there are so many hair pieces, haha.

You can change your last time now, but once you pick it out  you're stuck with it for the rest of the game. The first name can be changed, though. So as a kid you could name yourself "Sam Meadow", for example, and later on change Sam to Chris or whatever else, but you'll still have the last name Meadow. If you tried to change the last name at the start of the game and weren't able to than that's some type of error and we'll get it fixed up!


Ohh. I probably just misunderstood the last name thing then. Whoops! ^_^;

Is there a place to report bugs/errors, or should they just be posted here? I ran into an error during the game, when changing my appearance for Part 2...

No worries! We'll try to phrase it better in the future.

And you're welcome to put the error here or send us an email about it! Contract Email: at gmail


For the record, I have now played through the demo five times. The first time I saw Elizabeth call Cove my 'baby boyfriend' (and later 'special boy'), I both squealed in delight at him being referred to as 'boyfriend' and growled at her for being so grumpy about it. She's just jealous SHE doesn't have someone that precious... xD

Thank you for giving the demo multiple playthroughs! Haha, yeah, Cove is a very special baby boy(friend) and Elizabeth is still very single.


This demo is super cute! I can't wait for the full release.

Thank you <3!


Wow! This looks awesome! Can't wait to try it out :D

Thank you so much! I hope you'll enjoy it ^^

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