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I legit played this game at least 9 times already (And I'll play it another 9 times once the last DLC comes out!). Sure I fast forward here or there, but I've never re-read an otome/dating sim game this much, EVER. I just love it, I love how even the more stressful/drama scenes are still so fluffy, and the fluffy scenes are REALLY FLUFFY.

I love how customizable the MC is. the player IS the MC, the personality gets as close as who you are in real life (or want to be) and everyone loves you. In most otome/dating sims, the MC is a character of their own, so one can feel a bit detached from the game, but this is not the case with Our Life.

I love how the romance is totally up to us. I love how being a friend is just as valid as wonderful a relationship as a romantic one.

I'll be honest, I wouldn't mind if the devs chose to "ride the wave" and made another game like this one, with a different love interest(s) and different setting (personally I'd prefer to keep it in this kind of laid-back, calm, setting, but that's just because I love OL so much).


no way this is free, this feels like it could cost money with how much it has! first of all the art looks so beautiful, the people dont stand out to much which is good to give you a realistic feel, then theres like 100 backgrounds here and all are drawn so well! i love how you can customize your love interest and yourself to and the way you can text in this game is cool! laslty i like how we slowly grow up and see the people around you grow up aswell, overall great work!


14 out of 5. I would have given it a 15, but I wish the MC could be a bit more dynamic, with the way I described him and the way the text interpreted not really matching sometimes. Without a doubt, this is easily one of the best games/novels I have ever played. 


The game is really good and have a lot of personnalitation and all which is really cool.

The only thing i think bad is the fact that the game seems to force itself to be inclusive 


Still obsessed with this game, and my fantasy of a spinoff where we have a character romance Cliff. 

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I have been meaning to leave a comment on here I final got account 

I just want to say how much I love you're game! the only reason why I when on this website was to play your game I found the demo when it first came out been in love with it since then. 

your game give me a escape from my really life and I love how I can make the chacter bi sexuality just like me! and the art is beautiful! and how I can have a kid hood friend who stay my Firend which is something I never really got to have in the really life so that a other reason why I love this game because I can do that. 

the art work is really pretty and I love how I can replay the game again and again and find new things also thank you for being LGBT friendly! 

thank you can't wait to see more 

( sorry about grammar and spelling I'm dyslexic ) 


I've played through this game three times now, and it ceases to bore me. I don't think I've ever played a game that has let me be fully myself as much as this one has. There's so many small choices that have no story impact but make you feel like you're really there interacting with the characters. If I had to describe this game in one word it would be "Home".


I love everything about what this game has to offer, this is one of the visual novel that I truly enjoyed since it focus more on the character's growth and development rather than your usual otome games where you must choose wisely for a good/bad ending. And by that I mean all the characters in game, not just the MC's in general. Having two moms as your parents is quite refreshing to see, I would love to have a parents like them irl. The arts were also stunning, I especially like the scene where the MC's and Cove stay up all night on the hill, enjoying the scenery until the sun went up after they went to the formal dinner together. <3 

Also I played this first on before I installed it on Steam to buy all of the available DLC's because I can't get enough of the fluffiness this game has to offer. It was totally worth it.

This is one of the games that I won't mind spending my money on. I can't wait for the next release of the DLC's. Thank you so much for this amazing game, I will be waiting eagerly!


Terribly Amazing


So uh... I just finished the game. AND OH      MY       GOD. I don't think I will ever play a game as good as this one for a long while, haha. AND Y'ALL ARE STILL WORKING ON IT! Y'all are seriously amazing. Making an amazing game, building amazing characters with their own 3D personalities (if that makes any sense), and creating beautiful scenes through visual and verbal art, DAMN! I honestly can not emphasize how much this game has helped me. Also, that ending song was so good too! I'd want to do a cover of it if I could! Anyways, sorry for such a long comment, I just really wanted y'all to know how much I love the game and that I am super excited for the next update, whatever it may be! :) <3


So, for those having trouble with downloading both DLC's on Android and getting them to both work, I've found a solution. I don't know if this will work for everyone, but it worked for me. First, make sure your phone is COMPLETELY up to date; if you don't know how to update your phone, you can look it up as it's pretty easy :). Once your phone is completely done updating (make sure to go back and check that there aren't anymore updates, because it doesn't notify you if there are), go and download the step 2 DLC FIRST and install it. Then download the step 1 DLC and install it. You don't need to have the base game already downloaded for the DLC's to work! So sorry if this doesn't work for some people, but it worked for me and it doesn't hurt to try! If it doesn't work for you, reply and I'll try to figure something else out! :) 


This information might be somewhere, but I can't find it. Has there been any update on when the third DLC will be available? This page just says early 2021 but I'm not sure if things were pushed back or if the official release date was announced, I'm loving this game and just can't wait!!! You guys did SUCH  a good job, I love how many options there are 


I'm really happy you like it! The Step 3 DLC will likely be out in March or April ^^




Thanks so much for letting me know! I can't wait to buy it and your other future projects!


Hello ,i'm french girl who plays a lot your game and i want to propose you if i can translate this game in french for free because we're a lot to like this game but we're french. I want to do it for free i dont want any money (just want to help).You deserve more visibility around the world even here in europe.


Thank you for the interest! You're welcome to make a fan translation on your own if you'd like to, but I'm afraid it wouldn't be right to accept free work and use that in the commercial game. That's kind of you to offer, though.

Does anyone know if you can and/or how to download this oon IOS? (Iphone not Mac)

You cant install apk files on iphone

I'm afraid we haven't been able to release the game on IOS currently. Maybe someday we can!

So I seem to have a problem with the step 1 and 2 dlcs. I have both and they are installed (with all the latest updates) but when I get to the Moments section for step 1, the dlc moments are locked. I have tried reinstalling the dlc and the base game, including starting a new save file but nothing seems to be working. I am using the Android voiced name version.

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Same! I'm using the same version and it's having those issues as well. I'm sure they'll get around to fixing it soon. :]

Thanks for letting us know. We'll try to find out why it's not working for you. Maybe try completely uninstalling the base version and downloading just the Step 1 DLC version.


There's an issue with the step 1 dlc with the new update. I've reinstalled it but it still crashes when I try to start the library dlc T^T

I'm sorry you're having troubles. If that happens generally it means the files aren't in the right places. I would recommend going through all the steps again from the start. Usually if something weird goes wrong with putting them in place it doesn't happen again.

Hey I  commented alot on here but I have two things to say one is there is a voiced name bug in the new android update and second is something I have been thinking alot about it's the part with Cliff calling your character with the line "Hey!" At the  beginning of the game in the demo you hear him say it but in the full version you don't hear that voice line anymore so did you guys removed it in the full version?

We'll look into why the voices aren't playing for some people!

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Oh also found out the pc version have the same problem but with the new name voices

Make sure you redownload the voiced name DLC and add that to your game folder ^^

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I did and didn't work

edit: Never mind I found out what I did wrong.

Unfortunately, there's likely something out of place or missing with the install of the DLC, but I'm afraid I wouldn't know what it is. The PC and Mac versions don't have the same error as the Android build. When all the files and the voice folder are in the game folder of the new build of Our Life, the names play. Sometimes just removing the files and trying to following the steps again from the start goes better because whatever went strangely the first time doesn't end up happening the next time. And if you have old versions of the game or DLC, it's possible things might've gotten mixed up and put in the wrong spots. Deleting older stuff is a good idea so you can be sure you're working with just the most recent files. Doing that won't remove your saves or anything. I'm sorry you're having trouble.

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Hello, I don't know where to post it, but the game's file for PC seems to have a problem : it said the size must be 583 MB but when I download it, its size is only 8 KB and I'm unable to open it.

I'm afraid it sounds like the download didn't finish properly. There could be a number of reasons why, internet connection issues, problems with the hosting site, your devices being wary of a new file, etc. I would suggest just trying again and hopefully that time it all goes through.

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There seems to be an issue with the voiced names on the Android Version of the 1.12 Update. Except for the default "Jamie", it seems none of the choices work (even selecting them in the Character Creation doesn't make a sound). I've messed around with the download on my device to see of it was something on my end, but nothing seems to solve it.

I'm experiencing the same issue. Thought it was just something on my end. Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for letting us know. We'll try to find out why they aren't playing!


Okay, hear me out. A sequel, but where we're a different character playing as an adult and romancing Cove's dad because I'm obsessed with Cliff. 

And also just the entire game.


yes. Just yes.


Totally not replaying this for the second time whatttttttt

Okay real note, this is like my comfort game I love it so much

Ayyo sameeeeee

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Same, I keep coming back lol 


ADORED my first playthrough!!! Is there a way to transfer data between versions (ex. download vs steam)?


Itch saves might appear in Steam, but Steam save files don't appear in Itch I believe. I'm sorry for that. I'm glad you liked the game, though!


I noticed that the game got a new voiced name pack, but I noticed my name still wasn't there....My names Ziggy by the way. Anyways, I love this game dearly it has great visuals and a good story. Your choices do matter a lot and I like that. (Honestly if Undyne from Undertale can get a voiced name, I would like one too.)


Each voice name was chosen by a backer who supported the game before it came out. We don't choose them ourselves. I'm afraid there's not an option to request a name at this point.


after just having binged the whole game, it nearly brought me to tears but i had one criticism that sexuality played a part but there was never an option for a female romance, was that ever in the cards as an add-on?


Nope. The game was originally meant for Cove to be the only romance option, with Baxter and Derek being added on later (though their romances are currently-unreleased DLC). The next game will feature more varied love interests, though.


dang that sux, well anywoo cove and i are close friends and respectful towards my choices in life :D


I'm sorry we weren't able to include lady LIs this time around. But production for the next project has officially started and we'll begin sharing more info everywhere about it likely in April ^^.


Will this game get more endings in the future? i think it would be really cool if we could get a end with baxter or derek. obviously this game is mostly about us and cove but it might be cool to add those different small endings. :3


There's a 'Step 4' which hasn't been released yet, and Baxter and Derek will have their own romance DLCs, so...yeah. We haven't even seen the 'ending' of Cove's story yet.


I probably already posted a comment a few months ago to tell you how amazing your game is but I want to say it again: this is definitely the best visual novel I've ever played and I recommend it to EVERYONE, you definitely won't be disappointed. 

PS: I'm really looking forward to the release of the DLCs and step 4 :)



This game was EXTREMELY cute, and I adore the premise.  It was a nice, laid back little story that I could play in small bites, and I appreciate that.  There are some really sweet, touching moments that I adored.  The world was seriously unrealistic at times, but that was because everyone was trying to be caring and supporting, and it just felt nice.  

That being said, I think I found just about every character more interesting than Cove.  Like, he was alright, but I would much rather have hung out with, like, anyone else.  I was devastated when Shiloh moved, and cried over seeing him again.  I was highly disappointed that there wasn't more of Baxter--he was absolutely my favorite.    Even Derek was adorbs, and while I wasn't initially interested because he seemed too young, I was intrigued after the time jump and wanted to see him more grown up.  I even liked the girls, my sister, and the parents.  I would totally just spend time with them!  Elizabeth's growth was very touching!

Cove's parents, however... I just didn't care.  His dad, especially, made me uncomfortable.  And with my playthrough where I wasn't even friends with Cove, a lot of the scenes made no sense and were just bad.  And that wasn't my first playthrough--I did a friendship run first, where I was very protective of Cove.  In the second, I was more honest with myself and we just ended up not friends.  I didn't hate him, we just have nothing in common, despite how his personality changes depending on user input (which gave me ... very mixed feelings.  On the one hand, it felt wrong to try to shape him into what I wanted, so I tried to let him just develop however he would.  On the other hand, you see how that turned out for me lol).  I never tried to romance him.

So Cove and the setting were my two big struggles.  I have never seen the ocean.  I could never get into Cove's love of it, or his sportiness.  I'm a bookworm that grew up in the woods in the middle of nowhere, and I couldn't figure out how to feel about living in a town like that.  With neighbors.  And pavement.  And a beach.  And a park.  And a grassy field or meadow thing.  The setting just wasn't for me.  Venturing off into town alone as a child, being at the beach all the time, and the fact that the game seems to think veganism is just a diet and I was not allowed to voice discomfort at other times (like Cove's fish).  

Don't get me wrong, I appreciated being allowed to be vegan at all.  Something that this game did extremely well was be open to different viewpoints constantly, even when it didn't seem to matter or affect the scene.  It was a thrilling roleplay choice!  But it also made it difficult for the writers and coders, I'm sure, and it shows at times where they would assume something that I disagreed with or had earlier even contradicted, like the fact that I love school and hate summer.  And the magician or clown or whatever it was.  The story forced my character to enjoy it, when I HATE magic shows and circuses.  Sometimes you just don't think of everything, I get it, it just made me soooo uncomfortable.

All in all though, it was such an ambitious project, and I really did enjoy it!  I understand it must have been so difficult, and you can't please everybody.  I still am looking forward to the updates, and will certainly be playing whatever I can get ahold of.  I don't mean to complain, I just hope my input is helpful--maybe for future projects?  I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings, I just wanted to be honest!  Thank you for making such a wonderful game!  


Although I do not agree with you, I do appreciate that you wanted to share your honest thoughts! Everyone has their own opinions, and I was happy to hear yours! I hope you have a wonderful day and I am glad you enjoyed some of the game! :D :) <3


No no no it can’t be over!!! ;-; I thought I was gonna be able to move in with cove for a satisfying ending completely;-; agh. I’m so hopeful!


Ah! Hold on for just a bit longer, hun! Apparently in Step 4, which is going to be released sometime this year, we move in with him! Just hang on for a little bit lol! :)


I love this game! Looking forward to step 3 DLC and step 4! Take your time for updating the game, stay safe!


I love this game so much <3 :) I am looking for step 3 and 4. <3 :)


I'm looking forward to Step 3! Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful game!

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Can you let me know what device you're on? Is it a Mac or Android? And are you downloading it through the App or directly through the webpage? You might want to try doing the opposite (using the app if you're not, downloading directly if you are using the app).

I got it working thank you! Turns out I just had to remove a lot of storage for space for the game! I came here to say that I absolutely love your work. The ability to choose everything that's relatable to you, sandwich options, being able to say what I like physically and romantically, even being able to play hangman! I love the personal options and personality love being able to let a game know what I like, down to the very specifics! You are ABSOLUTELY my favorite visual novel creator! If I wasnt flat broke living in a trailer I'd SO buy the DLC content! I really really wish I could actually. :'( Maybe one day... But you definitely have a customer for life! I havent been able to sleep because I'm so immersed in the game. I just wish there were a girl version of cove I could be with without having to buy one, for people like me. Anyways thank you so much for this life changing creation. I've never been able to fully read a visual novel without skipping through alot or deleting it. For a person like me with ADHD and dyslexia it's really hard for me to read and stay immersed and enjoy it. So definitely pat yourself on the back!!! :) only option I wish there was, was being able to up the size of the font, i have eye problems and no glasses sadly haha so sometimes it hard to read the words even with the thickest outline. I was going to ask you if you knew anymore VNs like this one :) for when I get done with this one. I'd love to be able to find more like this when I'm done. I feel like I'll be lost when it's over haha. Thank you for making my not so amazing life, a little better. :) You're amazing! I'm personally an artist of 11 years and aspiring to try to get to be able to make my own stuff one day when I get the money to, or even just star in a bit of a voice acting role of my dreams. ^-^ Anyways, thank you so much for this, and the fast replies! You're a great creator. :) thank you. Maybe one day when you have the ability you could create a full free vn with multiple free dating options like a dating sim! ^-^ I'll definitely keep in touch with your work to find out! Thank you again. Have a good day!

I also love the connection I feel with each person. Especially cove and the family, irl I dont have the closest or happiest family life, so its really nice to feel apart of it.. And sometimes irl when in upset I wish I could actually hop on and talk to cove to feel better. That would actually be a wonderful side project for the people who got dependent on cove or Elizabeth or the moms. :) it could be for anxiety, depression, family issues or really anything you can think of! Just a thought. :)

I'm really happy it worked out and that you enjoyed the game in the end <3. Thank you for the message!

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I love this game soooo MUCH, it's amazing. I cried and laughed and the plot...  I'm speechless. you  know what, I'm gonna make a fan art or a animation. Idk, but Cove is so sweet.

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This is the best game i've ever played. the characters are simply amazing, the designs are just *chef's kiss*. I love how many choices there are, too!

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Easily my favorite romance game. I love a good plot, but this insane attention to detail in dialogue and character dynamics really brings the best out of the genre. I was completely blindsided by how things that you could say no to or that could have played out differently would get referenced, or how being in the relationship would change parts of a scene. Can't wait to see/buy more of this. 


Dang this is SO GOOD! I cried, I laughed, I blushed like crazy in some cute scenes, I love how natural and cute the narrative is, even when it touches important subjects. I love Cove's personality (shy Cove is my love!), I love our moms, Liz, the whole Holden family, everything! I'm so grateful I came across this game and I'll be 100% supporting you guys 💕


So I thought the dlc was free? dang...

So i know this is a weird question but can anyone tell me how to download this on linux?          Because i see it says linux but im having trouble with it


Quick question: Once the game is fully done with the dlc, will there every be NSFW content added (obviously in the adult stages of the game) or I should say slightly more suggestive scenes?  Love their romance/friendship just wish their was slightly more when it comes to the sexual relationship between them and not just the emotional 


They said that there was a NSFW dlc planned, but it will come apart of the whole game for those that prefer don't see that type of content, it will be published on patreon, and maybe other platform for those that can't use patreon

Alright, thank you!


Honestly, if you are looking for content like that play Depraved Awakenings, or Acting Lessons. All the sex you could ever want in those two game alone! Acting Lessons is also a beautiful Visual Novel.


Is the 4th summer going to be free, or will we have to pay for it?

I have a feeling that it'll be free. After all, we didn't have to pay for any of the original steps. :p

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