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The actualization that you put un patreon are only there ir you put it here to?

The incomplete beta build that's available on our Patreon won't be released here. But all the game's content will be released here this summer when it's fully complete!


I had the game for a day, and I've already played it four times. Can't wait for the full release! I have a question though, will the game be free when it's fully released? Also, good luck with it! You must've put so much effort in it :)

Aw, that's great! It's good to hear the demo is worth replaying ^^. Our Life will be free-to-play when it comes out, though there will be optional DLCs people can buy to add more content. But you'll still be able to beat the game without purchasing anything.


AHHHH I REALLY LOVE THE DEMO!!! cant wait for it to be fully released!!!!!!! Your games are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you <3 <3! I'm so happy you liked it.


I just wanted to say that I really enjoy playing the demo. I don't know how many times I've played it over and over again. :)

 Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the full release!

Aw, I'm super glad the demo feels worth replaying and you enjoyed it that much. We're doing our best with the rest of game!


I love the demo! The game seems sweet so far and I love the customization for the main character (as a nonbinary person it always makes me so happy when I can play as a nonbinary character). I can't wait for the full release!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it ^^! And it's great to hear the customization feature was good for you. We're happy to have everybody feel included.


It's awesome! I thought of a suggestion for something to add to the customization, if that's okay? Maybe hearing aids? Though I understand if you don't want to add them or are past the point of being able to! But I've never seen any characters in visual novels who wear them and it would be nice to be able to wear them as the MC (I'm biased though bc I myself wear hearing aids lol).

Thank you for the the suggestion! Right now there's not really time to expand the character creation screen further. But we can keep it in mind for post-release expansions of the game. Even then I can't 100% guarantee we'll be able to make the art and script additions that'd be needed for hearing aids to be properly implemented as a option for the MC, however we'll look into it as best we can :D.


That's okay! I figured that you were probably too far along to add it. <3 Thank you for considering it anyways! I'm excited to play the next updated demo!

Thanks for understanding ^^. We'll do our best to have the game be worth the wait.

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Oh man I really enjoyed this game, the characters are cute, the art is amazing and the story is just so good. I want to continue playing but ugh full game is not out yet and checked steam says august 29th, so long away
;( Can it please come quicker. Anyways amazing work on this you did a fabulous job, is there anyway i can play full game quicker I am too excited to not play it XD I played twice once as a shy girl, and shy crush, the next as a girl that says whats on her mind, and the max level of crush, it made him more open towards others which is kinda cute XD.

Also how do I play the DLC stuff.


I'm so glad you liked it ^^! You can play more of the game right now by supporting us on Patreon for $1USD or more. It's paid on a per-month basis, so if you are interested it'd be a better deal to join at the start of April instead of the end of March.  We're also planning on updating the free-to-play demo with new content somewhat soon.

The DLCs will be available to buy and then play once the game has come out in summer.

Thank you! We'll do our best to make the game worth the wait <3.


o cool, I will do the patreon thing. How often do you update the game for there? cos this game is so fun to play and i am adoring the characters(not so much the mean dude) also another question i played the other game XOXO droplets and i noticed a few of them appear, the mean guy and the freckle guy, are they the same people? do any others appear.


Thank you for supporting us :D! The $1 bonus demo doesn't get updated, but the full sized beta is updated every month.

And yep, Shiloh and Jeremy in Our Life are the same Shiloh and Jeremy in XOXO Droplets. There's not really more cameo characters other than those two, though.


I'm really enjoying the demo so far! I'm definitely looking forward to the full game!🥰

Thank you so much <3!


Funnily enough, I live in a small seaside town too and I absolutely adore this game! My friends have been begging me to come with them to the beach this summer, but this game is way too adorable and precious for me to abandon! 

Haha, that's really nice of you to say <3. It's flattering that OL rivals going to the real beach in terms of enjoyment!


I am suuuuuuper excited for this adorably amazing game! I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the full release. If this gets done in time for my bday in decemeber I know what I am doing on my vacation!

I'm so happy you're looking forward it! We're going to release the first three Steps this summer and the fourth Step should be out before the end of the year ^^.


Will there be a French version? I am French, even if I understand English well, I know that it is selfish but I think that it will be "easier" for me in French. I already like the demo which I read in its entirety without real difficulties. I would really love an answer on a change from English to French, so I can advertise to support you with other Otome Games players! Thank you for taking the time to read this message! :)

I really appreciate you wanting to share it! Sadly, we can't afford to translate the project to any other language right now. If the game is successful when released in English, putting it out in other languages might become an option later on, but for now I have to say it's only in English.


I grew up in a small seaside town,  and the demo brought me right back to those long summers hanging out with my friends. The text was was a little bit hard to read (I couldn't get the white outlines off on the Mac build), but the art and story were really A+

Aw, that's really great to hear it gave you that reminiscent feeling! And thank you <3

We'll try to fix things so the outline option works on your end.


I love the game, and the demo is so good! I love all the attention to detail and all the fun things you're able to do. I've played the demo at least five times now, and I was wondering when it's gonna be finished? I don't want you guys to feel pressured or rushed, cuz beauty takes time, I just wanna know the estimated time for the finished product. And if I'll have to pay for anything. Anyway, thanks for making such an amazing game! Have a nice rest of your day! ^^


Thank you so much for all the kind words ;v;. It's great to hear you were able to have fun with the demo multiple times! We plan to release Steps 1-3 late summer 2020, though we don't have a super firm release date yet.  And Step 4 will probably come out in fall or winter 2020.

The base Steps will be totally free and extra content will be unlockable by purchasing DLCs. Each DLC will cost around $4USD on average, some more, some less.

We hope you have a great day, too!


i love this game it's so wholesome :)))

Thank you!!


not to be dramatic but i can and will die for cove

Aw, I'm so glad you like Cove ^^. But I certainly hope you don't ever have to die for him!

Hey! So, I've been wanting to download this game for android, but it doesn't seem to work.

I'm sorry you're having trouble! Can you give me more details on the situation? Is the file not downloading at all or is it failing to install or something else? Are there any errors being reported on your android device you can share?  And, if you can, could you email us? We'd be able to better go through the troubleshooting process through email rather than the comment area.

Contact Email:

Good morning. So, the download is normal, but when I try to open the file, it doesn't open; it says “file not found”.

I'm afraid that may be a problem with the downloading process/phone file mangement rather than the build itself, so we may not be able to do anything. I'd recommend seeing if you can find other people with your specific phone having that issue to see what they did or trying to download the file at another time, in case whatever is causing problems with the downloading process goes away. I hope there's a way to work this out!

Thank you for responding. Your help is appreciated.

It's no problem. If you find out more or anything else comes up, please feel free to tell us!


Hi! I am unbelievably excited about this game. It's so cute and there are so many unique features that I love.

I'm wondering what the "Cove Creator" is that's listed as the $10,000 stretch goal on Kickstarter. Is it a customization screen similar to the one for MC? I really like some of the shorter hairstyles on Cove—how would we be able to attain that?

Thank you for all your hard work!


We're really happy to hear you're looking forward to it <3! The Cove creator will allow players to go with the Cove was formed through their choices or just pick the details about him directly. So in the full version you'll be able to make sure he has short hair.

Yay. Thank you for answering <3

You're welcome c:


Hi! When will the full version come out and how much will it be? 

The first major release will be at the very end of summer 2020! But we're going to keep releasing content for the game as time goes on. Our Life will be free for everyone. There will be some extra content you can get by purchasing DLCs. Each DLC will cost right around $4USD.


I've played the demo and I gotta say, I'm totally in love with this VN. I hope to see the next demo soon! Thank you for all of your hard work! This novel is gorgeous!

Thank you!! That's really nice of you to say. We'll keep doing our best ^^.


Loved it. Hope to see more updates and an eventual official release of the game. Good work! :)

Thank you so much ^^! We are gonna keep updating the demo every couple months and will have a big release at the end of summer.


I don't really comment but I just made an account to tell you guys that I love this game and I am thankful that you guys made this. 


Thank you! I'm so happy you like the project that much ;v;


I absolutely LOVE the fact that we can manually choose how close you and Cove are and how the dialogue only shapes your personality. It really allows for different dynamics and thats so unique!

I see that choosing the quiet options makes Cove quiet, and the cheerful options makes him more cheerful, etc. But is there going to be a way to make an interaction where you're quiet and Cove is cheerful, or you're the louder of the two while he is quiet and shy?

This is my favorite game I've come across!

Thank you so much <3! It is possible to end up with a Cove who is more/less outgoing than the MC is. Rather than the MC's personality determining his personality, it's more about how he's treated/what happens to him. A Cove who is coddled won't become more outgoing, for example. A cheerful MC is more likely to have Cove get out there than a quiet MC is but it's not impossible to be a quiet MC who avoids really sheltering Cove. That's just one example, though. There's different methods of having the MC you prefer and the Cove you prefer!

I'm really glad you've liked the game so much so far :D


Thanks so much for the reply! 

When more of the game is out it would be fantastic if there were some optional tips to get help creating the right dynamic <3

Will def be jumping into the patreon soon! Seeing an update becomes the highlight of my week :D

The full game will have a Cove Creator so people who don't want to leave his development a mystery can directly decide how he ends up, if that's what you mean by getting the right dynamic. If it's about something else just let me know.

And thank you very much for the support ;v;!


Oh that's fantastic! That's exactly what I meant! I seem to always make the choices that make Cove quiet even when I create an engeretic character or a quiet one. I'm so happy you guys already were going to do that <3 

Haha, no problem! We figured people would want to try out different Coves and we wanted to make that possible. You can see a mockup of the screen here-


I just played the PAX version, and oh my god, the 'I choose him, and he chooses me' line during the Sleepover event... That just hit me RIGHT in the feels. Adorable little babies, giving me emotions like that... xD

Thank you!! I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the PAX demo. They're some cute kiddos, haha.


This is so amazing! I wish the entire game was out already! If it actually is, whoops... 'cause i couldn't find it! Anyway, this is the best visual novel i've seen so far! And i'll definetely will play it more often! This is seriously great, kkep up the good work!


It's not out yet. I think Parts 1 through 3 are scheduled to be released in August, maybe a little later, while Part 4 will be released at some point after that.

That's right! Steps 1-3 are coming out late summer and Step 4 is coming out later in the year. Thanks for helping answer the posters question :D

Will it be free?    o.o    'cause i'm broke~ XD

The base game will be entirely free! But there will also be optional paid DLCs.

Yeah, I'm afraid the full version isn't out just yet. But we're working away on it. It's so nice to hear you've enjoyed it that much. We're doing our best on the rest of the events and we think it's gonna be worth the wait ^^.


It's such a wonderful, heart-warming game. Thank you so much for bringing this feeling of something nostalgic!  The music, art and general atmosphere is so cozy and pleasant. And Cove, of course, is such a sweetheart! The setting in a beach town is amazing, too. Can't wait for the summer already and play the full game! Gotta say childhood friends trope has always hooked me and this game gives you this experience :D

Thanks very much ^^! Childhood friends are a joy for us as well, haha. We'll try to do the concept justice.


fantastic! cannot wait for the full release! I love pretty much everything about it, the music, the setting, the art style, the characters and how you feel you are ACTUALLY making contributions to the story, the whole "you choose" sort of story and character thing...I don't really know how to describe it but I do know that it's awesome! arguably the most unique visual novel (well demo but you get the idea) I have ever....experienced, I think that's the correct word to use here, 10/10 highly recommend.

Thank you so much!! It's great to hear you like the direction we're going in. We're doing our best to get the game finished and have it build on what the demo laid down.


Awesome! keep up the excellent work!

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Hello developer! 

This game is OUTSTANDING!!!! I love how you can choose the relationship with Cove and you can customize the main character . So I'm VERY excited for the full game ! :D

Thank you <3! That's really nice of you to say. We'll do our best to get it finished, so it can be fully enjoyed.

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Okay, with this game is like all my wishes came true.... It's really on another level! Character's personalization is really something I was looking for and now it's real! I can't wait to play this game! It's amazing!

Aw, thank you so much! I'm thrilled it's a game that's so up your alley :D.


I really love the vn and cannot wait for part 3 and 4 the art style and the whole story line is just so nice but unfortunately I can only download this one vn as I don't have a laptop or computer 😔

Thank you! I'm happy you're looking forward to it. There are quite a few other VNs made for Android, if that's the system you're using. If you search on Itch using the Android tag you might find more VNs you like ^^.

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I just thought I would let you know that I think I've found some typos

Thank you for the error reports :D


Hi there! I played through most of the demo yesterday on Steam! I was very impressed with what I've played so far and wanted to pass it on. The artwork and VA for this game is fantastic! I haven't played many VN games; but I'm really looking forward to it! Thank you guys so much for making such a great game! Might have to check out some other VNs now. One question for you; I'm interested in buying all the DLCs when they are available- are you planning on doing a Season Pass? Thank you!

Thank you so much! It's great you had a good time with it and I'm happy you enjoyed the VAs. They're really talented. We will put the DLCs into a bundle with a discount as they come out, but I'm not we'll do a Season Pass for them, since we can't be sure about the release schedule for all of them.


i would just like to say, im in the customization page after the tutorial and i thought that the voiced names idea is so awesome!! i change my name to voice customization and what do i find? MY NAME!!!! :DDDDD Desiree is quite rare where i live and i'm so happy that i've found it somewhere unintentionally (the first time other than that one time i found it on an insurance advertisement banner). i can feel that this vn is gonna be a big hit. thank you!!!


That's cool that one of the voiced names is yours! We're glad you were able to really enjoy that feature. And thank you for all the kind words and well-wishes <3.


Omg, I can't wait till this full game comes out. I'll be waiting so patiently for it because the artwork is beautiful, the story is engaging, and characters, except for Jeremy, are so fun and so vibrant! I love it and can't wait! 


Haha, thank you very much! I'm really glad you had a good time with it. And Jeremy really is a little pill.

For some reason it doesn't want to install on my phone any ideas?(I've tried undownloading it and redownloading it again)

Please could I have some help

Hey! I'm sorry you're having trouble. We're in the middle of showing the game at PAX, so we aren't around as much as usual. But if the game isn't installing at all, it may be an issue with the type of phone it is or the download system of the site. I'm not sure we'd be able to get it to work on our end. Can you tell us what phone you have?


I really liked this game. A whole new experience!

Thank you <3!

Pretty interesting visual novel! Might buy the DLCs sometime soon.

Thank you very much :D! The first collection of  DLCs will be coming out in summer 2020.


The new demo options made me think of some questions. Like, if you picked all the scar options, would people react differently than if you just picked one? I'm really interested in seeing how some of these different options are mentioned in game.


We'll see! All those new elements on the character creation screen were extra additions not originally in the works, so we're not done with figuring out all the ways they'll fit into the script yet. But we'll try to have them come up a decent amount of times.


I LOVE THIS GAME! COVE MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL TIMES! Also, Cove's dad is such a beautiful man. I love the fact that the game is a F2P but knowing there's going to be DLC kinda bum me. I just wanna know how much do I have to pay for the DLCs? Is it going to be a bundle or separate ones for different moments etc? 

I'm happy you like Cove and his dad so much!

The DLCs will be sold separately! Depending on the host site they may or may not also come in a bundle. and Steam will probably both have bundles, the Google Playstore probably won't. How much the DLC costs will depend on which DLC it is. $3-5USD is the price range per DLC.


Best game i have ever played i love the game, story line and the characters and there behavior, personalities and characteristics.

Even the demo is amazing i just can't get enough from it that i have to play it over and over again i can't wait for the full game I'm sure it will be amazing my only wish i don't have to pay for it but other than that i can not thank you for making such a wonderful game and can't wait for more like it.

Thank you ^^! It's so nice to hear you had such a good time with the demo. Our Life will be free-to-play! Though, some extra content will be unlocking by purchasing DLCs. But you won't have to buy anything to be able to complete the story :].

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I hope you had a awesome day! I just wanted to say that this was the best visual novel demo I have ever played, and I will say I cannot wait for the final product.

Thank you so much <3! That's such a nice thing to say. We'll do our best with the full version ^^.

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