A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Download a collection of extra preset names for the protagonist that come with voice acting! You'll be able to hear the love interest, Cove Holden, say your name of choice out loud. This DLC adds over 600 voiced names to choose from.

This is an optional DLC for the free game Our Life: Beginnings & Always.

The DLC is only for Windows, Linux, and Mac. The Android version of Our Life has  a different method of adding the Voiced Name DLC.

To use these files you'll need to have the free base version of Our Life. It can be download HERE.

  1. Download the file after purchase
  2. Extract the zipped file you downloaded
  3. Open the extracted folder and copy the rpy files and voices folder inside
  4. Open the folder of your current Our Life Build and find the "game" folder inside. To view folders on Mac you might have to right click the application launcher and select "view package contents" and you may have to open a couple different folders before you find the "game" folder tucked away inside
  5. Paste the new rpys and folder you got from the DLC into the Our Life "game" folder

After that, the build you already had will now include all the extra content this DLC gives.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux


Voiced Name DLC 74 MB


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I extracted the rpy files and the voices. The game has all the extra names, yet when I click on one of them it has this error screen. I tried to quit the game and play again, but it still has the same error as before. I don't really know what the problem is.

But don't worry! I won't quit playing the game even if it has a minor issue. The game is great overall, even without the extra names :)) .

I'm sorry you're having trouble. Can you give me a screenshot of your game folder? The error is saying the name file isn't there so something about where the names were put seems to be off.

Umm...may I ask where is the game folder?

It depends on your device.



um..my window's folder is not like this

You take the files from the voiced name pack and put them into the game folder for Our Life. There isn't a game folder in the voiced name pack itself.


I don't know how else to explain it, but this game is an emotional roller coaster. I love it. I wish more games were like this allowing for many endings and not one cookie cutter ending regardless of choices. 

So I have a new pc now, so I lost my save file anyway I love the game so I take my time and then I was ready to play the game again. Only 10 minutes past in the first step and the game close with this error. I try erase my dlcs and only run the game, then put the voice dlc if that was but dont work. Please I will love the help, this is the text that show up :

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

ScriptError: could not find label 'step_4_end'.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "renpy/bootstrap.py", line 326, in bootstrap


  File "renpy/main.py", line 617, in main


  File "renpy/main.py", line 148, in run


  File "renpy/execution.py", line 922, in run_context


  File "prologue.rpyc", line 2574, in script

  File "renpy/script.py", line 918, in lookup

    raise ScriptError("could not find label '%s'." % str(original))

ScriptError: could not find label 'step_4_end'.



Our Life 1.4.0

Wed Sep 22 16:10:55 2021


My voice named is an option however I don't hear Cove saying it throughout the game. The name is present in text however I can't hear it. Is there anything I can do to fix that?

It's possible the files aren't in the right spot. Can you take a screenshot of your folder? Though, the name is only said about once per event. It doesn't happen all the time, so it's also possible you didn't hit the points where it happened. 

It's not working for me :(

I just forgot to paste the voice folder inside, it works now


are requests still be taken for names that we want to be added to the list?

I'm afraid not! Maybe someday we'll add more, but there's no way to get your name added currently. 

It's not for Android 😭

The Android version is on the main page! Just download Our Life (Android, Voiced Name Version)

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Hello!! So, I've been playing this game for a few months and I love it! When I saw there was a voiced name DLC, I downloaded it immediately. However, even when I followed all of the download instructions perfectly (several times over, downloading and redownloading both the game and DLC), I cannot hear any of the names on the selection screen or in-game. Is there any way I'm still doing something wrong? I'm on MacOS, if that helps. Thanks ^^


Can you tell me where the files are in your version? It should look something like this, but with the voiced name folder instead of the DLC folder.

Sorry I'm a moment late, but here you go!


Can you take everything in the "Voiced Name DLC" folder out of that folder and put it directly in the "game" folder? You can just delete the empty "Voiced Name DLC" folder. All that's needed are the actual files in the game folder.


That was the solution! Thanks so so much ^^


That's wonderful!


So I really want this game but when I pick download it says stuff like this can hurt my phone... is it save to download?


naw it wont do anything, your device is probably being extra precautious 

So I downloaded the game plus bought all the DLCs. How will I know if the DLCs actually worked? Is there an option that shows that they have been added to the game?

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If the DLC is unlocked there will be 10 Moments available on the Moment Select screen rather than five. If you see the Moments are still locked you can save the game, close it out, make sure they DLC files are the right spot, and then reload the game. The extra scenes will become available in all save files once the DLC content is set in the game folder, so you won't have to restart or anything if there was a problem at first.

I downloaded, unzipped and installed the files as instructed, but I only get a handful of names under each alphabet tab - it's never more than seven or eight names, and the full list never appears despite the files all being present in the voices folders.  Could there be something I've done wrong?

I'm sorry I missed this comment! It's possible the display isn't showing you the scroll bar. There should be a way to go down the page to reveal more names. Can you share a screenshot of what your voiced name looks like?

It's my turn to apologize, I got the email and meant to get to this and wasn't able to right away, I am sorry as well!  Thank you for getting back to me!  I checked and the scroll bar does not allow me to interact with it at all.  Here is the requested screenshot.

I see. That's the old version of the screen. It seems you need to update part of your game build. Either re-downloading the base game itself, getting the newest version of one or all of the DLCs, starting a fresh file instead of loading a save, or all of that. Can you try that to see if it works?

My laptop died and I had to get a new one, so I had to do a reinstall of the game - this worked perfectly, I needed the new version of the game.  Thank you so much and again, apologies for the length of time between my replies.   It is such a great game with so much thought put into it!!  Will enjoy starting over with a new save. :)

That's great :D

AMO este juego, pero me gustaría que le sacaran una versión en español :(


I'm not sure if I've done something wrong or not. I have the options to use the voiced names but no one ever actually says them


Can you hear them on the screen or is it silent there too? And what device are you using? The only character who says the name is Cove and he only does it sometimes, like once per Moment rather than all the time, so it's possible the names are working and you just haven't gotten one of the times where it's said in-game. But if you don't hear them on the screen either that generally means the DLC files aren't in the right spot.


I'm playing on PC! I can see the voiced name being said, but it isn't spoken aloud. The only thing I can think of is that I originally started a file with Jamie and then got the voice DLC right before step 2. I did exit out of the game while doing this, but maybe because I already had a save file it doesn't update? I heard him say Jamie in step one but ever since I haven't heard him say the name (I picked Skye if it matters). I'm currently on step 3. Once I finish and start a new save I'll see if that fixes it.

Just so I make sure I did it right though, I just need to copy and paste voice_name_dlc.rpy and voice_name_dlc.rpyc, not go into the voice folder and manually copy/paste all of the names?


Thanks for the details. You do need to copy/paste or move over those rpys, but you also need the voices folder. You don't have to copy every name file individually, you can copy or simply move the entire voices folder into the game folder of your Our Life build. I hope that helps!


That was absolutely what I was missing!! Thank you so much, I didn't even think of copying the voices folder but in hindsight it's pretty obvious that I would need to do so, lol.


No problem. I'm happy it worked out in the end!

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Hi! I'm having some trouble with the voice dlc :( 

I recently had to erase my macbook and download everything again-- including Our Life and all the dlcs!-- and the voices aren't working this time around? the voices folder is in the game folder, i've tried moving the voice rpy files in and out of the voices folder, and nothing seems to work but Jamie?

pls help!


I'm sorry you're having trouble. It sounds like there is something out of place, but I'm not sure what. Removing all the voiced DLC stuff and starting again might be worth doing. Sometimes just trying to following the steps again goes better because whatever went wrong the first time doesn't end up happening the next time.


hi gbpatch !! i adore this game with all i am. however, the voiced name portion isn't working for me. i followed the install steps and made sure to select my name in the voiced name part too, but i've played almost to the end of step 3 now and cove hasn't said my name at all :( am i missing a step?

Can you hear the name on the screen itself but not in the game? Or do you not hear the name even when you select the name on the screen? You may have to turn up the voice volume from the config screen. It is possible something is out of place or missing when you tried to install it, but I wouldn't know what it is. Sometimes just trying to following the steps again goes better because whatever went wrong the first time doesn't end up happening the next time.


so I seem to have a problem with the voice dlc idk if its because I missed a step but when I put in the files I cant seem to even open the game the application just turns into a normal icon idk what I did wrong. 

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i might try to do this on steam to see if it works there

I'm sorry I missed this! If you still need help, let me know.

nope! I got the steam version instead and the dlc worked there but thx!

I'm happy to hear you were able to get it there, at least. Sorry for the trouble.

Will there ever be a NSFW DLC/extra game at any point?

There will be a NSFW Patreon Bonus Moment, but that's extra content. The main game will always be safe for teens with nothing 18+.

That's understandable. :) I just finished my playthrough of it and I LOVED it! Sadly I don't know if the voice patch thing did anything different. I put it where I think it said to in the right place, but it never had my name voiced or anything. Still a good game though! Super heartwarming.

I'm happy you liked it ^^. If you couldn't hear it, sometimes you've gotta turn the voice volume higher and the music lower. The name line also doesn't play every time Cove says the MC's name, only occasionally. And did you choose the name from the screen or type in the letters of name that is an option? Typing it in won't set the voice. You've gotta go through the voiced name screen itself and pick it out from there. I hope that's helpful.

I'm really excited to play this game! I just bought the two DLCS on Stream. I was wondering if the voiced name feature is already embedded when you download the game on Stream instead of here?


Hello! You can add the voiced names through a free DLC on Steam. It's not included automatically 'cause it's kind of a big add-on that not everyone might want.

Hey! I've been in love with this game since the demo before step 2, and so I wanted to say thank you! But also, I play on a Mac and can't quite get Cove to say any of the voiced names either. How can I fix that?


Hello! I'm really glad you like it. Did you move all the RPY files and the voices folder into the "game" folder of Our Life? And can you hear the previews of the names on the screen or nothing at all? Sometimes turning the voice volume up is needed on some computers. If you hear the previews, they'll play in the game too it's just he doesn't always have a voiced line every time your name is said. It only happens occasionally, so you might not have come across a point where he uses the a voiced line yet. Hopefully one of those helps!

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It works now, thanks!

this is an awesome game


Hi! Can I put in a request? 




Hey I absolutely adore ADORE this game,  genuinely one of my favorites to date! I was wondering if maybe  you could help with with the installation of this DLC? I have all the names available but the only one that actually makes a sound is the default:(


I'm glad you like it! Did you add the "voices" folder into the "game" folder along with the rpy files? Maybe the sound files for the other names aren't in the right place.


I was worried when I didn't see my name in the DLC, but I think it's just one of those that didn't come out right (as you mentioned in the last backer update). Thank you all for being so committed!


God, I love this game.


Left a message on Kickstarter as I was thinking my fulfillment survey wasn't received/recorded because my chosen name Angel is not on the list, but now I'm seriously thinking ya'll just accidentally stuck an A at the end? 😅

p.s. Please send my undying affection to Cove. 🌊

Playing on windows and i'm having some trouble. When downloaded, I dont see a zipped file anywhere so I just go ahead and past the rpy files into the game files. The menu for preset names shows up and I am able to pick, but I can't get Cove to actually say any of the names? It doesn't even do a preview of what the name sounds like except for the default Jamie. Can anyone help me out :( ?


The file you download from this page is the zipped file. After you unzip that, then the files inside will work. You'll also need more than the rpys, you'll also have to add the "voices" folder that's next to the rpys. Let me know if that helps!

That's totally what  it was! thanks :)

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You have to download a unzip app I recommend Winrar or winzip for mac


Congratulations! I'm excited for my 5th playthrough. 


Congratulations on this new DLC. Can't wait to support what else comes out!
I have to admit I'm a little sad because my name (Alex) was in the demo but it doesn't seem to be in the final release. Ah well, Ali will suffice :D


Oooooohhhhhhhh, I have been waiting for this DLC since I downloaded the full game! I loved the voiced names back in the demo, so having that back is super great. I cannot wait to mess around with this once I boot up the game, especially with the two paid DLCs I have, so thank you. :D

I also cannot wait to see how this will meld once the Step 4 DLC is finally released.