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The Baxter DLC is coming May 19th, 2023!

Enjoy exciting summer days in the company of Baxter Ward during Steps 3 and 4! This is an optional DLC for the free game Our Life: Beginnings & Always.

  • Unlocks 5 Step 3 Moments: Sightseeing, Hang, Drinks, Mountain, & Planning
  • Unlocks an entirely new storyline in Step 4
  • Allows you to form a deeper relationship with Baxter Ward (platonic or romantic) and spend time more with your friends
  • Includes new character sprite art, background locations, and CG images
  • Provides even more options for adding custom qualities to your character. Is your protagonist a good dancer or do they have two left feet?
  • Unlocks bonus scenes in the other Step 3 Moments where what happened in these events is referenced and reflected on
  • Increases the overall playtime by multiple hours

To use these files you'll need to have the free base version of Our Life. It can be download HERE. You need version 1.7.0+ for the Baxter DLC to work.


1. Download the rpa file after purchase

2. Open the folder of your current Our Life Build and find the "game" folder inside. To view folders on Mac you might have to right click the application launcher and select "view package contents" and you may have to open a couple different folders before you find the "game" folder tucked away inside

3. Move or copy/paste the rpa file into the Our Life "game" folder

After that, the build you already had will now include all the extra content this DLC gives.


1. Download the apk file after purchase.

2. Locate the file in your file manager and install it. You may have to give your file manager additional permissions to install from external sources.

3. Open the app after installation. You should see a message confirming you've successfully installed the DLC.

4. If you have any more DLC to install, repeat steps 1-3 with any other DLC you're installing.

5. Download and install the base Our Life game (the voice or no voice version). When you open the app, any DLC you installed through steps 1-4 should be available.

You can click the "DLC Info" button on the main menu to check if your content has been successfully installed, or for troubleshooting advice.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(131 total ratings)


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this project you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Baxter's Story (Windows, Linux, Mac) 33 MB
Version 1.7.1
Baxter's Story - Android (1.7.0) 40 MB

Development log


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can i pls get some help on what to do on baxters dlc,
so specifically in step 4 right after the wedding of scott and jude is finished theres a scene of terry, miranda and cove preparing to leave w a bg of a parking lot and i believe baxters sprite or img is supposed to show up on the left but before he shows up/the img loads the game stops and the traceback file appears saying this:

" Could not load image u'images/characters/Baxter_24/base2.png': error(u'Out of memory',) "

which led me to be confused as i have 15gb free in my laptop since it said out of memory, i rlly want to continue playing and needed some insight! ty

That kind of error generally means the game is struggling to run. You could try turning off the animations to make it easier to load, have fewer things running in the background like other applications, or just closing the game and trying again a little later. Sometimes it's a weird fluke and will go a away the next time you play. You could also see if hitting the ignore button will bypass the error screen without issues.

tysm! it worked after i turned off the animations ^^



any possibility of a baxter wedding dlc 👀

but on another note, thank you for this dlc :") admittedly, he'd already captured my heart even from my first playthrough (ngl i was sad when i saw that derek had a dlc on the works but no sign of mr victorian era emo)

sincerely thanks GBPatch devs o7


I'm really glad you enjoyed Baxter! But I'm afraid we're no longer making new DLCs for the game. It's considered complete.

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Just stopping by to say that's my favorite DLC for this game. Baxter really surprised me, and the plot was way more emotional and in-depth than I anticipated. That made me choose Baxter as my favorite character for this VN as well. I had fun and was extremely invested in the story. I believe many could even shed some tears during some moments. If you deal with social insecurities and enjoy characters who are more than just their superficial side they decide to show in general, I believe you will enjoy this one, very much so. Very realistic and relatable, the plot and the characters in this portion of this game are great. Cannot wait to see him again in OL:N&F.

Spoilers below.



Even if it will be bittersweet since he left after college, I do headcanon he reunited with his past friends at some point though, alongside the MC. 

(3 edits) (+4)

If anyone is unsure about purchasing this DLC, as someone who felt indifferent/meh about Baxter during the base game, I'm obsessed with his route, which totally pleasantly surprised me! Gives him a lot of depth and his romance path is so rewarding and sweet. Their romantic arc reminds me of "the 1" and 'Wildest Dreams" by Taylor Swift.  Love love love! Definitely worth the purchase.

Minor spoiler under cut

*SPOILER: I love that if you attend the Soiree in Step 2 with someone (I've only ever went with Derek so far, unsure if it's toggled if you go with Cove too but I'm assuming so) you can meet cross paths with Baxter and the game pays attention to that and adds dialogue that wouldn't be there if you hadn't met him then. Makes it even sweeter! Unsure if there's any path where you can interact with him more, only tried it once. 

I have this on Steam and have been searching for a guide online for how to end up in a relationship with Baxter in Step 4. I've dated and married Cove, dated Derek, and have done Baxter's Step 3 and am in Step 4. I read on Tumbler that there are pitfalls to avoid in order to get Baxter back, but I can't find anything on that. I know OL is really flexible and much easier than other otomes I've played, but I'm terrified of messing everything up with Baxter. I have so many saves O.O Are there things to avoid, or am I worrying too much?

Also, thank you for the wonderful game(s) that is(/are) Our Life. I can't wait for the second to be done.

All you have to do to get Baxter's version of Step 4 is play all five of his Moments in Step 3. Some people accidentally do Cove's version of Hang rather than Baxter's, but there's no wrong thing to say that will lock you out of the route. So when you play the Moment "Hang" just make sure Baxter is included in the beach outing.

I can't install this masterpiece in my smartphone. I have the free version also the dlc for baxter 🥺 ((. First I install the base then dlc. But still when I open i can't see the dlc there

Install the dlc first and open it. It should direct you to a screen showing that you have successfully installed the dlc. After that, install the base game again and check the dlc info icon on the top left. I hope this works!

Hi. I have tried, but still it didn't work again. 

Thank you for the help though 😘

Make sure you fully remove the base game entirely from your device before trying to download the DLC. If it's still there in your files, saved but uninstalled, it can cause issues!

I hope you remember when you press v it reads it out to you for a I hope you have installed it I already tried your demo and you have it then and I tried to download the next update but then it was gone I have already pressed the a button and I always have tried to turn it on but it didn't work I have a hard time reading it because the v button helps me and I'm so sad if I cannot listen to this game I'm really Hope you guys can help with this I have no problem the game our life I have all your DC packet I just want to have fun with the new game you are trying on


First, I am deeply grateful for creating the wonderful world of Our Life! I have loved Baxter since he was first introduced during the Kickstarter campaign and now he's here! I love how Baxter grew throughout his route. I still can't get over Baxter's route as I discovered more info about him from friends from Discord. I'm looking forward to OL 2 !!


I really love the entire game. I don't know how best to put it, but Cove Holden has been a comfort character, Sunset Bird and the whole gang my family for difficult times and really didn't think anyone could ever give my best boy a run for his money - (his 20 Dollars if you know what I mean). I liked the Derek DLC, he was nice, I already loved him in the base game and I had a good time with it, but I was not prepared for the thunder storm that would be Baxter Ward.

Jesus Christ. Hallelujah.

I love the monochrome man. He's been living rent free in my head ever since I played the DLC for the first time, I can't stop thinking about him. I find myself going back to the game time and time again. The DLC is pure perfection with the only flaw being that I really, really would've liked to spend more time with Baxter, Xavier, Jude, Scott and the gang.
Everyone was so authentic even with Baxter being a pompous precious ass he felt like a real person with real problems and so so relateable. While playing the base game I didn't really click with him, but ho boy was that different in his DLC. Everyone on this team deserves a huge congratulations for the story writing, the art, the voice acting, literally everything

I can't recommend playing this enough. You are in for a wild, but beautiful ride my friend. Allow the autumn storm that is this man to sweep you away for a little bit, you won't regret it.


This is impressive. I love his story line, I'm ashamed to admit his character remind me of myself so much. I ghosted many people but that doesn't mean I hate them, I'm cynical too and I have a lot issues with my family. Im not proud about what I did I have a lot issues and hurt many people sadly. I need to get my life together. IMO Baxter is so lucky to be able find a person like our MC. Sorry for my ramble. 

Hi, I have tried to download the dlc package (Im a Mac user), but i cant seem to play the dlc at all. I have put the rpa file into the 'our life' file, but it still wont let me play the game. Please help, :<

I'm a Mac user as well. Did you put the DLC file in the "game" folder of the game? You suppose to right-click on the game files, then click through these sub-folders -> show the package contents -> contents -> resources -> autorun -> then you will find the "game" folder -> put the DLC file/s in there. I did that and played perfectly fine. I hope this might be helpful :D

Thank you so much for the helpful tip! I followed through the instructions and it worked! You are a lifesaver!!

Am i doing something wrong? Its not letting me play

Have you gotten the most recent version of the base Our Life build? Or did you add the DLC to an older version of the game?

It works now. But how come i cant get to the part where baxter is older and has fully black hair and everything 

Step 4

Did you play all five of his Step 3 Moments? There's one Moment "Hang" that has a Cove version and a Baxter version. If you do the Cove version you won't be able to play Baxter's Step 4 storyline.

I did do Baxter hang! I might have to restart everything over. In order to avoid cove's do i skip?

Hello when i try to play the game, it doesn't let me choose my last name or first one really

(2 edits)

Edited to remove spoiler as it has been noted ^^

(also I l've enjoyed this dlc so much! 🤍🖤)

Thank you for the report!

hi! i bought it but i cant download it, is there anyway i could be emailed a direct download link similar to how the Our Life:Now and Forever one was? sorrry if this troubles you! -devil

I'm sorry, I can't make that happen. Itch.io itself will have to resolve the problem. You'll need to contact their support and explain you didn't get a method to download the file. I hope it works out!

Hello! During the Mountains moment, after waking up in the cabin for the first time and choosing to swim in the morning, i think a certain line appears twice. 

After Baxter texted you, i got "After sending off that last text, you tucked your phone away and hurried to your room." and "After sending off that last text, you hurried to rinse off and change before heading to your room." right one after the other.

Thanks for the report!

I just bought the DLC, it took my money and everything but It doesn't appear in my purchase history and I can't download it. I think it's a problem with Itch.io and I contacted their support email but I don't know when they'll reach me so

I'm afraid there's nothing we can do if Itch's site isn't working. I am sorry that happened though and hope they can fix it or give you your money back!

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Hi! I've purchased the dlc on itchio, where do i go for the Steam key? I didn't connect my Steam account before buying so it's not there.

Buying on Itch only gets you access to the game on Itch. I'm afraid key trading like that isn't something Steam is super thrilled about and they're trying to get people to stop. We can't participate in that practice. You'd need to request a refund from Itch and buy directly from Steam if you'd like to have it on Steam.

Ok, thank you!

Thanks for understanding ^^

Of ocurse! I'm also looking forward to your new game coming out. Good luck!

i have a macbook air and just tried movint the baxter_dlc.rpa into the games folder as instructed (I've done it with Steps, Wedding, and Derek DLCs but never had this issue), and an error occurs. a message called "traceback.txt" pops up, and essentially states that an "uncaught exception occurred" and that it "could not load from archive DLC_Baxter/baxter_s3_drinks1.rpyc." 

I tried deleting the first version I downloaded and redownloaded but the same error occurs. Please advise! Also thank you for your hard work and that of the teams. I've followed some of the development of your OL games and they bring me so much happiness (I check in on your tumblr too lol).

Please update the base game of Our Life! The DLC can't work if it's placed into an older game folder. You need build 1.7.0 (or anything that comes after). Deleting an old build of Our Life and downloading it again won't impact your save files/progress.

Oh wow, I am pretty sure I have done this before with new DLCs but I got so excited I forgot ^^" thank you so much, I am going to have an awesome night now haha be well and looking forward to watching the updates on OL2 :D

No problem! And thank you <3


The wait was worth it! I enjoyed every second of Baxter's DLC, and the growth he undergoes towards the ending (fortunately got his romantic ending on my first try, yey!!!). Even if it saddens me that there won't be more to come, I will happily treasure the moments I spent with his route <3 Congratulations for the hard work guys! You are amazing :D

Am I stupid lol? I tried to go the romantic route with him and ended up as just his friend in step 4. I swear I clicked love at the start?? Do you have to do anything in particular to be romantic with him?


You do have to confess you want to be with him, or make choices where you hope he'll confess to you. Otherwise, you won't get together automatically even if you're at love.

Ah I see, I must have missed the choice. Thank you!

No problem!


I have been waiting for this! Ive replayed this whole game several times and it looks like im about to add another playthrough to the list. I cannot express how lovely I think this whole game is. Thank you for blessing everyone ♡


GBPatch gets all my money for these dlc's lol


Hey guys, the DLC was a blast to play through. Definitely an emotional rollercoaster that had me laughing and crying, from beginning to end. The DLC feels like such a natural expansion of his character, and I felt really privileged to get to know him better. I also thoroughly enjoyed getting a bit more quality time with Terri/y and Miranda, their friendship felt even further cemented with the player and it brought me a lot of joy to see them interact more. Scott and Jude are also way too cute. 

I've already commented before on the main Our Life page, but every time I play this, it brings me so much joy. It makes me want to just snap out of the weekly grind and do something fun. Or remind people just how much they mean to me. Life doesn't have to be just this thing that you have to survive. Even though it's way too easy to get swept up in all of our hardships and things outside of our control. There's a lot of things to look forward to; a lot of things to love.

With over 130 hours under my belt, the game has become a precious memory that I'll savor whenever I'm feeling down. Thanks again for all of the time and effort you guys put into delivering quality DLCS and updates years after release. I'm looking forward to eventually playing through OL2 when it comes out.

huaaa i so in love with this game, specially baxter!! when will be more dlc with baxter? holiday or wedding baxterr will do 💕


I'm glad you like him! But I'm afraid not. We're no longer making DLC expansions for Our Life: Beginnings & Always.

We're no longer making DLC expansions for Our Life: Beginnings & Always.

The most painful sentence I have ever read. Regardless, thank you so much for sharing Jamie's story with us. Forever grateful! 

(1 edit) (+1)

Things I'm about to say are based on my personal preferences.


To be honest, Baxter was my least favorite of the 3 even without the other dlcs. I do still adore him completely though, which means a lot given how attached I am to Cove and Derek. I have been enjoying this dlc for the most part, until the biggest let down I am having right now with the last moment. I was hoping for something similar with the "Happiness" moment with Cove, wherein the focus was mc and Cove and their beautiful friendship/relationship. Instead, I have a moment that's mostly Terri annoying me and getting on my every last nerve. While this story isn't always about happy scenes, I have never felt this frustrated with it. I guess the moment itself wasn't so bad as it foreshadows Baxter's future career, but it was still very frustrating and made me wish there was an option to abandon Terri. Ah, which reminds me of the car shotgun scene, it made me realize how no one acknowledges the mc and Baxter dating? That was very disappointing. not even mc's lifetime best friend, cove, said anything about it????? i know baxter is new but it felt like no one really cared who he is for mc, aside from liz and moms i guess. 

might be updating this once I finish the whole thing, just had to let out my frustration. 

im getting error when im trying to add the dlc.. can anyone help?

If you give more details, I can try to help!

well.. is the file supposed to be explorer one? it used to be rar file so now i just cant add it to my main file

The file has changed. It's an rpa now and you don't have to open it like a rar. You simply put it as is into the Our Life "game" folder.




This was everything I wanted from this ridiculous boy <3  🥂


My favourite twink

For some reason, Hang is greyed out in Baxter's DLC. Do I have to unlock it?

(1 edit) (+2)

if you did Hang from the base game it greys out Hang from the DLC and vice versa


Yeah, Hang from Cove's Moment screen will lock Hang on Baxter's screen. But there are rare cases where a Moment is checked off as done even if you haven't played it. If that happened, you can try reloading a save from before you reached the Step 3 Moment screen and see if next time you get there it's working.


hiiii just wanted to say im obsessed with this game and with baxter!!  i played it all in one sitting and it was so wonderfully written. baxter is so compelling, complex, and relatable. he feels so real!! so thanks for putting out such a lovely game and spoiling us with dlcs! i can't wait to replay this many times as humanly possible <33

(1 edit)

Help, it wont run... I keep getting this message (I'm on a mac)

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

Exception: Could not load from archive DLC_Baxter/baxter_s3_drinks1.rpyc.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "/Users/mycomputer/Desktop/       /Games/OurLife.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/bootstrap.py", line 331, in bootstrap


  File "/Users/mycomputer/Desktop/       /Games/OurLife.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/main.py", line 492, in main

    renpy.game.script.load_script() # sets renpy.game.script.

  File "/Users/mycomputer/Desktop/       /Games/OurLife.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/script.py", line 283, in load_script

    self.load_appropriate_file(".rpyc", ".rpy", dir, fn, initcode)

  File "/Users/mycomputer/Desktop/       /Games/OurLife.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/renpy/script.py", line 706, in load_appropriate_file

    raise Exception("Could not load from archive %s." % (lastfn,))

Exception: Could not load from archive DLC_Baxter/baxter_s3_drinks1.rpyc.



Sat May 20 13:08:38 2023

not sure what to make of it but some help would be appreciated  <3


You need to update the base game itself. Adding the DLC to an old version of Our Life won't let it run, I'm afraid!


ohhhh! my bad, thank you for the help! Happy lanch day very excited to play the DLC <3


No problem :D. Thanks for playing!


Hi, another question, should i also update the other dlcs? are there extra baxter content on the latest step 2, 3, and wedding DLC?


You should update all the DLCs to make sure they function properly with the newer build. The Wedding DLC and the Step 3 do have alterations based on Baxter's DLC.


bro i finished the whole DLC in one sitting baxter was so adorable

Hello, how can I transfer my save files from before? I downloaded the latest version (1.7.0). I'm on mac so I have two our life apps the one from before and now the latest version. The latest version recognizes my load files but everytime I load it, I can't skip my read texts anymore.

I want to find the save files so I can transfer it to the latest base game and delete my old one. Please help :((

You would have to start anew as older save files can cause an error due to differences in script in the latest version of the game.


Oh well, anything for Baxter XD. I'll start over.

Thank you, my friend.

Deleted 129 days ago

It's an itch.io issue. Have you tried paypal?


Hi to anyone still struggling with the payment with card option but can't do Paypal for some reason! You can log-out and purchase the DLC as a gift for someone and send it to yourself, it works just fine that way!

I need help guys. My "Hang" and "Errands" moments in Step 3 are locked or greyed out. I'm not sure how to unlock or use them, so any advice? :))

Thanks for reporting the issues. That is a rare bug, and unfortunately the only option to get them to stop being locked is to load a save from before Step 3 started and continue on again to it or to start a new file. We'll try to fix the problem so it doesn't happen again.

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