Really Important Game Info Updates!


To get right to the point, we’re going to have to partially push back the release of Our Life. By partial, we mean that Steps 1-3 will release in Summer 2020, only Step 4 is being delayed.

We know how disappointing that news must be to people who have been  following the project. One of the worst things a project can do is not  do what it said it would. We seriously apologize for being unable to  make things work with the original timeline planned. 

Why are we doing this? For Step 4 to be the best it can be, the other  three Steps need to be as complete as possible ahead of time. Steps  1/2/3 are best worked on at the same time as one another, so they feel  cohesive. But more so than all the others, Step 4 is a culmination of  what came before. At least, that’s the goal.

If the game was still smaller, it would’ve been easier to finish the  first three Steps and then jump into Step 4 at the end. Since we're  trying to use a fair amount of the extra funding to add things to Steps  1-3, it’s cutting into when we would’ve worked on Step 4. There just  wouldn't be enough time to release it in summer if we waited until the  rest of the Steps were done.

This new plan isn’t a perfect release method, but we do think it’ll  let us make the best overall game. The other options of putting out the  entire project later than planned or working on Step 4 simultaneously  with the other Steps after all (meaning the events of Step 4 would be  based on incomplete information) seemed like they’d work out worse.

You won’t have to worry about the game coming across as incomplete  with only 3 out of 4 Steps. The storyline will an end on a meaningful  note of “we’re fully grown now and are taking our first steps into the  real world together” vibe. It’ll be a worthwhile experience to play  through on launch. Then later you’ll be able to return to OL and see  what actually became of the MC and Cove.

So, from here on out, when we talk about the Our Life release we’ll  be specifying that Steps 1-3 are planned for summer and Step 4 will  follow after, likely in fall or winter 2020.

We’d also like to announce that some DLCs will have a $1 price increase from the original listed cost.  Some of the $3USD ones will be $4USD instead and a couple of the $4USD  ones will be $5USD. This won’t impact anything backers got from the  Kickstarter. It’s only applicable to DLCs being sold after the official  release.

Thanks to the Kickstarter we were able to make Our Life so much more  than it would’ve been initially. Though, we’re worried about setting a  difficult precedent for the future. We don’t want the standard to be  large projects with a lot of content that get sold at the price of a  much smaller game. That wouldn’t be sustainable for us in the long run,  which is why we decided to make the DLCs a bit pricier.

We will, however, still regularly put the game on sale and have  giveaways and such for those who might have trouble purchasing the DLCs.

And that's everything for the not-so-exciting news. If you’re ever  feeling unsatisfied with how the project is coming along, we’re always  around to talk about the situation, answer questions, or give a refund (Kickstarter or Patreon)!

Before we close out, we wanted to highlight a positive thing  happening. Besides some extra touches, Step 1 of Our Life: Beginnings & Always will be done before the end of March!  Seeing it all come together has been great and we think it turned out  nicely. We're looking forward to when we can hear what people think of a  full Step of the game. 

(Parts of Step 2 and 3 have already been written, but we didn't want  to add them to beta until it had all of Step 1 so events could be played  mostly in order.) 

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In summary of everything currently going on/planned for the future-

  • Steps 1-3 will release summer 2020, Step 4 will come out as an addition to the story later on, likely in fall-winter 2020.
  • Certain DLCs are going to cost $1USD more than originally thought.
  • Our Life: Beginnings & Always will be playable at PAX East, 2020 (Feb 27th-Mar 1st).
  • The special demo made just for PAX will become available to all Kickstarter Backers and Patreon Supporters starting in March.
  • The public demo just got a huge update.
  • The public demo will continue to receive new content over time.
  • The Kickstarter and Patreon beta builds are still getting monthly  updates and the next intended release is expected to have pretty much  the entirety of Step 1 included.

Thank you for checking out this announcement!

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Honestly, it's better to take your time with this kind of project, than rush it and ruining the ''choice impact'', or story or other factors in the process xd

I'd rather wait a lot more and the game not sucking in the end, than getting a half-baked game with a poor execution!

So take all the time you need! (And good luck with it really, seems a pretty complex concept to make right xd)

Thank you for your patience! We'll do our best to make it worth the wait. We definitely want to keep the interactivity and customization level high ^^.


I'm actually thrilled that you updated like this and let us know what's going on. I'd rather you spend time on the game making it as amazing as possible as well as being thorough. After playing the demo once, I'm incredibly impressed and can't wait to hear and see more! Thank you for including us and keeping us in the loop!

Thank you so much <3! That's all really kind of you to say.


Take all the time you need! I'm so excited for this and a push back for Step 4 doesn't change that at all! I'm still going to do my best to buy all the DLCs too! Thank you for making this game!!

Thank you so much for the support <3! I'm really glad you're still looking forward to it.


I don't think I've read anything that long other than my stories in like 8 months Interesting. Not at all disappointing, to be honest, well, to me anyway. I understand that getting parts to be its best can be lengthy and often things like this deserve more attention, and most of the time it gets pushed back to a later date. In other words, it's alright. <3

Thank you so much for understanding ;v;! We'll do everything we can to make it worth the wait.


Thank you for the update. I think you got the year wrong when it came to step 4's release. Aside from that I am okay with the dlcs being a buck higher. You guys are working hard on it.

Thank you so much for understanding <3. Which part is the issue? We mention the release year a couple times and I'm not sur which you're referring to. The Step 4 section is gonna come out in 2020.


Honestly, I’m happy with step 1 to 3 but like are the dlc’s going to come out right after the actual game or will I have to wait a while??

I'm glad having just those three still sounds alright :D! We're gonna aim to have the Steps 1-3 DLCs available from the start, but the other DLCs (wedding DLC, Derek and Baxter DLCs) will also come out at a later date.


Honestly? You are working on a revolutionary and complicated game mechanic. I think we can all cut you some slack for a delay as you try to work out the kinks.

Aaw, thank you so much ;v;! We'll do our best to get things done and keep people updated on how it's all coming.


That is okay :) I don't mind waiting! Will the DLC's be released separately or will there be a bundle for purchase?


Thank you so much <3! The DLCs will be sold separately! Depending on the host site they may or may not also come in a bundle. and Steam will probably both have bundles, the Google Playstory probably won't.