Our Life Beta Build Released on Patreon! (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

Our Life: Beta Build 0.45 Released!

We're excited to announce that the latest beta for Our Life has gone live for our Patreon and Kickstarter supporters.

The beta build is over 135,000 words long and includes all of the content from Step 1: Childhood, plus a good amount of scenes from Step 2: Adolescence! With the events now there, I can easily say Cove really just keeps getting cuter as he grows up. 

The Kickstarter is over, but please check out our Patreon page if you’re interested in gaining access to this very fun build.

GB Patch Patreon

Thank you for all of the support ❤

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are there plans to come to the switch at all?


Sadly, the engine we use, Ren'py, is by far one of the hardest to port to consoles. We don't have the ability to do it on our own. We'd have to be taken in by a publisher who already has the means to make Ren'py code work with the Switch. But there are two or three companies who are doing that and if OL is successful enough we may be able to get somebody to work with us on that. We'll see how it goes :)


Is there a homebrew app that makes it easier and possible to port ren'py games to switch. Would it be alright if someone made a port of the demo that way or would y'all rather not have that at all?


We wouldn't try to stop players from making things with the demo. Though, it's not an option we could consider doing ourselves. Thanks for bringing it up with us!


 I really love this!!! cant wait for the complete game!!!!! good job! 

Thank you so much <3!


I can't  wait  for the complete game!

I'm so glad you're looking forward to it :D!


Hiya! Great job on working so hard on this, I'm so excited to play it! Have you guys got a general release date for the game in mind?


Thank you! Generally, we'd like to have it out by the end of August, but with all the complications people are dealing with because of the current crisis it may have to come out in September instead. We'll do our best to keep making progress ^^.