Our Life: Demo and Beta Expansions! (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android)

We’ve largely improved/expanded the Our Life demo again! Some important changes and additions had to be done, so while making the new build we figured we might as well add more content too.

Itch.io Demo (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android now available as well)

Demo Details:

  • A 67,000 word script, up from 54,000 words in the prior version.
  • A story that starts in childhood and progresses to future points in the characters’ lives. The demo includes multiple scenes from kid-aged and teen-aged times.
  • The main love interest, Cove Holden, changes based on his experiences. In terms of personality, interests, skills, and sense of style. Major updates were made to the system that controls his personality/interest alterations.
  • The Custom Cove Creator screen is up and running, which allows you to design your own look for the LI instead of using the choice-generated version!
  • A custom character creation screen where you get to decide all the physical details of your MC. It now has more options than before.
  • Many, many dozens of choices to determine how your MC reacts/behaves and how scenes play out. Extra options/alterations were put in this build.
  • Gorgeous art with a higher amount of variations now.

This is a really strong build of the demo, we think you're gonna enjoy it.

In other news, the Patreon Beta-Build got a major expansion just now itself. That version includes the entirely of the childhood period and nearly 40% of the teen-aged period. Plus, we’re gonna be having a special Patreon Bonus “voice chat with the dev” session on Sunday, May 17th.

If you'd be interested in talking with me about the current beta, what's coming next, or something else feel free to join us in the Private Discord for that! It'll be possible to listen in and communicate through text, for those who can't/prefer not to use voice chat.

GB Patch Patreon

Thank you to all you wonderful folks who have supported this project and given it a chance. It’s been amazing sharing the game with you ☀


Our Life Demo (PC) 401 MB
May 13, 2020
Our Life Demo (Mac) 384 MB
May 13, 2020

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I love this game so so much but I don't want to play the demo (even if these expansions are so tempting!!!!) Because I want to try the game when u will release all the three first parts of it!!!!! Oh God I'm already crying!!!! I want to support you so I will buy the extra contents if there would be any in the future!

Thank you!! That's really kind of you to say. Hopefully the wait for the full version will be worth it. We'll do our best <3


amazing amazing, gah i wish i had the money atm to support you guys on patreon, but i cant rn, once i can im going toooooo, i love this game SO much...

Thank you <3! I'm so glad you'd like to support the project at some point. But we'll keep updating the free demo with more content too, so you can look forward to that either way.


I'll definitely buy the game and expansion packs when it's released! I can't wait 😭



I loved the first demo, love the second one even more. Something about this game is so sweet and wholesome that you just find yourself smiling without noticing. Can't wait for a full release! 

I'm so happy you liked the demos :D! We'll do our best with the finished version.


Hi. I loved the update, but I was wondering: would it make sense to let the player set Cove's personality in the Cove Creator, as well as his looks?


Glad you liked it! Cove will have a personality customization system, too. We just finished the appearance part first. 


That's good; I always seem to end up with "Cold" Cove... 😅

Good luck with the rest of the game! 


Haha, sorry about that. Hopefully the future updates will help.


Wow!! this update is just amazing!! You guys are amazing


Thank you so much <3

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Waiting for the Android version

We'll try to get it done within the next few days!


Cove creator is an absolute win and I love the new look of the bedroom in part 2! So excited to play the rest of the new beta!

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Omg I am so excited for the rest of the soiree omg omg 

Thanks so much ^^! We're actually working on programming more of Soiree right now~


eeeeeeeeeeee <3


Pinch me, oh my God! I feel like I'm dreaming! Thank you so so so so much for this!!! I'm so happyyyyy!!!<33333


Aw, we're happy you're so happy c:!


With this COVID-19 stuff going on and being indoors 24/7, games like this really make a real difference. I certainly don't feel like crawling the walls and being overwhelmed when I play this game <3

Aw, I'm so glad to hear that. We hoped that Our Life would be a relaxing experience. It's wonderful that it's been the case for you. ^^

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Still really, really loving the demo! The extra content is super fun, and I love it so much! I don't have a complaint, more like an observation though. I chose nb pronouns, they/them, and in the Wave portion, while the mom's were teasing MC, it switched to male prononuns.

I'm positive this stuff will be caught before the full game but I just wanted to be helpful. Thanks again for creating such a fun game!!



Thank you for playing <3 <3