June Demo Expansion (All Builds)!

Our Life has continued its development and we’ve just released the latest update for the public demo ☀


  • A 78,000 word script, up from 67,000 words in the prior version. The complete version of the Step 2 Moment "Wave" was added.
  • A story that starts in childhood and progresses to future points in the characters’ lives. The demo includes multiple scenes from kid-aged and teen-aged times.
  • The main love interest, Cove Holden, changes based on his experiences. In terms of personality, interests, skills, and sense of style.
  • A Custom Cove Creator screen that’s fully functional! You can now customize his appearance, personality, both, or leave it all up to fate.
  • A Character Creation screen where you get to decide all the physical details of the character you play as. The extra option to decorate your MC with earrings has been added to this build (Step 2 only).
  • Gorgeous art with a higher amount of variations than before. 
  • A lovely 20 track-long OST with a brand new music piece.
  • Many, many dozens of choices to determine how your MC reacts/behaves and how scenes play out. Extra options/alterations were put in this build.

Along with all those basics, other miscellaneous improvements were made. Such as beautifying some interface screens, tweaks to prior scripts to make them better, and so on. We hope new and returning players alike will enjoy the update!

And as usual, we’re also releasing expansions for the Patreon beta build of Our Life. A new version was already made available this month, but it will be getting even more content before the start of July.

If you can, please consider checking out our page!

GB Patch Patreon

And thank you to everybody following this project. We seriously appreciate how much support each of our updates and posts get. It makes our day every time ❤


Our Life Demo (PC) 417 MB
Jun 17, 2020
Our Life Demo (Mac) 399 MB
Jun 17, 2020
Our Life Demo (Android) 485 MB
Jun 17, 2020

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I cannot wait for the full game to come out! I'm ready to sell my soul for cove

Haha, thank you so much <3.


This game has to be one of the best romance Visual novels I have ever played through, not a second passed that I was ever bored. Cove is such a love able character and I found myself only wanting more. I am definitely looking forward to November! Thanks for making such an amazing game.

Thank you so much for the kind words ;v;! We're happy you enjoyed it that much.


okay, i've been following this game for a while now, and i can't tell you how much i love it!!    it's both nostalgic and just cute and fun to play!   i love the amount of customization in this game!  like idk what else to say other than that i love this game, and it's safe to say that all the effort you put in this game didn't go unnoticed!!  i can't wait for the official release!  until then, keep up the good work! 

Thank you <3! I'm so happy you love the project. We'll do our best with the rest of the development.


omg, the new demo update is awesome. I can't wait for November D;. I need the game now! LOL and the DLCs xD

Thank you! Glad you like it. We'll do our best to get it done ^^.


i love this game so much! the art, the characters, the interactions, the wholesomeness - i am so happy that it'll be released in my birthday month, ha. i'm also super excited that there's non-binary inclusion since that's rare or rarely done well.

i'd like to ask you for one change: in the character creation screen you can choose a hairstyle that you're calling "dread locks." i know the term is used widely but it's actually a very demeaning term (the word dread is negative and it's a Black hairstyle, so it's used to shame and degrade Black people). i am sure you weren't aware, neither was i for a long time. but please change it :) you can simply call it "locs", as far as i (a white person) know. thank you!

Thank you! That's really nice of you to say and it's cool the game will come out near your birthday ^^

For "dreadlocks" it's a welcomed term for some people in some contexts, the "dread" doesn't always have negative connotations. So in a game for lots of different people, whether or not to include something that's not liked by some  but has importance to others is a hard choice. We'll definitely keep listening to players and if it does end up causing more harm than good we'll change the name to "locs" or something else! It is kind of you to be considerate of that c:

Where is this 'Cove Custom Creator' menu??

You get the option to use it near the start of Step 2, after all the childhood stuff is done. As a kid he only has one version because there hasn't been time for him to develop differently.

Ohhh okay, I thought it would be something you'd see at the main menu. Thanks for the clarification! Really looking forward to the full game! ^^

No problem! I'm happy you're looking forward to it :D

So the release is now November 2nd, 2020 for Steps 1-3 + three DLCs. When will step 4 be out or is that an unknown? Will it only be step 4 "held back" or will there be other DLC too?

Yeah, November 2nd is the release date for Steps 1-3 and the DLCs associated with Steps 1-3. Step 4 doesn't have a specific day, just a general time frame of sometime before spring of next year. Along with Step 4, other DLCs will come out around that later time. Things like the Step 4 wedding DLC.


Woop woop. All sounds awesome!

Thank you ^^!


Thank you for the update! Stay safe.. C:

Thank you :D!