July Update Plans: Patreon & Public Builds

Hello everyone! We've got an update today to talk about game expansions. The latest update for the Our Life: Beginnings & Always beta build is available for those backing us on Patreon.

GB Patch Patreon Beta (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android)

New Content:

  • 236,000 words in total, a 26,000 word expansion from before
  • The Step 2 Moment “Family” is now playable
  • The Step 2 Moment “Soiree” got its final part
  • There’s some new hairstyle options for the MC
  • Small fixes, tweaks, and improvements were made

There’s just two Step 2 Moments left to add and both of those will be available in a second update that's coming before the end of July! We’re so close to having the teen-aged portion of the story completed.

As for the public demo, I'm afraid this month won't have its usual expansion. It isn't gonna be ready in time because the new event that's going to be added is gonna have some cool little mini-games that still need programming/testing. So, we'll next update/expand the demo at the very start of August, about a month from now. We hope you'll look forward to that!

Thank you to everyone who's following the game’s development ★

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I can only buy it on Steam so every time there's a patreon update I just can't wait (;.;_)

I'm sorry for the wait. But it'll be out pretty soon ^^


I loved the game demo, I'm super excited for the final version !!

Thank you <3 <3 <3

i'm so excited for this game!! can't waitt \(>~<)/

Thanks! I'm really glad you are :D


my mail: our life just updated

me: oh, boy, i cant wait to see this

the update: As for the public demo, I'm afraid this month won't have its usual expansion.

Aha, I'm sorry for the trickery of that. We're doing our best to get it all wrapped up so it can come out right at the start of August!

ah no its okay really i was just roasting my broke ass


That's fair, haha.

Anyone else experiencing bugs when you try to click on the stage 2 scenarios? when it comes up to the different scenes in the boxes, with little picture for each one. Cause it won't let me click on any of them.

Any help would be most appreciated.   

I'm sorry for the confusion! In the public demo the Step 2 events mostly aren't there, it's only in the beta that they're unlocked. The only one you can play in the free demo is Wave, all the others are unclickable.