Our Life: Demo Expansion! (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android)

We’ve released another large expansion for the public Our Life: Beginnings & Always demo. For those who’ve played prior builds, the big addition for this version is a brand new, full-sized Moment to enjoy that includes mini-games.

For those who haven't tried it before, here’s a full breakdown of the demo features-

  • A 87,000 word script!
  • A story that starts in childhood and progresses to future points in the characters’ lives. The demo includes multiple scenes from kid-aged and teen-aged times.
  • A custom character creation screen where you get to decide all the physical details of your MC as well as their name and pronouns (he, she, or they).
  • The main love interest, Cove Holden, changes based on his experiences. In terms of personality, interests, skills, and sense of style.
  • A custom Cove creator screen, which allows you to design your own look for the LI instead of using the choice-generated version.
  • Many, many dozens of choices to determine how your MC reacts/behaves and how scenes play out.
  • Gorgeous art, charming partial voice acting, and a lovely original soundtrack.
  • Simple and fun mini-games to actually play with Cove! A round of tic-tac-toe or hangman, specifically.

And if you end up thinking that’s not enough OL content, you may want to check out our Patreon. One of the rewards is gaining access to a private beta build with nearly 200,000 more words than the public version.

GB Patch Patreon

Thank you so much for checking the update post out! It’s been just about one year since the original Our Life demo released. That’s crazy. Things have come a long way and we’ve gotten such wonderful support over all these many months of development. We seriously appreciate you giving OL a chance 💕


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Oh god teen Cove's facial features! Adorable. I'm looking forward to more. BTW the surf moment can be replayed repeatedly, dunno if thats intended.

Thank you so much ^^! I appreciate the report. It's meant to lock after being finished. We'll try to fix that.


this game is really amazing i really love how we get to be apart of cole's character dovelopment and choose our own path of what realationship we have with him and the character design i'm just in love with the demo already can't wait for the real game ^o^

Thank you! I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed the game and how it all worked :D


words cannot even begin to describe how amazing this game is. this is one of those games you think about hours after playing. i am so excited for the full release to come out. this was the first of your games that i played. after playing this, i played xoxo droplets and i must say both are so masterfully crafted. it's outstanding. it's amazing. it's one of the best visual novels i have ever played and i am so glad that i found it. love the tie-ins with the other game. keep up the good work.

Aw, thank you so much for such kind words! It's great to hear you enjoyed OL so much along with our other game. We'll keep doing our best ^^


I've been following the progress and playing all the releases of this game (for almost a year i think?? omg) and i can say i can't wait to play the full game! I love customizable games like this and seeing such a good game is a bless haha. Wish i could support the game with money but dolar is pretty expensive here <///3

Still i love this project and can't wait for the finished version! Keep up the good work!

Aw, thank you very much for sticking with OL for so long. And it's alright, not everyone has to buy the game. That's what the free base version is there for. Sharing your thoughts and the project with other people are also very supportive ^^


ohhh i'm so excited!! i've been following the game since last year and now it's almost fully released!! it's been amazing to see you guys adding (a lot of) new content and changing things the past months (almost a year!) and i can't wait to play the full game once it's released, you're all incredible and the amount of effort and time you're putting into this project is truly appreciated, i loved it since the first time i played and still do. 

hope you're all doing well, congratulations for this amazing game aaand please take care ❤️ 

(i got a little carried away oops) 

Thank you ;v;! We really appreciate you sticking with the game for that long. We'll do our best to have the full version live up to expectations.

We hope you take care as well <3


hi there!! i just wanted to say that i am IN LOVE with this game!!! truly an amazing work of art. I only have one question! When the game is updated (public ver.) will we have download it again and play through it from the beginning ??? it’s a not a problem if we do i was just wondering!! much love!! 🤍💙💚

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Aw, thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :D.

We're likely not going to update the demo again, unless a really big bug is found, but when the full game comes out in November you will have to redownload then start from the beginning, I'm afraid.


oh cool!! I wish you luck from now to November! and it's totally ok !! That way I'll be able to have fun all over again!🌈✨

Thanks ^^! We appreciate the support.


Hi, I was hoping to get a quick idea of the total cost of the game with DLC. I would like to set the money to the side so I can binge play it in November.


Thank you in advance!


Hello! There will be one or two DLCs available on launch and they'll cost $4USD each, so between $8-12USD will be needed to get them all. But we're going to keep releasing more DLCs throughout the end of 2020 and into 2021. When we finally have the entire set of DLCs out, potentially by next summer, it'll be around $25USD to get every single one. Thank you very much for the interest :)



Hey, thanks a lot for the update, I feel ever more excited about the upcoming game now))

I wanted to clarify something about the MC physical descriptions, though (not a native speaker, mind). There were at least 2 options mentioning feminine breasts, 1 for a flat chest, and the option that I got confused about. "It's flat now but probably won't always be" - does it mean a possibility to get more defined pecs for a masculine chest, or is it also about growing breasts? Because if I have a cis male MC, I'd rather avoid an unpleasant surprise further down the line by picking a wrong option. Maybe a more specific wording would help?


I'm happy you enjoyed the update! For the choices, the option you're confused about is worded a little differently in the game. It says "Your chest was flat, but that might change as you got even older.". The word "might" is used rather than "probably". "Probably" implies that it likely will happen. While "might" just acknowledges that there's a theoretical chance that it could happen, but doesn't imply that it actually will.

If you pick that option, you'll have an MC with the potential to change but with no insistence any change will actually end up happening. So your options will be left open rather than being totally settled. When the MC gets older later in the game, that topic would come back up and you'd get to  choose how it worked out.

Basically that choice option is good for MCs who might be late bloomers, or trans, or for players who just aren't totally sure what they wanna do with their character yet. Later on you can still say your character is fully flat chested, even if you picked the second option. You don't have to worry about having boobs unless you directly say your character has them, haha. But if you're positive you want a breast-less chest, the top option on the list would be the most effective option for your needs!

Ok, thanks for clarifying.

No problem :D


Sorry for intruding but can I ask you something? There'll always be the possibility to choose the MC's body aspect in the story? Like in the passage When you changed from kid to the next stage there was the possibility to choose you character's height (from very tall to very short). I really liked that aspect of the game, it made it more realistic!

Yeah! You can change height and body type Step by Step. I'm glad you like the feature :D


damn you're spoiling us I swear


Haha, no problem! We're happy to.


Thank you so much for the updates! This one looks great ^v^

Thank you for checking it out :D


I am still so excited for this game. I backed on Kickstarter ages ago so I could get the whole thing + dlc as soon as it's out, but now I kinda want to do Patreon so I can have the best beta! 

Is it worth it at this point or will the game be out sooner than later? 


Thank you for supporting us ^^! We'll be releasing the base game + some DLCs in about three months on November 2nd. I'm not sure if that sounds like it's coming out soon or still a ways away, haha. Either way, it's great to know you're looking forward to it.


Thanks for the reply! I'll wait til it comes out so I can do the full game in one go, if I play just part of it now I'll be painfully sad there's no more yet. But I love you guys and your game, and thank you for all your hard work! 

Haha, I can relate to that. I'm really glad you like the game <3


The update looks fun, Thanks!


Thank you :D


I love this game, im starting to simp for Cove cause of his hair LOL im weird 

(° ͜ʖ °)


Haha, thanks! Glad you like his hair.


Thank you! Munch munch  munch.

You're welcome, haha.


Your characters are all so good,  did anyone help  you with thier  inspirations?  I find Lizzie's tidbits especially fun, and Ma and Mom's dynamic is hilarious. 

PS. I also noticed playing with the update caused a repeated seen on a different comfort level, at the part where cove walks over during grocery scene.

I'm really glad you like the characters :D. There are others who have helped with the project. It's not all just one person.

Thank you for the error report!


I can't wait to play it on steam, I have it queued and everything.

I'm really glad you're still looking forward to it!


Yessss new update, gonna try it right away !!!

Thanks! I hope you'll enjoy it :D


I loved it so much!! The hangman move cove pulled was super duper adorable I couldn't stop smiling when guessing!!

I also really loved how specific the MC though about their taste in people and how many option there were to choose!! It really made me feel validated so thank you for that!!

Also I just realized jeremy and Shiloh are the same Jeremy and Shiloh from xoxo droplets! I didn't even noticed at first, that's clever!!

I can't wait for another update!!

That's wonderful! I'm really happy you had such a good time with it. Cove tried his best on that one, haha.

And yep, we love including references/cameos from our other games when we can. Our Life stuff is referenced in XOXO Droplets, too. Specifically in certain Shiloh exchanges.



I hope you'll like it :D!




Aw, I'm really glad you had a nice time ^^. The full game is gonna be even cuter~


I seriously can't wait ;-; o yeah, also, I think there was a lil bug or smth in Part 2 in the surfing part. My character was on direct crush w Cove, and when Noelani and my character were putting away groceries and Noelani and Pam started teasing my character, I think it repeated another part of a conversation that happens on a different level of attraction, or at least it seemed that way. It was when Pam was like "Careful with that, you could put someone's eye out with that thing," or smth. I'm replaying it rn and it only seemed to happen that one time but I just wanted to let u know just in case. Anyways, can't wait for the final game!

Thank you for the report! We'll look into what might have happened.

Deleted 79 days ago

Yeah, older save files don't work in the new version. I'm really sorry for that! I'm pretty sure we added a warning to the main menu that advises not load prior save files?