(Unless it’s not for you where you are yet. In that case, happy almost new year!)

Things did not go as we expected in 2020, but we managed to release the main story of Our Life: Beginnings & Always and some of the DLCs. We’ll take that success. Another huge bright spot of the year was all the heartwarming feedback we’ve gotten on Our Life from players. It’s been wonderful seeing what a nice time people have had with demo and then the full game.

We’re super motivated to keep releasing content for everyone. These are our 2021 goals here at GB Patch Games (they may not be finished in this listed order)-

  • Release the Our Life: Beginnings & Always Step 4 Epilogue and all the remaining DLCs
  • Release the OL: B&A bonus Patreon Moment
  • Get Our Life: Beginnings & Always on the Google Playstore
  • Officially announce Our Life: Now & Forever and begin promoting it publicly
  • Release a demo for OL: N&F
  • Run a Kickstarter campaign for OL: N&F
  • Release the remaining stories for XOXO Blood Droplets
  • Reach 1,500 supporters on Patreon

That’s a lot to do, ahah. But it’s exciting stuff and we’re going to try hard to get it all done this year. Most of them are up to us to finish, but I put in a Patreon goal that isn’t completely in our hands on there, too. We surpassed 1,000 backers last month without any expectation to do so. Getting to 1,500 might actually be something that happens, so we’re gonna make better plans for it.

I hope you all have wonderful goals and aspirations for the future as well.

Thank you for everything in 2020 and here’s to 2021! ❤

Guest art by Lemanntim

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I'm so excited for the next DLC and stage four. I've played it all twice in a week already 🙈


are you mayhaps close to releasing step 3 dlc and step 4 for cove my card is ready to be used


WOOO!! We can reach those goals with you!! You guys deserve it!! 


I love this game so much I played all possible dialogues in a span of 4 days I can't wait for Step 4 and the other DLCs


^^ I love this game soo much


Oh my gosh, I was wondering if you'd ever be able to put your works on the playstore! Seeing as visual novels/romance type of games usually do pretty good there it most likely will draw more attention to your masterpiece! (I really hope so 'cause it deserves it) 

Honestly, your games are most likely the best things this year <3

Oh, and, happy new year!!! 


I've BEEN WAITING, AND IT'S FINALLY HERE! The game was so GOOD that when the demo was the first release, I couldn't keep my hands off it, and I was enjoying every seconds that turn into hours. But more content gives me all the more reason to start once again doing keyboard smashing. 


Best news I got in the beginning of 2021!I really can't wait to play lol


I love your game so muchh. I can't wait to see what's in store



(Sorry, the passion is off the charts right now. Im so excited!)


Lets fucking GOOOOOOOoooooo into this new year.