Our Life Build 1.2 Android Launch + Small Bug Fixes!

Thank you for waiting! We've got a small post today to say that the Android build now has its 1.2 update. The PC and Mac builds were also given a small update to fix a couple errors players caught. 


We hope you enjoy ❤


Our Life (PC) 583 MB
12 days ago
Our Life (Mac) 566 MB
12 days ago
Our Life (Android, Voiced Name Version) 591 MB
12 days ago
Our Life (Android, Non-Voiced Name Version) 591 MB
12 days ago

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Question: Every time that the game updates, do I need to re-install the it and download it again? Sorry I am kind of new to playing games on PC, since I usually play on console. ;-; Thank you so much for... well... making this great game! You are awesome! :D

If you're using the Itch.io App it might be possible to just update the file you already have, but in general yeah, you do have to re-download and re-install the game with each update. I'm sorry for the trouble.