Voiced Name Feature!

We have some nifty news! The basics for a brand new feature in Our Life are working and we're excited to share it. This is the Voiced Name screen-

Like most of our previous games, Our Life will have partial voice acting. Cove in each of his stages will have a voice to hear. And now if you pick one of the names listed on this special screen Cove will say it in the game! So instead of lines like “Thanks...” where it trails off non-specifically, you can hear him say “Thanks [whatever name you picked].”. We think it’s pretty cool to have him talk to the player by name. Of course, you don’t have to use a this screen if you’re not into any of the options or just don’t want Cove to say your name. And if you change your name in later Steps you can turn the voicing off or pick a different voiced name.

Also, you don't have to use the spelling that's on the Voiced Name screen. Once you've chosen your "voice" you can then change the text of the name. For example, choosing the voice called "Gray" and then respelling it to "Grey". That won't cause any problems. Cove will still say the name. Though, if you want a totally new name remember to choose it from the screen or hit the "No Voice" option. If you pick the voice "Gray" off the Voiced Name Screen and then decide you want the name Sam, rewriting just the text won't undo choosing the "Gray" voice . So you'll have Cove still saying "Gray" while the name appearing in the text is Sam. As long as you remember what voice you picked, it should all turn out fine.

Our current plan is to have at least 400 names to choose from in the full version of the game. But it might go even higher. 

(The options on the screen right now may or may not stay, it’s mostly just for testing.)

To start we’re giving out voiced names as a thanks to everybody who is kind enough to support us! Until October 8th, all Patreon backers can give us their name and we’ll add it to the voiced list~

GB Patch Patreon

After that it will become a reward during our Kickstarter campaign! If you don’t like Patreon you can keep on eye out for that.

The one requirement is that it has to be your name. I’m afraid we can’t use usernames or fictional characters you like the name of. Also only first names will get the voicing. Cove never really refers to the MC by their last name.

Now our next step is to officially cast the VAs so we can really experience the feature in action. We hope you'll look forward to it ❤

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Quick question, I go by the name Basil and I'm wondering if it's a usable name for the voice named feature.

Of course! That'd be just fine. Thank you for the interest ^^


Question about the voiced name feature. I have a name common enough that I wouldnt be surprised if it was included, but it's the like, 2nd most common spelling. Erika, instead of Erica. If the name is included in voiced names (nbd if not), will I have to stick to the "wrong" spelling (in my case) or will you make it usable for those with different spellings of common names, like Jon instead of John, and so on. 

Totally ok if not, I'm sure that's extra work, I'm just curious! Super looking forward to this game! The voiced names are a SUPER cool feature that I'm really looking forward to!


Once you pick a name you can respell it! In your example you'd totally be able to choose the "Erica" voice and then retype the name to be spelled "Erika".  Luckily we can keep the voice flags and name spelling as separate saved pieces of info, so that type of feature was doable without needing a bunch of extra work.

I'm glad you're looking forward to it :D.