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is this gonna come out on android? 🥺

Probably not, I'm sorry!

that's okay , ty ! ❤️

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Is it the same dev..? Are you okay... ;-;
LMAO it's just feels so weird to play this right after finishing Our Life, like... That's not my boy Shiloh come on now--

All jokes aside, this game is very silly and i find it so funny that no matter how much gory it gets, the mc is always gonna crack a joke--  Great game as always!! 

(just found that it's a SPIN OFF OF THE OG GAME XOXO droplets and i feel reaaally dummy now lol, i'll play it right away!)

LMAO, wydm thats not Shiloh in the game he's quite similar.

ah, I was just joking, haha- when I wrote that comment, I still haven't had played xoxo droplets, so like, seeing the sweet lil shiloh as a psychotic manipulative brat kinda took me off guard lol

this is so real, i was shocked, and he shows more of his true colors in these games. Also, you're not alone i didn't know this was a spin off either. And shiloh ofc doesn't get any better, well none of the characters do, haha

is this project abandoned?


There are a few more stories that were written and haven't been released, maybe those will come out. But it'll never be the original plan of twelve storylines.

glad to hear some of the stories will be released

is the dlc still a thing or is it never gonna come out?

I might release some additional stories for free, but it'll never be the fully planned collection. We just didn't have time to do it all.

Love the game! Also does anyone know if Everett has a story with a happy end? If so could someone tell me how to get it? I keep getting the three same endings for him and I can't figure out how to get any other ones.

Ah nvm I just saw the walkthough on the page.

still excited for the dlc and i hope some day soon it gets completed. still love our life and i understand the delay <3


Thank you!


played both xoxo blood droplets and xoxo droplets plus our life just asking if the DLC in xoxo blood droplets is still a thing and if so how much will it cost and when would it approximately come out  I just love this game and I just want to romance pran but anyway I  love your work and stay safe 


I'm glad you enjoy it! There are some stories that need some polish, including Pran's, but might be able to come out sometime after OL1 is done. Unfortunately, though, not all the originally planned stories can be completed.


That's totally fine I am happy to wait for more of your awesome work keep it up :D


Thank you!

Ofc no worries ❤️

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delete key doesnt work i hovered it over the slot and pressed it


Im sorry for the bother but is there going to be a dlc just asking you dont have to reply if u dont want to


Is the DLC still a thing? 😭 I know you're mainly focused in OL1~2 now but this game was so good


This was such a fun game! However, I noticed that it came out back in 2019 and there still doesn't seem to be a DLC. Was that dropped? :(


This game is super amazing, but getting the endings is a killing spot for ne, especially the Jeremy ending  #7! I found #6 by pure luck, ya'll need to chill with these crazy hard endings but a challenge is what makes something fun, so I'm not complaining anymore, also I might subscribe to your patreon for that juicy free dcl for the original Our Life, not sure yet but please keep amazing me. 


Hey when is the DLC available?


Am hoping dearly for the dlc to come out at some point T_T This game was incredible, thank you so much. Great fun.


me too ;—; I am in love with this series and I’m praying that the DLC is still coming out 


hold on, is this what Shiloh is up too after we lose track of him in OL? and is this why he acts so funny when you meet him later in OL?



(+3) guys were right, that WAS adorably brutal! Can't wait to see the others in DLC. Thanks for this lovely and hilarious game :)


I love this game! I wish there were a romance option for Shiloh though, that poor boi needs more love. 

Funny enough I really loved the art of this game so I decided to play it first instead of XOXO Droplets, but now I feel like I need to get the full story so XOXO Droplets, here I go! (Everett is bae <3) Can't wait to get this voiced and the dlc content to come out


Haha, thanks! I'm glad you liked the style :D


Thanks for always replying so quickly! Here on itch and also on steam~ I know devs can get pretty overwhelmed messages so it's nice to feel heard :) Although I was a teeny bit afraid of the horror elements, I wanted to give it a try since the first game I played from you guys was Our Life and you guys DELIVERED on that game and no surprise here, this game was also pretty fun even as a spin-off :) Keep up the awesome work!

Thank you very much <3. We'll keep trying our best.

um....Is this game completed?

Not exactly. It's a collection of short stories and three competed stories are included. But we have more stories to release and they're mostly done. We've just been busy with another project so haven't had time to properly test them. Hopefully we'll put more out soon!

hmm...will it be released next year?

Yeah ^^

I love this game so much :) and I am looking forward to the full game release. I would definitely buy the DLC to see more stories, including Bae and Shiloh and with voice acting. This game has so much potential, really :)

Thank you! We'll try our best to finish it all.

Just wanted to ask when the DLC was gonna come out? I want my crazy Shiloh lol!

Hope everything is going alright and that you're safe!

Thank you for checking in! We had hoped to get the DLC out sooner, but unfortunately the last few months had some really unfortunate things happen in our personal lives and presently we have to focus on the release of a different project, Our Life. But we will get back to finishing XOBD once OL has been released.

okay! I figured that was the case but I didn't want to assume since I'm waiting for Our Life as well and I remember seeing that crazy stuff was happening during that update. Can't wait for both!

Stay safe and keep up the awesome work!

Thank you very much for understanding and for the well-wishes <3. I hope you'll be well too!

can't wait for the dlc in october!!

Aw, I'm glad you're looking forward to that! 

Deleted 3 years ago

Thank you! I'm glad you like it. We'll be releasing more stories this October :D

This game is great!!I can't wait for the DLC.But why I can't download it here?And I have trouble in reading the text because I don't good at English,that's a terrible problem!DLC please !!!And one,I love Shiloh!He is so fearful and charming!!!What  a amazing character!

I'm really happy you enjoy it! We're trying our best to finish up the DLC. I'm sorry the font is hard for you to read. We'll look into changing that.

No,the problem is from myself.I should learn English harder,and the font is no problem,I like it.

this game is so fantastic lol i would pay any amount for the dlc!! so excited for pran lol

Haha, thank you very much! I'm really happy to hear you're looking forward to it. We do have the beta available through our Patreon with five more routes included, one of which is a Pran story. If Patreon isn't your thing, no problem. We're working on getting the DLC out everywhere as soon as we can.

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this game is amazing!!!! i love the characters! bae is my fav :3  i have a quetion,  we have to pay for the full version of xoxo blood droplets right? btw i made dis art of everett, i hope you like it:

That is so cute! Thank you for sharing it with us <3.

And yeah, the DLC for XOXO Blood Droplets will be paid content.

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yeah no prob XD this took me literally 1 hour but it was worth it!

oh, and thanks for letting me know that is paid content, i was confused for a second, and please make more of these games, i really like your creations like xoxo droplets, lake of voices and floret bond, i think they are sooooooo cool! im gonna share this game to all my friends <3 and btw whats that theme that plays when you meet bae for the first time in xoxo blood droplets?

Aw, that's really great to hear! We're so glad you like our various projects :D.

If you mean during the group meeting, that's the happy song. If you mean the song that plays when you meet Bae in the entryway that's "Bae's Theme", haha.


cool! i will always support your projects and upcoming games!

and thanks about bae's theme, its because i wanted to download it but i cant find it anywhere. (btw i lovee all the soundtracks in the game, like the one that plays when your on the school map)


Right now we don't have the soundtrack for sale, but we may put it up for sale once the DLC for XOBD releases ^^.


Heya! Any updates on the dlc? I can't seem to find any on the development log, or recently on the twitter!


We're still working on it! We release new content for our Patreon supporters and Kickstarter backers each month, but we sometimes forget to advertise the game on our public social media since it's technically "released". Our hope is to get it out in spring of 2020. Thank you for waiting and I'm glad you're still interested in it.


Thank you for responding!! Can't wait to see what y'all come up with :)




I haven't finished this game yet but I seriously love it 

(also im totally gay for Chand lol)

Aw, thanks! I'm glad you do ^^.


haha! I was here early so as a result I got the demo version. I was trying to get all the endings but that flopped, obviously. I came back and now it's back up! I've been playing for a while hitting up all the endings (メ▼ー▼)/●~* I'm really glad I came back to check. I love your content!! 

I'm glad you got the full version, haha! Thank you for the kind comment ^^


Wow, this was so much fun! It was a perfect mixture of cute, horrible and funny all at once! The comedy especially had me wheezing with laughter a bunch of times.

I particularly love the mechanic that allows you to leave the guy you chose if you want to. It is so refreshing, especially considering how... difficult(?) some of the guys are. And even though they are intentionally absurd and insane, I felt they were more genuine than many of the yandere I've seen in other games, especially in the Otome genre.

I had just finished playing the original XOXO Droplets, and it was really nice seeing all the little references. My favorite guys from both games are Everett and Nate, haha, but all of them are great. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them in the commercial version! :-) 

Aw, thank you so much for the kind comment! I'm really happy you enjoyed the even nuttier versions of the boys, haha. And yeah, we definitely didn't want to force people to stay with these squares considering how far they push the line.

Hi. I had been following progress on this game since the last year when i first played the demo and I have to say that I really liked everything about it before and I like it even better now that it's finished. The only question I have is whether the demo is still available somewhere or is this it?

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :D.

The demo was removed because it's too out-dated and won't work with the current build. I'm sorry for that.

Streamed a bit of this game just recently, and wow!

I like this game a lot so far; I really plan on sitting down and streaming for a bit more later... Just to get all the endings I can get! 

I might've been a bit critical about the music, but to be honest that's the only real critique I have for this game... that, & there were some instances of grammatical errors, but really what visual novel doesn't have that happen?

It's cute, mysterious, funny, and weird all wrapped up in a convenient/easy to play point-and-click visual novel format!~ <3

Thank you very much for going through it! I'm happy you had fun with it on the whole C:. Hopefully the rest of the endings will be a good time as well.

So awesome that it's been released! This video will be it for me on my channel, but I'll definitely be going off on my own time and attempt to not die! :]

Jeremy is such a cutie. >_<


Thank you again for playing it! I'm happy you like Jeremy, haha.

Absolutely love this! Continue creating good games and looking for the game "Our Life: Beginnings and Always"!!!

Jeremy is such a cutie and can't wait to draw him =D

Thanks very much ^^! It's nice to hear you like our others game. If you do draw Jeremy, I'd love to see it.


How much will the DLC be when it comes out?

I love all of this and need to know how much I'll be spending so I can add it to my budget.

The DLC will be 11 USD! I'm so happy you love it C:


Absolutely love this game

I'm glad!

this is coming out today right?

Yep :]. Well just the free version. A paid DLC will be coming out later.


ok thank you. do you know what time?

In less than an hour most likely, haha.


thank you i'm so excited for it :-D

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My best boy is  Shiloh  <3

(tried to upload a image but it didn't work , if you know how please let me know ^^

Haha, he's an interesting one.

I'm not sure why it didn't work :0. It seems like you can insert images. Maybe the format of the file wasn't compatible?


Found the problem! The picture was to big, couldn't get it any smaller than this.

Hope you like my fan art <3 

Aw! Thank you so much for drawing the lad and sharing it. That's really nice of you :D


Thank you :)

Pran is my bae <3

Haha, I'm glad he is ^^!


I made an account just so i could say how much i absolutely love this game!

The art style is adorable, the writing is hilarious, and the whole idea is an awesome XOD spinoff.

Thankyou for giving one of my favourite otomes a game like this qwq.

(also jeremy is best boi, forever and always)

Aw, thank you so much! It's really great to hear you like this nutty spin-off so much, haha.


Aaaaahhhh! Shiloh is SO CUTE! I wish his route had more to it!

Thank you! I'm glad you think so. Hopefully you'll like the rest of his content in the full version :D

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