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XOXO Blood Droplets is a cute, comedic, and creepy Visual Novel. The goal is to romance a murderous boy without having the crazy dudes you didn't pick (or even the one you did) ruin and/or end your life. It usually doesn't go well.

The current build of the demo has 13,000 words in total with 8 actual endings and 3 'to be continued' conclusions. For now you'll need to pursue Pran or Nate to see most of the content.

XOBD is a spin-off to a lighthearted dating sim. The previously harmless romance guys are now exceedingly dangerous, but the protagonist is still determined to go out with them. You do not have to play the original XOXO Droplets for this game to make sense. Feel free to enjoy this as a stand alone story, though we suggest reading the character bios by clicking the button in the upper left corner in-game.

Note: This game includes blood, violence, death, crude humor, and a lot of swearing

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JB has been attending the fancy boarding school Saint Sara Belle for almost a year now. Along with six others, she’s been forced to join an after-school group created for students that are deemed ‘unfriendable’. JB is fine with that, especially ‘cause one of the awful people there is her special someone. It doesn’t matter that he has trouble getting along with people and is a murderer; he’s still perfect to her!

There's one major problem with JB's charmed school life: she’s yet to go on an official date with her darling. Without fail something comes up to get in the way. Usually it’s one of the other horrible guys from the group who aren’t too keen on the fact that she has eyes for someone else. That failure streak is ending now. She has sworn that this weekend she will go out with him, even if it’s the last thing she does.

Most likely it will be.

Full Version Features:

  • 80,000 words or so for hours of play time
  • Dozens of choices and all of them matter a lot
  • Over 50 Endings, most of which are pretty harsh
  • Choose to try solving problems with quick thinking or senseless violence
  • Explore the school using a map system. Cross your fingers that you'll run into who you're looking for and not one of the many people who might bring disaster
  • Partial voice acting by the fantastic original cast

Cast List:

[The voice acting will be added in later builds of the demo]

Everett Gray: DJ Horn
Nate Lawson: Belsheber Rusape
Shiloh Fields: Brendan Blaber
Bae Pyoun: Griffin Puatu
Jeremy King: Calvin Joyal
Pran Taylor: P.M. Seymour
JB (Nameable Protagonist): Dee Margret Turner
Alicia Rosales: Anairis Quinones
Missy Smith: Elsie Lovelock
Nurse Lynn: Michael Kovach

Thank you for checking this out ❤

And if you like horror Visual Novels feel free to check out the other one we have in the works, Lake of Voices!


XOBD Demo (PC Version) 310 MB
XOBD Demo (Mac Version) 293 MB

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I thought this was a cute game. I loved  a lot of the remarks MC made. The comedy was really witty in this visual novel. Now i'm going to have to play the original droplets to see what's in store with that!

Thank you very much! I'm really glad you thought it was funny.

Just started it, but its right up my alley, love it already!

Haha, thank you very much for making a let's play! I'm glad you're getting a kick out it.

(1 edit)

When the game's story and dialogue started, I WAS IN LOVE!!! I love how the original game ties into this one! Like, you wouldn't get confused when references come up because it doesn't seem like they were just thrown in there with no background. The prologue, guide, and how the characters are presented give a great general idea of their personality/reputation. The story line is amazing and the endings/results had me shook. The cutsie art style of the game is perfect and well done! I can tell this game has potential and I WILL DEFINITELY buy it when it's done! PLEASE keep working on this game!!! :D

(I had to clear somethings up and disscuss more factors in the game <3<3<3)


Haha, I'm so glad to hear that! I was worried if the game might not have a good balance of being approachable to new players, while having fun nods for those who knew the original. Thank you very much for the very kind comment. We'll be sure to keep working on this game and get it out there!

Just played the demo and I LOVED IT! Seeing this strange side in each character is really entertaining and i can happy say ill be waiting for any updates and the full release. I wish you guys all the best off luck! <3 

Aaw, thank you so much! I'm happy to hear that you enjoy the crazy versions of these boys, haha. We'll do our best to get the game finished and released as soon as we can!

Deleted post

Oh, thank you very much <3! We'll keep working hard to get it done. Hopefully you'll enjoy the finished project.


Is it just me or is Shiloh acting like Monika?

Haha, I suppose in some ways they're two of a kind.

Hi! I really enjoyed the previous game, Jerebear lol, and I was wondering if there was an approximate release date for this game and the what the estimated cost of the full version would be. Thank you for your time!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the original XOD game ^^. XOXO Blood Droplets is scheduled to come out at the end of this year or early next year. The price will be around 7-8 USD.

How Much Ending and Route have this Demo Help Thanks I want to record All Route in this Demo

There are two routes, Pran and Nate, plus an option to not be interested in any of the choose-able options. There are 8 bad endings and 3 'to be counted' conclusions. If you click the Extras button on the main menu there's an Ending list, which will keep track of all the endings you've gotten in the demo. Good luck!

I'll try to play the demo now! :D

Thank you! I hope you'll like it C:

My last video! I'll go through everyone else by myself.

Looking forward to this~

Thank you for playing the demo and sharing your experience! I'm glad you're looking forward to it :D

wow this game is amazing thank for making it fun :D

and good luck !!!

Thank you very much! It's great to hear that you enjoyed it C:

Loved the game. The dark humor was great. Can't wait for the full game. How do I get the last ending with Nate?

(1 edit)

Thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoyed the humor :>. Here's a walkthrough for Nate's demo events~

-Tell Shiloh that you're busy

-Go to the hallway when on the map screen

-Tell Nate you were looking for him

-Say 'We're leaving!' to Waldo (telling Nate he's right will give you an ending)

-Wait for the timer to run out when JB considers giving up (choosing to go chill will give you an ending)

-The final choice is whether or not you'll accept Bae's earrings. Accepting them will give you an ending, rejecting them will get a 'to be continued' scene

I hope that helps!

Thank you.

It's no trouble!

This is... Amazing. I'll definitely play the full game. I love how exaggerated the characters are (I know because I played the original game) and how crazy this is X)

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy their exaggerated versions after knowing how they are in the original. I hope you'll enjoy the finished game as well~

It's going to get crazier from here; I know it.

Thanks for sharing those here! 

Haha, I'm glad you seem to be having a good time. And yeah, things only get crazier the further they go on.

Totally forgot to post these!

I love it! specially how their personalities are intensified to the extreme! XD But dang! just two days seem crazy in their world, it's a true wonder how JB managed to stay alive and 'sane' (well enough) for a whole year.

Haha, thank you! JB has certainly been very lucky. But I guess she's not the only one who's gotten impatient recently.

It's beautiful :') ..i really loved the yandere vibe & seeing the jerk-squad  from this perspective made me fall in love all over again i can't wait for the full game to come out XD 

Thank you! Haha, we're glad you had fun with the crazy version of those jerks. We'll do out best to get the full version out soon!


Thank you :D!