Giveaway Update, Personality Quiz, Backer Q&A


Our Kickstarter and merchandise raffle are still on-going, but they're now in the final two weeks. We're 76% funded on Kickstarter and we've gotten enough entries in the raffle to give out all the best prizes. Thank you for your support with those to get us this far. Please give 'em a look, if you haven't already~


Merchandise Raffle

And since our last update we've also released some more fun stuff. Like, there's an official XOXO Blood Droplets personality quiz you can take! In the world of XOBD the shape of shine in someone’s eyes says something about the person. Fans have really gotten into that concept, so we went ahead and created a quiz to help figure out what your shine might be!


Plus backers can now join in on a special Kickstarter-only Q&A session.

I hope you enjoy ❤

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