Free Version Released!

The free version of XOXO Blood Droplets has released! Happy almost Halloween and happy birthday to Shiloh.


    ♡ 3 Insane Suitors- Jeremy King, Bae Pyoun, and Everett Gray

    ♡ 3 Separate Storylines ♡ 50,000 words

    ♡ 42 Endings!- Some of them are actually okay. Most are not

    ♡ 18 CGs + a unique image to collect for every ending

    ♡ Determine your conclusion by making a variety of choices

There will be an optional DLC released in the future to make even more stories and "romantic" partners available. Partial voice acting will also be added later on.

I really hope you all enjoy what's there for now. Thank you so much for following the project!


XOXO Blood Droplets (PC Version) 487 MB
Oct 29, 2019
XOXO Blood Droplets (Mac Version, Not Notarized) 469 MB
Oct 29, 2019

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Hi! I really love your games, I tried to download via Steam as I did with the origial XOXO Droplets, but for some reason it's blocked for my region (Brazil). I'll still download from here tho! I'll make sure to get the future DLC as I did with the original, hope I can romance a crazy Pran and Nate in the future lmao


Thank you for playing! You have to fill out extra information for it to be available in Brazil on Steam. We'll try to do that soon. I'm glad you were able to get it here.

And Nate and Pran will definitely have storylines of their own in the DLC ^^

Deleted 1 year ago

12-13, plus an extra ending in the prologue before their stories officially start!