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bruh that moment youve played xoxo blood droplets and then come across this, i was so confused at first when scrolling through games, once i saw the tittle i immediately clicked recognizing the characters lol

Haha, sorry for the confusion! XOXO Blood Droplets is a indeed a spin-off of this original game. There's a lot of neat references between the two. But they can both be played as stand-alone games as well.

I wonder what does minor clique boyfriend options actually mean?

Those are just another gameplay feature. Winning over a clique guy to be your boyfriend doesn't get new events, it gives gameplay perks like always being in good standing with the other cliques.


i'm absolutely addicted with this game! i found it a while back but it didn't download so i gave up on it, but i'm so glad i came back!! you never fail with these games!! my favorite is everett, he's an absolute heartthrob to me, and i hype SO much over him, which just means my taste in guys is bizarre. i also love jeremy, such a cutie!! i love this jerk squad :)

Aw, I'm so glad you're enjoying it! Haha, Everett and Jeremy are cute little punks, good choices. Thank you for the kind message <3

aww no romantic route for Lynn :( He is so beautiful😩

I'm sorry, he just is not interested in that MC, haha. He has a thing for Shiloh's mom. But his friendship events are still really fun ^^.

its a shame to hear that people ( especially everett ) calls bae an antichrist, i mean, like, doesn't he get offended? :P

Haha, nah. Bae enjoys watching others act childishly. It's amusing and makes him feel so much more grownup.

wow, thats kinda weird but it really suits him, he does likes being all mature and stuff, even if he eats a whole jar of cherry's with a fork XD

Yeah. He's not very self-reflective, haha. What a guy.

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haha yeah XD i dont know why he is my favorite, he just is. i just imagine him in real life, that would be so cool and weird, sorry i talk too much, i never really had a conversation like this before <3

Bae's effect on people is truly a mystery.

And there's no need to apologize c:. Though, if you like to chat like this you might want to join the Discord. There's a lot of fans in there and we have talks all the time about XOD and other projects :D

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I think I have encountered a bug, it won't allow me to continue past February 7th during the second year. I would appreciate it if it was fixed soon. I am very into this game and I would like to be able to progress further as soon as possible. Thanks.

I'm sorry you're having trouble! I'm not sure what might be the issue right now, I'm afraid. Could you give more details? Does the game freeze, crash, does the day keep repeating, are any errors reported by the game? Do you have other saves files you could try continuing with? It might be an issue with just that one file. Let me know and we'll do our best to help you progress past it!

The game freezes and I am unable to continue that save no matter how many times I reload it.

Okay, we'll look into that! It could be an issue with just that save being corrupted. If there's any other file you have, it might work out better to play those instead of the one that keeps freezing. 

I tried playing the steam version as well and I did a new file and it;s still freezing on me. Hopefully this information I've provided helps. Thanks.

I'm so sorry about that! Over the years we've heard of people losing a single file because something went wrong with it, but we haven't encountered an issue where someone always ran into that kind of game breaking issue. We'll do what we can to figure something out, but I'm not sure what I can suggest for you right now, other than potentially playing on a different computer. Also, could you let us know which guy you were pursuing? Was it the same one each time or different boys?

Any chance this could be released on Android?

Thank you for the interest! Well, the gameplay features wouldn't translate well to a smaller screen and we'd have to rework the entire thing. But we are planning on releasing a version of the game with no gameplay elements (a true Visual Novel version) so that build might eventually go up on Android. We'll have to wait and see, though.

ohh, how's the visual novel version going??

It's on-hold, sadly. We have to finish XOXO Blood Droplets before we can make progress in the VN version again. But we haven't forgotten about it!


I played this game years ago and I recently found it again and it's still amazing lol. I LOVE the jerky MC and all of the characters' personalities and quirks, and the game has so much chaotic energy and is exactly my type of humor. my personal favorite is Shiloh, I'm obsessed with that little freckled brat :* anywayyy definitely considering getting the paid version soon, good job with the game! +_+

Aw, thank you very much for all the kind words! It's nice to hear it was fun back then and it's still fun now :D. Haha, Shiloh is a piece of work, you're very brave for tolerating him. If you do get the paid versions, I hope you'll like the other boys just as much as the free options.

um does the game have a conclusion because year two has repeated itself several times and I'm having loops of the same events


The game is meant to end in August of Year 2. Something is definitely wrong with the save file if it skipped passed the ending scenes and just continued with the normal gemplay. Unfortunately, I don't know what that might be. I've never heard of this happening before. For now all I can suggest is loading a different file that's set a ways before the game is meant to end (Aug Yr. 2) and/or deleting the game then redownloading it in case something went wrong with processing the game file itself. We'll have the programmer look into possible causes for the error in the meantime. Thanks for letting us know about your problem!

I've been looking for this for ages but I can't find it. Whats the middle button in the phone (the pink one) for? 

If you go see Cala on a Saturday or Sunday while shopping you can have her change your luck. That section on the phone tells you your current luck status buff and how much longer the effect is going to last c:

Okay thank you 

I bought the paid extended version and it wont let me access the accessory store and for Prans route it wont let me go on the third dates with him (finished the route with Jeremy and i love him so much)

Thank you for getting the game! To access the accessory store to buy stuff you first have to work at the accessory store part-time on the weekend. And to get the third dates with Pran he needs to be your official boyfriend. You do that by reaching the two heart affection bar and filling it up completely. Then you can open the date screen and there will be a new button in the bottom right corner. That will let you ask him to be your boyfriend. I hope that helps ^^



No problem :D

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