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what year will this be fully released?

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I think they said it will probably be in the end of next year.

But the demo will come during Fall.


it looks so cute!

when I look at it this way, a song plays in my mind: we fell in love in october ( girl in red)


i totally agree i love that song


I'm so excited for this game but I must know: is there a poly option? Cause I already know I'm going to love this game but if there is my love will grow.

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Omg!!! Another new game?! Yes!!! it's kinda like Our life: Beginnings & Always its customizable!

omg can't wait !! it already looks so good im so excited ^^

yeay!! i love all of your games! can't wait for this too


"Release Frame: When the season is right"
And the game is set in fall...
I'm on to you!


I can't wait!! I know I won't be able to choose between the two main love interest so I hope there is a polyamorous ending :)


let’s goooooooo

Yesss !!! I am so excited!

Oh my gosh!!!! It looks very good, I can't wait for the release!! =*w*=


This is looks so good! Looking forward to it!


I'll count the days. More one game for me fall in love, Thanks, I love Indie games groups. 

way too excited for this

So excited for this!! Wishing you guys all the best for this game's development <3


So excited! 



Looking for more nostalgia and sweetness. Childhood is such a precious moment in our lives and in these games I re-experience it again <3 so grateful 



That's so great! I'm already very excited about the new project :D

A little question, though: will there be hair options for an MC who uses braids(for kinky and/or curly hair) as a child? I really like to add those cute braids on my MCS. It's only a detail, though. I appreciate your patience if my ask was inconvenient.

Thank you very much for bringing amazing visual novels like that! Yours are certainly my favorite because of the variation, personalization and, of course, incredible characters!!


Yup! There are even more hairstyles like that in the new game. You can see some of them on the tumblr or the twitter

Very glad because of the variety!

Other Time I Fall in loveeeeee!!!!

Now in The Forest before in The beach...

Omg how much work have you done it look so cool can't wait totally love your work


I bought all the DLCs for the first game and it was the best money I've ever spent. I can't wait to play this one as well!

The game looks so beautiful! Can't wait for the release aaaaa-

Yay! So exciting πŸ‘πŸ» I can’t wait to play 😍πŸ₯°

Omg yes!


YAY! :D A yuri game this time! WOOO! :D


this isn't yuri tho lol

Oh... :( I saw the LGBT tag and just assumed... Booooo...


Your character can be a girl and you can choose Tamarack

oof this is super late but i meant as in ''yuri'' isn't the right way to tag the game, mainly because it isn't a japanese dating sim and because that genre involves 18+ content. but it is lgbtq+ friendly and gl (girls love) so yeah! :)

Well there IS a yuri option lol

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So probably an obvious answer to this question but are there gonna be DLCs for the different stages of your character's life like it was for the first game?


Im telling you when i saw this pop up in my e-mail I squealed like a dog toy 😭 Very excited for this! ❀

Also while reading this page I noticed a mistake (or two?). On Tamaracks step 1 info box on the second to last row it says "newcomer comer". I also wanted to point out that on Qius step 1 info box the only pronoun thats used is "he" even tho it says they use he/they pronounce maybe you'd want to mix it up?

Can't wait to see what you do with this game! ❀


Thank you for the report! Qiu only uses he/him in Step 1. He goes through a transition, but ultimately they/he are his true pronouns and that's why it's listed that way in the features.

Aaa! Ok, I didn't think about that! Thank you for the clarification!




Oh!! I'm so excited! The art is so pretty and soft~


OMGGGG i'm so soooo excited about this game ! pleaaase thank you for this <333




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So excited for this!!! <3


Can't wait!





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