A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Begin your life anew in this second installment to the lovingly nostalgic “Our Life” series. A mini-demo featuring the introduction scenes is now available!

Fall has settled over a quaint town high on a mountain as the story begins. But it isn’t only the leaves that are changing. You and your mother were leaving behind everything you knew before, having just moved into that well-worn house in the middle of a tight knit cul-de-sac. It’s there where a delicate paper airplane lands at your feet and leads you to unanticipated crossroads…

Make your own path through life as you grow from childhood to adulthood with your two closest neighbors. Even in the chilly autumn weather, it’ll be a truly heartwarming time 💕

Developer: GB Patch Games

Price: Free-to-play base game with optional paid DLCs

Release Frame: When it's fully grown

Rating: Teen

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

Presskit: HERE


  • Four different periods of life to experience: childhood, teen-aged, young adulthood, and fully grown
  • Name, appearance, personality, and pronoun (he/him, she/her, they/them, enter your own, and you can use more than one) customization for your character. Your mom is also partially customizable to match!
  • Change your character's details however you like as you grow, including transitioning to new pronouns
  • Shape your personality, feelings, and preferences, then see them reflected in the story as characters remember who you are
  • Two love interests; Tamarack (female - she/her) and Qiu (gender fluid - they/he). Their dynamics with you will develop in a custom way over the years based on their experiences with you
  • Decide for yourself how quickly or slowly the relationships develop; from love at first sight to last minute confessions to always being friends and more
  • Letter size, font type, and text positioning customization. Present the words in whichever way works best for you
  • A welcoming, sentimental story that can easily be enjoyed over and over using new main character qualities or different connection types with the two leads

Join our Patreon to beta test scenes before their public launch and for sneak peeks!


OLNF Mini-Demo (PC) 606 MB
OLNF Mini-Demo (Mac) 571 MB
OLNF Mini-Demo (Android) 601 MB

Development log


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I've been waiting for this game for so long, Hopefully the demo comes out on December the 25th as it would be like Christmas present to everyone who loves it :D


This is my most hyped IF/VN game. I can't wait to play it whenever it is ready. The amount of choices that can change the personality are so damn good. Too bad we will have to wait a while. But dont worry good dev. We will be here to support you and wait for it.


It can't be that I'm excited for a demo update, ausjawo I already want to see the new scenes and everything 😭


I really loved it´s just so fricking cuteee!!!!!


loved the demo !! Tamarack is honestly super adorable /pos


Man i can't wait for a full release but by the time it comes out call of duty will be releasing warzone 4 or something

ikr ive been waiting like almost the whole year for this game

oooh, exciting 





I love this!! <3


I keep playing the demo, even though it just leaves me wanting more. Can't wait for the full release, this one's looking really good so far!


thank you so much for your hard work, GBPatch!! i've never been this excited for a full release since OL1, this has been my new hyperfixation for some time now XD


I love the demo!! I can't wait for the full game to be released


I really love this game, and I has wondering if there would be options to have things like hearing aids or prosthetics.  I'm looking forward to the release of the game.

I honestly  think that would be so cool.


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hey, i really want to play the game but it crashes when i go to the next page of the tutorial. does anyone know how to fix it? btw i use the 32 bit version

is your computer 32 bit


It's so good!! Amazing art and writing, and the freedom is great! Does anyone happen to know who the artist is?


@redridingheart on twitter!


omg yes! the demo was absolutely fantastic! i've played and bought all the dlcs for the 'beginnning & always' one, but ngl (and no offense) i enjoyed this one a lot more, maybe its because of the more options and the characters. I love autumn a lot, he's AMAZING, got too attached to them. then tamurack is gonna be such a cool friend, so im very excited for when it come out :DD


I didn't believe in love at first sight until playing this demo.

Okay, grandiose statements aside, this is was the most fun I've had playing a demo in a while!! I came fresh of binging Our Life 1 this week, and took a breather before Derek's route. Said breather did not give me time to intake air because this game took my breath away!

Customizing the MC is always fun! I nearly teared up at having multiple pronouns as well as the frequency of them. It made me incredibly happy to see "he" and "they" being interchanged often. The little doll makers so cute too. I admire yall's effort in all the little details!

Speaking of, I love everyone's little icons! The UI is just so charming and cute!! The character sprites are also so adorable! I loved Cove's side profile CGs and I'm happy to see more!

The music always slapped but aaa I really loved the piano and the strings here! "Qiu" and "Smooth" were my favorite tracks so far.

The writing is also so cool! I love the descriptions of nature and comparing the characters to such! And of course the leads are such cuties! Qiu is so charming and Tamarack is a delight, I can't wait to see more of them! [Spoilers I guess?] But Darren is so endearing, and Baby Baxter's so damn funny ashfkfk I'm excited to meet the rest!

I really love the subversions from OL1. From MC being (one of) the latest newcomers, an LI being the local, the charming school setting... it's something exciting and entirely new while keeping the spirit of the first game.

All in all, thank you guys for your hard work! I am very excited for this!

Ehmm.. guys i just read this... Is it true?


No, it's not I'm afraid. Instead, a ton more OL1 content came out these past couple years and OL2 doesn't even have the prologue finished yet, aha.


Oh man I'm so excited for this game!!! I'm so grateful for the nonbinary inclusion and representation in your games. It was amazing being able to play as a nonbinary MC in OL1, especially since we could really talk about it and express ourselves in a way I haven't seen in any other games. So I'm super excited to see a gender fluid love interest in this game and am looking forward to being able to witness parts of their journey!!!(Don't get me wrong I love Tamarack too! But Qiu just makes me feel so validated :')) OL1 was pure comfort to me and it seems like OL2 will be the same if not more. Thank you so much for the lovely game and I'm looking forward to playing the full version<333

I love this game WAY too much! can not wait for the full release of this <3

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I don't now how but this game is even better than the first one, which I really liked. The new art style feels warm and nice, the UI is a big improvement and the fact that the story isn't interrupted with a moments screen and flows uninterrupted and naturally is my favourite change! While I didn't mind the "moment" scenes being separated in the previous one having it joined into the story and just going thru it feels so much more natural :D (If that isn't the case and the demo just didn't get to that point then thats fine tho)

I'm looking forward to this when it is completed with more customisation options, dynamic choices, the possibility of getting into a relationship with both characters and everything else that may be coming in ^-^


I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far, though I'm afraid we haven't changed the format of the series. The demo only shows the prologue which does set things up in a particular way so you get to know all the characters, but after that the bulk of the Steps will be separate Moments. I think that's a unique and important part of OL games because it really lets you create your own experience rather than going through a creation of someone else.


That actually made me wonder: are the moments going to be per-character like the DLC's in OL1 or are all moments going to have options for both love interests?

(1 edit) (+1)

The Moments won't be separated by character. Both will show up in the Moments, though there will be times when you can go off and do things with just one. I wouldn't want someone to have to skip entire Moments because it only includes a lead they're not interested in and having to double the amount of DLCs people needed to buy isn't something I want to do. They're not going to have one single DLC like Derek and Baxter do as separate side story routes, they're like Cove and will have DLCs for all three of the main Steps. Six DLC purchases would be needed to get all of the Moments if they were separate. So instead, just like the first game, there will be 5 free Moments in Steps 1-3 and additional 5 that can be added to each through a DLC for a total of 30, plus a Step 4 epilogue with no Moments.


So far I love this. A lot more than the first one, and that's not to say ol1 is bad, but I went through an experience similar to the ol2 protag when I was ten so the nostalgia just hits so much more here.

The art and writing is so beautiful and I'm so excited to see the finished product, however long it takes. I think this game will turn out equally if not more amazing than the first and I'm so happy there's a female LI in this one so I can get more people I know into it.

I can't get it every time i do it fails to download so could you help me with that please i really want to play it

This is happening to me too :(


It might be a problem with Itch.io going through an issue right now, or your internet connection not being strong enough, or maybe a virus scanner/firewall is blocking the download. Sadly, I can only fix problems in the file itself. If it simply won't download, the problem is with the host site, connection, or device settings. I'm sorry for that, and I hope you can figure out what's going on!


i love qiu!!!!looking forward to the final version


This is my first comment ever on itch.io and I can't thank you guys enough for this and Our Life: Beginning and Always!! I love dating sims and usually only like otome games and I was hesitate to play Western style dating sims?? (Idk how to describe lol). So I decide to start with this one because the art is just *chef kiss*

And I'm SO glad I did!! The amount of choices make me feel like I really am in control of the story! After finished the demo I know I have to start Our LifeB&A right away and I finished it in one sitting lol.

Def my top two games on itch.io rn! Thank you guys so so so much!!!


I’ve been playing the demo again for a while and i cant thank you enough for releasing it! I first played it when i was going through a hard time and it really helped me calm down meanwhile with its atmosphere, music, story, everything! I still listen the soundtracks whenever i can and i check here without getting bored of it even if i know it wont be out soon. So thank you because your games are really helping and entertaining people even if its not thousands, its just full of kindness and i find it amazing and inspiring how you’re able to do that. I cant even imagine how much work this must be taking so i hope you dont rush yourselves because too many people are waiting for the release. Even if it fully comes out at 2025 or 2030 i will be still waiting with the same excitement from back then. Please keep up your good work! <333 




Did you abandonee this game?


its still being worked on, devs are just focusing on the dlcs for our life beginnings and always! 

i dunno where to drop it, but could i ask in the future a simple option to hard-reset all saves? because in the files there's just a couple of autosaves and it's not really doing anything, and i filled up the entire thing, and there's no deletion, it's.. kinda eh??? i dontknow howtoword????

it's just kind of messes with me when i do reruns, because i stupidly filled it all with unneeded saves and i can't properly remember where's okay saves and where's random stuff

what  are u talking about ?? u have so many slots to save

that's the thing - i can fill everything, but i can't delete it....

if you go to the save/load screen and hover your mouse over the slot and press the delete button on your keyboard at the same time you can delete the save.


dont usually comment but 10/10 to this, the game makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Aesthetic wise, its so calming, the artstyle is great, the interactions are so cute and the charactdrs are so likeable ✨️ cant wait for the full game soon ✨️✨️

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please update I dying to see more intereactions with Qiu :(


i remember when the first our life game was just a demo. so excited to see this one when it comes out, no matter how long it takes! enjoying the derek dlc while we wait. :)



It did change wording, but the release plan didn't change. Saying it'd be out in the right season was never meant to say it would be out during 2022. Since some people were thinking the game would be coming soon, I decided to use a different flavor text phrase. The game is far from completion and I had to come up with something other than "coming soon" because sadly it is not coming soon. But what I went with backfired and some players did still end up thinking the release was near. It's still a long way off and I'm sorry for the confusion.

it cool it takes a while to develop a good game


new release frame pog




Let me in, LET ME INNNNN (In all seriousness, I love the demo, and I love both Our Life games so darn much. Thank you for making them <3)



This year fall, apparently, starts on the 23rd- so im assuming it will come out then.


the devs are currently working in other projects related to the first OurLife game so this one is expected to release next year :)


i've replayed the demo for 2384576th times now im aware with how much time itll take to write a really well-made story BUT IM SO DESPERATE FOR THE WHOLE GAME I CANT WAIT!!!😭😭😭😭

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