Official Release Date Announcement!

Hello everyone!

Happy first day of June and the start of pride month ☀. We've got an extra update to announce the specific day we're going to be releasing Our Life! There's been general estimates and placeholders, but now we've got an official date. 

The date is- Cove's birthday, November 2nd 2020.

And that's for Steps 1-3 (with three Cove-based DLCs also releasing), Step 4 will still be coming out as a separate addition later. We know this is a bittersweet update. Having a set day means the game has reached a strong point in its development, but it's not a summer release like we had all been aiming for. We thought about it and decide that a bigger game that took longer was worth it over a game that had less or a bigger game that was rushed. And when we're referring to a "big game", we're talking about a nearly 400,000 word estimate for the first three Steps + initial three DLCs. We're writing/programming tens of thousands of words every month, the game is getting there. But where it needs to go is just really far, haha.

We're going to do everything in our power to follow-through with this official day and make OL worth all the wait. So save the date, on November 2nd you guys will be getting Our Life: Beginnings & Always ★

And while you're at it, feel free to follow us here or on our social media, or wishlist the game on Steam.


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 Thank you so much for the support!

Get ​Our Life: Beginnings & Always


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Happy birthday Cove!!!!!!!

Thank you :D!



is it going to cost any money for the full story because i am in love with this game!

The game will be free! But there will be optional DLCs that you can buy for even more scenes.


omg the release date is a day before my Birthday >v<


Cool :D!


aaaaaa im so happy you finally told us the release date! i've been waiting for so long and i will wait again for the full release! i will also buy the dlc to support you! keep up the good work gbpatch!!

Thank you so much <3! We'll do our best.


Such a good game, i know this is gonna be BIG, hope you guys are doing great.


Thank you ;v;

And we're doing quite well. I hope you are too!


I gotta say, I really appreciate how well the devs have managed this entire project. The professionalism, consistency, and warmth is so wonderful to see and I'm happy to be able to support this wonderful game. Looking forward to release (and eventual DLCs). Thank you for all your hard work, GB Patch!


Thank you so much for the kind words ;v;. We'll keep trying to remain active, make progress, and release content. Hopefully everything will go really well!


so far yet so closssse 


Hopefully it'll be worth the wait!


I don't know if I would be still alive!!!! 😭😭😭 I want to playyyyyy

I'm sorry for the wait, though I'm glad you want to play it! We'll have updates to the demo along the way, so there'll be that to look forward to sooner c:


Ooh i cant wait!! I already know that will love this game

Thank you ^^!

(1 edit) (+3)

OMG I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!! congratulations and thanks for this beatiful work :)

Thank you so much <3!!


I'm so excited, can't wait! I'm just in love with this VN. Love you, guys, you did (and still do) an amazing job with this game!


Thank you so much <3!


I'm so excited! This is such a precious story. And it being released on Cove's birthday is so sweet!!! It'll make my summer even more special <3.


That's great you think so! Thank you ^^


super excited for this—i can't wait to play!

We're glad! Thank you c:


Thank you for all your hard work. I've set my calendar!

Hooray! We'll keep working to have it all ready in time.


Totally looking forward to it! Good luck guys <3

Thank you <3!


I'm so excited <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!



It’s releasing a day right before my birthday, I’m gonna cry aaaa 💞💞💞 You guys do some amazing work bless u all, you just made my day<3 This game is such a masterpiece and I love it to bits. Thanks so much for making it and good luck with development!

That's really cool! And we're happy to hear you like the game so much ^^


Omg!! Yes!!! I am so happy, it is splendid to hear that one of my very favorite games is getting released soon, I can't wait to see how the ending will turn out!! I will support you till the very end. :D

Aw, thanks very much for the support <3!


Yaay!! I can't wait! I've been playing the early demos and I'm so excited to see how this is gonna turn out in this end!

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you've been enjoying the demos.

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