Release Delay to November 16th, 2020


Unfortunately, news continues to be pretty awful for my personal life and so also for the development progress of Our Life. The main announcement is that because of outside circumstances stopping me from being able to work, Our Life requires a delay. The new date is November 16th, 2020. So, two additional weeks. 

Despite that, OL really is coming together. The script is at around 90% completion, the remaining scenes are all fully mapped out, only two new BGs and two CGs are left to do for the art, and so on.  

The push back is to ensure we don’t just get the text into the game and put it out there. We want to make sure we have enough time to have a good spread of partial voice acting clips through each event, be sure things like the gallery won’t crash or display wrong, have a well formatted tutorial, be able to go back and add extra alterations to certain scenes, and generally make sure Our Life feels finished rather than simply playable. If we kept the original release date we’d essentially be programming up to the last minute now and would have to sacrifice any polishing that we intended to do. I hope that’s understandable and that when the game does release it will be worth the wait.  

The full story on why work was interrupted is this (it’s sad and you can skip it if you prefer)-  

Last week I needed to leave my home due to hazardous conditions from multiple fires destroying Oregon. A few days were spent getting by at different hotels. With no end to the disaster coming for the near future, we had to make a ten-hour trip out to Utah to stay with my sister and her family. We’re very lucky to have a place to go at all, but many days of work were lost dealing with this and circumstances aren’t great going forward.  

I’m working out of a guest bedroom in a crowded home with virtually no possessions or supplies, nearly all of my things are still at my home in Oregon. At this point we don’t know if the fires will eventually reach it or if they’ll be stopped before then. We can only wait and see how it ends. 

It’s honestly hard to manage, however, we’re not going to give up and development isn’t going to stop; it’s just slower. Focusing on the work as best as I can is really the only distraction I have from everything else going on. Social media posts/progress updates will continue as normal and will keep being upbeat, but until otherwise mentioned this is the situation I’m under.  

With that said, please don’t feel obligated to do or change anything because of this. I don’t want players to feel guilty if they wanted the game on time or as though they have to find a way to support the project even further. It’s not anyone’s fault these things are happening and I’m only sharing the details because I want people to be aware of the true troubles that are causing this delay. It isn’t something that’s being taken lightly.  

Thank you for following this project. I hope we all get through these difficult times to something better.

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Thank you for updating us on the situation. I'm sure that all fans would feel happier playing the game knowing that the team behind it is safe. Please talk care of yourself and I hope the future will be better soon. Eagerly await for the game <3


Don't worry about it! Yours and your family's well-being are more important and you shouldn't have to apologize for something like this. Please take care of yourselves and stay safe!


Please stay safe :)))


Your safety and well being is far more important and I hope they get the fires under control, I live in Australia and fairly close to bushland so I get how scary they can be, as well as disrupting.  Take your time and I wish all the best for you and Our Life.

Stay safe


First of all plz dont rush, your well being is more important than anything else! We will wait patiently for you, this game looks awesome and is a true labor of love. On a lighter note, its release date is 3 days away from Cyberpunk 2077 I'm so excited for November!!!

It's okay! Take your time and stay safe ❤️

Please stay safe!! I think we would all prefer you being safe and getting the game late or never than something happening to you and getting the game- or not getting the game cause something did happen! Point is STAY SAFE! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Take your time please~ we will wait for you till you finish everything, we are not going anywhere ^^ ♥️


as a fellow evacuee from fires in california, i totally empathize with what you're dealing with. it's horrible, and i dont think anyone can reasonably expect you to be working at Maximum Efficiency.  Like everyone else has said: please take your time and prioritize your health and happiness! we'll be here eager to play the game and get that sweet sweet dlc whenever it and you are ready :)


Your health and safety always come before game dev. I really hope you're doing okay, and I'll be happy to support Our Life whenever it's ready <3

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thats my birthday lmao|Also no biige you gotta take care of yourself first and foremost


Please take care of yourself! We wil lall still be here whenever and wherever you come back to us <3


Nothing is more important than your safety!! Take as long as you need, we're happy to wait. Stay safe and take care. I wish you all the best 💕

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Please please please take care of yourself!  The world is insane right now, it's completely understandable.  Your safety is most important!


No worries, take all the time you need! So sorry to hear your situation is so difficult, I hope it gets better soon. :(


It is totally understandable! Delaying things to make sure the game is polished would be a good enough reason, even without all of the extra problems life is giving you (which I'm very sorry to hear about)! Take your time, there's no rush!


I'm so sorry to hear about that. Please stay safe and take care of yourself, your well-being always comes first! We'll wait as long as you need us to <3


It's OK. But don't put youself too much. ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ...hug hug (>▽<)...


Please take care of yourself and don't worry, games are often delayed (even AAA), 2 weeks is nothing for the joy of playing a polished game, don't feel guilty or unqualified, the whole team did a wonderful job <3

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