Step 4 Cove Preview! Happy 5,000 Followers

We hit 5,000 followers on Itch recently and hit the same amount on Twitter today. To celebrate this milestone, we're sharing fully grown Cove.

Well, some of him. Step 4 Cove has 2 body types he can grow into, 4 hairstyles, 4 sets of clothes/accessories to mix around, and even tattoos. He's also very handsome 

Thank you for all the wonderful support you've given us since the release! It's been so fantastic to see people enjoying the game. We're gonna try our best to reply to all the comments people have left.

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i love this game seriously


Okay, I know I've paid for the DLCs 'n all, but I feel I should just make a fanart of this game. As a gift. Seriously, you guys spoil us too much, this is so much good content even with the current price tag. I just feel it deserves some sort of thank you haha.


so uhm,,, is this a DLC content or is it free 


Step 4 itself is free, the extra Cove wedding DLC will cost $2.99USD!


will you have a demo of step four?


I'm afraid not. It'll only be out when it's complete.


do you know when part 4 is supposed to come out? I'm really exited!


It'll probably come out sometime this summer ^^

Oh hell yeah!


Um... what about Chubby Cove? Heheh 😁


Hey  GB! I wanna get both patreon DLCs when they come out but I can't really pay for monthly patreon. Can  you please put a announcement somewhere  in the month it comes out? Thank you!


Thanks for wanting to get the extra content. We'll make announcements about it on our social media when it's finally done!


My baby Cove looks so amazing and adorable. Thank you for everything


I legit teared up at the end of part 3. Bravo, only played a couple of these visual novels but this one has been the best. Especially since I've struggled with my own sexual identity. I look forward to part 4, wish I had waited for part 3 DLC to be out, but once I start a run of something, I don't change it. I just want to cuddle Cove and say we'll be okay and hopefully get some physical needs addressed


omg he looks like the PERFECT MIX OF HIS MOM AND DAD AHHHHHH so many feels!


all i can say is..... AHHHHH I LOVE THIS!


omg it's happening!! I have to thank you people for this game, it's just awsome! I almost cried on the step 3 TwT but I love it, and can't wait for the next step! (and... will you translate for others languages? like portuguese from Brazil, pls? I will adore you for the rest of my life if you do this sometime, thx for reading ^^)

Thank you so much <3! Though, I'm afraid we can't consider translating it to other languages right now.

It's okay, maybe you will can in the future.

Thank you for understanding ^^


Yess I'm so excited!! And indeed our boy is v handsome <33


Pls feed me with more DLCs, I wouldn't mind throwing money your way! T-T Looking forward to this too, been following you guys ever since the first release of the demo.


Guys make more dlcs o_o . I feel like this game is like mass effect LOL. Thry add dlcs after dlcs after releasing the main story... take my money >_>; make more dlcs xD of so many things. I wouldn't be against a patreon dlc ;x yes me saying patreon + dlc purchase ;> i enjoy all ur games so mucu

Quick question, and I'm not sure if I've asked this before, so I apologize if I have, but will this possibly be available on Google play?


It would be really cool if we could raise kids with Cove! I would love to see how he acts as a father, and just experiencing moments as a family. It would be so precious. I know it’s not gonna be in this game, but maybe as a future dlc? Or in the Our life 2?


This I support 100%. It would be so awesome to see


O_o i would say riase kids with all possible  romantic interests  would be nice l ike a dlc  but have an extra extra dlc for raising kids with cove would be nice


Will there be NSFW stuff in Step 4? Lol


From what I understand, no. The only NSFW stuff they're going to do is a stand-alone moment that takes place shortly after Step 3, which will only be available on Patreon.


Whhaaat? Why only available on Patreon? :/ I bought the 2 DLC's.... That's kinda lame that they would 'punish' non-Patreon members if that's the case. I'd feel like I'm missing a part of the story.


They said that they wanted all public and more accessible things about Our Life to be sfw, so the nsfw version will only be downloadable through a patreon membership instead of steam or itch. When it comes out you can just join the $5 tier and pay up front like you would for a dlc, download it, then cancel your membership any time between that and the 1st of the next month. The 1st of every month is when patreon charges you again for your memberships, even if it hasn’t been 30 days since you’ve joined a tier.


:> you should later on add more DLCs if possible :>. take my money, damn it! xD


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