Android Update! Our Life Build 1.1 + Voiced Name DLC

Thank you for waiting for this! We've now released an updated version of the Android build for Our Life, plus you can get the Voiced Name DLC for it.

You can get the new version of Our Life by uninstalling your current build and installing the apk we just uploaded. You'll likely also need to reinstall the DLCs using the new files we've released for those, if you've purchased them. To have the voiced name DLC, there's no a separate file to add. Instead you simply choose to download a version of the game/DLCs either with or without the extra voiced files included.

We hope you all enjoy!

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Unfortunately it doesn't work for me. I followed your instructions, but I cannot hear the voiced names. Then I tried to copy it into the ->games -> voices folder. it also didn't work. It is not a disaster. just a bit pity. Now I wait for the next DLCs. Have a nice 2. Advent. 

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I will note that at first I didn't think voiced names were working, but 1. only Cove says the characters name (from what I've noticed), and only occasionally. Not every time. It took several conversations with him before he said my name, he tends to only say the characters name when he's emotional or saying something sentimental. 

Well, I remember when I played it for the first times (with the name Jamie) he said it at least sometimes. Now he does not say the name at all. It is a pity, but honestly the game still is amazing, so it is not too dramatic.