Our Life Build 1.2 Launch + 100 New Voiced Names! (PC & Mac)

Hello everyone!

Thank you very much for your patience on the next update for Our Life. Every time we added the "final touch", we came up with something else to improve. But the latest version is finally available for PCs and Macs. The Android update will be out very soon, the builds just take longer to put together/upload. Here's a list of what we worked on-

1.2 Change Log:

  • There are now two MC "cut-in" images! These are small, partial CGs that actually show parts of your character with all your customization details included. You only see them if certain choices are made, it's possible to play through the entire game without getting either.
  • The character creation screen itself was updated to include new details that are important to the cut-in CGs.
  • The relationship selection screen was redone to be easier to use.
  • The Cove creator got a pop-up to explain what to do with it.
  • CG 2-2 was remade to better fit with the rest of the game's style.
  • Various errors were fixed and small tweaks to certain lines were made.

And on top of that, the voiced name DLC was also expanded to include 100+ additional names to choose from!

To get the new version you will have to redownload the main game and the DLC files.

Some of these improvements will be there if you jump back into a load from prior builds, but other changes only show up by starting a brand new file in version 1.2. Loading a save will simply show a maintained version of the older format to avoid potential errors.

So all in all, it's a pretty neat update. We hope you'll enjoy this even better Our Life experience ❤


Our Life (PC) 581 MB
Feb 15, 2021
Our Life (Mac) 564 MB
Feb 15, 2021

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Will the 18+ Extra be free or will we have to pay for it

You will have to be $5 patron or higher and you will only be able download it on their Patreon 


How can I get my name voiced in a new DLC? 

I want to know if this is possible too!

Right now there isn't a way to do it, but we plan on opening it up again one more time at some point. We're just not sure how to decide who gets a slot. It'll be pretty limited in how many more we can do so  sadly we likely won't be able to let everyone who wants a voiced name get one. Because of that we're trying to handle how we do it carefully to avoid it being too disappointing. We'll make an announcement when we come up with something, though!


I'm so excited for this new update! Can't wait so see a bit of my MC on the CGs!


Hi!  Sorry to bother ︶︿︶ but I downloaded the new 1.2 version game on PC through itch.io and there's no sight of the extra voiced names. There's only the default voiced name Jamie on my game. Can someone help plz. 

Btw, love the game! It's so nice to see a vn like this ^_^

I had a hard time finding the Voiced Names too. When you're on the character creation screen, under where you select the "They, She, He" there is a button that says "Voiced Name". Along the top of the next screen, you can select what your name starts with and scroll down if needed :). 

Oof sorry I don't think I was clear ^.^" I meant that when I clicked the voiced name menu to choose the name there's only the default name and no other voiced names. As much as I'm fond of the name Jamie I want to use other names too. But thank you for trying! 

(4 edits)

On the screen that says Jamie, try pressing the categories like "ABCDEF" and "GHIJKLM" and the names should pop up. Hopefully that helps!

Edit: Make sure you also download and install the Voiced Name DLC. You should hear the name when you select it.

I see thank you! Can you tell me which link it is? ^^"

I'm sorry for the confusion! You can get the extra voiced names here-


I just played for 2 days and it is such a cute and lovely game ! I'm so thrilled for the future updates too ! Thank you for your hard work 


First i wanted to say i love this game! Also would the nsfw content for pt4 be patreon exclusive or will it be posted on other platforms?


Thank you! The 18+ content won't be on Itch or Steam. It'll for sure be on Patreon and maybe some other hosting site. But it won't be a part of the normal, public builds.

Will those of us who don't use Patreon be able to get that update whenever it comes out?

I would really like to know this too! I don't use Patreon, but I would definitely pay for the 18+ content!!


I'm afraid we have to keep the 18+ stuff off the normal main sites. Patreon is the best other hosting site we know of. If there is another method that'd work for us and players we can use that as well. But for right now it's a Patreon-only extra. I'm sorry.

Will there be announcement here on itch or Steam once it's available? I don't mind using Patreon but only if it's readily available.

We'll announce it on social media, like Twitter and Tumblr and in our Discord ^^