Patreon Bonus Moment Release!

We've released some extra content for Our Life: Beginnings & Always exclusively to our Patreon! The download is available at the Fan tier ($5USD) or higher. And the event will remain on the Patreon for as long as we’re running the Patreon. You don’t have to get it immediately in July in order to have it.

Full Details:

The Our Life: Beginnings & Always Patreon Bonus Moment is an unvoiced, optional side story that’s not a part of the main game. The story is set after the ending of Step 3, though Cove and the MC are still the same age as they are in Step 3. It includes explicit 18+ sexual content that can be skipped, censored, or experienced in full.

This isn’t the same thing as the normal DLCs where those adds multiple new Moments to Our Life: Beginnings & Always itself. This is only one Moment that’s a fully separate game file download. We did our best to make the quality on par with the real game, but this is purely an extra little perk to say thanks for all of the support. If you want to pass on the event for whatever reason, you won’t be missing anything crucial for the actual game.

It’s also totally cool to back us on Patreon, download the file, then cancel your subscription right after. Just make sure you save the build somewhere safe on your device and you won’t need to keep backing the Patreon month to month in order to enjoy it as much as you like.

If you aren’t able to use Patreon even if you want the event, keep an eye on our social media. In a few months or so we’ll likely have a giveaway where random winners could get the bonus Moment for free as a prize.

With all that said, thank you so much for the patience and encouragement when it came to the event! I really wouldn’t have been able to make this kind of additional Our Life content without it. If you give it a go, I hope you enjoy. 

GB Patch Patreon


And, of course, we're still working on the upcoming expansions for the real game, too. You can look forward to that in the coming months!

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Sorry to bother you, have you turned off Patreon purchases? I can't find where to buy it, but I can see other creators' buying options (sorry, I'm not a native English speaker)

We're still on Patreon and people are still supporting us there! I'm afraid you'd have to ask Patreon for help if for some reason the site isn't working for you.

Oh, thank you. In fact, I tried changing to another account and saw the purchase service.

Are you under 18? Our Patreon is for adults only and if your account doesn't let you access it that may be why. If you are minor do not use a different account to gain access to adult content!

Please don't worry, I'm 20 years old this year. Maybe one of my accounts changed my age.

That's good then!

Before I buy, is there anyway I can put this file so it works with steam or is it just an itch thing

The bonus moment isn't obtained through Itch or Steam. You get it through Patreon and it's a file all on its own. You don't have to add it to the Itch version or the Steam version of the main game, you just play the bonus story all by itself.


I have a question after buying it what should I do I mean will it work on its own or should I do something appropriate I am using Android please help me

The Patreon Bonus works all on its own!

k i'll buy it, it will be fun

Uh, and another question, when I click on the P , it does not open with the application, but in Google, there is no problem, is not it?

I tried to buy membership and it says that my card is invalid (though I put in the right information and I have the funds) I want to support but it's not working every time I try. Any suggestions? (Beautiful game by the way!)

I'm sorry you're dealing with that! I'm afraid I'm not able to handle Patreon's payment systems, they keep that to themselves. But if you contact their support, they'll hopefully work it out with you.

alright! Thank you.

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I just started Patreon, just for you guys. But it seems, it didn't work. Does it need some time?
Do you already know (roundabout) when Step 4 will come? Your game is still really awesome.

A friend just told me, that my poste sounds kind of harsch...

I am sorry, I am not a native english speaker.... actually I wanted to say, I opened a Patreon account just for you, because I like your content. Sorry, if it sounded as if I am angry. I am not! I love your game!

I'm sorry you're having trouble. Can you tell me more about what's happening? Is the Patreon Moment not working or Patreon as a whole? I'm afraid I'm not sure what's going on right now.

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Maybe I am just to stupid...  :D
I  was clicking on the Patreon Button here and  tried to pay.... Paypal window opened and it looked as if I was transferring the money, but on my Paypal account there is no payment to see. So I think you did not get any money. And you are also not in my Patreon list. 
Sorry, if I explain it a bit chaotic. I have no experience with Patreon until now. Thank you for any help. Sorry for bothering.

I just tried again, but it seems, now it is working. I have no Idea what is different.

Anyway... I got it now! Yippih....!

Well I'm glad it worked out! Maybe there was a glitch before.

Just wanted to say how much I love this game <3 please continue the awesome work.

This was so lovely and absolutely worth it!


Is there any way to buy the Patreon 18+ moment for Android without becoming a Patreon?

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Hi, GBPatch

Hope all is well with you?! how your summer going?! 

just a quick question how long is the event for? would I be able to download it after the end of this step 4? 

side notes thank you for taking the time to create this of us we really appreciate it and I can't wait to download it! 

For Mak


My summer has been good! I hope yours is too. The event is pretty short, similar in length to one normal Moment from the game but it can be replayed with different options. The Bonus Moment will be available on our Patreon for as long as the Patreon exists, which will hopefully be for a long time, haha. It will still be there by the time Step 4 is finished, at least. Thank you ^^


I wish I could join the $5 tier (╥﹏╥) I tried so many times, but until Patreon finally accepts Debit Gift Cards I'm not gonna be able to do anything about this and it's breaking my heart...


Thank you so much for creating this! I enjoyed playing it. I love how I could back out at any point if I felt uncomfortable, what a nice touch!

Yay! I can't wait to see Step 4 when it comes, as well.


I’m sold! Can’t wait to play it


Is it released for Android platform?


You have just successfully convinced me into paying once again, well done because I WANT IT SO BAD so here I am waiting for your patreon page to load with my card in hand


Just a question, how do we integrate it to our save in steam?


You don't, it plays as its own game


Enjoyed it! It was such an amazing little extra bit and  I was both thankful and amazed at how it maintained  the innocence of the base game while being 18+ I definitely suggest to anyone considering if it's worth it to check it out. :D Literally my only complaint about it was that it ended.


I would really like to get this, but I am unable to use Patreon at the moment, and I don't have any big social media accounts. Is there any way to buy this separately? I am willing to pay full price for this.


I'm afraid we can't release the Patreon Moment on a normal game storefront because we can't mix 18+ content with our family friendly game. And it wouldn't be safe for us or our supporters to sell the game with no protection using direct payments to someone on the team that aren't connected to any kind of store. So we're pretty limited in terms of how we can distribute the event. Right now Patreon and occasional giveaways are the only methods we've come up with. If there's some other place similar to Patreon, where it's not 100% normal, public content releases we'd consider using that too but I don't know of any myself. I'm really sorry for the trouble.

It's alright, no worries! I completely understand. I'll wait until I'm able to use Patreon, it's not a problem. Thank you for the response! <3


Thank you ^^

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 I want it, I want it, I WANT IT SO BADLY. Thank god I saved money especially for Our Life, rn Cove is such a great part of my happiness that I want to experience every and anything related to him, really, I was in such a dark place before that I don't know what I would do without Our Life: Beginnings & Always, I want to thank the GBPatch to the full extent of my capabilities. I love yall so much I feel that I can't thank you enough.