Demo Release and Kickstarter!

Hello everyone!

We've got yet another project to share with you all today. Lake of Voices is going to be a completely free to play Visual Novel upon completion. For now there's only a demo available. It has over 17,000 words and a small amount of voice acting. We hope you'll enjoy the ride, if you give it a go!

We’re planning on having full voicing in the completed game. Which brings us to the Kickstarter we’re running! If that gets funded we’ll be to really bring the story to life by adding voices to all the conversations. It’d mean a lot to us if you gave our crowdfunding campaign a look.

Lake of Voices Kickstarter


Lake of Voices Demo (PC) 165 MB
Jan 16, 2018
Lake of Voices Demo (Mac) 150 MB
Jan 16, 2018

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