Minor Fixes & Patreon!


We've updated the Lake of Voices files to fix the few typos and the one bug that have been reported so far. There were a few cases where a description would use the wrong name when referring to a specific character and one choice caused the game to not progress as it should if you let the timer run out. Those issue are gone now.

Thank you so much for all the amazing feedback! It's been great hearing about your experiences with the game.

And for the past few weeks GB Patch Games has been working on a Patreon page, filling out tier rewards and posting stuff. We think there are enough things worth checking out on there now to start really promoting it, so that's what we're doing, haha. 


You can get early access to our projects, snazzy sneak peeks (including into some very special games that have yet to have been announced on our public social media pages), digital merchandise, and more. Please consider giving it a look and thank you for checking out our update!


Lake of Voices (PC Version) 467 MB
Oct 15, 2018
Lake of Voices (Mac Version) 449 MB
Oct 15, 2018

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