Our Life N&F: Step 2 Qiu and Tamarack!

These are the bios for 14-year-old Qiu Lin and Tamarack Baumann!

It's tough times growing up and trying to figure yourself out. At least there will still be plenty of warm moments along the way with the people they care about 💞.

When it comes to Tamarack's and Qiu's designs, they've both got two possible hairstyles and some optional accessories they can end up having, depending on how they develop. You can see even more Step 2 previews on Twitter and Tumblr!

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im excited to see step two soon : D


I don't know if this is out yet, but could anyone pls reply to my comment if pt 2 & 3 is out. And if it is, would you pls give me the link where I can open and download Our Life NF 2&3. Thank you!


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Step 2 and 3 isn't out yet. :( but the demo was updated 53 days ago! :D No one knows when step 2 will be released but it will be released(It might even be released in autumn because when the release date is it says WHEN THE SEASON IS RIGHT) :D

sadly i dont think its out yet :(


I still like 1st step Tamarack design better, BUT STILL

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I can't wait!! 

Btw I support this game!!

I'm waiting for this....!!!

Love it!!


ajidkwndkns i played this assuming all of it was out and i am heart broken </3. cannot wait for future steps though!!


This demo is TOO WHOLESOME! I love it, and I can't wait for the whole game <3 It's really great to see the variety of options, and gives you a way to get a taste of being the kid you always wanted to be.


1st Our life is so good ugh. I really can't wait to play Our Life NF



How dare u say that


So excited~ It'll be hard to wait LOL

>u< im exxcited and there really cute designs!


So excited yaaaaaa!!!!


I AM SO EXCITED AAAAAAAAAAA no one makes visual novels like gb patch does im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

AAAA !!  this is  so  exciting  !!  much  love  much  excite !! <3 

ahhh im so excited for thiss!! their designs thoughhh <33

omg i cant waitt i was a big fan of the first game with cove and Im so excited for this omgg <33


ahhh yay im so excited for this to come out!!!


omg i can’t wait !!


hello i am now starved for content

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