Our Life: Now & Forever Demo Update! 🎊

We're finally ready to release an expanded version of the demo! It's got twice as much content all around and gives a much better idea of what it'll be like to play the finished version!

Demo Features:

  • 50,000 words and dozens of choices to make (twice as long as the prior demo)
  • Design your own MC (with even more options than before)
  • Customize your mom to match your character (with more options than before)
  • Choose a cute sticker to tell different playthroughs apart (with more options than before)
  • Develop your own custom dynamic with the two leads (and in this demo you can start seeing the impacts of those decisions)
  • A music room to listen to the OST at your leisure (a new feature in this updated version)

It's been great seeing things shape up more and more. I really hope you'll enjoy the demo if you give it a try!

[The beta build you can get on Tier 2 and up of the Patreon is 20% larger than this public update.]


OLNF Mini-Demo (PC) [OLDER] 606 MB
Jun 17, 2022
OLNF Mini-Demo (Mac) [OLDER] 571 MB
Jun 17, 2022
OLNF Mini-Demo (Android) [OLDER] 601 MB
Jun 17, 2022

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I downloaded the demo last night and i have too say, i think i might be more in love with this game then i was with Coves story, and ive played that games multiple times!! The visuals are stunning, and Qui and Tamarack (and derek and baxter) have my heart!! You quite litterally took all the soft coziness of a warm fall cozy game and combined it with a dating Sim and suddenly made the best demo I've ever played.

Everything looks and sounds stunning so far, and I can't wait for the full release β™‘β™‘

(Ps. Also, if you ever do manage to make that possible dlc/route were you get to date both qui and Tamarac, I will officially be your biggest fanβ™‘)


Nooooo shut uppp. The demo was so good what the hell, i need this game straight into my veins.

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the sprites show up all glitched and funky for me but from what i CAN see i can already tell im gonna absolutely ADOREEE this game the same way i loved ol1 πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• i’m so excited for full release!!!!!!

Thank you! And I'm sorry for that. You could try this:

Pressing Shift + G and change the renderer. Changing it to ANGLE renderer.

it worked!! tysm πŸ’•

That's great :D


Hey everyone, so I just now realized that there is this newer version of the demo im just not sure how to download it.. it only says "download now" but I simply always get the same demo which I already started (and don't know how to delete or reset or whatever). Also I heard you can even describe ur MC so I would really love to know how to get it.. :(

The newer version of the demo is the download you're getting. It was updated quite a while ago but there was an even older version. That update you heard of where you can make a bio for MC was only for beta testers on our Patreon. It won't be in the public demo until near the end of the year when it's all bug-free and finalized.


i'm so excited for the full version


Cool, I've following this since I was born


I started fuckign hyperfixating on this game and now I can't stop thinking about a demo send help



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Tam-a-raaaack~ <3 <3 <3 Liking Qiu's development too, but STUPID EXCITED to have a girl to romance from the beginning/grow up with this round. (still Grin like crazy at the - 'found me a whole Wife' choice) - and squeed when Mom commented on it. Speaking of: not surprising given MOMS(TM) in the first OL, but it must be GB magic that I can make complicated relationships with mothers in other games, but NEVER in yours. ahaha Single mom vibes are what's up - and I love how Human she seems. You can really catch glimpses of her insecurities with this big move and how it affects her child.

But back to future Wifey! Already starting to see those not so cute sides to her (I know you all don't like making perfect characters) and I'm here for it. I'll have to replay, but also so interesting to me how her 'Crush' isn't as stereotypical 'AAAH'. Like, obviously she likes them, but I don't really see her acting bashful or all that differently (she's always so cheerful). I appreciate the different take on how attraction can play out. Oh! And I'm super excited to have school time this round! Sure to be all kinds of fun social interactions~ ^^

As always, super addicted to any and all Our Lifes and was so sad when this expanded demo ended (which is a good thing). Thank you so much for your continued hard work and hope the move went well! <3


How did you get the 'found me a whole Wife'? I choice? I could only say "I met a girl I'm gonna marry"

lol That was just my version of what's in game - the 'I met a girl...' line you mentioned. (Sadly)not in demo. But hey, maybe devs will see it and slip it into later step? Know I'd love that to be my love declaration~ ;)

Do you remember what attitudes towards Tam you had set for that playthrough, please?

Oof - sorry, no. Was months since I played. But I just went with the flow. Tamarack seems open to all types at this stage, so doubt there's wrong answers.

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I tried entering the demo with the new update downloaded and after I did my options with Tamarack and Qiu I was brought back to the start/mainscreen. Don't know what to do and I downloaded it twice. 
edit: does the same thing when i downloaded from steam

If it helps, my model is windows 10 pro

I'm guessing saving the point where You got out did not work .


me too! i am thinking we might have to play from the start rather than continuing with the character we made earlier this year, because it is a demo.

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I'm having some trouble installing the new update and I'm just wondering how much space do I need to install   this??

I enjoyed the new features and content so far, loved what was done with the character creator too. It looks more clean and it's nice to be able to save colors. I noticed there were more hair options compared to when I last played it. I like that a lot.

I have a request and hope it's not too much to ask. I like to play on Android and the side menu/gameplay options are really small on the screen. For example the "auto" "log" "skip" "save" buttons and such. I have to put the phone closer to my face to read the buttons. Is it possible to make those buttons a bigger size on Android so they'd be easier to read? Thank you πŸ₯Ί

Yippee!! now I can play the finished version.

wait, is this the inended word here? i may be mistaken, because i'm not an english speaker


Yes; brush in this context means undergrowth, the shrubs and plants that grow beneath the canopy of the forest.


ty for answering

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oh my god!!! i already love it!!!! you're the best vn devs that i know!!!! thank you very much for your games and demos!!!!! and for existing!!!!! i still absolutely love OLB&A, and i highly anticipate this game's release!!!!!! also tysm for dyslexia font (i know that it was there for a long time, but i don't recall commenting on that), i can't express just how much it helps, although i don't particularly have dyslexia, but i have reading problems and astigmatism, and it makes reading so much easier!!!!! tysm!!!!!!


This is so good! So much customizability and such a cozy setting. I lowkey can't wait to start drama with the future jealousy options though. 


They're both cute, I'm so excited for the teenage drama and jealousy meters hehe!

I think y'all are crazy to add so many options, I'd be fine with 1/3 of what's currently available!

This is to be fully released by the end of September, right? I wouldn't be surprised if it takes much longer, but it'd be worth it.


I'm so glad you liked it! But I'm afraid this demo is basically all there is that exists of the game's content, and it's not even the complete prologue for one Step out of four Steps. Fall 2024 is probably a reasonable estimate for a full release. I'm sorry. But we'll at least keep putting out expansions to the demo as time goes on.


Oh I wasn't expecting a reply, thanks for clarifying! No wonder you'll need way more time to finish a game of this calibre. I'll be happily waiting ^^

it's a shame to hear it'll be a bit of a long wait, but it will be well worth the wait for sure!

I'm very exacted, keep up the good work!


So excited for this, it just keeps getting better and better !! :D


so excited to play this!!!


i literally could not sleep last night bcuz i got a notification of ur game having a major update. IM GONNA PLAY IT NOW!

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