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Can you guys help me pls, my problem is i wanna play this really bad! I'm using android vivo y15 but i already downloaded this and it kick me out again and again can you recommend any app or apk that can help me pls i just want to play it sm! 😭 pls I'm begging!!!

same problem with me, except im on windows .. it used to work fine

on a computer, you can get steam and get it for free and play the whole thing with no problems

thank you !! ill let you know if it works

on a computer, you can get steam and get it for free and play the whole thing with no problems

It's possible a virus scanner or app checker on your phone is blocking the game because it decided this file downloaded off some random site doesn't seem safe. Or sometimes it needs more space to properly play than it takes to just download it and having more memory available helps. I hope you're able to get it to work!

Sorry but i tried to clean up my memory  it' always the same i can't play it and always kick me out. I can't move on 😭🥲

can i ask how many gb does it exactly need?

Is there anyway to access the dlc bought on steam on the version? i played this first on my pc and want to be able to play on mobile. any help?

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Tbh I was skeptical at first, although the concept of the game looks different compared to normal dating sim games but childhood love troupe is cliché imo, so I didn't expect much, but you proved me wrong! And fyi, i've played a lot of Japanese and Western dating sim games, there's no game as good as this one. thank you so much for making this fantastic game! nice work. Good job dev! Lots of love! 😊👍


I hope I can find someone like Cove irl. I'm in love with him and thats a prob bcs he isn't real 😔 Good bye for now my space cadet Cove, u will always be in my heart 💜❤


My favorite game ever! Cove will always have a special place in my heart. 

I love Cove so much!! this game makes me cry and laugh and say aww so much! Thank you GBPatch for making this awesome game!

dang man, ich bin crying right now, this crap reminds me that i should take the time to enjoy the small parts of my pointless mortal existence.

oh merda, que saudades do cove.....terminei o jg faz uns meses :(

sou grata ate hj pelos sentimentos e momentos q esse jogo me proporcionou, to esperando o 2 para sofrer mais rs.


I'm fighting back tears right now, man. I just finished my first run through, and I'm definitely going to play all over again tomorrow. This is by far the best visual novel I have ever played. I thought some of the other commenters were exaggerating about crying over this game... I was very quickly proven wrong. Although the game can be long, it definitely worked in the game's favor. Nothing ever felt like padding or something that was just there to fill time. It was a very well-crafted story. I absolutely loved all the inclusivity too! It just made me fall even more in love with this game. This was, overall, a really cozy game. The game also worked really well with my computer; no problems on that front. Loading and saving files were a piece of cake.  So, GBPatch, thank you for the amazing game! Lots of love!


Genuinely one of the best games I've ever played, planning to buy all the dlcs and subscribe to the patreon, you all deserve it! 


I bought the rest on steam cuz I got so invested in their relationship lol 10/10 would spend my whole life with Cove again.



Thank you...

Thank you for giving me a dream...

Thank you for this slice of life... for happiness... and nostalgia...

Thank you for the opportunity to feel like what I always really wanted to, but had no right to be... for the opportunity to become a neighbor... a friend... and fall in love... with the most wonderful guy in the world...

Thank you for making me laugh... and cry... and then smile...

And... oh my god... thank you for the opportunity to hug, absolutely everyone... and if I could, I would hug you all too...

Thank you... and I wish you long life... and prosperity... and everything, everything... and sweets after... 


Came into this game without high hopes. Left this game buying everything and trying to imagine more content for myself.


This game made me ugly cry at 2 in the morning because of the wedding dlc and i absolutely loved every second of it


I haven't really played vns much, but this.. I love this game its absolutely perfect. 


Okay, the game says that the dlc is installed but now how I change the name??

I need to know as wellllllllllll

You can't. Need to start all again. At least it worked for me!

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This is the one of best otome game i've ever played. I love how interactive it is and how customizable it is. 


I just played through the base-game, that has to be the most heartfelt and genuine feeling story I’ve played through/read in quite some time.

That is a lot of quality content for free. I’m glad though, I’m not big on VN’s so I probably wouldn’t have given it a chance otherwise and I would have missed out on something special.

I’ll definitely be grabbing the DLC at some point in the near future, I want more time with Cove and Jamie.

I really loved the game!

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Uncool dude i have to play it all again after update:D??


I have played this game three times now trying to find different routes and I love every second of it (For 1/2 days). Btw Cove is so cute.


I had butterflies all throughout the game it's adorable asf

I've never been so emotional at games like these before in my whole entire life, THIS IS AMAZING! And it made me cry my hearts out 😭 


Wow! This is a really cool job! I am very inspired by this game! Author, if you have a wish, I could help you with the translation of the novel into Russian or Ukrainian for free. I am sure it will not be difficult for me, since I am a native speaker of these languages. If you are interested, write to me at


I had put this in my wishlist on discord when it wasn't out yet. at first, I was sad to see that it was only on. pc and not mac, until I found it here a long time later! I'm glad I didn't forget about this cause it's a really, really, great game, and I love it very much! ill definitely be buying the other DLC's sometime 


I have fallen in love with this game, it's so alive and has so much emotion that it makes me want to play it all the time! I've bought all the DLC for it so far, are you planning on making more or is this the very last version of the game and the last few DLCs?

I can't save my files over and over again, anyone knows why? :(


this is my favorite game of all time.  everything about it felt good, the love interest Cove is adorable. Your friends and family in the game are all very likeable. And this game gives me comfort and reassurance more than any other. I love it so much, it made me cry but in a good way lol. 10/10


I don't know if this has happened to someone else, but the game keeps kicking me out after a few minutes of being in. I thought that it could be due lack of storage, but I barely have any apps installed and I don't have many pictures. Does someone know how to fix that or what is causing it?

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This game was beautifully made, one of the best games I ever played! The storyline is amazing!  I'm so sad that it ended. 10/10 recommend this game if you like a bit of romance. Also, Cove is so cute!! The relationship between the MC and Cove is very wholesome! I made an account just to post this comment and show my appreciation.  Thank you so much,  GBPatch for working so hard to create this amazing game, keep up the excellent work!!!

we have the same problem, can i ask did you already fix it? can you share it too pls 😢


I'm super emotional now. I think this may be one of my favorite games of all time. I didn't want it to end. For the first time, I felt special. Thank you for creating this game, keep up the excellent work!!


This is the first game ever that made me tears, i have never expected that to happens 

the thing is why i feel like there is a hole now in my heart after playing it like something is missing but i don't know what it is maybe i just want to keep playing and don't want this game to end

i have all the dlcs from steam and i'm glad i did also can't wait for bexter and derek dlcs, i hope that you guys the devs keep adding more dlcs in the future 

Good job GBPatch devs you guys have special place in my heart 


might have cried a little at the end. 10/10



Been playing since 6 am and its like, 5 pm right now XD

It was so fun but after I finished I felt so single ah

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Does anyone know how to fix it when you're pressing the new file thingy and then it suddenly makes you go back to home? Just pls i need help i want to play this game i tried to installed and uninstalled it and still same thing happened. I don't know what to do anymore. Also same thing happened to other games that i downloaded here at the only game who work for me is the seiyuu danshi and the banana batch demo. The other's dont when i press start it goes back to home. 

is yours already fix? pls teach me how to fix it! 😭

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