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I just wanted to thank GBPatch for making such an inclusive and well-written story. I nearly cried at the family moment in step 2 as I'm an adoptee too. I thought that part was written really respectfully and did a good job at conveying the complicated feelings that go along with being adopted which I haven't seen much at all in media. Thank you again for a great story and for providing it for free! I can't wait for the future updates :)


Hi GB Patch I'd love to Voiceover on your projects one day! Here's a link to my voicereel

Have a great day and thanks for listening! My email is if you wanna get in touch :) 


I really really do love that game. Honestly I don't really know how to say this but that game is one of the best visual novels I ever read. It's really calming and beautiful. I was so sad when I finished it but who cares...I'm going to play it again 💙


i love this game sm, cove is honestly a really well made  character along with all the other ones. what i really liked though was probaby the “growing” moment in step 2, going more into our gender and sexuality while cove kind of reassured us. definitely a great sim. i can’t wait for step 4 

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I don't think I've ever played an visual novel this good lol

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I've played a LOT of otomes and visual novels over the years and its been some time since I enjoyed one quite as much as this. There are so many choices that the whole experience feels so personal. The relationship progression is wonderful and I felt so giddy with happiness during parts of this game. Cove is a treasure, he really develops from his childhood self and I am so glad I got to experience it. The cast is overall wonderful and I really got to care for them.

On a slightly different note, thanks GB Patch for allowing players to be Demisexual in this game. I nearly cried when Cove told me he was Demi in my play-through, because its so rare to find that portrayed in any form of media. Sorry this is so long, but I adore this game and eagerly await the Step 4 story upon its release.


In all honesty, I did not really know what demi-sexuality was before playing this game. From my experience, it was a very positive learning experience! I am bisexual, and once it came to the "sexuality exploration" part in step 2, I was really glad that Cove did not freak out or overreact in any way. He just smiled and acknowledged it, like if you were to say that you were straight. Just a small detail I liked, haha. I am glad that you felt validated during your playthrough, and I hope you have a wonderful day! :D


Literally my favorite game. I only played it to see what it was and oh my gosh. I've never been so obsessed with something like this. The story and the characters are amazing. You can see the development of them both and it only makes you want to play. I cried when I got to the end of it and I can't wait to see what Step 4 and I know I'll probably cry again.

Hi! My 12 year old sister loves visual novels and wants me to download this game but i am sure if there isn't anything 18+ so i just wanted to ask if is there is any nude content. Sorry for my english, i am still learning :-)


Hi! There is no nude content in this game! They have some scenes where it gets romantic and maybe a little suggestive, but other than that its good to go!

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So, after playing this game over, and over, and over again, I just wanted to say that it is an amazing game. I absolutely love it. The characters are so easy to fall in love with, the story is well-written and entertaining, the art is beautiful. Plus it was super fun to see little snippets of some of the characters from XOXO, which made my day ;) Honestly, I adore everything about this game and will probably be playing it for a long time to come. Thank you for all the hardwork put into making it!

I thought it'd be easier to ask here instead of Steam. This pop up showed when I tried to get on the game today. Is this fixable without redownloading- and will it save data?


I'm sorry for the trouble! Do you have any virus scanners or firewall stuff on your computer? It says the game loader isn't there and we have heard of that happening by a computer thinking it's unsafe. It's a false flag, though. Some programs just think Python, our programing language, is suspicious. Seeing if you can temporarily turn scanners off or telling it to trust the file might help.

It's also possible something just went strange with the install and uninstalling/reinstalling will fix it.

Your save data won't go away even if you uninstall unless you seek it out and delete it, totally refresh your computer back to prior state from before you played, or have a crash that causes file memory loss. Let me know if any of that helps or not!


I redownloaded and started it up a bunch of times till it worked. I was worried about the DLC's but they're here so that's mainly all that matters. Thanks for getting back to me! 


I'm really happy it worked out!


I played this game a couple weeks ago and I've completely fallen head over heels with Cove, y'all need to go easy on us. This is such a beautiful game, all the art is top-notch and the storyline is solid, not to mention the easily distinguishable personalities of all the characters. I'm sorry if I'm ranting, but Our Life just makes me so happy :')



Also, Pamela and Noelani seem like the world's best moms!! (i was obsessed with knowing the moms' names, haha...)

your characters were nicely written, and the scenarios were realistic and obviously thought through! it wasn't cringe or cliche, so I really enjoyed this!


i was so happy when cove said he was demisexual i nearly cried. I'm also aspec, and he's one of the first characters i've seen that are canonically ace. I love it and him so much. Especially exploring that aspect in a visual novel, "dating" type game, is such a great subversion of the trope. Also, as a grayromantic person playing it myself, it put me super at ease, as opposed to a really aggressive protagonist that is harder to relate to/engage with.  

hey just created an account to comment for help-- for some reason i cant continue my game because of an 'uncaught exception'?? and something like 'file is not a zipfile'? how can i fix this?? do i have to start again? 

I think there was a problem when unzipping the file. I'd recommend delete the current build (you won't lose your progress or saves), redownloading the game, and unzipping it with WinZip or 7Zip. Hopefully just trying again will go better and the error won't happen again.

I'm seriously loving this game and have it both on my computer and tablet. I can't help wanting to play match maker with Lee and Derek though. I'm guessing he appears in the step 3 DLC since he's a possible love interest in another DLC. That one little throw away comment at the end of step 2 had me hoping for double date options in step 3 though. Maybe it would help Cove be a little less of a hot mess no matter how much I like him being one in the game. Anything like that maybe in the works or even a step 4 matchmaking opportunity? It's such a me thing to do even in a game but there is something about making all my precious people happy when I'm happy.

That's a cute idea ^^! Though, Lee is a special backer created character. We can't really do whatever we want with her and I'm not sure the designer had her getting together with Derek in mind. It's not something we've considered doing. I'm sorry.


Does anyone know games similar to this one with the childhood friends to lovers kinda trope? I'm obsessed omg

I wish we get to see more of Lee and Derek. I really like them both. Is Derek romanceable for real to say the least?


Derek will have a romance DLC later this year!

Can i marry Cliff? I wan to, pleaseeeee!!!


This has saved my life. I cannot express how much this game means to me. My upcoming novel contains similar elements of love and loss and sorrow. It's slated for international release in late 2021. I need more of this. Is there any beta one is able to join? It's imperative.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm really happy the game was able to be such a good experience for you. We do have a Patreon that'll have beta content releasing next week, if you're interested.

Thank you so much! I shall check it out ASAP!

I can't seem to get past moment select - step 1. I can talk to Lizzie and moms after I press "And then summer ended" but after Lizzie decides to go to her room it sends me back to the main page immediately. Do I have to delete and reinstall the game? I got it off the Steam Page.  

Have you played the game or a demo or another file in the past? This might be a situation caused by persistent data not working right with the most recent version. If that's not it, we'll have to try figuring out what the problem could be.

For now, you can try to get past that by staying outside instead of going home. I'm sorry for the trouble.

After seeing this game float around on youtube, I want to start playing it now. But before I download it, are there any viruses or anything like that? Just a little afraid of downloading the game onto my laptop, that's all!


nope, there's nothing like that! So you really don't have to worry about it, just enjoy the amazing game! :)


I literally just created an account to post this comment. I just had to thank you for this game. I just finished what is available for free and omg what a nice surprise this game was. I had randomly come across it while downloading another game and thought "hm why not" and I'm so glad I did. I loved every second I spent on this game, the characters, the story, the little details, the inclusivity, the soundtrack, everything is just perfect. This game now has a very special place in my heart and if by chance someone happens to be reading this comment to decide whether or not this game is worth playing, YES, yes it is, and I can't believe that it's free. I will definitely buy the DLCs because I already know that it will be worth it. I am so sorry this comment is quite long ahah, but again thank you so much for this game.

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I'm trying to download this game on Mac, since it wasn't available on steam, but it keeps saying that it can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. Is there any way to fix this? 

I am on windows so I don't know how much I can help you on this but, have you tried taking a look at your security settings? 


I got it to work now, but thank you anyways ^-^


Oh okay, no problem, I'm glad that you got it to work :).

Unfortunately, the game is currently unverified, so some Mac devices don't allow it to be installed. If you search up your specific model you'll likely be able to find tutorials on how to get around that warning and download unidentified developer projects, if you'd still like to. We hope to be able to get the game verified sometime this year, but because we're a very small company it's difficult to do. 

Ah okay I understand. I got it to work, but hopefully you guys are able to get it verified so that everyone can experience this beautiful game!!!

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i found a way to make it work   1)  download 2) right-click on the game icon(girl w red hair)   3) click 'show package contents'   4)  open folder titled contents   5) open folder 'MacOs'  6)  right-click open

hope this helped bc this what I used to open the game   

btw I am using Mac OS so idk if your version is the same as mine but I'm sure it'll work

Note: i found this method by a user named chickentears 

It worked!!!! thank you and to the user chickentears!!!


I just got done playing the basic free version on Steam and I have so much to say and to thank you for. I will admit I cried in my car on the way home from shopping for groceries, because your game made me remember what I was like as a child and what parts I lost as I grew up. (I am 26 now) It means so much to me and many others to have Cove be Demisexual and Panromantic. But also to get the ability to choose and be represented. All of the dialogue, the scenarios, the characters, are so perfect. Your game has made a profound emotional and psychological impact on me, in the best of ways. So thank you, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. I just got the DLC expansions so I am looking forward to playing through again, and I can not be more excited for the epilogue drop! Anywhoozles, Thank you again, you all are awesome! I can say with all honesty that this is the best game I have ever played.

you said it for me lol. i definetely got super nostalgic about being a kid, but it honestly helped me with it, and i really learned/remembered a lot of stuff that i think i needed to . important game in lots of ways :)


I put off reviewing this for way too long. This was the best thing to come out for me in 2020. Things were rough and I was just looking for a simple distance when I came across this game but I ended up finding a true treasure that gave me a much needed sweetly soft story about childhood friends. I love that Cove can be MC's best friend or partner depending on how people chose to play. I always find that a nice touch in visual novels.

Thank you for this. I didn't know how much I needed it when I started playing through it. I can't wait for Step 3's DLC and Step 4.

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I'm 26 and don't usually enjoy games about teens, because I'm a grown man and struggle to relate beyond hindsight. But I am also a gay trans man. In a way, this let me engage with the fantasy of an idyllic childhood and first serious boyfriend as a trans teenager  (something many of us don't get to experience) in a way that left me feeling nostalgic and sentimental, rather than sad and kind of bitter. Thoughtfully written, this is on my "list of games that are free but absolutely worth money". A wholesome game that's something of a balm, given the times.


I can relate to you, I am also a gay trans male and it is very hard to find media featuring transgender people, especially the FTM community, and even harder still, is finding media about FTM guys who are gay or bisexual. I am glad this game exists for many reasons, and I've always wanted more visual novels that showed the passage of time.

absolutely true. it was really nice for me being referred to with gender neutral pronouns throughout my whole "life", and there was also a line from a family member about "not being a girl" that was really great. 10/10 all around

Hello, I have attempted to download Our Life multiple times and it keeps saying Failed - Forbidden, can you please help me? I really want to play it. I've 

I'm sorry you're having trouble. What device are you trying to download it on? Some common issues are:

-Virus/file scanners preventing the file from downloading

-Not having enough space on your device

-Internet connection issues not allowing you to properly access the file

-An Android device that's too old

-Things now working because you're downloading through the Itch app rather than directly on the site, or the reverse and downloading from the site rather than through the app (the app tends to work on mobile and the site tends to work for laptops).

I hope it's able to work out.

Hello, I am currently using a 2-year-old Windows 10.  Is there an app for Windows 10 that could help me out? And my internet connection seems to work finely, but I was at a different house (They still had a stable internet connection and we're related, so don't worry, all covid safe!)  then so I'll give it another shot. Thanks for replying, and I'll let you know the outcome

Itch does have an app that works on computers, sometimes it causes problems but maybe in your case it will help smooth things out instead. I hope it helps, but let me know if it doesn't.


I had never bought anything from any game before, but this one makes the difference. Is just so amazing. I surely need to thank my aunt for giving me some dollars in Christmas, because if not i wouldn't have any chance to thank y'all for the amazing work that everyone had made; and having the pleasure to play the DLC'S. 

I wanted to become a Pattreon supporter, but unfortunately i dont have money. Is kinda more difficult (not that much, but still) because i'm mexican, so one dollar in pesos is somehow expensive. So 5 dollars cost me like around 20 dollars.

Anyways. I must tell, like everyone else here i love Cove a lot. He's just.... A lot like me. I understand his problems so i try to make my MC a support for him. Just the opposite of me. I'm a introvert, cold, and negative person so i make my MC a extrovert, warming, positive and caring person. 

Like in step 3 with the introduction with Baxter, if i were in that situation i surely will be so quiet and making some strange smiles to him, lol. 

I envy my MC a lot, lmao. I would love having 2 lovely and caring mothers like her. Also i would love having Liz as my sister, i love her a lot. Also Lee, she's just so special to me, because i dont have a good relationship with my cousins. 

Lol, this thing became so big. Well, one more time i mst say thank you. I felt so loved, and cant wait for the release for Derek and Baxter DLC'S, and Step 4 epilogue. 

This is the best game i ever played, really. Thank you, once again.  

Sorry for any grammar mistakes, i was kinda bad in grammar at school lol


Was kind of scrolling for new visual novels last year and ended up playing this. It was still in its earlier stages at that point, and I remember being left with an overwhelmingly positive impression.

Being the person I am, I ended up forgetting all about this game up until months later and figured I'd give it a go and see how much changed.... Going to be honest I've had trouble scraping this game out of my mind since. I'm also writing this review because I just have to thank you for what an experience this was lol. 

My favorite thing to praise in games is characters, something I feel that a lot of other media that has amazing potential falls flat on. Here it was genuinely the best quality. Not one character felt underdeveloped, or kind of just there. I loved the writing, I loved the amount of detail put into every scene, I loved how I never really got bored or wanted to put the game down. Cove especially contributed to this. I love that boy so much. GBpatch you are godly for creating him. 

At the time I was dealing with a lot in real life, I had mainly been coming back to visual novels because they allow me, and I'm sure most other people, an escape and a distraction. Somehow this game placed me in an ideal world, let me be a part of it and also gave me the opportunity to confront what I was escaping from. 

Keep up the amazing work and the best of luck to any future projects, this was unlike anything I've played and I'd love to see more of it :'') 


OMG! That was the best game I ever played. It really made me think about my whole life and I REALLY felt in love with all the characters. I'm amazed by the tenderness, the innocence and how I felt included in the story, in all senses. Thank you so much for this, it was exactly what I need right now. To all my fellow LGBTQIAs friends, you will ADORE this. Keep up with your amazing work! (Sorry if I misspelled, I'm from Brazil) <3

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I loved this! it was an amazing game and I cant wait to see more! I loved the inclusiveness because I use they/them pronouns and the fact that there was even an intersex option later on! I loved all of the music and art! I would 100 percent recommend this to anyone that is LGBTQ+ because it's just so inclusive! Can I expect any new games that might come out from you guys soon? If so could you give me a social so I can keep updated?


Thank you <3! I'm really happy you had a good time with the game. We're mainly going to be adding more content to this game for the next while, but near the end of the year we hope to have a demo out for a new project. Here's our main social media:

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Help! I've been trying to download this game on my android phone but it just won't work. I'm pretty sure I have enough space, I even removed a lot of apps and pictures from my gallery. Please try to help me!


I'm sorry you're having trouble! Do you have a file scanner? That could be blocking the download. And are you downloading through the Itch app or directly from the webpage? Maybe trying doing the one you didn't do, it could help.

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Ok, so I ended up downloading the app and downloading the game from there. After a little bit more of cleaning out my phone, i ended up getting the game to finally download! :D I haven't tried it out yet so I'll update you on that!

Edit @ 6:11 AM

The game ends up working perfectly fine! It does lag a bit but that's probably just my phone being dumb lol. I don't mind it tbh. Thanks for helping me out btw! Your game is great!! And I'm obsessed.

I'm glad it worked out! Though sorry about the lag, aha. It's nice you're still having fun with it.


Once I get some money YOU GUYS ARE GETTING ALL OF IT OMG!! Thank you for creating all these beautiful games!! They've made me feel things no other sort of game ever has, keep up the wonderful work! <3


Words cannot express how happy and emotional this made me! Thank you for this wonderful game, I love it so much. All the characters and the choices the MC has to make, everything!! Thank you again! 


Thank you for creating something so wonderfully thought provoking and nostalgic. You guys have perfectly captured the joys of growing up from childhood to adulthood while emphasizing important topic such as sexuality and familial relationships. As a 17 going on 18 year old in the midst of their senior year of high school and college applications, this game, particularly step 3, really struck a chord within me. You guys have managed to put these emotions I have been struggling with for so long into words, characters, music, and art. During quarantine, this game is exactly what I needed, like y'all really be giving me so much serotonin. I promise one day, when I earn my own money, I'm going to buy all of the dlcs and become a patreon member because you guys truly deserve every bit of support. Once again, thank you so very much for creating this game and having it free to play. It is truly a joy and blessing. <3


I love this game so much, it made me smile, laugh and cry so hard. The story and art is absolutely amazing, it had me hooked and kept me up at night because I just wanted to read more! Also this is total coincidence but during the fireworks scene it was also midnight so the New Year's fireworks went off at the same time and it just made everything so much better. I can happily say I'm Cove-sexual and hope for a precious Cove in my life. Happy New Year!


Just played through this game for the first time, and I love it. There were so many choices, and a lot of care was taken in showing how characters feel and their tone (eg. whether they're being sarcastic or sincere) which is really considerate, especially as someone on the autism spectrum. One of my favorite moments was at the epilogue of Step 3 where you can choose to show your anxiety about having to prepare for the future. Having your whole family come out and support you was a really sweet moment and I think it helped me a bit in dealing with some of my actually anxieties about finishing high school and dealing with the future. I can't wait for Step 4!

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This is the first visual novel that I couldn't skip in any scene. Even after playing it 3 times. and your tiniest choise does matter 😭❤ this game remembers everything you did ! How is that even possible!? And I watch saddest movies with a blank face but this game made feel so hard I cried. I never knew I needed a friend like Cove. Sometimes I got scared that he will change into a bad person or end up not liking me because of my choices. He does changes because of your choices buuut not in a bad way. And the headscarf choice made me so happy. thank you for every little detail 🙈❤ I really wanna support the people who made this game but.. my family wouldn't let me do it.

 Is there any way I can support this game without money?


Thank you so much for the kind comment. Sending us encouraging words is already very supportive ^^. And you can rate the game on Itch, if you'd like to. But either way, I'm just glad you enjoyed the game!

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Am I the only one that wants a real Cove? No? Just me okay.😳.. but beside that I really love the game and I got really happy in some moments and blushed like I was the main character. But I love the story lines. its kind of sad that you cant put your custom name as what could be said for the voice DLC, But I was still happy with the game in general and I cant wait for 4 but I teared up a little knowing it was ending. I loved how you added the lesbian moms that made me so happy and made me loved the game more!


This is an AMAZING game, I felt really validated in every part of the game. I also really liked the mundane choices it made me feel like I the character I was playing was actually myself, I had to forcefully stop myself from playing so that I could savor the game. Looking forward for the next update :)

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