Voice Name DLC Release & Our Life Build 1.1! (Android Ver. Coming Later)

The Voiced Name DLC has released! You can now add preset voiced names to your game build and have Cove say your name of choice aloud. However, it'll only work for Windows, Linux, and Mac currently. The Android build hasn't gotten its update yet because it has to be done in a different way. We'll be releasing that within the next few days.

For Windows, Linux, and Mac Our Life Build 1.1 has also launched! We've got a list of changes we've made since OL has initially released:

  • Choosing your room in Step 3 now plays like more of a decorating mini-game where you see the background and flip layers on/off, rather than a series of normal choices in the living room.
  • New save files will display the name of your MC to help you differentiate saves between multiple playthroughs.
  • The gender/body series of choices had a bit of an overhaul. One branch was missing and that's been added, but we also updated all the branch choices in some sections to be clearer on what you'll get as a result for picking them.
  • The Relationship Screen has easier to use fill bars now and a pop up will ask you to confirm you want a certain relationship type before the game continues. Also, if you fill the bar any amount and go to a new Step the screen will lock the fill amount in place so you can't go lower while still showing it was filled. The bar won't move back to the bottom with no fill amount like before.
  • Certain word choices were changed to make them better apply to a wider group of people.
  • Some small typos were fixed.

Thank you so much for all of the feedback! We hope you'll enjoy the game even more now with these additions and improvements.


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93 days ago
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93 days ago

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so i want to buy the dlc but i dont know how to:(  can someone please tell me? thank you!

You can get the DLCs on these pages:

You just purchase these files and add their files into your normal game build :)

thank you so much for answering! i'll purchase it as soon as i can:)

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Is there a timeframe on the android update?
Also, less importantly, if we didn't know about this game before release, is there any way to get a voiced name added at this point? Like through a donation of a certain size or Patreon tier? Or is it absolutely too late?


It should be within just a few more days. Likely before the end of the week!

And currently there's no way to get a new name added, unfortunately. Maybe we'll have one final chance to add names next year, but we haven't decided how that'd work or exactly when it'd happen. I'm sorry.


No worries, thank you for the quick reply.  Someone said elsewhere that there were still many names that would be added later, is there a complete list of those anywhere, and are those expected to be released before the Step 3 DLC?


Thanks for understanding. The names will be released before the Step 3 DLC and unfortunately there isn't a full list of names that are still coming.

Fair enough, I'm excited to see more. Thanks for all your hard work.

Could someone answer my question about Step 3 and the DLC's. Is it possible to buy the DLC of Step 3 or is it unfinished yet? I would really like to buy it, but I can't seem to find where or any post on this... :D


I'm afraid it's not done yet and not up for sale! We'll release it next year as soon as we can :D

Thank you for your reply! I can’t wait for it to be released. Now I have a good excuse for replaying the game over and over again until the DLC is out :D I just love the game, thanks for making it.


Haha, no problem! Thank you for understanding.


Can someone explain how Build 1.1 works? Do I need to redownload the game?

Yeah, you'll need to redownload the build if you'd like the new 1.1 features ^^

Thank you so much! You guys are doing an awesome job!  ^o^


I literally squealed when I heard Cove say my name! This makes me want to play it again so bad, but I told myself I wouldn't start my second playthrough until step 4 came out.


Go, dont wait, theres so much to explore in this game that you dont have to worry of getting tired. Theres so many diferent situations that its baffling to me. And ive played like...10 times now? More? Its just amazing. And without DLC´s. LOL .-.


The DLC's are fabulous! If you have the money to buy it, do it!! It's GREAT :D