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XOXO Droplets is a massive dating sim about a humorously jerky young lady and her mission to woo one of six uniquely, but equally, obnoxious guys.

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The story begins when our nameable protagonist finally transfers into the boarding school of her dreams at the start of her junior year in high school. It would be perfect if it wasn't for that little catch attached to her enrollment: her parents will only let her keep attending the school if she doesn't make everyone there hate her, like she always does.

Do your best to show just enough interest in the other losers around to appease the folks while still having time to chase after all the attractive guys in the MC's afterschool group, which just so happens to be a group for chronically unfriendable people.

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We're having a Kickstarter campaign! The goal is to make a version of XOD that's free-to-play and to lower the cost of the commercial version overall. Please do check it out and support us, if you can!

Kickstarter Campaign~

Also, there are few things to note about this demo.

The demo was updated on May 22nd to fix a freezing error. Saves from the previous version won't function properly. You can delete saves by hovering over them with the cursor and hitting the 'delete' key. There are still a handful of backgrounds that aren't fully polished. And many of the events are unlocked by doing specific actions. To get the most out your experience we highly suggest making use of the Event Guide we prepared. There's also a mini-guide for the Type Game that happens at the end of the demo.

Thank you!

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-62,000+ word count and over 80 different events

-No Game Overs. Do or don't do whatever you want (demo only feature)

-6 guys to date! Spend time with a guy to gain Affection then call him to arrange a meet-up at various locations

-8 other characters to get to know

-Manage your Reputation with different school cliques through a variety of actions

-Decorate the MC's portrait with accessories, there are 19 to choose from

-Work part-time, go out shopping, use items, play mini-games

-5-8+ hours of content

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If you so please, do keep up-to-date with us on one or more of these page:

Twitter Facebook Tumblr Steam

We've also released a different project that's completely finished. We'd really appreciate it if you checked it out!

A Foretold Affair

Thank you so much for giving our a game a look! We hope you've enjoyed it~

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Event Guide (16 kB)
XOXO Droplets Demo PC (164 MB)
XOXO Droplets Demo Mac (150 MB)

Development log


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So my old bug-hunting habits reared their ugly heads and I took some notes of my playthroughs and when the game froze. I redownloaded yesterday, and here are my notes: 

Shiloh route 1: Froze December 29th- when choosing to get lunch. Froze immediately. Perhaps an infinite loop?
I got an error for Lucas earlier. Kept the error log - went to party

Shiloh route 2: Did not go to party. Got the discussion with Kam and Adrian- chose to send away Kam. Was able to play through demo with no issues. No freezing.

Bae route: froze december 15th after 1 date. Got errors for Lucas - went to party

Bae route 2: Didn't go to party. Got love potion event- chose Bae. Was able to finish demo with no freezing issues

Jeremy route: Went to party, met Lucas. Got errors for Lucas, but game didn't freeze

Jeremy route 2: Got love potion thing, chose Jeremy. Chose not to go to party. No issues with freezing.

Everett route: Chose not to go to party. Game didn't freeze

Everett route 2: Went to party- got two errors for Lucas. Game didn't freeze

Pran route: Didn't go to party. Got love potion event-picked Pran. Finished demo with no issues.

Nate route: Didn't go to party. Got love potion event. Chose Nate. Finished demo w/ no issues

I think you guys have an infinite loop somewhere in the code, and I think maybe it's connected to the party since I've never had the game freeze on me when I didn't go to the party. I also got errors whenever I played the party but ignored them. I saved the error message if you're interested.

Oh, btw, I have a Windows machine- I'm running Windows 10.

Thank you so much for the detailed overview! We really appreciate it. The party event is actually a brand new addition that originally wasn't a part of the demo. The demo has had this freezing issue from the beginning, though. If the party does trigger it, it's' not the only thing that does. Maybe certain dates do.

I would like to see the Lucas error log, if you don't mind.  Thanks again :>

Here you go! I got this error every time I went to the party with this download- I didn't get it with the previous download.

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 602, in script call
  File "game/demo_label/events.rpy", line 105, in script call
  File "game/lucas_1.rpy", line 165, in script
KeyError: u'lucas_name'

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 602, in script call
  File "game/demo_label/events.rpy", line 105, in script call
  File "game/lucas_1.rpy", line 165, in script
  File "C:\Users\Peyton\Desktop\Game thingy\xoxo droplets 2\XOXO_Droplets-Demo-pc\renpy\ast.py", line 613, in execute
    renpy.exports.say(who, what, interact=self.interact)
  File "C:\Users\Peyton\Desktop\Game thingy\xoxo droplets 2\XOXO_Droplets-Demo-pc\renpy\exports.py", line 1147, in say
    who(what, interact=interact)
  File "C:\Users\Peyton\Desktop\Game thingy\xoxo droplets 2\XOXO_Droplets-Demo-pc\renpy\character.py", line 855, in __call__
    who = who_pattern.replace("[who]", sub(who))
  File "C:\Users\Peyton\Desktop\Game thingy\xoxo droplets 2\XOXO_Droplets-Demo-pc\renpy\character.py", line 850, in sub
    return renpy.substitutions.substitute(s, scope=scope, force=force, translate=translate)[0]
  File "C:\Users\Peyton\Desktop\Game thingy\xoxo droplets 2\XOXO_Droplets-Demo-pc\renpy\substitutions.py", line 232, in substitute
    s = formatter.vformat(s, (), kwargs)
  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/string.py", line 563, in vformat
  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/string.py", line 585, in _vformat
  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/string.py", line 646, in get_field
  File "/home/tom/ab/x64lucid-deps/install/lib/python2.7/string.py", line 605, in get_value
KeyError: u'lucas_name'

XOXO Droplets 0.1

Thanks! Somehow the line that defined his stand-in name before he introduces himself disappeared in this build.

I played the Everett route and went to the party and was able to finish it all the way through with no freezing... so I'm pretty stumped on what it could be tbh. The way the error occurs makes me think it's an infinite loop somewhere that causes the program to crash, but I'm not sure.

The game is amazing! Er, but whenever I get to December 22, it freezes and I'm forced to exit the game. Even when I open up my save files, it still freezes. 

Thanks for letting us know.  We've been trying different ways to try fixing that but I guess it hasn't worked yet. If there are any details you could share (like what types of events you've gotten, when you downloaded the demo, what type of computer you have, that kinda thing), that'd really help us out!

I'm glad you still like the game :).

Hm, I've mostly been focusing on Jeremy and literally just after the first date with him finished, the game froze. Maybe it has something to do with that? I downloaded the demo on: 26/05/2017. My computer is a Windows.

Of course I still love the game. It's really well-done and seeing as it is just a demo, it's understandable that there are a few bugs!

Thanks! We'll keep looking into what the problem could be.

Aw, yay, that's so nice to hear!

I love the game, just wanted to mention I'm getting the errors people mentioned earlier with the glitches. Every time I get to December 29th I'm frozen out of the game

Thanks for letting us know! Can you tell us when you downloaded the demo?

Also, we're so glad you like the game despite this issue.

I actually downloaded it today! I ran through it a few more times and find that it tends to freeze iinDecember- it always freezes on the 29th, but it froze on the 8th and another day as well

Alright-y. We'll keep looking into it :]

We updated the file again to try fixing it!

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this game is so cute ahhh i love it!! i first downloaded it in april and just played with the new update. love all the little details. also i love the fact that the mc is a poc because she looks just like me (that never happens w game mcs) and that makes me SO unbelievably happy i can't even tell you. she's gorgeous. her unshakable optimism is hilarious and rather endearing because she doesn't take nonsense from anyone, and i love it. also shiloh is so cute!!!! <333 so is everett, even though he has quite a bit of an attitude sometimes haha. great game, very engaging and entertaining. especially love the little quiz thing at the end. very cute.

Thank you! It's really wonderful to hear that our MC's design makes you happy ^^. And we're glad you've found a couple guys you like. Thanks for sharing your thoughts C:.

The new update is great! Sadly though sometime in December it freezes up on me during the moment where you choose who to sit with, everytime no matter what. :/

I'm sorry for the trouble. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to figure that out. It's happened to other people, but it's pretty rare and we haven't discovered the common link for why it happens in some cases. And there's nothing in the code that sets December apart from any other month so we don't know how to go about fixing it yet v.v. We're definitely still looking into it, though.

I've been having similar problems, my game froze in December and the last time I saved was in October (I need better gameing habits. XD But now, my game freezes every single time I get to the lunch choice instead of every other time. I was wondering if it may have to do with the scene I had the day before where Emmett shows up to work. Because until then, while the game froze often since the first time it happened, I was able to force past it by saving and re-loading.

We're so sorry you're having trouble. Thank you for sharing the details of what happened! If you think of anything that else that might be relevant, please do let us know.

That's true for anyone who's having this issue. Any details about what was going on before it happened, whether you were able to avoid it or not, etc would be very helpful.

Same here! About December 6th or 16th (forgot which one it was), my game is "not responding" anymore. It happens on the cafeteria screen, where we choose who to sit with. Mine's happening after I go to my second date with Shiloh at the game center, where they see Everett. I've saved just before the glitch happens, and restarted the game. Everytime I try to play that save, the game stops responding on the cafeteria screen.

We're so sorry. Thanks for the details. We updated the game yesterday to try fixing that issue. Is that the version you're using or did you download it awhile ago?

I don't know if others have encountered this, but December 29th kind of ends up glitching me out of the game >_< I'll try to change some things about how i go about getting there, but it's just weird..

Nevermind. I ended up just sleeping saturday and sunday. It worked.

(Edited 1 time)

We're sorry there's been issues with your playthrough :0. We're gonna be releasing a fixed up version of the demo in about a week. If you've got any other details you can share, please do let us know. Things like what you had been doing in the file, if it always happens or sometimes it doesn't, if an error screen pops with (and what the error screen says, if so) or if the game just stops responding, etc.

Oh I'm glad the issue went away. Still, if it ever happens again or anything else occurs feel free comment on it. We'll be happy to look into it :].

GB! its me I've migrated over from steam to try out the demo ,and loved it. Jeremy I don't know what it is about him but I loves him downer personality and all. I like the other guys too so i'm excited but I have an important question. Is the nurse datable too XD because I Can't count how many times I got kicked out of his office trying to slide into his dms xD

Also how is everything going for Floret Bond? I can't wait for it to be green lit :)

Hello again C:. I'm glad you gave our other game a try and that you commented what you thought of it! Haha, it's also nice to hear that you enjoyed the characters.

Lynn only has friendship events I'm afraid. Romance isn't something he concerns himself with. His just hopes to be a role model for his students.

Floret Bond got Greenlit earlier today :D.

Darn haha I really liked Lynn,but I like the other guys just as much so nothing is lost. Omg no way!!!! Yay I'm so happy Floret BondXD

Congratulation on it getting greenlit XD I'm so excited XD

I'm glad you're not too dissapointed, And thank you! We're really glad it ended up working out :)

Me too! I'm ready for it!

I absolutely love this game! I adore the characters so so much, especially Everett and Bae hahaha. Definitely looking forward to playing the full game. <3

Thank you! We're so happy you like our jerky dude, haha.

OMG love

Thank you : D

OMG amazing <3 a Dating Sim like Tokimemo, or looks like, but i love Dating sims

I loved playing the Tokimeki games when I was younger. XOXO Droplets definitely has elements inspired from that series. Though the way the characters act in this game aren't much at all like the ones from Tokimeki, ahah.

This game looks so great. That i'll be waiting for it, and i wanna give you support.

I love the characters, them look very cool, and fun.

Need the complete game now!

And A Foretold Affair too...your games are awesome ^__^

Aaw, thank you so much! We'll do our best to get XOD out in the next few months :>

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I just downloaded this and I just want to I love it! I adore the main character and how non conventional she is. It's super charming. This game is very unique in the best way! I will definitely be buying the full version when it comes out.

Aw, thank you very much :D. We really hope you'll enjoy the full version when it's ready.

(Edited 1 time)

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! So I downloaded this game ages ago but I finally got around to playing it yesterday and I love, love, loved the Demo! Do you have any idea when the full game will be released? I'm really looking forward to it- )I have a low-key obsession with Jeremy as he is my babe lol). Its an amazing Demo and your Tweets are just getting me even more hyped! Are you going to charge money for the full one? (I haven't got a credit card or anything so I wont be able to get it if so) but it you are charging how much???? The only glitch I got was I went to work towards the end and got this:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

File "game/script.rpy", line 503, in script call

File "game/demo_label/events.rpy", line 94, in script call

File "game/demo_label/events_weekend.rpy", line 29, in script call

File "game/diary_screen.rpy", line 35, in script

ScriptError: could not find label 'jeremy_part_time_conversation_6'.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

File "C:\Users\Olivia\Downloads\Downloads\XOXO_Droplets-Demo-win\XOXO_Droplets-Demo-win\renpy\bootstrap.py", line 277, in bootstrap


File "C:\Users\Olivia\Downloads\Downloads\XOXO_Droplets-Demo-win\XOXO_Droplets-Demo-win\renpy\main.py", line 472, in main


File "C:\Users\Olivia\Downloads\Downloads\XOXO_Droplets-Demo-win\XOXO_Droplets-Demo-win\renpy\main.py", line 141, in run


File "C:\Users\Olivia\Downloads\Downloads\XOXO_Droplets-Demo-win\XOXO_Droplets-Demo-win\renpy\execution.py", line 734, in run_context


File "game/script.rpy", line 503, in script call

File "game/demo_label/events.rpy", line 94, in script call

File "game/demo_label/events_weekend.rpy", line 29, in script call

File "game/diary_screen.rpy", line 35, in script

File "C:\Users\Olivia\Downloads\Downloads\XOXO_Droplets-Demo-win\XOXO_Droplets-Demo-win\renpy\script.py", line 843, in lookup

raise ScriptError("could not find label '%s'." % str(original))

ScriptError: could not find label 'jeremy_part_time_conversation_6'.



XOXO 0.1

Haha, aaw, thank you so much. We're really glad you enjoyed it so much ^^. Jeremy's one of my favorites too. The full version should be released First Quarter 2017, we're not entirely sure what month though. The finished game will have around 40 hours of content, so it would be a bit too much to give that all away for free :'D. The cost for the complete version will be 24.99. We'll be putting the game on Steam eventually, so if you could get a Steam Card in a store with cash, you could then purchase the game that way. And I'm sure we'll have giveaways every now and then too~

Thanks for letting us know about that error. I know just what's wrong and we'll make sure it's fixed in the next demo update :].

The Steam Idea is Great ^ 0 ^

Umm- would that be US Dollars though??

I'm Australian- Its good to know someone else likes Jeremy too!!!

<3 < 3 <3

Glad Steam could work for you! And, yeah, it's USD, sorry for the confusion.

Haha, I feel the same way. More Jeremy fans is always good~

Thanks for all your interest in the project :>.

Loved this one just as much your other project! Really looking forward to it^^

Haha, I'm glad you liked them both. Thanks again C:

when will the full version be out? :)

The script should be finished and fully edited in a month or two, we can't be sure how long the rest of the gameplay features will take. It'll depend on how much testing and bug fixing we end up needing to do. It will either be late 2016 or early 2017 though!

(Edited 2 times)

Holy crap this VN was actually AMAZING. I'm really looking forward to the full. It's hard to find VNs like these and I'm soo glad I downloaded this one. I literally love every single character in here, and the art is SO beautiful, and the MC is just too funny. I love her crazy boy obsession. Even though it's just a demo it is automatically one of my favorite VNs. Keep up the great work! :DD And will the full version cost money?

We're so sorry for the late reply, we weren't notified of your comment for some reason :0.

Thank you very much ;v;! It really makes us glad that you find it funny. It's not really for everyone, so we're glad to find another fan of our nutty MC.

The full release will be commercial. But we'll have give-aways and such every now and then, so there may still be a chance to get it if you can't afford to purchase games :].

I seriously love the art and every aspect of every character! It was really funny and unique <3 fighting~

Aaw, thank you so much! We're really glad you like it!

I like the sakamoto-look guy. :)


Wow, thanks for uploading a video of this! And I'm glad you like Bae :]